View Full Version : Problems at the Dentist :(

Martin Timothy
03-23-2012, 03:59 PM

Bit on a piece of coconut, there was some shell embedded and my tooth broke ..


That was Friday .. on Monday I went to the dentist at Fortitude Valley Center, he took an X-Ray and, after I went crook at the rude manners of the broad at the desk, told me there was nuthin' he could do!


Went to the next place off James Street in the Valley, some dude in bathroom slippers was fixin' Christmas decorations, there was a stack of costumed mannequins, and some broad comes out with a forty spot questionnaire she says I should fill out - I got out of the joint damn quick!


Down the road a bit to Sparkle Dental, his sexpot babes were full of sh*t before, however the bloke at Calm Dental at the other end of the street, a Mr Gratsky, had faked his own death in a bizarre attempt to claim life insurance, so I did not want to go back there!

Martin Timothy
03-23-2012, 04:00 PM

Back to Sparkle then, some dame behind the jump put me thru an interrogation, whereas I told her to get a girl friend and departed .. the other option, John Stamatiou at the Merthyr Center went bad when some broad, I call her Miss Saigon, used barnyard manners and Stalinesque interrogation procedures..


Never the less my teeth required attention so I went back, telling the counter staff all about it, whereas JS appeared and conducted a preliminary examination, he said metal inserts would cost either 1400 or 1600 dollar$, whereas the Department of Vets Affairs would pay for the routine work!

I agreed and after he made the templates I paid him $1600, while signing the DVA form in two places, he gave me an appointment for ten days hence, where after he fitted the metal and completed some other routine work, and I signed a new DVA form in about six or seven places .. we parted friends!

Yesterday, even as I was contemplating requesting another appointment, since a sharp piece on his metal inserts is catching on things .. a bill arrived for some over seven hundred dollars, ringing his ppl and assuring them that I am not gonna pay, she hung up .. Well I am gonna ring John Stamatiou this mornin', and tell him all about it then report back here!

Report 1 .. Ringing again, the same dame who sent me the bill, who hung up on me yesterday, said I should "not worry about it," and that Stamatiou would not be back until, "sometime next week.." I replied that he must explain the whole manner and means..

By which he sent me a demand for money, and that I would under no circumstances, be placing my person in any place whence he has access to syringes, or other sharp objects, which would be necessary were he to file the sharp part of the metal filling smooth..


A couple hrs after putting the same post on a few websites world wide, the police arrived in response to a complaint, that I had made threatening phone calls to a Dentist .. I told them the story, whereas the policeman told me I was under arrest, and handcuffed me behind my back!

They took me into the street, and my neighbors of twenty seven yrs looked on, as they frisked me then took me away .. arriving in the Valley at the corner of Brunswick and Ann Streets .. see the map .. one of the busiest intersections in Queensland!

Where upon both police left the vehicle stationary at the traffic lights, and took off running, before crash tackling a member of the public to the pavement, outside the pub on the corner .. About half an hour later, after calling for reinforcements, and causing the traffic to back up all the way to New Farm!

They returned to the vehicle and drove on to the Watch House, there to be fingerprinted, photographed, and released after five and a half hrs in custody .. I have to be in court 10 April 2012, and must be no closer than 50 meters from the dental surgery, and am not to attempt to contact their ppl in any way..

05-11-2012, 01:04 PM
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