View Full Version : Mars Curiosity Rover and the Great Wall of China

Martin Timothy
11-29-2012, 10:59 PM

Mars Curiosity Rover has been decried as fake since day one, the landing resembled the Houston Space center pics, broadcast with the alleged first Moon landings, dudes behind batteries of compu screens at both events, were subsequently identified as actors.


The first shots from Curiosity were hazy dusty affairs, that some have said were filmed on location in an Arizona parking lot, nor was live footage of the landing filmed from the surface of Mars, despite numerous operational Rovers and Robots that have been sent there over the years, nor from orbit despite the fleets of space craft that circle the planet, whereas NASA and JPL should have been able to arrange for them to film the whole affair!


The Pyramid rock appears to be part of the Great Wall fortifications..


While the large frame was released by NASA JPL, and is allegedly of an area of Mars called Mount Sharp, that looks to be a composite that has parts of the Western Great Wall, process the image to see the outlines of buildings and walled enclosures!