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02-11-2005, 01:34 PM
There seems to be a lot of divergent view points on the reasons for war in Iraq. I like Al Cuppet's perspective that the ruling elite have purposely sent the army to fight on a suicide mission, to weakn and shame it. Some examples to back this thesis is how soldiers are being court martialed for picking up abandoned equipment, or the controlled leak of the Abu Gareb scandal. As well, with the military being deployed in over a 100 countries, this conveniently leaves the US vulnerable and in need of UN security forces if a civil war should ever break out. :roll:

What's the general sentiment on this board?

02-11-2005, 02:36 PM
Iraq is a resounding success for the NWO ...

another money printer and credit system or

tool of enslavement has been implemented and

the signs point to continued success.

02-11-2005, 02:45 PM
I've been saying the same thing.

I find it VERY awkward to find that the army has been doing very little recruitment using the excuse, "most are not qualified."

I find it even more awkward to know that they are sending national guardsmen over into the litter box. Now with Korea announcing that they have nukes, the world seems a bit more dangerous.

I can see the scenario now . . .

All at the same time, Russia will fire theirs at Korea, Korea will fire theirs at us, we will fire at Africa, and so on for the obliteration of the population of the world.

The real reason the elitists want to waste us is so they can all live on million acre properties, so they don't have to look at any of us meager people. They hate us because they believe that we are lower forms of life, and that they are the fittest. The only thing that can make this remotely true is the money that they possess. The thing that makes this mainly false is that it was left to them.

People born with money, who know no other way of life, or wanting in their life look at everyone who is below their tax bracket as shit. . . kinda like the way most people look at the homeless and tell them to get a job. The fact of the matter is, most of the people in America are getting treated by the higher tax bracket people the same way they treat the common street-bum.

I only hope that with my faith, and the way I treat (most) others will save me and my family from suffering when the shit does hit the fan.

I would have to ask when the bombs fall, either my family and I are either instantly vaporized and saved the pain, or we are totally unscathed, and have the ability and the freedom to help others.

But mostly, I pray that these assholes point them at each other, and through some grace of God, the bombs are miraculously diverted to take out only the main parts of the governments that fired them off in the first place. And as much as I wish I could say that I hope they suffer . . . The most I could wish for is that they get to walk a mile in the shoes of the commoner. Maybe they can eventually be saved by learning how to be forgiving and just how to feel.

02-12-2005, 02:25 AM
Dont fret to much.

The aim is simple. Bush is an East Coast Blue Blood. He works for the European Elite. Mainly Rothschild and Co.

His role in the play is this...to discredit America as much as is humanly possible. He must also come accross as a complete Religious nut furthering the NWO claim that religion is dangerous and should be replaced by the new value system 'Secular Humanism' as being implemented by the U.N.

The aim is to weaken America internally to the point of civil war. The vast middle class, scared into submission will beg to be rescued...cue music...

In will come the NWO pick for a Secular-Liberal-Goodguy who will state..."it's o.k little ones, the U.N is here now. Those nasty religious fascists wont be bothering you anymore".

Their original pick was Arnie. Thats been derailed.

This is classic Hegal. Problem-Reaction-Soloution.

Europe is playing good cop. Tich tiching those fascist/imperialistic Americans.

Mark my words...the plan is for chaos. The plan is to stir as much trouble as possible. I doubt their will be an attack on American soil. Trust me! The U.S Intelligence community will not stand for it. There will be a revolt and possible Coup D'etat.

I predict a nuclear exchange in the M.E against Iran. Soon.

I predict a joint covert op between Isralie Mossad, American CIA and British MI6 with German sub contractors thrown in their as well. They will frame Iran for a nuclear/chemical/biological attack on either U.S forces or Israeli citizens.

The U.S military lacks ANY capability to attack Iran on the ground. I've seen this reported. Pure hogwash. Would you like to go up against Iranian martys? Trust me...the Iranian Shi'tes dont fuck around. They're well equipped, well motivated and fighting in their own country. Good luck Delta boy, i'll get the letters to your relatives ready.

After the frame up off will go...Israel. Kaboom!

In the chaos and distraction of the holocaust visited by the original holocaust victims (except the latest one will be real) lots of attacks by Palestinians (nudge nudge wink wink) and they will be thrown out into Jordan...no one will notice with the panic of Armageddon in the air.

Throw in a HAARP earthquake bringing down the Golden Dome and there you have it...

With this though will have to come a rolling series of events. Once caught on the backfoot and disorientated the general public must be kept that way. They must not be able to pause for breathe and take in the events and form a backlash.

How this will take place I do not know. Perhaps a series of 'terrorist' attacks by 'sleeper' cells in the U.S, all Iranian of course but they will speak Hebrew. They must be in quick succession. Lock down the U.S quickly. It's all or nothing. This year is the year.

Lets get it over with. I'm sick of waiting. They wont pull it off. The silly bastards. They'll kill millions but they still wont pull it off.

Watch for anything that indicates they're going to pull the net. I'm sure attacks on Internet structures are gaurantee'd.

02-12-2005, 07:29 PM
Okay kids, the secret word of the day is "implementation". yes, your homework assignment is to think up how they do it. Wait, your new secret word is "incrementalism". But what if that doesn't work? How about the right "major crisis". Oh, did I hear someone say "dialectical materialism"? Yes, that's involved too! Very good! Now someone mentioned "groupthink". Yes, that's also part of the dialectical process. The meek shall inherit are fears in a world of confusion. Class dismissed. :evil: :pint: :-o :oops: :roll: :-?

02-12-2005, 08:27 PM
I take it NoHope you believe part of the plan is for lots of confusion and a bunch of fools will actually bother spending time trying to work it all out?

You have a point.

As always, the goal is chaos. The people, suitably cowed will then happily submit themselves to a 'benevolent' (for some) Police State.

Yes thats the plan. An oldie but a goody. And you're right. I would'nt like to bet money on the exact formula but we have the basic ingredients.