View Full Version : Parravicini predicts Olympics False flag operation

07-30-2012, 08:12 AM
Parravicini predicts Olympics False flag operation

The Prophecies of Parravicini also confirms that the London Olympics False Flag. In 1972, Parravicini made a prophetic drawing while he was in a trance state, the drawing and the text it contains clearly refers to the London Olympics through the torch, the bell (the biggest bell in the world will be used in the Olympic Stadium), he even drawn the exact outlines of the London Olympic Park, the tower ArcelorMital Orbit, … and the text associated with his prophecies speaks about death, fire, explosion, wars between USA, Russia and China…. Which confirms that this London Olympic False Flag will also be used as a trigger for the nuclear WW3 (the goal behind this is 90% reduction of the world population as written for long on the Georgia Guidestone).

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