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10-05-2005, 03:02 PM
October 3, 2005

Michael Corbin exposes a neo-con agenda that has infiltrated the
Minuteman Project and the Illegal Immigration forum. Paul David
Collins discusses the background of several groups involved in the
forum. Also, Michael interviews Joe McCutchen and Craig Roberts. This
is developing information. Note: A separate page dedicated to this
information will be forthcoming. Check back often.



Given the gravity of the illegal immigration problem and the Minute Men
Project, this interview is extremely important. The Minute Men movement
is being co-opted by white supremacists and neo-Malthusians. In many
instances, several of these racists are connected with or on the
payroll of government agencies. If you doubt this, just read Paul's
book, "The Hidden Face of Terrorism." The point is that grass roots
mobilization is being subverted. Moreover, divisive racial dialetics
are being promulgated. The potential results could be the dissolution
of grass roots movement and the eruption of a race war. Listening to
these interviews will help you understand the agenda of social
engineering that is at work.