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06-14-2011, 08:23 PM
DARPA Operation Matrix Walker
Pentagon Wants Cyberwar Range to ‘Replicate Human Behavior and Frailties’ (Updated) | Danger Room | Wired.com (http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2008/05/the-pentagons-w/)


The project began in 2008. It was planned to transfer (by direct mind to bits translation link (using mind reading Japanese technologies) 80% of human body and mind abilities into the Net. As to act as a new cyber warfare weapon. The initiators of that program knew full well, that a Human mind couldn’t be hacked. So by introducing a Human into the Net, he would become an invincible weapon of mass dissimination and chaos!

The project is financed by DARPA with a budget enveloppe of 30 billion USD. It is believed that the project was completed last July (2010) and testing’s completed earlier this year.

The aim of the project is to connect Human body and Mind into the internet so that it can act as an autonomous program capable of hacking into any systems without being compromised and detected.

Operation Matrix Walker Goals:

1-The first phase of the program is to create a wave of infiltrations in networking sites to spread unrest in totalitarian states and insufflate a revolution wind blowing for democracies (plutocracies) so allowing multinationals corporations to gain control of those countries resources (read oil).

2-Using a civilian alias (maybe under Lulz) "it" will hack into critical Web sites (Banks, governments, medias, entertainments and military) in the western world, to justify the use of coercisive actions by the governments to rein on the Internet (hackings) and introduce structural regulations. By that time, the Internet would no longer be free of government controls (read a global internet taxation).

To prepare the grounds for a New World Order dominated by “democracies” that are in turn, controlled by Economic Czars. The plan was carefully craft by democracies to overthrow the remaining totalitarian regimes from Middle East to gain controls of their oil resources, which, after the oil peak, reach last year, are deemed to increase in value tremendously (strategically and in $). But in turn, the US, responsible for the program, is controlled by the numerous Economic Czars (Wall Street Bankers and corporations and some other families).

06-14-2011, 11:40 PM

Phase 1 appears to be divided into social unrest and civil wars in middle east, and initiating a war in the South East Asian nations that will involve China. The reasons for this, appears to be aimed at disintegrating communist countries in that parts of the world, also to install "democracies" (puppet plutocracies).

Also, for phase 2, the French President is talking about the Digital ecosystem and regulating it at the last G8 conference:
Sarkozy opens 'historic' forum on future of internet in runup to G8 | Technology | guardian.co.uk (http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2011/may/24/sarkozy-opens-e-g8-summit)

Such digital ecosystem will allow them to control the evolution of everything and person becoming dependent on it to work in society. To give you an exemple, until now, our Ecosystem was Earth and Nature, guiding our biological evolution, because we were dependent on it to survive. But in a digital world, we will become dependent on the world created by few peoples to survive in our work place. Such Ecosystem will enhance human productivity, so our evolution will be replaced by a performance based system. Unlike Nature, which no Human's can control, such Digital Ecosystem, will also add a new twist by allowing some Humans at the head of this digital Ecosystem, to become God like! With powers over everyone depending on it to survive in society. While before, our concerns, were to survive in Nature...

06-16-2011, 02:59 AM
About The Digital Ecosystem:
Such Digital Ecosystem will allow them to control the evolution of everything and person becoming dependent on it to work in society. To give you an example, until now, our Ecosystem was Earth and Nature, guiding our biological evolution, because we were dependent on it to survive. But in a digital world, we will become dependent on the world created by few peoples to survive in our work place. Such Ecosystem will enhance human productivity, so our evolution will be replaced by a performance based system. Unlike Nature, which no Human’s can control, such Digital Ecosystem, will also add a new twist by allowing some Humans at the head of this digital Ecosystem, to become God like, with powers over everyone depending on it to survive and function inside society. While before, our concerns, were to survive in Nature…

In about 2 years from now, Augmented reality and smartphone NFC chips will become ubiquitous and most of us will use internet without even noticing it, as cloud computing will become the norms, thus allowing more smart medias flooding the market.

In such world, the world Economy will slowly drift toward the net, as it will improve efficiency and work flows. Already in the US, few can really enjoy vacations without receiving messages from their works, asking advices or even some other services. So such technology will become even more invasive in the coming years.

You can Google, 6th Sense technology on TED and see what is coming. Then you may go on YouTube and view videos about the next Internet, dubbed Web 3.0. So you will better understand what the leaders refer too, when they talk about the Digital Ecosystem instead of the Virtual world, since soon, the Virtual world will become more real than Nature herself!

But the difference here, is that everyone of us are born equal in Nature, since Nature regulates our lives the same ways all around the Planet. We can see this, as a kind of Justice, even if in some countries, life is harsher than in others. We are all submitted to the same Natural laws and no one can escape the laws of physics! But in a Digital Ecosystems, the makers can do whatever they wants, when they wants! The structure itself is manmade, so the rules governing it (or soon to be). In this case, the creators and “ideators” controlling the Web environment (namely the corporations and governments) will become God like and above all the other users.

In conclusion, the Elite will crystalize her grip on powers for eons to come, while the rest of the world population, will be condemn to work for them, under their rules, under slavery and this, also, for Eons to come!
So after 19 years of research and Geopolitics, those are my final predictions of what the future hold for us, if linearity of events got the upper hand in the next decade! But believe me, there are many that are prepared to arise and claim back the powers on Humanity and Nature! As only equilibriums must prevails over any forms of Dominations in this Universe!

06-24-2011, 02:38 PM
The US is indeed a mighty economic Empire that dominates the world. But the Economic Czars are starting to gain enough powers to control everything, including our very biological evolution and our minds potentials!
That has never happen before, but with a world hypnotized by desires and stun by fears, they are now in a position to alter Human integrity beyond repair... I do not expect many to understand the scope of that problems...

BlueAngel, don't you think that if I was in a position to legitimate and authentify my sources, I would be content with posting here?
I give just enough informations here to induce some awarness... I can't dream to stop such a thing all by myself... Observe the world around you, do some research, and if you think that this as a slight chance to be true, then you may choose to act upon it or not... Good luck!

06-24-2011, 02:50 PM
Please tell the forum from where you have obtained the information that you have posted, which, BTW, doesn't make any sense, so, on second thought don't bother telling us from where you have acquired the BS that you have posted.

We don't care cause it's BS!


Thats a bit big for here... I concur! Its just weird that I can read so much BS on here without anyone noticing it! Way too much disinfo around here! So I don't blame you thinking that this is rubbish because the message isn't formated in an objective manner but rather in a subjective one. You may yet piece all the evidences together, but you may need to know that the truth isn't found here either... If you believe that our society is well grounded and that truth can be seen everywhere around you, then I can't help you!

So I am sorry if my post wasn't entertaining enough for your taste! Next time I will twist reality to fit your way of thinking... Just so you can enjoy and relate to it!!!

Seriously, I don't mind if you like it or not! I am old enough to know that truth is not easily accepted!

06-25-2011, 10:19 PM

You let your ego control your own minds... That project stated here, is real, and has been rolling for few months already. Your Obama stuff is food for dogs... He is a diversion and hold very little powers.
As you seems to know, our world is controlled by corporations, and it is even more true in the US than any other places in the world. In your place, peoples are stopping thinking (critical thinking) and chosen the easy way of reproducing others thoughts! You may argue about this, but more and more Americans have choosen not to think on their own anymore!

Anyhow, when I say that this subject is too big for here, I mean that it is way complex, and peoples need to gain a proper perspective on life to understand the underlying scopes of that program. In 2 years, our world will enter, what they will call, the Web 3.0. What it means, is that the access to the net, will become even more faster and even more ubiquitous. It will enter our life, as a way to improve performances. Our current double dip economic crisis, is already forcing cities and states to sell some of its most important assets, which are libraries to the private investors. When this will become reality, libraries will become paperless, as it is much cheaper to use digital copies of books than the real things... Since private companies do seek more profits, this will happen within 5 years frame. You may call this BS, but it is already happening... But we have yet to experience the worst of that economic depression.

Anyhow, a paperless society is soon to take root, and the latest generation, that knows no world without Internet access, will embrace that new and dangerous reality. As in a paperless world, the world can be dominated by digital "Gods" who have powers in the digital world, beyond any others. In there, they will control the flux of information that reach our very eyes. You will read a paperback book, then compare with the digital version and see things that would have been edited... Already search results on Google are edited...

Then in 10 years, Hugo De Garis, will come to save the world from the machines... Since machines are getting more and more efficient, they are already overtaking Human workers. And this trend will increase even faster with the introductions of new chips design around Fussy logics architectures. Then Hugo De Garis (that works for the CHinese government), will come as a savior with his Cognitive assistant that will enhance human memories and cognitive skills on par with machines... Then Human productivity will become digitalize, our dreams will enter the net, our memories, we won't need to go to school to learn things (downloadable) and the marketing departments, will tell the Internet generations, that they can become master of their life as never before...

This is the future for the next 15 years. It will happen, not because that it is really planned like this, but because any market driven by the search of profits will move toward such reality! So the creation of digital Gods as described in the Matrix Walker program, is only the first step before it enters the human mind through largely adopted Cognitive assistants, so to manipulate their minds, like puppets... It might be BS for you, it ain't for me! Why, simply because I am predicting the future for over 19 years, now and I have NEVER, ever Got it wrong... However, I do not ask you to believe me, I am just asking for you to look around you, and observes who are working the hardest to gain an everyday impact on the life of those you love most! Then you may see, what I see.

Also, you must understand, that the most precious resource in this Universe, isn't gold, or platinum, but Humanity's as we are bless, with an unlimited creative potentials, that is only equal to our destructive potential, so whoever can control us, can control the Universe... Far fectche maybe... Not for me!

06-26-2011, 08:08 PM
Dude, I have one mind and it doesn't control my ego or otherwise.

Please, speak proper English.

Thank you.

Look dude, if you think the subject you speak of is way to complex for this forum than I have no clue why you are posting here and my suggestion to you is that you go somewhere else where the subject of which you speak is not too complex for idiots like us who are members of this forum to comprehend.

Thanks for departing,

I got ten minutes to write that answer to you... So I did have to take shortcuts... My work has tightened internet security (government), so I can't spend the time I want to answer your questions. Yes this might be complex for some peoples, but I am not here to judge anyone. I just hope that some peoples will be able to use what I write to find their own answers.

Ego is all about been driven by emotions, fears and impressivity... Those who are driven by it, can't control their life and can't even less solve the riddle of their own existence. In some points we are all dominated by it, but to find ourselves and our true freedoms, we need to learn to master it. Anyhow, this is no place for such psychology, but since your name point to some kinds of Angel, you may find such information useful... ;)

Don't worry, I don't expect to stay on here... It isn't my place... Its the place of no one actually! Too busy to solve my existence, and save the butts of those who are blinds!

Good luck BlueAngel!

06-26-2011, 11:51 PM
Please, do not delude yourself.

Your work, whatever that means, has not tightened internet security (government or otherwise).

I don't find anything you post on this forum as useful.

Hmm... I was thinking that you could ping my post, since you are a moderator... If you do, you will find some massive firewalls... We are cleared for 10min internet access, each time I swipe my card, after that the connection get lost...

You may not find anything useful for you, but we are not all made the same way. If so, life would be pretty blend! You as a being, do not need to find something useful in my posts, others might be more sensitive to them than you are! Experiences is the key, since only experience can unlock certain perspectives in the words used. If your experiences do not fit, then the words won't seems to fit! I am no politicians, so I do not use generic words to express my ideas, otherwise I would be as fraudulent as they are!

So again, I may advise everyone, not to believe that everything is set in stone! Conspiracies are evolving as time goes, nothing is there for ethernity! Only the most important motivations found in a Human mind and heart will last... When you uncover them, you can pretty much understand how the world is working!
It is my job to know how it works... Being part of the system, can help change it! Being on the fringe on it, won't allow anything to happen to it!

06-28-2011, 06:40 PM
After reading your comment above, as quoted, my previous statement that what you post doesn't make any sense has been completely verified.

What have you trouble understanding? You believe that nothing is making sense, while you claim to have verified it? Well, either we misunderstand the topic, or you are expecting to find links on the net about such statements...

The DARPA project is well under way, even if its true purpose still remain confidential. This is quite easy to verify. As for the rest of the articles, I can forward you links about libraries being sold to private sectors and so on... If you can't verify this, its either you won't want to see it, or you do not work hard enough to understand the core principles of this. Either way, I am not trying to convince YOU! There are other peoples that worth my time!

As for the conspiracy stuff, I just try to say that most peoples here do not understand that the world situation is ALWAYS volatile, and that EVERYTHING changes! The only true conspiracy out there, are those associates with either the Energy sector (link to war potentials), communications (flux of ideas and secret knowledges) and Human resources (originator of ideas). The rest is way too complicated to be only black and white!

For instance, the 9\11 event was engineered, to avoid Russia gaining the upper end in the Europeen energy market. Russia was gaining the upper hand in oil and gas supplies to Europe. Over 50% of those supplies were coming from Russia or Russian interests in the region. Therefore a war with Russia, would have pit the US against China and Russia... Traditional European allies couldn't have follow... Oil and gas are strategic resources. Without enough of it, no one can wage a modern war! The US, would have been stuck with Canada and some south American allies! Not much to win a war against them!

So while the 9/11 incident did kill many American lives, it has saved millions, preventing a war and further loss... Still no politicians could have explain that situation to an average American... Like you say, it wouldn't make any sense to most... Still, I am sure that you will critic that argument. Don't bother yourself...