View Full Version : 911 Bullsh*t of the Third Kind - The Push to Blame Saudi Arabia .. it was Jews!

Martin Timothy
12-23-2013, 12:31 AM
The push to blame Saudi Arabia is 911 bullsh*t of the third kind, after OBL did it and Bush / Cheney were responsible come in at numbers one & two.


It was Jews - There were no hijackers, the planes that hit the WTC Towers were piloted by remote control, using technology developed by conspirator Rabbi Dov Zakheim, who with Zionists Jerome Hauer and Michael Chertoff engineered the whole project.

No plane at Shanksville.

A cruise missile slammed into the Pentagon.

"Celebrating" Jews were filming as the WTC Towers went down.

Thousands of Jews were away from the WTC on the day.

Warnings to stay away came from NY synagogues,

And from the Odigo Hebrew language messaging service.


Lets Get Physical .. Warrants from the US Justice Department requiring the respondent to appear in court to answer charges of capital conspiracy, should go out to the entire US political, policing and news dissemination apparatus.

For turning from the same evidence against the Jewish perpetrators of the 911 attacks, anticipating millions of executions, as the entire unholy alliance that perpetrated the outrage is brought to justice!

01-31-2014, 06:04 PM
The Israeli/Saudi/French alliance against America and Iran.


In broad daylight, a Saudi-Israeli alliance

Asa Winstanley Thursday, 12 December 2013 16:05**56**18****1**76The alliance between the apartheid state of Israel and the absolutist monarchy of the Saudi royal dictatorship is no longer merely tacit.After recent diplomatic moves to cool tensions with Iran by the administration of US President Barack Obama, the Saudi royals seem to be engaging in a collective freak-out.It's a display we haven't seen since the heady days of early 2011. Back then it seemed that every day in the Israeli press there were new reports of collective Zionist freak-outs over the impending departure of their favourite Arab dictator Hosni Mubarak.In a*friendly interview with former Israeli prison guard Jeffrey Goldberg last month, Prince al-Waleed bin Talal was blunt.He criticised the Obama administration for its promise of (only very mild) easing of sanctions against Iran: "Iran is a huge threat ... especially against the Sunnis. The threat is from Persia, not from Israel".

Syria: The shocking truth incriminates the USA