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Martin Timothy
11-10-2011, 12:46 AM

Two yrs ago I told Nicole Isbel my landlady, that the sewer line that services my apartment in Crase St Teneriffe, a Brisbane suburb was blocked by the roots of a tree .. weeks ago a big pool of liquid sewerage under the house, and problems with the toilet.

I rang her again .. she was rude like a pig, she is a high profile doctor - she said she was gonna get tree loppers, to remove all the trees around the house, in response to my protest she said she was, "the landlord," and it remained her prerogative to do as she wished.

I tell this broad that she will remain the landlady, until she has a dick attached to her low abdomen .. and a lezzo strap on don't count .. she grunted like a fuggin' pig, and hung up the phone!


Needing a court order to prevent the destruction of the trees, one James Murphy at Q Solicitors located nearby in Teneriffe, heard me out and assured me that it was entirely doable, however he declined to accept he case, on the grounds that he was too busy, and refused to let me deposit $10,000 into his professional account.

http://s017.radikal.ru/i403/1110/d0/9e330e88df61.gif Click the link, for the enlarged copy.

I told him that he was proby my only hope, and that the chainsaws were to be here later that morning, so time was of the essence, that the other local solicitor, one Peter Shields, was a former Homicide Squad detective, who we had contacted in 1994, re murder and mayhem on the docks, see news clipping above!

That after detailing a summary of the evidence, and putting it onto a handwritten deposition, sent by mail to Brisbane Homicide, that the same Peter Beattie / Les Smith faction, that had in 1982, murdered the woman who said Tom Burns, Leader of the Opposition in the Queensland Parliament, had raped her in 1973, that had murdered Xenophon Zervos in 1986, and Les Batkin in 1987.

Was making death threats, in response to my activities as a member of the Painters and Dockers Union .. Shields replied over the phone, "..so you're the one who has been writing us letters," he made some kinda honk, grunting noise and was gone from the phone .. As a result, he will be arraigned on charges of corruption as a police officer - yeah hangin' corruption!

Martin Timothy
11-10-2011, 12:47 AM
http://s48.radikal.ru/i119/1105/c1/7d41743c5fdd.jpg http://s003.radikal.ru/i203/1103/90/c427d6248311.jpg

That Steven Goldsmith was a Jew, who lived a little further away in Sydney Street New Farm, who disappeared in July 2000, while the police at Queensland Police Missing Persons, had hung up the phone, and the two sergeants at the desk at Police HQ in Brisbane, told me to "get out," after I went there to report a sighting of Goldsmith, with a policeman who was a regular at the local gym, on the night he disappeared.



In response to demands this journal published, in May and June 1996, and to telephone inquiries re the delay in bringing this matter to trial, a Justice Department spokesman replied 11 July 1996, there would be no trial.

Johannsen had been released from custody early 1996, after key prosecution witness Chambers had committed suicide, by jumping from a tall building in Sydney in November 1995, after being released from custody in Brisbane a short time before.

That Painter and Docker John Wlodarczyk, had similarly been murdered at premises a little further along Sydney Street, whence Kay Chambers, who was remanded in custody for the same crime, was released from prison and "suicided," in Sydney shortly thereafter, whence her fellow accused Stretch Johannsen was released!


That Peter Beattie, who served nine yrs as Queensland Premier, was the only one with sufficient authority to have her released, and that former P&D's Union President Les Smith, admitted that Beattie was blackmailing him, under the conditions of which he had committed murder!


Australian Jews and 911 .. Yaron Shmuel and Sivan & Paul Kurzberg, who rose to prominence after being arrested in New York on 911 filming the attack, in their words to "document the event," had all been residents of Brisbane Australia!


Shmuel had been a regular sight in the New Farm shopping precinct thru most of the 1990's, while the Kurzberg boys moved into Heal Street NF at around the same time, precocious teenagers on bikes .. see if they are so precocious when I get 'em onto the gallows!

I told him that it was particularly important, since the Jews who have infiltrated New Farm, whence came the famous "celebrating Israelis" of 911, who had arranged Goldsmith's murder, who were going to use the inaction of the same Queensland Police, to take the law into their own hands, and arrest the entire conspiracy, then hang the lot under their version of revolution!

Murphy reiterated his decision, that he would neither be accepting my money, nor taking part in my case, and said to contact his boss .. he gave me the number of Quadrio Solicitors, the woman who answered the phone burst into loud laughter, whence I reminded her that unless there is inherent humor present, laughter is the most reliable indicator of insanity.

She had a mood swing .. the proprietor Mr Q came on line, and assured me that neither would he accept my lucre, and that I should scrutinize the Queensland Law List .. before I told him to get ****ed, whence he hung up the phone!


ITEM: Jim Finch was released from prison and deported to England in 1988, he had been serving life imprisonment, for the murder of a young married woman, an employee of the Whiskey Au Go Go nightclub, who perished with fourteen other people, when the place was firebombed in March 1973.

He told a television journalist who interviewed him after his release, that he had indeed bombed the nightclub, in company with Ian Hamilton, John Stewart convicted with Finch died in prison, those who see his body, say his face is frozen in a mask of horror, Hamilton disappeared 1974, no remains were ever found.

The editor of Port News, a journal that concentrated as does this journal, on issues affecting the Docker community, was convicted of his murder, allegedly becoming the first person in Crown Law, to be convicted of murder sans body, sans murder weapon. Compare this with the McCulken case, Finch said he bombed the nightclub at the behest of Officer Murphy, of the Queensland Police.

Port News warned in 1973, of the Clockwork Orange Gang, thugs, vassals of corrupt police who provided such services as were required, the Whiskey bombing cited as one such service, an earlier bombing and fire at another valley nightspot, another.

This journal warns of the One Telephone Call Murder Company, who do wet jobs for police and for law firms, filling the void caused by Clockwork founder Ian Hamilton's, untimely murder - Zervos, the McCulkens, Batkin, Kay Chambers victims, O'Dempsy, Glancy, Smith, Foreman, murderers and grotesque police corruption, re Detective Shields, Desmond, Nikola, Hepitch, Hitch, Magnussen, Kajewski, Doyle.

The Pacific GuardianIncident: The Secretary's decision. Expelled as scab, Des Noon, Mick Williams, George Gray, Kerry Beak, expelled scab officer of the union, John Burke, Bob Mason, expelled scab Committee of Management, Ian Bridges, N Brinleigh Williams.

Not guilty scab as officer Ray Winning - Mr Winning had proven coercion, in that Bob Mason had threatened his life, all other officers and members, as of 15 and 18 July 1991, should show cause why they should not be gazetted as scabs, in future editions of this journal.

Gazetted as scab Don Burns, he claimed in 1988 that it was for fear of murder, that he abandoned his responsibility to defend the union against the depredations of the Smith/Reed/Mason clique and their political masters, citing the deaths of Chapman who was his brother in law, and Batkin as reasons for his decision.

He claimed to be leaving the industry for good, however once the union was deregistered, he returned to work at Cairncross Dock, where scabs rule. Page 8 first published 1995, updated May 2004, November 2011.Page 9 (http://www.dockersunion.net/journals/Journal_10_2001_page9.html)

The essence of our case against Isbel, is that she was aware of the Steven Goldsmith connection, since we had shown her the file, she remained aware, that the conspiracy extended to the local law rat community, and had taken advantage of that fact, to pursue her nefarious agenda .. means she should be charged with conspiracy!

Then does she know the Kurzbergs, or does she know anyone who does know them, on the grounds that her acquisition of this property, is actually part of a Zionist sponsored money laundering affair.

With links to the Israeli secret service Mossad, thence he 911 attacks against the United States, whence low cost rental properties, indeed whole suburbs, are being "gentrified" at immense cost by Jews, who stole the money from the American government, who have deserted the failed modern state of Israel!


Merv Collins had died under aggravated circumstances, about the same time as Chambers .. Xenophon Zervos was shot dead, as he was getting into his car, at his home in the Brisbane suburb of Holland Park, on the early morning of March 26 1986.

In 1988, Constable Butler told the Fitzgerald Inquiry, an inquiry into police malfeasance formed on the initiative of Bill Gunn, then Police Minister and Deputy Premier, that Mr. Zervos was the victim of professional assassins, recruited from the Dockers Union by police to murder another policeman, another copper turned lawyer, Detective Constable Salvatore Di Carlo.

Butler alleges, the murderers went to the wrong address, and fired on a man whose fate was the random result of human error, and that Di Carlo was on the wrong side of his workmates, because investigations he was proceeding with, were sensitive and involved a firebombing at a Fortitude Valley nightclub in 1973, in which fifteen people died.

Mr. Zervos was it appears, related by marriage to Salvatore Di Carlo, in which case the plot is somewhat thicker than it would otherwise have been, had that not been the case.

Di Carlo's lot has prospered, he has gone from undercover copper, where his role was allegedly to infiltrate criminal society, gain the confidence, and the friendship of any lonely poor stiff he could, then fix him up with criminal charges.

Now it's Sammy Di Carlo Barrister at Law, who, until he instituted a policy of omerta, toward the jolly old Dockies Union, was quite a source of knowledge .. Sammy there is a stone in my shoe about the whole thing, particularly about threats broadcast re Merv Collins, that Merv was a stone in somebody's shoe, re the Zervos thing.

Ed: Merv turned up dead, from a highly suspicious overdose of heroin in 1994

Isbel is a totally wretched woman and a brutal despoiler of the landscape, whose aura resembles the pool of raw sewage, in situ beneath the floorboards of my apartment .. picture a capricious, penis envying woman, who vandalized this place in vicious reprisal, after I requested the sewage problem be fixed!

Martin Timothy
11-10-2011, 03:19 PM

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