View Full Version : The On Going Censorship of GLP Chat

07-21-2011, 09:23 AM
GLP is supposed to be a community of seekers of the truth but, is the truth really what they seek? GLP Chat has become a MODS wet dream; with the ability to not discuss, not debate, or even go against the grain of its moderators. When you do not agree with the wild accusations of its MOD and try and correct their mistakes in their delivery of information to other GLP members, you are simply banned. Thatís right no freedom of speech on GLP chat, no discussion of any kind unless you agree with what the MOD is saying. When challenged the MODís simply ban your IP.

What has GLP come to when a formal discussion cannot be delivered? If you disagree with them you are wildly attacked by their fellow MODís. Censorship of the truth is the basis of GLP; it is what defines this forum from others; so why is it quickly becoming a place that is censored? I find it hard to believe that when a forum such as this allows its MoDís to miss use the power given them by the owner of the site, they should have that power stripped from them.


I wish all of you truth seekers all the best in your endeavor to seek the truth. And to the Moderators of GLP Chat; remember you have to be better than the rest, which is what, makes you different, not the power you yield to censor others.