View Full Version : SATAN SPEAKS!

10-09-2005, 05:49 PM
I'm writing these words in support of my best student in all recorded history, George Da-BULL-You Bush. the world should know that this man has surpassed all of my previous "students" achievements through recorded history. He has greatly acccelerated my "MASTER-PLAN" to such an extent that even his fellow graduates from the class of 666 have told me that he may even be after my job. And his fellow "students" include the likes of Cheney, Blair, Osama,B.Clinton,J.Kerry,A.Sharon, and even Saddam. I simply cannot put in words what this man has done for my "MasterPlan". It's taken over 6000 plus years of patient teaching to develop this student and to bring America to the point of no return. My legions of fallen angels (demons) are quite pleased and in total praise of DUBYA. I realize the BIG MAN upstairs will soon permanently delete me to the recycle bin for a thousand years, so i suspect ol Dubya might even take my place during those 1000 years.good luck earth!

Truly Yours
from the pit of hell
washington D.C. SATAN