View Full Version : Bahai Faith a6 Conspiracy

06-10-2011, 02:58 AM
Hi All,

I am still new to your forum and this is my first post. Actually I was not interested in conspiracy theories and I always felt like it is not convincing because it never fails and conspirators always get the result they want (while in real life this is not the case, we always live in uncertainty, we can't always get what we want).

I have become interested in conspiracy recently when my religious ideas changed and I started to wonder and question everything. I have not done so much research yet but, I am interested to know if anybody has an idea about the link between Baha'i faith and Illuminati or any other conspiracy possibility.

I am interested in Baha'i faith because it is NWO religion that appeared around 170 years ago and it preaches world peace, unity of humanity, one global government, equality between men and women, also it prevents its follower to teach faith to Israelites and it claims that the return of Jews to the holy land happened because by Baha'i revelation all prophecies in the old and new testament should be fulfilled and the return to holy land has fulfilled along with other things that took symbolic meanings not actual ones.

Does anybody have more details or idea about any link between Baha'i faith and NWO conspiracy?