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10-02-2012, 04:37 AM

In an initiatic school, the disciple works at strengthening in himself the feeling of respect, love, adoration and gratitude towards the deity. Whatever activities he has, he first tries to cultivate an attitude of wonder in face of the beauty and greatness of his Creator. This attitude allows him to feel a circulation of luminous energies, which he knows will bring him the greatest blessings.
However interesting the activities human beings may be engaged in: poetry, music, scientific research, etc. and however fascinating the experiences they may have, those and only those, who know how to cultivate a sacred attitude towards the Creator will find fulfillment. They have learnt to unite with a realm that surpasses them and approach such a realm with humility, respect and adoration, in the silence of the soul. (FEBRUARY 21, 2001)

A true initiate, a true disciple always looks natural, simple and approachable. Why would you want to draw attention with superior or inspired looks? You might say, ‘You mean we must not show our spiritual acquisitions? – Yes, you must show them. – And how?’ Since you have worked on yourself, since you have called on the spirit to shape you, sculpture you, then let your body, the features of your face, your posture and gestures speak in your favor. And you, stay simple and natural. Why impose yourself artificially? Since you follow a spiritual teaching, understand that your qualities – wisdom, purity, nobleness – will manifest naturally, without the need to adopt poses or make speeches to emphasize them. Simply let your interior work speak for itself; even without your knowing it, it will bear witness to your qualities. (FEBRUARY 25, 2001)

The palm tree is a tree that grows in the sands of the desert where the sun is fierce and water is scarce. The palm tree, however, says: ‘This is what I can do in the worst of conditions,’ and it produces dates, which are sweeter and more mellow than any other fruit. The palm tree is a true alchemist: It transmutes sand into sugar. On the other hand, another shrub planted in the very rich soil, kept well watered and growing in a favorable climate, only manages to be a blackthorn, producing bitter fruits. Many people resemble the blackthorn: they live in favorable conditions but, even so, they bear bitter fruit, they are always complaining. This shows that they are not aware of the riches they possess within themselves and do not know how they can make use of these riches. They should meditate on the image of the palm tree which flourishes and bears fruit in the worst conditions. That is why it is said in the Psalms: ‘The righteous flourish like a palm tree.’ (SEPTEMBER 1, 1999)

For far too many people, spirituality consists of reading esoteric books. They do not understand a great deal of what they are reading and it is all of little use to them because it is all merely theory – theories that are not always very accurate or even contradictory at that – which they can make no sense. But what does it matter? And so they continue to devour their books. When will they understand that spirituality is about choosing a few methods and studying those well and putting them into practice. Because what really matters is life, the divine life human beings must live. Divine life will bring them all knowledge of Heaven and earth. People who are content with just reading books are wasting their time. Even if they are able to explain the contents perfectly, they are fully aware that behind the explanations lurks a void, because no love, no light, no deep understanding emanates from them. Love and light are not obtained by reading but by applying the rules of initiatic science day to day. (SEPTEMBER 2, 2002)

Many people cling desperately to this life because they are ignorant of the fact that they could enjoy another, better life after they die. To survive, they may commit all manner of crimes, thus incurring karmic debts which, sooner or later, will have to be paid. A disciple of an initiatic school thinks differently. Sometimes he may reflect, ‘Life on this earth is nothing more than drudgery: I am limited, subjected to scorn and rough handling, tormented and overworked,’ and he images the beauty of the divine world. But he also knows that he is here on earth to work, to repair past errors and he accepts to do so, because he knows that as soon as he has finished this work, he will live in the freedom of space. Spiritual people know this truth and that is why, even though they know that their true life is elsewhere, they remain convinced they must stay here on earth. As long as their earthly affairs are not in order, as long as the work that Heaven has given them has not been finished, nothing else matters. They do not ask themselves whether they would prefer to live or die; they only wish to finish their work. However, as soon as that work is completed, they pass on with great joy, because they know the effort of clinging to this earth is not worth the candle. (SEPTEMBER 20, 1998)

The majority of people have only a mediocre destiny because they seem unable to keep their inner bearings and lose their way: they oscillate incessantly between light and darkness, and that is why their future is always uncertain. Try therefore to channel your energies and direct them towards the luminous world of harmony and love: the Divine World. Even if every now and then some shadows appear, it will not be for long: as long as you keep to the right direction within your inner self, there will come a day when you do not wander off the path any more.
Human destiny is governed by precise mathematical laws. Just as your present condition is the result of all you have lived in the past, your future is determined by the direction you give to your life now. (SEPTEMBER 22, 1999)

If we observe how water is purified in nature, we will notice that there are two possible processes. By the first process, water disappears into the ground to be filtered slowly through the different layers, leaving behind its impurities as it goes, before emerging farther on as spring water. By the second process, water is heated by the rays of the sun, becomes lighter, rises in the atmosphere in the form of vapor and rejoices in light; it purifies itself by evaporating and then falls back to earth in the form of dew or rain, bringing life to the vegetation.
As for water, there are also two means of purification for human beings. The first – unfortunately the most widespread – is for people to let the events of life make them go through great suffering, which presses and crushes them until they understand that they must rid themselves of obscure and unhealthy elements that they have nourished within themselves. But the disciples of initiatic science choose the second method: Each day they expose themselves to the rays of the spiritual sun and make some effort, through their mind, to ascend to the sun so as to absorb the most luminous elements, which will purify them. (SEPTEMBER 26, 2001)

The long-term destiny of human beings is to become like God himself, each day drawing closer and closer to His Wisdom, His Love and His Power, manifesting these qualities in their own lives. But along the way toward that great destiny, there are small, previously determined destinies we must cope with.
For instance, the destiny of our feet is to carry our physical bodies and walk in the direction indicated by our heads. Sometimes a foot lashes out and kicks someone, but that is not truly its destiny. The predetermined destiny of the hands is to create and bless; they can also harm and destroy, but that is not their true destiny. The predetermined destiny of the eyes is to look, to take in images and light; they can also give out withering looks, but that is not their destiny. And it is the same for all the physical organs.
Now, what is a human being? We are a synthesis of all these predestinations, and it is our job to direct and organize them, because they serve as the means toward our great and distant destiny: To become like our Heavenly Father. (SEPTEMBER 28, 1998)

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