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01-19-2012, 06:22 PM
I have compiled alot of conspiracy-related articles, videos and tidbits all on one blog I have started a couple years ago. It is call The Ultimate Guide to the Global Nightmare. Please take a moment and check it out! Let me know on here or on my blog what you think.

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I have many blogs, not related to conspiracies. I just don't make all of them public, or known.

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02-25-2012, 02:49 AM
Well, I have seen many videos and still camera films from various resource. Including a friend of mine, who somehow caught it on his iphone. He only caught the end-tail of when the planes crashed into the towers. But he noticed something quite strange after playing the video from his iphone over and over. He noticed something underneath the plane just before it hit the Tower One. He isn't really sure what it is, since it is faded and blurry. But he thinks it was some missile or foreign object attached underneath near the two engines. He also noticed that the plane had no windows. Hmmm...kind of odd for a plane, especially being a Boeing 747, not to have any windows.

As for the government being involved. It was staged 5 years before the actual threat was made. Remember when the World Trade Center was struck in mid 1990's? That was just a warning for what to come.

02-25-2012, 10:16 PM
I have seen many videos as well. I tend to lean more towards the people viewing "LIVE" footage as seeing something completely different then what the people actually saw "In person". Something no doubt hit the buildings. Was it planes? I highly doubt it. Was it something disguised to look like planes? Most likely.

The Pentagon is another fishy subject. That one just stinks period.

And then there is building 7. I have spoke with people that actually believe the story that the heat from the other 2 buildings caused the collapse of building 7! Are people really that stupid? lol I hate to laught, and I shouldn't. But some people really need to do some of there own investigations and such.

You made a few great and valid points here. Yes, it is very true that, there is a huge difference "LIVE" footages, and people being there "in person". But since I have trusted my friend who filmed the tail-end of the "plane" (or whatever it was) crashing into the World Trade Center, I would not completely discredit him nor his "evidence". Sure, he could have easily distorted it. But I am not that incredulous when it comes to someone I have known most of my life. And, think he would do that for publicity stunts. He even wanted to upload it on Youtube. But I have not seen it there yet.

As for the Pentagon, I find it fishy, that if anyone was following the news the day before that awful day (9/11/2001), the government was actually doing some "Terrorism" testings near the perimeter of the Pentagon. Of course, I have yet to find any news articles on this, so I don't have actual proof yet, but when I do come across one or two, I will post a link here. I had heard it from another resource, though. I am not saying it is true or not. But it is worth questioning. JMO