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When I read this story about Adam Lanza, It just seems "In the script," that the Gov't would plant stuff like that.

Sandy Hook Killer Had 'Movie Depicting a Man/Boy Relationship' on His PC January 30, 2014 - 9:34 PM By Michael W. Chapman Subscribe to Michael W. Chapman RSS Follow Michael W. Chapman on Twitter - See more at:


(CNSNews.com) -- The state's attorney report on the horrific murders at the Sandy Hook Elementary School by shooter Adam Lanza found no "conclusive motive" for his actions but did document unsettling facts about the 20-year-old killer, including computer files he kept on the rights of pedophiles, a movie about man/boy love, instant messages concerning "homosexual fantasies," numerous mass murder documents, and a computer game entitled "School Shooting."

In "School Shooting," an amateur computer game, "the player controls a character who enters a school and shoots at students," reads an Investigation Report (DPS-302-E) that is among the 1,000-plus pages comprising the state's attorney report on the shootings.

Lanza, after shooting his mother Nancy Lanza at home on the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, drove to the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., and shot and killed 20 children and six adults, and then shot himself. (Full report, text and images here. Summary report here.)


In his summary report, State's Attorney for the Judicial District of Danbury Stephen Sedensky says the "shooter had significant mental health issues" but "the shooter's mental status is no defense to his conduct as the evidence shows he knew his conduct to be against the law. He had the ability to control his behavior to obtain the results he wanted, including his own death."

The summary report states that in the electronic evidence gathered at Lanza's house from his computer, "investigators found many things that are on a typical hard drive or memory card" but, "That being said, the following selected topics or items were found within the digital evidence seized."




Some of the items listed include:

" Commercial movies depicting mass shootings."
" The computer game titled 'School Shooting' where the player controls a character who enters a school and shoots students."
" Five-second video (dramatization) depicting children being shot."
" Materials regarding the topic of pedophilia and advocating for rights of pedophiles (not child pornography)."

http://leaksource.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/adam-lanza2.jpg http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx25/77769/RyanLanza_zps1b284728.jpg

Does this look like someone who could carry out a HEAVY DUTY MILITARY ASSAULT on Kids?

Ryan Lanza-Brother of Adam Lanza


Along with the summary report is a "Review of Electronic Evidence" Investigation Report based upon an analysis of a USB hard drive that belonged to Adam Lanza. Among the numerous folders and sub-folders, investigators found a Text document entitled "pbear," a document "written advocating pedophiles' rights and the liberation of children." (See Investigation Report.pdf)

There also was a "writing" document entitled "Lovebound," which is described as a "screenplay or script describing a relationship between a 10-year-old boy and a 30-year-old man." This manuscript was apparently written by Lanza, according to the report.

The review also lists the following:

" 457.full Profile of a pedophile."
" 226972 (AVI) Voor Een Verloren Soldatt -- movie depicting a man/boy relationship."
" colgam01 Spreadsheet ranking mass murders by name, number killed, number injured, types of weapons used, and disposition."
" 'me' 8-page Word document detailing relationships, ideal companion, culture, voting, personal beliefs, describes doctors touching children as rape."
" 'umm' Word document detailing how marriage is abusive and negative to people in a relationship." (See Investigation Report.pdf)

The movie Voor Een Veroloren Soldatt (For a Lost Soldier) is a 1993 Dutch film that tells the story of a sexual relationship between a 12-year-old boy and a Canadian soldier in the Netherlands near the end of World War II.

The movie, as described in 1993 by the New York Times, is a gay "coming of age" film without "any implied accusation of child abuse. ... [T]he film assigns no blame and assesses no damages." In a folder entitled "Smigglesnsuch," there is an "Instant Message history with SixteenBitElder 'The Stranger' and 'Smiggles' (presumably the shooter) from December 2010 - February 2011. Discussion that focuses on gaming, homosexual fantasies, and day to day activities." There also is a text file called "Selfish," a "Word document explaining why females are selfish." There also is a video of a dancing "pedobear." A pedobear is an illustrated teddy bear image that programmers originally designed several years ago to flag child pornography or material deemed sexually inappropriate for children, but which has sometimes been used by child pornographers to draw attention. The game on Lanza's hard drive, "School Shooting," apparently was not a commercial product; the state's attorney has not provided any further information on the game. - See more at:



Dozens of private/public(Classified Government Contractors) "trained actors" are being used by the Government to stage incidents to change/adjust(brainwash) American's minds into Dis Arming the Citizenry. And also to view BIG BROTHER as your only protector against those who would dare UPHOLD AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION as well as have the gall to understand the BILL OF RIGHTS.

Trained Players and Actors Making It Real


The need for advanced leadership training simulation

By Nicholas V. Iuppa (Belmont, CA), Andrew S. Gordon (Marina Del Rey, CA)

Recent United States Army studies have indicated that the leadership requirements of the modern war fighting force involve several significant differences from historical experience. Some factors of particular importance to the new generation of military leaders include: (i) the broad variety of people-centered, crisis-based military missions, including counter-terrorism, peacekeeping, operations in urban terrain and the newly emphasized homeland defense, in addition to more conventional warfare; (ii) the command of and dependence on a number of complex weapon, communication and intelligence systems involving advanced technology and specialized tasks; (iii) increased robotic and automated elements present on the battlefield; (iv) distributed forces at all echelons, requiring matching forms of distributed command; and (v) increased emphasis on collaboration in planning and operations.

The demographics of the military leadership corps is changing in several ways. Among the positive features of this change is a high level of sophistication and experience in computer use, including computer communication gaming and data acquisition. This means that modern training simulations should be as motivating and as well-implemented as commercial gaming and information products in order to capture and hold the attention of new military trainees.

There are currently highly developed aircraft, tank and other ground vehicle virtual simulators that realistically present military terrain and the movement of the vehicles within the terrain. Such simulators are very effective at teaching basic operational skills. Networks of virtual simulators, including SIMNET, CCTT and the CATT family, are also available to teach leader coordination of combined arms weapons systems during conventional and MOUT (Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain) warfare in highly lifelike settings. Likewise, constructive simulations such as BBS, Janus, WARSIM, WARSIM 2000 and others are very effective in focusing on the tactical aspects of leadership, i.e., representing movement of material, weapons and personnel particularly for higher echelon maneuvers.

But the same level of developmental effort has not been directed toward equally effective virtual and/or constructive simulators for training leadership and related cognitive skills in scenarios involving substantial human factor challenges. For example, driving a tank does not require the background knowledge, the collaboration or the complex political, diplomatic and psychological judgments that must be made in a difficult, people-centered crisis leadership situation. These judgments depend largely on the actual and estimated behavior of human participants, both friend and foe, in the crisis situation. Unfortunately, the complete modeling of complex human behavior is still beyond current technical capabilities.

As a result, these kinds of leadership skills have routinely been taught in the classroom through lectures and exercises featuring handouts and videotapes. It is possible for a good instructor to build the tension needed to approximate a leadership crisis, but sustaining the tension is difficult to accomplish. Showing the heartbreak of the crisis and the gut-wrenching decisions that must be made is not the strong suit of paper-and-pencil materials or low budget, home-grown videos.

Large classroom exercises such as "Army After Next" and "The Crisis Decision Exercise" at the National Defense University have attempted to give some sense of the leaders' experience through week-long exercises that involve months of planning. These exercises are effective, but they cannot be distributed widely or easily recreated without significant effort. Also, they are not easy to update and modify, and they require a large contingent of designers and developers, as well as on-site operators, to run them after months of planning time.

Story-based simulations, on the other hand, increase participant attention and retention because story-based experiences are more involving and easier to remember. Participants are also able to build judgmental, cognitive and decision-making leadership skills because the simulations provide realistic context in which to model outstanding leadership behavior. Story-based simulations can teach innovation because they are able to challenge participants by providing dramatic encounters with unexpected events and possibilities. Also, story-based simulations overcome the limitations of current constructive and virtual simulations in modeling complex human behavior, which is an increasing aspect of today's leadership challenges.

Crisis-based leadership training requires an awareness of human factors that has been especially difficult to teach through printed materials or the classroom. Giving complexity to an adversary's personality or turning a political confrontation into a battle of wits and will (things that, in fact, represent much of today's military decision making) are easier to discuss than to practice or simulate.

From a computational perspective, the term simulation is commonly used to refer to computational systems that compute subsequent states of a modeled environment by applying some transformational rules to the current model state. For example, weather simulations are computed in this manner--by first describing the current meteorological conditions and then applying knowledge about atmospheric conditions to make a prediction about what will happen in the future. Likewise, the U.S. military uses simulations to make predictions about the outcomes of battles and to give soldiers experience in simulations of potential future battles. The phrase `constructive simulations` has been used to describe simulations that compute subsequent states by applying transformational rules to the current state. Constructive simulations easily accommodate run-time interaction on the part of human participants. That is, at any moment in the simulation, a trainee can make a decision that changes the state of the modeled world and causes a change that will be propagated by transformational rules, and which may ultimately cause drastic changes in the final outcome of a simulated warfare environment.

The important disadvantage of the use of constructive simulations in military training is the surrender of pedagogical and dramatic control. While it may be desirable to use a simulation to provide pedagogically valuable experiences to trainees, there is little that an instructional designer can do to ensure that certain experiences will occur within the environment. As the trainees have free will and control over the course of the outcome of the simulation, it is impossible to ensure that a specific situation or set of situations will arise once the simulation has begun. The only direct control that instructional designers are given over the simulation is its starting state. Accordingly, there has been an increasing amount of interest in the notion of scenario development, where this has come to mean the specification of initial states for constructive simulations that are likely to lead to pedagogically valuable experiences for trainees.

While well-crafted initial states have a certain utility, particularly when training tactical skills for force-on-force warfare, other types of skill training suffer greatly due to the lack of pedagogical control. This is particularly true of military leadership skill training, where the lessons to be learned by trainees have less to do with timing and positioning of troops, and more to do with complex interrelationships among superior and subordinate officers and enlisted soldiers. In short, it is much easier to ensure that a tactical problem will arise given an initial simulation state than a leadership problem.

Given the autonomy of the actors' characters in a storyline, the story composer is additionally faced with numerous critical problems: how can the composer prevent the actor from taking actions in the imagined world that will move the story in a completely unforeseen direction, or from taking actions that will derail the storyline entirely? How can the composer allow the actors to make critical decisions, devise creative plans, and explore different options without giving up the narrative control that is necessary to deliver a compelling experience? Also, in the case of interactive tutoring systems, how can the composer understand enough about the beliefs and abilities of the actors to create an experience that has some real educational value, i.e., that improves the quality of the decisions that they would make when faced with similar situations in the real world?

Therefore, what is needed is a method and apparatus for advanced leadership training simulation that allows the participants to make real-time critical decisions, devise creative plans and explore different options without relinquishing the composer's narrative control and while allowing the composer to create an experience that improves the quality of leadership decision-making and delivers a compelling experience, preferably using story-driven simulation.

Story-driven simulation is a technology that expands on previous research efforts to create interactive experiences in virtual worlds where the outcomes are known and specified in advance by instructional designers (e.g., Cleave, 1997). This approach allows instructional designers to work with storyline writers to create a training experience that is dramatically engaging and includes a specific set of training experiences, but to do so in a manner that allows for a high degree of interactivity.

Same Crying Girl Photographed At Boston, Sandy Hook, and Aurora.


I have uncovered what appears to be an elaborate staged false flag network in which David O Russell, a jew, funded by the daughter of the CEO of Oracle, a CIA data gathering network, Megan Ellison, also a jew.

Megan Ellison, just got done funding the ‘dripping with propaganda’ film, Zero Dark Thirty.

Now, Megan is funding O Russells new film, American Hustle, which is currently filmed in Boston.

Here is O Russell and Bradley meeting with Joe Biden Feb 7th, 2013, just two months before the bombing.

Joe Biden on Gun Control



these are just a few of hundreds of paid actors

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These are just a few of the hundreds of actors used by the NWO!


Kurt Brighton


Rebeka Fernandez


Natasha Gleichmann


Sandy Hook in the Batman Movie


Aurora Batman cast of Actors


Full Cast & Crew

Directed by

Christopher Nolan
Writing Credits

The Nolan Brothers


Jonathan Nolan ... (screenplay) and
Christopher Nolan ... (screenplay)

Christopher Nolan ... (story) &
David S. Goyer ... (story)

Bob Kane ... (creator)
Cast (in credits order) verified as complete

How could he be given credit if he died in 1998?

Bob Kane was born on October 24, 1915 in New York City, New York, USA as Robert Kahn. He is known for his work on The Dark Knight (2008), The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and Batman Begins (2005). He was married to Elizabeth Sanders. He died on November 3, 1998 in Los Angeles, California, USA. See full bio »

Born: Robert Kahn
October 24, 1915 in New York City, New York, USA

Died: November 3, 1998 (age 83) in Los Angeles, California, USA
Christian Bale ...
Bruce Wayne

Gary Oldman ...
Commissioner Gordon

Tom Hardy ...

Joseph Gordon-Levitt ...

Anne Hathaway ...

Marion Cotillard ...

Morgan Freeman ...

Michael Caine ...

Matthew Modine ...

Alon Aboutboul ...
Dr. Pavel (as Alon Moni Aboutboul)

Ben Mendelsohn ...

Burn Gorman ...

Daniel Sunjata ...
Captain Jones

Aidan Gillen ...

Sam Kennard ...
Special Ops Sergeant

Aliash Tepina ...
Hooded Man #2

Nestor Carbonell ...

Brett Cullen ...

Nick Julian ...

Miranda Nolan ...
Maid #2

Claire Julien ...
Maid #3

Reggie Lee ...

full cast at link above

Bob Kane

Aurora and Sandy Hook Map layout


False Flag



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This is all to remind you the Brainwashed American Citizen as to what happened.


Boston Bombing Fake Actors


DHS Has Own Actor Training Recuitment page with News Training Videos and Templates.. Disaster fakery and more


Sandy Hook Archive


The Jews of Newton


However, I cannot divulge where I THINK the next INCIDENT will occur due to obvious reasons, Of course, A FREE AMERICAN CITIZEN can speculate using all available parameters.


Will it happen in your Neighborhood???


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Her job as part of the 'threat assessment' team is to alert authorities if any student is considered dangerous or violent.Holmes sent a notebook to Dr Fenton before the shooting which was allegedly filled with details and drawings of how he was planning to 'kill people'.She has worked for the University of Colorado since 2009 and in that time has faced some disciplinary action.In 2004, state records show Dr Fenton was prescribing herself anti-anxiety drug Xanax when her mother was dying and it also emerged she prescribed her husband sleeping tablet Ambien, allergy medicine Claritin and Vicodine.She was also said to have prescribed an employee Vicodin, neither of whom were registered patients.It emerged last week that Holmes took Vicodin hours before the massacre.The University of Colorado's website states that Dr Fenton is the medical director of the school's Student Mental Health Services.An online resume says she sees ten to 15 graduate students a week for medication and psychotherapy, as well as five to ten patients in her general practice as a psychiatrist.According to*CNN, the 50-year-old has held many jobs over the years.She worked as a physician in private practice in Denver from 1994 to 2005, and was chief of physical medicine with the U.S. Air Force in San Antonio, Texas, where she was also an acupuncturist.Since 2008, she's won various grants and contracts to study schizophrenia.


http://m.conspiracy-cafe.com/site/mobile?dm_path=%2Fapps%2Fblog%2Fentries%2Fshow%2F2 1089177%2Dthe%2Ddark%2Dknight%2Drises%2Dreveals%2D aurora%2Dand%2Dsandy%2Dhook%2Dmass%2Dshootings&fw_sig_time=1392946299117&fw_sig_access_token=501ebff5af66eb0ba449504b288b5c 30900d39d3&fw_sig_session_key=092e33d69928ebee21f45c97437b19f 3a0bb40f799a7e90d370dc86922ba38eb-73001190&fw_sig=16f8dcf117ac95ee308fc40a9aa397a6&fw_sig_api_key=522b0eedffc137c934fc7268582d53a1&fw_sig_url=http://www.conspiracy-cafe.com/&fw_sig_social=1&fw_sig_permission_level=0&fw_sig_is_admin=0&fw_sig_site=73001190&fw_sig_premium=1&fw_sig_permissions=none&fw_sig_tier=2&fw_sig_locale=en-US&fb_sig_network=fw#2111

A close up shot reveals Sandy Hook on the map. WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Then the shooter's father Peter Lanza was Vice President of GE and a partner in Ernst and Young who was supposed to testify at LIBOR inquiries. As parts of the financial world they were the targets in the film.


What are you going to do crime fighters? They even have a map for God's sake showing the strike teams.*AND OH MY GOD THERE ARE 28 MARKS ON THE MAP. ONE FOR EACH VICTIM!!!-WORSE STILL: There were 6 adult staff murdered. There are SIX squares to the left of Strike Zone 4. There were 20 children murdered. Twelve were girls. Eight were boys. There are 7 circles around Strike Zone 4 and five to the right of Strike Zone 3. That makes 12 girls. The other circles are dotted lines. There are EIGHT one for each boy. Strike Zone 1 would be the Lanza home. There is a red circle around a blue square. The Lanza home was blue. Nancy was killed there. To the left of Strike Zone 1 is a square with a dotted line around it for Adam. It is the EXACT death toll and combination. THIS IS MORE THAN EERIE!-


Sandy Hook Archive



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Fake Blood and Blanks: Schools Stage Active Shooter Drills

BY*NONA WILLIS ARONOWITZTROY, Mo.—In a cramped, carpeted amphitheater in the basement of Troy Buchanan High School, 69 students are waiting to die.“You’ll know when it pops off,” says Robert Bowen, the school’s campus police officer. “If you get engaged with one of the shooters, you’ll know it.”

“When you get shot, you need to close your fingers and keep ‘em in,” adds Tammy Kozinski, the drama teacher. “When the bad guy and the police come through, they’ll step all over you, and who will be saying they’re sorry?”“Nobody!” the students cry in unison.


This isn’t a bizarre, premeditated mass murder or some twisted sacrifice led by a student cult. These are the 20 minutes preceding an active shooter drill, the 13th one Missouri’s Lincoln County school district has staged in the past year.All but 69 students have gone home for the day on early dismissal. These volunteer victims, mostly culled from the school’s drama class, are outfitted in fake-bloody bullet wounds, still wet and dripping down their foreheads, necks and chests. Bowen tells them what to expect: They’ll see “bad guys with AR-15s” shooting blanks during a simulated “passing period”—the moments when one class ends and the other begins. PVC pipes will be dropped on the floor to approximate IEDs. Crystal Lanham, a baby-faced freshman with long, gently-crimped brown hair, receives the dubious honor of being chosen as one of the gunmen’s hostages. She’s thrilled.“I just really wanna get shot,” she jokes. “Is that weird?”



School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook

Friday, February 14th, 2014. Filed under:*False Flag Events*117EmailShare- See more at: http://www.zengardner.com/school-safety-expert-threatened-questioning-sandy-hook/#sthash.PlWDrKf2.dpuf

It gets more blatant all the time. Thankfully wonderful people are speaking up more and more and the weight of evidence (and lack of evidence on their part to substantiate their illusion) will eventually crush the imaginary lie. As Gandhi said, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."We're almost there. - Zen]AFP PODCAST- See more at:

Wolfgang W. Halbig doesn’t believe anyone was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, and he’s looking for some answers. So many answers, in fact, that he was paid a visit by some police investigators telling him to back off.Mr. Halbig isn’t your average “conspiracy theorist.” He’s worked in public education as a teacher, dean, assistant principal, principal of an alternative school and as the Director for School Safety and Security for the Seminole County Public Schools, a school district of approximately 65,000 students.A former Florida State Trooper and United States Customs Inspector, Mr. Halbig was invited by the U.S. Department of Justice to train over 3,500 school police officers, school superintendents and school principals. He travels the country providing presentations and keynotes to a variety of school board associations and conferences and is a nationally-recognized school safety and security expert and consultant, who has provided safety training and school assessments for more than 4,000 school districts nationwide.Dave Gahary*spoke with*Wolfgang about why he doesn’t believe the official story of the Sandy Hook Elementary School event, in this interesting*interview*(43:23).Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series.-



Sheriff holds school shooting preparedness training

Posted:*Feb 09, 2014 3:04 PM CSTUpdated:*Feb 23, 2014 3:09 PM CSTBy Phil Benson -*email


GLENDALE, AZ (CBS5) -In the wake of 11 shootings on American school grounds last month, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio ordered his deputies to take part in a school shooting preparedness day Saturday.The event was staged at Heritage Elementary School at 6805 North 125th*Ave. in Glendale. It marked*the third active shooting training program for sheriff's personnel in one*year.The day-long program*focused more on the training of sworn deputies who will supervise the overall law enforcement response to a school shooting where both deputies and posse are first-line responders.The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office*noted the*11 shootings on*U.S. school grounds in January equates to about one shooting every three days somewhere in the nation last month."2014 got off to a bad start in terms of the number of school shootings already but fortunately, loss of life has been very low so far," Arpaio said.Arpaio said*dozens of posse personnel have already been trained in the active school shooting protocols. They were first in line for training*that began shortly after the Newtown, CT,* school shooting so they could be immediately dispatched to the volunteer posse program Arpaio started in January 2013.That posse program aimed at providing an increased law enforcement presence around schools to deter potential violence. It's still in operation today.Saturday's training included a simulated school shooting scenario involving several young student volunteers.Sheriff's deputies and posse participants used semi-automatic rifles and handguns utilizing simunitions, projectiles which are marking rounds rather than bullets.Actor Steven Seagall also taught a number of course components.


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FAKE Boston Bombing Archive



You tube video


Boston Marathon Bombing - Disaster Queen "Rene Fielding" Busted!!!!

Bypeekay22Jul 13, 201311,290 views135*likes,*15*dislikesOne of the best videos on this Boston Bombing scam thanks to youtuber "Zaurus Snape"exposed this person as a major player in this Acting Scam. Rene Fielding (Director Office of Emergency Management at City of Boston) was at the scene right from the start as she mingled with the actors. She is exposed being handed blue gloves from a fake responder and just conveniently walks into the scene like she is the Director of the whole BAUMAN saga.*


Pro-Zionist Zealot Rene Fielding Shuts Down BostonA key Boston smoke bombing hoax fraudster has been identified, the Office of Emergency Management’s Rene Fielding. A true zealot, Rene Fielding is one of the key hoaxers behind the Boston smoke bombing fraud. Proud of her work, she gloats in disseminating the lies, calling the scam one of her most proud moments of her life. Proud of what, tyrannizing the citizens upon of whom she has been hired to protect? Should the world, and, particularly, the City of Boston be beholden to such a criminal element for absolute control? Fielding is a disgrace to her purported role as a City agent. Rather than Emergency Management, she is the creator of emergencies and crises, rather, brutal tyranny.


03-10-2014, 05:49 PM
Sandy Hook Gun Grab Scandal Breaks Wide Open Under New Investigation

Published on February 25th, 2014Written by: Harold Saive

By Harold Saive and Wolfgang Halbig – 2/25/2014


Just this morning, I received a call from the National Rifle Assocition*(NRA) asking for my support to protect assaults on the second amendment of the US Constitution.Aware that my remarks were recorded for “quality control”, I responded that my willingness to donate is based on the NRA’s tangible support of Wolfgang Halbig in his quest to demand justice in the coverup of the alleged Sandy Hook shooting.


I continued:“With all the evidence available, we need to know why the NRA decided to cave on their duty to actively challenge the government’s story through demanding a prompt investigation of dubious events. It should be no secret to the NRA that the alleged Sandy Hook massacre is being used as a pretext to federal gun-grab legislation. Failure to protect their membership and the American people on this probable contrived event is a betrayal to those members who pay dues and rely on the NRA to protect the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.”

Corporate media and their army of pseudo-journalists began selling the public on the tragedy of the mass shooting committed by yet, another lone gunman – this time at Sandy Hook elementary school on Dec 14, 2012.But as time goes by, inconsistencies including numerous instances of foreknowledge continue to create a mountain of doubt. Growing public skepticism combined with earned trust by non-corporate, alternative media is the most likely reason the FBI has now “classified” evidence in the shooting. The act of classifying evidence is designed to provide a fire-wall of secrecy and FOIA denials to effectively “cover-up” incriminating details that could send many officials to jail.The answer to one important question is now subject to cover-up by virtue of being “classified”:“*What are the names of the police who pronounced the children dead at the scene before licensed physicians and personnel, authorized to make such decisions, had a chance to examine the victims?”

A New Investigator, Wolfgang Halbig is determined to break the silence on the Sandy Hook Coverup.

His credentials and involvement in school tragedies qualifies him to help lead us to the truth.Law enforcement: Florida State Trooper, US Customs Agent.Education: teacher, assistant principal, principal.Current school safety expert. Trained key personnel at over 4,000 US school districts, and over 3,500 school safety officers.Halbig’s conclusion after ten months of motivated investigation:“In my professional opinion, Sandy Hook was a scripted event… in planning for maybe two, two and a half years.”The case for exposing the critical irregularities around the events of the alleged Sandy Hook shooting massacre are gaining national attention.

Efforts to silence Halbig were launched by plain clothes sheriff detectives from Lake County, Florida who visited him in December, 2012.Citing no authority, they threatened him with criminal charges out of Connecticut if he didn’t stop “harassing” public officials with repeated phone calls and FOIA requests.Halbig is demanding subpeona and/or arrest of leaders involved in Sandy Hook based on questions that reveal serious transgressions of procedure, ethics and law.His*FACEBOOK PAGE*is a platform for pubic exchange with more questions raised every day.Halbig:*I must share with you that I pray to God everyday for the sake of my grandchildren that I am wrong about the Sandy Hook School Shooting Massacre on Dec 14, 2012.But when you have two plain cloth Homicide Detectives show up at my home and threatend me by telling me that the CT State Police will have me arrested if I do not stop asking questions about the Sandy Hook Shooting it changed everything for me and my family.Once we get the truth about just the first 16 questions I will go away and live out my retirement in peace.They started it. As they say let the game begin.Feb 25, 2014 – Good morning everyone and now lets look at two more huge questions that hopefully someone helping to solve this puzzle might have. If you do please let me and all of us know. You must stay focused on the 16 questions not 911 or Boston that is what they the government is counting on. They want this country to be fragmented because if they can keep us divided then they control us.

Sandy Hook Justice Puzzle – 16 simple questions ever changing that MUST require an answer.Please stay focused on the first 16 questions then we go to the next ten questions and then we go to the videos and police reports.

1. Who directed the New Haven FBI field offices to classify the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting on Dec 14, 2012?
2. Why and for what reason would the FBI classify the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting when they did not classify the Columbine shooting which also was a Mass casualty shooting incident?
3. Who on Dec 14, 2012 was the Incident Commander as required by the Federal Emergency Management Administration in directing the Mass Casualty Shooting Incident at the Sandy Hook Elementary School?• Who on Dec 14, 2012 at the Incident Command Center made the ordering of Porta Potties a high priority since they were delivered within 3 hours of the school shooting? Never ever heard off.• Who ordered those Port Potties from Southbury, Ct?• When I called the Porta Pottie Company after searching for over a week as to who and when they were ordered I was told that it is classified and they are not allowed to share that information with me.• The next morning I received a phone call from the Southbury Police Department at my home telling me not to call that company again since I was harassing them.• High priority for toilets but not for Life Star Trauma helicopters or paramedics.
4. Who and Why did they not request the Life Star Helicopters knowing that children and school staff are seriously injured and clinging to life?
5. Who and Why did they not allow the Paramedics and the EMT’S inside the Sandy Hook School to treat the seriously injured or those children and school staff clinging to life?
6. Who declared all 18 children and six school staff members legally dead within the first 8 minutes?
7. Who was the Certified Environmental Bio-Hazard Decontamination company contracted by the Newtown Public Schools to remove 45-65 gallons of blood, skull fragments, brain tissues, bodily fluids, blood soaked carpets and any other decontaminated are a inside the Sandy Hook School?
8. Why does an off duty Lt from the Newtown Police Department refuse to leave his off duty work assignment at a construction site on Dec 14, 2012 when hearing that shots have been fired at the Sandy Hook Elementary School?

9. Who at the Newtown Public Schools notified all of the parents in writing as required by CT law that had children attending the Sandy Hook Elementary School as well as every school staff member every school year of all the potential life threatening chemical hazards. The school had high levels of lead paint throughout the entire school, Asbestos in the ceiling time and floor tile, asbestos in the insulation and most of all the school had very high levels of PCB?
10. Who provided the urgent medical care to the two children who were not transported to the Danbury Trauma Center until an hour after the school was deemed safe for that 15-mile drive?
11. Who treated those two children who had been shot multiple times like three to 11 times since they did not allow the paramedics and EMT’S inside the Sandy Hook Elementary School?
12. Why did the parents of the two children who died at the Danbury hospital not allow their children to donate their organs to other children waiting for the gift of life?
13. What happened to the 500 children and 60 school staff members from Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec 14, 2012?


14. Who was the police officer calling into the Newtown Police dispatcher stating in his words that he has multiple weapons, he has a rifle and a shotgun and who has the rifle and the shotgun as the chain of evidence should show that was found in classroom eight (8)?
15. Why would a police officer by the name of Lt Vangehle at 9:45:21 am on Dec 14, 2012 from the Newtown Police Department after finding a kindergarten female child in the hallway make her go into room eight (8) and leave her? Room eight is a gruesome crime scene with dead children and school staff. Why?
16. Why would two CT State Troopers enter room ten (10) at 9:55:31 am on Dec 14, 2012 which is a gruesome crime scene with dead bodies of children and school staff and tell a kindergarten boy who they find in the bathroom who’s name is redacted and tell them so it must be more than one to stay and they will be both back when it is safe?Please all focus on those 16 questions then we will move to the next ten questions.Thanks, Wolfgang


05-11-2014, 07:14 PM

The next Sandy Hook will be another pre-planned event, that will be used by the Communist/Democrat-NWO crowd in order to sway public opinion against Gun rights.

This will happen before the 2016 elections in order to pass more Anti-2nd amendment laws,(already awaiting Obama's Signature)and to ramp up Anti Gun hysteria! Same NWO crowd, slightly different tactics this time-key word INCREMENTALISM!


Bloomberg’s Big Money Campaign For Gun Background Checks

April 21, 2014 at 10:00 AM*E-mail

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s new $50 million dollar push for gun control.
We’ll look at the plan to take on Washington and the gun lobby.


Note-Full radio show interview at link below of how they plan to pass "incremental gun laws" that will eventually abolish the 2nd Amendment!

The NRA makes American politicians fearful at election time if they’ve voted for any restraints on guns.* Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to make them quake if they don’t.* Americans overwhelmingly want background checks for gun buyers, says Bloomberg.* Now he’s partnering with like-minded moms who want fewer guns in the hands of killers.* And he’s putting $50 million into a campaign this year to push that change. *To try to counterweight the NRA.* Will it work?* This hour On Point:* a billionaire, angry moms and the push to build a gun control lobby bigger than the NRA.– Tom Ashbrook



Bloomberg Group Sends Hundreds Of Gun Reform Activists To NRA Convention

When Michael Bloomberg announced he would spend $50 million on gun control this year, he said he hoped to make the National Rifle Association “afraid.”*This weekend, the Bloomberg-backed group Everytown for Gun Safety will help pay to send hundreds of anti-gun violence supporters to the NRA’s annual convention in Indianapolis.

posted on*April 25, 2014 at 11:00am EDT

Mike HayesBuzzFeed Staff

Ten days after Michael Bloomberg announced a $50 million investment in gun control and proclaimed the National Rifle Association should be afraid of him, the Bloomberg-backed Everytown for Gun Safety group is taking the fight directly to NRA — picking up a chunk of the tab for hundreds of activists and gun violence survivors to attend the annual NRA convention in Indianapolis.

The group said that more than 100 mothers and 20 survivors of gun violence will arrive in Indianapolis on Friday. Everytown is covering the cost of the mothers' hotels in Indianapolis, and paying the travel and lodging expenses for a group of 20 survivors to be in Indianapolis this weekend, an Everytown spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

Article continues at link below



Why Bloomberg Can Be Compared To Hitler (And I’m Standing By that.

Why Bloomberg Can Be Compared To Hitler (And I’m Standing By That)

If you don't see why, you need to read this article

Share*Tweet***Email BRADLEE DEAN*—*APRIL 24, 2014PAGES:

“It isn’t gun control.” – Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City

Recently, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg promoted his new $50 million gun control campaign on NBC’s “Today” show, in an aggressive financial push to combat the National Rifle Association’s influence on gun policies.

Bloomberg stated that he plans to use the money to merge his Mayors Against Illegal Guns (criminals will always have guns) and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America into a new group called “Every Town for Gun Safety.

”So let’s go to the not-too-distant past and do a little history lesson on the mayors Bloomberg means to be part of this merger before taking one more step.

We learned in the past about the criminal acts of anti-gun mayors Bloomberg is talking about. These anti-gun mayors are criminals themselves, guilty as charged, within their own ranks.

They are guilty of crimes such as tax evasion, extortion, accepting bribes, child pornography, trademark counterfeiting, and perjury. Also, one mayor (who apparently thought he was above the law) was convicted of assaulting a police officer. And these are the mayors who were caught.

The crimes these anti-gun mayors are convicted of suggest they are public enemies rather than public servants;*and it is people of this criminal sort who expect the public to trust them.

These politicians know that where*the citizenry operates in the rights given to them without government interference, namely the right to bear arms*(Second Amendment), crime diminishes. And with mud on their face, they know that when they interfere with the right to bear arms, crime skyrockets. This is nothing new.

What we see is that some of today’s politicians are magnifying the crimes they are placed in office to prevent.

They allow crime to be promoted through Hollywood; and when the crime is committed, the corrupt politicians are there in hopes of grabbing the guns away.

This is exactly how criminals in government operate. They demonize the gun, not the criminal.

Full article below



Newtown School Board, The Newtown Bee complicit in the Sandy Hook hoax

Published on May 5th, 2014Written by: Jim Fetzer

Wolfgang Halbig and I are traveling to Newtown in search of*the truth about Sandy Hook.

We are going to appear at the monthly meeting of the Newtown School Board on Tuesday to ask questions about Sandy Hook that no one has been willing to answer.

That the Newton School Board and*The Newtown Bee*were complicit in the fraud is not difficult to establish.

This event appears to have been designed as an elaborate “psy op” to advance an aggressive gun control agenda on the basis of reasoning that must have gone something like this:

“If we don’t get guns under control, something horrible, like a school shooting, will inevitably take place. We need to show the country what is going to happen if guns aren’t brought under control, which will guarantee that something like this never happens–as long as no one here is actually killed! Let’s do it!”

The alternative explanation is that this plan originated at the federal level, *since Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, visited with the governor of Connecticut about a month before the event. *During a press conference that day, Governor Malloy would observe that he and the Lt. Governor had been “spoken to” that something like this might happen.

But what could he possibly have meant by that?
(a) That he had been told there would be a mass shooting of children at a Connecticut elementary school, in which case he should have taken steps to preclude it.
(b) That he had been told that a drill would be conducted at a Connecticut elementary school and presented as though it had been a real event. *Since he took none of the steps that might have prevented such an event, the correct explanation has to be alternative (b).

Where are the children?

It is not difficult to discern that the Newtown School Board has to have been complicit in the fraud.

*Using The Wayback Machine has shown that there was no computer activity at Sandy Hook Elementary School from 2008 to 2012.That is consistent with the school having been closed in 2008, apparently on the basis of the presence of asbestos and other bio-hazards in the building.

It is difficult to imagine how the school could have functioned if the staff and the administration had no access to computers.

When I did a search on the school, moreover, I discovered *that it was a top-rated (10 out of 10) K-4 elementary school that had 626 students. Here is one of the reports about it:

But that means there should have been around 600 students who needed to be evacuated from the school when this event transpired.

That would have required around a dozen buses (at 48-50 students per bus), when you divide 600 by 50. *So where are they? *We have early photos of the scene but no children and no buses are present.

Full article below



Numerous pre-dated photos of Sandy Hook in the Associated Press database

There have been a number of*pre-dated fundraisers,tributes,*death reports, detailed articles, and even appearances of Sandy Hook in two major motion pictures. In fact, there have been so many of the pre-dated materials distributed, they’re literally uncountable, even with hundreds of links now inactive.

All of this clearly prepared material has brought thousands of people to realize how severely corrupt our world systems have become, but none of this may be as shocking as the number of pre-dated images that were once contained in the Associated Press images database.

Not only are the images pre-dated, but those that are labeled “undated” have clearly matching dates with other photos.

The most convincing of these photos are undoubtedly the photos of Allison Wyatt, having the same cached creation date as a photo of a girl that appeared in the news for a few days, labeled as Wyatt, although the second girls mother revealed the picture was stolen from her flickr account and the pictured girl didn’t even attend Sandy Hook.


Full article at link below



Sandy Hook Research blogspot



Nearly Every Mass Shooting In The Last 20 Years Shares One Thing In Common, And It Isn’t Weapons

Published on November 10th, 2013 Written by: Trevor Lyman

Manasquan, NJ --(Ammoland.com)- Nearly every mass shooting incident in the last twenty years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings all share one thing in common, and*its*not*the weapons used.The overwhelming evidence suggests the single largest common factor in all of these incidents is that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful*psychotropic drugs*or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes.

Multiple credible scientific studies going back more*then*a decade, as well as internal documents from certain pharmaceutical companies that suppressed the information show that SSRI drugs*(*Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors*)*have well known, but unreported side effects, including but not limited to suicide and other violent behavior. One need only Google relevant key words or phrases to see for themselves.

www.ssristories.com is one popular site that has documented over 4500 “*Mainstream Media “*reported cases from around the World of aberrant or violent behavior by those taking these powerful drugs

……On to the list of mass shooters and the stark link to psychotropic drugs.

Eric*Harris age*17 (first on Zoloft then Luvox) and Dylan Klebold aged 18 (Columbine school shooting in Littleton, Colorado), killed 12 students and 1 teacher, and wounded 23 others, before killing themselves.*

Klebold’s*medical records have never been made available to the public.

Jeff Weise, age 16, had been prescribed 60 mg/day of Prozac (three times the average starting dose for adults!) when he shot his grandfather, his grandfather’s girlfriend and many fellow students at Red Lake, Minnesota. He then shot himself. 10 dead, 12 wounded.
Cory Baadsgaard, age 16, Wahluke (Washington state) High School, was on Paxil (which caused him to have hallucinations) when he took a rifle to his high school and held 23 classmates hostage. He has no memory of the event.

Chris Fetters, age 13, killed his favorite aunt while taking Prozac.

Christopher Pittman, age 12, murdered both his grandparents while taking Zoloft.

Mathew Miller, age 13, hanged himself in his bedroom closet after taking Zoloft for 6 days.

Kip Kinkel, age 15, (on Prozac and Ritalin) shot his parents while they*slept then*went to school and opened*fire killing*2 classmates and injuring 22 shortly after beginning Prozac treatment.

Luke Woodham, age 16 (Prozac) killed his mother and then killed two students, wounding six others.

Full article below



FACT-What is not being reported in these articles is that in the cities and states that are Democrat/Communist controlled, they have the most stringent/oppressive gun laws on the books, and still have the worst record of crimes related to gun violence, as compared to Republican Conservative states. Also, an overwhelming magority of the mass killers(98%) are all democrat/communist politically oriented.

How Chicago Became ‘Chiraq’

by*Michael DalyApr 22, 2014 5:45 am EDT

This Easter weekend, 45 people were shot in the city that’s come to be known as ‘Chiraq.’ And until Obama can get the guns off the streets of his hometown, the bloodshed won’t stop.

fullArticle below



Chicago Top Cop Blames Sarah Palin & Racism For City’s Gun Violence (Video)

Posted by Jim Hoft on Friday, June 24, 2011, 4:52 AM

Palin Derangement Syndrome strikes again.Rahm Emanuel’s top cop Garry McCarthy blamed Sarah Palin and institutionalized racism for the gun violence in Chicago’s black and Latino communities.


After Violent Weekend, Feds Create Unit To Combat Chicago Crime

by*CHERYL CORLEYApril 25, 2014*4:04 PM ET

The new U.S. attorney in Chicago is making good on a promise to focus on Chicago street violence. The announcement of a federal violent crimes unit comes in the*aftermath of a violent Easter weekend*in the city that left nine dead and dozens more wounded.




By*EDITH M. LEDERER—*Apr. 2, 2014 4:47 PM EDT

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Eighteen countries, including five of the world's leading arms exporters, ratified a landmark treaty regulating the multibillion-dollar global arms trade on Wednesday, giving a significant boost to the campaign for the treaty's entry into force.

The ambassadors of the 18 countries handed over the documents at a U.N. ceremony on the first anniversary of the General Assembly's adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty, which is aimed at stemming the global illegal weapons trade, estimated at between $60 billion and $85 billion. The new ratifications bring the total number to 31, more than half of the 50 needed for the pact to enter into force.

Five of the world's top 10 arms exporters — Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain — turned in their ratification documents at the ceremony. Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia were the others.

Full article below




After Attorney General Eric Holder revealed that he was considering forcing gun owners to wear identifying bracelets, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin harshly warned him that he better not even think about trying to implement the idea.

"Eric, 'You don't want to go there, buddy,'" shedeclared*on Wednesday.*

Palin posted a photo (see below) of the three bracelets she often wears and*explained*the significance of each:*Hey Eric, these are my identifying bracelets:


05-26-2014, 07:24 AM
No Surprise, Yet another mass killer - With "Gun Control,and the NRA,as the real Evil!" (Behind the Crime)-And from Hollywood Movie Making Background WoW!



California gunman, in manifesto, said police nearly thwarted plot

By Dana Feldman SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA*|*Sun May 25, 2014 7:59pm EDT

SANTA BARBARA, California (Reuters) - A 22-year-old man who killed six people before taking his own life in a rampage through a California college town said in a chilling manifesto that police who knocked on his door last month to check on his welfare nearly foiled his plot.

Elliot Rodger, the son of a Hollywood director, stabbed three people to death in his apartment before gunning down three more victims on Friday night in the town of Isla Vista near the campus of the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB).

Rodger, who posted a threatening video railing against women online shortly before his rampage, stalked Isla Vista in his car and on foot, firing on bystanders in a killing spree that ended when he killed himself after a shootout with sheriff's deputies, police said.

But less than a month before his attacks, after he had planned the killings and obtained the guns he would use, the community college student opened his door to a knock to find about seven officers looking for him.

"I had the striking and devastating fear that someone had somehow discovered what I was planning to do, and reported me for it," Rodger said in a manifesto obtained by California's KEYT-TV, excerpts of which were published by the Los Angeles Times.

"If that was the case, the police would have searched my room, found all of my guns and weapons, along with my writings about what I plan to do with them. I would have been thrown in jail, denied of the chance to exact revenge on my enemies. I can't imagine a hell darker than that. Thankfully, that wasn't the case, but it was so close," he wrote.



'The Elliot Rodger Revolution': Sinister diagram by British-born California gunman, 22, reveals his deranged plan to kill women for not sleeping with him


Elliot Rodger, 22, stabbed to death three men inside his home in California

Gunman wrote 140-page manifesto outlining how he wanted to kill people

Rodger had Asperger's syndrome and was in the care of several therapists

He had three semi-automatic handguns and 400 rounds of ammunition

Posted video in which he claimed women have rejected his advances
Lamenting that he was a 22-year-old virgin, Rodger promised 'retribution'

Planned to enter 'hottest sorority on UCSB' and 'slaughter' the girls


This is the sinister diagram allegedly posted online by gunman Elliot Rodger before he killed six people in California, warning of his 'revolution' that was to come.

The graphic illustrates Rodger's anger that he was still a virgin aged 22, echoing his comments in a video that he would 'punish' women who were not attracted to him.

It was also revealed today that Rodger's deadly crime spree began with three stabbing deaths inside the killer's apartment and concluded with the son of a Hollywood bigwig shooting himself in the head.

Rodger started out by stabbing to death three men on Friday night. The rampage covered a wide area of the University of California, Santa Barbara campus with ten separate crime scenes.

He was driving a black BMW - and acted alone when six people were killed and 13 were hurt.


Elliot Manifesto

by*JESSICA ROY@jessica_roy Posted 05/24/2014, 07:02PM Updated 05/24/2014, 10:25PM

Elliot Rodger is the Santa Barbara City College student who allegedly stabbed three people and then shot and killed at least seven others, including himself, in Isla Vista Friday night.

On Saturday, authorities searched his apartment and found the three bodies of the stabbing victims his apartment.

Local news station KYET said they received a copy of Rodger's 140-page manifesto entitled "My Twisted World." The entire manifesto is now available online.

UPDATE: We've added some more quotes from the document at the bottom of this article.

Rodger made a YouTube video yesterday declaring that he was going to get revenge on all the women who had sexually rejected him. After the shooting, police found his body in his BMW.

His manifesto was released online Saturday as a TwitDoc. Read it below.

From the document (emphases ours):

"All I ever wanted was to fit in and live a happy life amongst humanity, but I was cast out and rejected, forced to endure an existence of loneliness and insignificance, all because the females of the human species were incapable of seeing the value in me."

"My orchestration of the Day of Retribution is my attempt to do everything, in my power, to destroy everything I cannot have.All of those beautiful girls I’ve desired so much in my life, but can never have because they despise and loathe me, I will destroy.*All of those popular people who live hedonistic lives of pleasure, I will destroy, because they never accepted me as one of them. I will kill them all and make them suffer, just as they have made me suffer. It is only fair."

"Why do things have to be this way? I’m sure that is the question everyone will be asking after the Day of Retribution is over. They will all be asking why. Indeed, why? That is the question I’ve had for everyone throughout all my years of suffering. Why was I condemned to live a life of misery and worthlessness while other men were able to experience the pleasures of sex and love with women? Why do things have to be this way? I ask all of you. All I ever wanted was to love women, and in turn to be loved by them back. Their behavior towards me has only earned my hatred, and rightfully so!*I am the true victim in all of this. I am the good guy."

"Humanity struck at me first by condemning me to experience so much suffering. I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want this. I didn’t start this war… I wasn’t the one who struck first… But I will finish it by striking back. I will punish everyone. And it will be beautiful."

Online, Rodger left behind a number of comments on body building and pickup artist websitesexpressing disgust*at interracial couples and women who didn't find him attractive. He also made*a series of YouTube videos*chronicling his feelings of rejection and anger.

UPDATE: Some quotes from the so-called "manifesto"

-On a trip to Morocco in 8th grade:

"In just a week into my summer break, my mother told me that father and (stepmother) Soumaya were going to Morocco, and I would be forced to go with them. This news upset me tremendously. I then asked how long this trip would be, and I was told it would be eight weeks. EIGHT WEEKS?! I could not believe what I was hearing. I threw a big tantrum.

"For one thing, I was never enthusiastic about Morocco. The country is very backwards, and that made me very uncomfortable. They didn’t even have the latest video games. And to be forced to go there for eight weeks? That would take up the entire summer and the first two weeks of high school. It was even longer than the last time we went, and I thought that was too long. I wouldn’t be able to play WoW at all for two whole months. The prospect devastated me.

"...As I expected, the journey there was a disaster. (Younger brother) Baby Jazz cried a lot during the trip, and Soumaya wasn’t at her best of moods. We didn’t take First Class, and we had to make three stops; once in Michigan, again in Paris, and yet again in Casablanca, before taking a small plane to Tangier."

On discovering masturbation:

"I started to masturbate on a regular basis. At first I only did it by rubbing my penis on my bed, but it eventually escalated to looking at pictures of girls online while rubbing my penis against my pants, fantasizing about doing sexual things with them. I didn’t know how to access any porn sites, so I would just browse regular websites until I found a picture of a hot girl to masturbate to.

"I developed a very high sex drive, and it would always remain like this. This was the start of hell for me. Going through puberty utterly doomed my existence. It condemned me to live a life of suffering and unfulfilled desires. Even at that young age, I felt depressed because I wanted sex, yet I felt unworthy of it. I didn’t think I was ever going to experience sex in reality, and I was right. I never did.*I was finally interested in girls, but there was no way I could ever get them. And so my starvation began."

On being bullied in 10th grade:

"I was completely and utterly alone. No one knew me or extended a hand to help me. I was an innocent, scared little boy trapped in a jungle full of malicious predators, and I was shown no mercy."

"Some boys randomly pushed me against the lockers as they walked past me in the hall. One boy who was tall and had blonde hair called me a "loser", right in front of his girlfriends.*Yes, he had girls with him. Pretty girls. And they didn’t seem to mind that he was such an evil bastard. In fact, I bet they liked him for it. This is how girls are, and I was starting to realize it. This was what truly opened my eyes to how brutal the world is. The most meanest and depraved of men come out on top, and women flock to these men. Their evil acts are rewarded by women; while the good, decent men are laughed at. It is sick, twisted, and wrong in every way. I hated the girls even more than the bullies because of this."

Full article below


Sick admiration of Elliot Rodgers

Internet Declares Elliot Rodger “Hot,” Laments Death of “Attractive” Person



09-26-2014, 08:27 PM


NRA outgunned? Gun control backers put millions behind background check measure

By*Dan SpringerPublished September 25, 2014FoxNews.com

When it comes to campaign spending on the right to bear arms, the National Rifle Association is almost never outgunned. But in Washington state, where voters soon will decide on one of the most restrictive background check laws in the country, the NRA is up against some of the deepest pockets in the world.*

And the NRA is getting outspent more than 7-1.

“This is a terrible ballot initiative that was dreamed up by people who don’t even live in Washington,” NRA spokeswoman Catherine Mortensen said, “and it’s being financed by Michael Bloomberg of New York and his billionaire pals.

”Bloomberg is one of several wealthy backers of what's known as Initiative 594, which would require background checks before all gun sales and most transfers.

*According to the Public Disclosure Commission, Seattle venture capitalist Nick Hanauer has given the most to Initiative 594 -- $1.5 million, as of the last reporting period.

According to records, Bloomberg, ex-New York mayor and co-founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, has donated $1 million; Bill and Melinda Gates have given $1 million; former Microsoft CEO and current owner of the Los Angeles Clippers Steve Ballmer has given $825,000; and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has donated $500,000.*

Supporters say the initiative is a common-sense way to keep firearms from getting into the wrong hands, and they’re grateful for the high-profile donors.

“These are community leaders that people respect,” said Zach Silk, spokesman for Yes on I-594. “Paul Allen owns the Seahawks, the Gates are associated with the Gates Foundation, of course Microsoft, people really respect them and we believe help inspire people to stand with us.”

Article continues below at link




Sandy Hook: Ten more proofs that vitiate the official account

Published on September 3rd, 2014Written by: Jim Fetzer

We are confronted with two hypotheses about Sandy Hook: (h1) that it was real; and (h2) that it was not.

(h1) is true if a young man named Adam Lanza entered the Sandy Hook Elementary School after murder his mother with a .22 rifle and then slaughtered 20 children and six adults before taking his own life.

(h2) is true if this was instead a drill presented as a real event, in which no children or adults actually died, where it was done by faking the setting, staging photographs and fabricating a false record.The difference involved here is between verification (technically, confirmation) and falsification, where the official account is only true if it is true in every material respect. Given the legal principle, “Fraud vitiates everything”, if it is provably false in even one material respect, the official account has been vitiated thereby. That is untrue of attempted falsifications, however, since any number of them could turn out to be mistaken as long as those that remain are valid, as I shall demonstrate in the following.

Article below



Agency publishes crime report showing "0" murders occurred in Newtown in 2012

Recently released*FBI crime statistics*curiously appear to show that no murders occurred in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012, despite reports that numerous schoolchildren and faculty members were slaughtered during a shooting rampage in December of that year.




Somber Mood As Students Return To Doherty High School After Teen's Death

By:*KKTVUpdated: Sat 7:24 AM, Sep 13, 2014



Update: Teen Found Dead Inside Doherty High School

By:*KKTVUpdated: Thu 1:32 PM, Sep 11, 2014


10-20-2014, 11:30 AM

Portland Oregon and Seattle Washington-NWO Democrat/Communist Cities

Portland Oregon


Seattle Washington



Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun propaganda

By*Dr. John R. Lott Jr.Published October 06, 2014FoxNews.com

When former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control groups release a report, they consistently garnermassive, uncritical news coverage.* Alas. With the huge number of factual mistakes in these reports, you would think that reporters would have grown wary of pushing their propaganda.

For example, Bloomberg’s Everytown, Mothers Demand Action, and Mayors Against Illegal guns have been caught padding the number of school shootings. *While Everytown claimed 74 school shootings occurred between the Newtown, Connecticut shooting in December 2012 and June 2014, Politifact, which rated Everytown’s claim as“mostly false,”*put the number of “incidents such as Sandy Hook or Columbine in which the shooter intended to commit mass murder” at 10.

Every single report released by Bloomberg’s groups has contained*major errors.* A*new report by the Crime Prevention Research Center*has corrected Everytown’s July study on “mass shootings”: again, it is no different – lots of errors, but worldwide publicity touting the erroneous claims.

According to this Everytown study, there were 110 mass shootings in the almost six years from January 2009 to July 2014.* But that number is heavily padded with residential killings by gangs, within family killings, or murders resulting from some other crime such as a robbery.* These murders are also important, but they are different.* What motivates a gang fight over drugs is not what motivates a Sandy Hook type mass shooter.* These mass killers plan on committing suicide.* While drug dealers are motivated by money, the public pass shooters want to kill as many people as possible so that they can get publicity.*

Mass public shootings that are not part of gang fight or some other crime are much fewer, 25, not 110. **Unfortunately, Everytown hasn’t learned from previous criticisms of their padded numbers with unrelated attacks.*

*Some errors are trivial, such as getting the ages of killers wrong, but such errors reveal the sloppiness of their reports.* They entirely missed the ages of 18 killers.* They also misclassified a couple cases of stabbings as shooting deaths.

Others are more significant.* According to their July report, only 10 percent of mass shooters have a history of mental illness prior to their attacks.* Again, they simply failed to research the cases thoroughly.* Out of the 25 mass public shooting cases, they missed that five shooters had histories of clear mental illness.* Overall, 52 percent of mass public shooters had histories of mental illness.

Perhaps most importantly, the Everytown report falsely states that 86% of mass shootings occur in places where guns are allowed.* They arrive at their high figure primarily by counting attacks in private homes, which they assume allow guns. *But the debate has been about attacks

Further, as for public places, they do not correctly identify whether citizens are allowed to defend themselves.* Thus, they ignore rules that prevent general citizens from carrying guns (e.g., not acknowledging that Los Angeles County issued only 240 concealed handgun permits to wealthy individuals out of an adult population of 7.6 million adults).* They equate allowing police to carry guns as the same thing as letting civilians defend themselves.* And they mistakenly rely on news reports to determine whether guns were banned in an area.**

Unfortunately, the media virtually never mentions that attacks occur in gun-free zones.

In fact, since 2009 (indeed since at least 1950) only two of the mass public shootings have occurred in places where civilians were allowed to defend themselves with guns.

Everytown asserts that attacks involving “assault weapons” were more deadly (7.7 with assault weapons versus 4.7 without).* Correcting their simple math errors, no longer counting stabbing deaths as shootings, and consistently defining “assault” rifles, cuts the difference to 6.4 versus 4.9.* Even then the difference is driven by just one attack.* For all the other mass shootings but Newtown, the lethality of attacks with “assault weapons” is actually slightly less than attacks without them.

With all the*hundreds of millions of dollarsthat Michael Bloomberg is poring into pushing gun control, you would think that he could hire some fact-checkers.* But possibly he doesn’t care.* Maybe all he really wants is anti-gun propaganda.



John DeCamp: Columbine Shooters Used by Law Enforcement for “Sexual Purposes” Months Before Attack

After years of silence, John DeCamp has spoken out about what happened in the case against Solvay Pharmaceuticals where he represented Columbine survivor Mark Taylor. *John DeCamp is the Author of the Franklin Coverup, a former State Congressman, a Vietnam Veteran and the first attorney to sue the Catholic Church for sexually abusing children. Now that even the Pope admits to wide-spread pedophilia in the Church, let’s move on to these allegations of sexual predator*cops.



Ghost Gunner 3D Printer: Legally Make Your Own Rifle At Home

“No Serial Number, No Background Check, And No Waiting Period”Mac Slavo Activist Post

As the government feverishly*attempts*to restrict everything from the*importation of*ammunition*to ownership of*semi-automatic weapons, one individual has been tirelessly working to restore the*spirit of the Second Amendment to all corners of America.

Cody Wilson, who in 2013 developed the first ever 3-D printed plastic gun known asThe Liberator, is at it again. But this time he’s taking open source firearm manufacturing to a whole other level.

Earlier models of his home printed firearms were dependent on plastic parts. They worked, albeit only a few times before they shattered because of the extreme pressures involved with firing a bullet out of a gun. Even the heaviest*duty plastics eventually weakened to the point of failure.

*But the world of 3-D printing and private gun*ownership is about to change dramatically.

This holiday season Wilson’s company Defense Distributed will be releasing the first ever 3-D printer designed specifically for the manufacture of firearms.

The Ghost Gunner is named after the “ghost gun,” a firearms industry name for a weapon that can’t be traced. Once instructions are sent to*the one-foot cube, the machine is*capable of milling the one component*of a gun that makes it a gun: the lower receiver.

It’s also the part of the gun that you cannot legally buy in most states without*the government knowing about it because it must have a serial number.

And what makes Ghost Gunner different from previous attempts at printing firearms is that this one “prints” with metal, not plastic.It’s about to get a whole lot easier to make a semi-automatic rifle at home with no serial number, no background check, and no waiting period.

Cody Wilson, the libertarian behind*the world’s first 3D-printed gun, is now selling an all-in-one desktop CNC mill, called the Ghost Gunner. It can produce an aluminum lower receiver of an AR-15 rifle — the civilian version of the military’s M-16 assault rifle — in a couple of hours.

The lower receiver, which connects the stock, barrel, magazine, and other parts of the gun together, is the component that is legally considered to be a firearm under US law — and its sale is highly regulated.


The Ghost Gunner is programmed to take a partially-complete lower receiver, known as an “80 percent lower,” and automatically mill it into a functioning part. From there, all you have to do is buy the other widely-available components online and assemble the rifle. As Wilson explains on*the product’s website, “on day one, Ghost Gunner can help you legally manufacture unserialized firearms in the comfort of your own home.

”The Ghost Gunner ‘prints’ AR-15 receivers and will soon be capable of AR-10 and .308 printing:The Ghost Gunner will begin shipping during the 2014 holiday season. If you haven’t already pre-ordered your printer, you’ll have to wait until the next time around because their first limited run of 500 units at a*price tag of $1200have already sold out.

Full article at link



Gun owners are drawn to Hunterdon cabinet maker's 'concealment furniture'

By*Rick Epstein | Hunterdon County Democrat*Email the author*on August 02, 2014 at 6:09 AM, updated*August 02, 2014 at 8:31 AM

UNION TWP. — The four-peg hardwood coat rack doesn’t call attention to itself. But if you know which peg to remove and how to use that peg as a magnetic key, a hidden drawer drops down, giving you quick access to whatever you’ve hidden there, be it a pair of mittens or a loaded 9mm semi-automatic pistol.

http://www.nj.com/hunterdon-county-democrat/index.ssf/2014/08/gun_owners_are_drawn_to_hunterdon_cabinet_makers_c oncealment_furniture.html#incart_most-read

11-06-2014, 09:51 AM

Friday, October 24, 2014

SWAT Training Drill During Marysville School Shooting?

Marysville shooting occurs less than 2 weeks before Washington voters decide on new gun control measures

Activist Post

Doesn't there always seem to be funny business with these alleged school shootings? The latest is the Marysville, Washington active shooter event taking place today.

This post isn't to discuss the details of the ongoing event, but rather to point out that it appears the Marysville Police were scheduled to run a SWAT training exercise yesterday or perhaps today too. We can't know for sure because they scraped all references to it from the Internet.

Major props to Lori Price of LegitGov for catching this:

CNN host Brooke Baldwin, covering breaking news of the school shooting in Marysville, Washington, announces that she has a live update regarding the school shooting. Baldwin said she's been just handed a paper with new information, which she will read on the air. She asks for viewers to, quoting, "bear with her," as she reads it "cold." She reads: "Marysville Police will be holding SWAT training today --" Baldwin then interrupts herself, and states, "Oh. This is from yesterday." Later, the host announces, "initially, students thought this was a fire drill."
When Googling the SWAT drill in Marysville, the official school district website is the first result:

However, when you click on this link, the announcement has been disappeared and replaced by the following:

October 24, 2014: The Marysville Pilchuck High School is currently in lock down due to an emergency situation. Police and emergency services have responded. The Marysville School District lock down procedures will remain in effect at Pilchuck until further notice from law enforcement. We will continue to forward communication in cooperation with law enforcement.

Students who attend MPHS campus are being relocated to the Shoultes Community Church at the corner of 116th and 51st Street. Buses will take students home from there. Those parents in the area wanting to pick up their child will need to go to the church location and sign out their child out with school administrator or law enforcement.

All after-school activities across the district are canceled today.
We may be dealing with yet another vicious false flag by the authorities to justify gun control and an increased police state. Please add any evidence you can find to the comment section below.

UPDATE 1: There are controversial gun control measures on the ballot in Washington state to be voted on in less than 2 weeks - http://seattle.cbslocal.com/2014/10/10/rival-gun-measures-on-ballot-in-washington/

UPDATE 2: A high school around 65 miles north of Marysville held an "active shooter" exercise involving multiple agencies yesterday as well - http://www.bellinghamherald.com/2014/10/22/3928022/police-drill-to-be-held-thursday.html

Article linked below



Measure to expand gun background checks passes

KING Staff and Associated Press 10:58 p.m. PST November 4, 2014

Washington voters on Tuesday were passing a measure that would seek universal background checks on all gun sales and transfers. I-594 would also require background checks on private transactions and many loans and gifts.

Voters were against I-591, which would prevent the state from expanding checks beyond the national standard.

At 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, the I-591 count was 55 percent no and 45 percent yes. The I-594 count was 60 percent yes and 40 percent no.

Leading the fight for more background checks was Cheryl Stumbo, victim and survivor of the fatal shooting at the Jewish Federation of Seattle eight years ago.

"We've had a logjam for decades, because the NRA and the gun lobby have had a stranglehold on our legislators at the state and federal levels," she said Tuesday night. "This is the first chink in the armor. This is the first time we're seeing a vote by the people can overcome that logjam."

"Now, we're going to be able to find out those cases that don't go through the background check. They're going to stand out like a sore thumb."

Like federal law, Washington law currently requires checks for sales or transfers by licensed dealers but not for purchases from private sellers, like those who sell at gun shows or to friends.

No other state has a gun-related measure on the ballot this year, and millions of dollars have been pouring into the state, mostly in support of expanding background checks. I-591 also would prohibit the confiscation of firearms without due process.

article below


Universal Background Check Referendum Heading for NV, AZ, ME

By Robert Farago on November 5, 2014

“In Tuesday’s vote count, nearly 60 percent of voters were supporting I-594, which would extend background checks in Washington state to private sales and transfers,” seattletimes.com reports. “The measure was winning in eight of the 10 largest counties in the state. A competing measure, Initiative 591, which would bar the state from enacting any background checks more extensive than federal law, was being rejected by 55 percent of voters in the initial count.” As Jeremy stated before, bad news indeed. Predictably enough, the anti-gun initiative is coming soon to a state near you . . .

Everytown for Gun Safety is gathering signatures for a similar initiative in Nevada, and future campaigns are being planned for Arizona and Maine, according to [Everytown for Gn Safety President John] Feinblatt.

Alan Gottlieb, chair of the Yes on 591 campaign said he was considering legal action against I-594. He said he would lobby the state Legislature to either toss the initiative or amend it, on the grounds that it poses too many complications for law enforcement and gun owners.

Not to mention the fact that background checks are a form of registration that leads to confiscation – because then Alan would have to decry ALL background checks for firearms sales, including the federal NICS check. And that’s about as politically palatable as repealing no-smoking bans in maternity wards.


Hidden consequences of Washington State's gun background check Initiative 594

By Dr. John R. Lott Jr.
·Published November 01, 2014


Let’s say a stalker is threatening a female friend of yours. She asks you if she can borrow your handgun. She is trained and has no criminal record. Should you loan her your gun?

If you live in Washington State, loaning her your gun may soon make you a criminal and will likely land you in prison.


Suppose you are a Boy Scout leader. Once a year, the scouts take a trip to a local farm where the boys earn their firearm merit badges. If you continue to stick with this annual ritual you may soon find yourself in prison.

Those two examples illustrate just a couple of the hidden consequences for ordinary citizens if Washington State voters pass Initiative 594 on Tuesday -- the biggest gun control initiative on any state ballot this year.

Gun control advocates are putting a huge effort into winning passage of the initiative. With $9.5 million from billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg, the initiative’s supporters are spending half as much asthe NRA is spending on all political campaigns and initiatives across the entire United States.

Yet, despite a huge money advantage, gun control advocates are still using totally inaccurate claims to make their case to voters.

Mark Kelly, who heads one of the organizations spearheading the initiative, made a very common claim for the initiative recently on CNN. He told host Jake Tapper: “right now 60 percent of all gun sales go–occur–with a background check. Why do we allow the 40 percent, the other 40 percent, to happen?” But even the normally anti-gun Washington Posthas noted this claim is false and given it three out of four Pinocchios on its fact checker blog.

The 40 percent figure Kelly pointed to rounds up a claim that 36 percent of gun transfers were done without a background check. And that number was obtained from a small, 251-person survey conducted two decades ago, from November 1991 to December 1994. Most of the survey covered sales before the Brady Act instituted mandatory federal background checks. Even if it had been a reliable survey, it tells us nothing about background checks after the law.

More importantly, the 36 percent figure had little to do with “sales.” The vast majority involved transfers, not sales: inheritances or gifts from family members. If you look at guns that were bought or traded, just 12 percent would have been transferred without a background check. And, again, most of this survey was before the federal background checks went into effect.

By the way, if gun control advocates really trusts this survey, they should not ignore this other fact from its findings: it found that all gun-show sales went through federally licensed dealers.

Unfortunately, the current system of gun background checks is severely flawed, and often causes dangerous delays for people who suddenly need a gun for self-defense, such as a woman being stalked by an ex-partner. Beyond the crashes in the federal government’s computers, 8 percent of background checks are not accomplished within two hours, with most of these delays taking three days or longer.

Like so many other supporters of Initiative 594, Kelly gets another basic fact wrong. He asserts: “roughly 1.7 million criminals and mentally ill people have been stopped from buying a gun by a background check since 1999.” But these were only “initial denials,” not people prevented from actually buying guns.

Remember the five timesthat the late Sen. Ted Kennedy missed flights because his name was on the “no fly” list? Kelly’s method of counting is equivalent of saying that the “no fly” list stopped five flights by terrorists.

The federal government dropped more than 94 percent of those “initial denials” after just preliminary reviews, with more false positives discovered after that. In 2010, the last year a complete report for the federal government has been released, out of 76,142 initial denials, only 49 were referred for prosecution and just 13 of those ended in conviction.

For most, such delays are just an inconvenience. But for a few, delays can be life threatening as it prevents people from defending themselves. Indeed, research by one of us suggests these delays slightly increase violent crime, particularly rapes.

Proponents of I-594, such as Geoff Potter, communications director of the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, assures voters: “We know that closing the background check loophole will save lives.” But there is not a single study by economists or criminologists that support that claim.

Worse, even gun control advocates admit that the initiative will at up to $60 to the cost of getting a gun.

My own research indicates that it is poor minorities who live in crime urban areas who benefit the most from owning a gun, but those are precisely the people who will be discouraged by this substantial fee from getting a gun for protection.

Even if the background system worked perfectly, it wouldn’t have stopped the high school shooting that killed two people last month at a Washington State high school.

The shooter stole the gun he used.

Nor would the law have stopped any of the recent mass public shootings in such places as Newtown, Ft. Hood, the U.S. Navy Yard, or Aurora, Colorado. Also note that even complete gun bans in Washington, D.C., and Chicago haven’t stopped criminals from getting guns.

Expanded background checks might well be reasonable, but only after the current system is fixed.

The poorly written and confusing initiative is going to turn a lot of well-intentioned Washingtonians into criminals. The fees and regulations attached to the initiative will primarily make it harder for law-abiding citizens to get guns for self-protection.

John R. Lott, Jr. is a columnist for FoxNews.com. He is an economist and was formerly chief economist at the United States Sentencing Commission. Lott is also a leading expert on guns and op-eds on that issue are done in conjunction with the Crime Prevention Research Center. He is the author of eight books including "More Guns, Less Crime." His latest book is "Dumbing Down the Courts: How Politics Keeps the Smartest Judges Off the Bench" Bascom Hill Publishing Group (September 17, 2013). Follow him on Twitter@johnrlottjr.

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03-19-2015, 04:45 PM
The Mesa Shootings




Just a Coincidence???-THERE were shootings- however, I believe the people in the pictures are two different men. Look at the photos where the facial tattoos disappear from the captured man in custody photo. Further, the FBI and SPLC seemed to be involved as they were making statements through-out this entire ordeal from the very beginning.

ALSO, during the search for the suspect in Mesa, ASU/TEMPE POLICE stated they captured the guy, on the University campus, then afterward, no mention of those words from the Tempe police were ever aired again, even as the Mesa police trotted out the guy in the white HAZMAT SUIT.

Note-The guy in the white hazmat suit stated to a reporter,that he didn't know what was going on. Or why he was being arrested.

Twitter of events that day

linked below



Little is known about the victims in Wednesday's shooting spree in Mesa, but statements from eyewitnesses, victims and their friends and relatives depict a trail of surprise and terror that stretched across Mesa.

At the Tri-City Inn, 1504 W. Main St.

David Williams, 29, was shot and killed at the Tri-City Inn where he worked and lived with his girlfriend, Veronica Ehrig, and his mother.

Ehrig was in hysterics as she recalled Williams to a Republic reporter. She said she had known Williams since he was 16. She described him as "funny, respectful, smart, a great skateboarder."

Ehrig said that on Wednesday morning she was outside the motel room at the Tri-City Inn, where she worked as a housekeeper. Williams, a maintenance worker at the motel, was inside a room with his mother.

Ehrig said the shooter approached and said something to Williams. Ehrig said Williams said something back, and then the shooter pulled out a gun and shot Williams and his mother.

Ehrig said she ran into the room, "but there was no helping him. There was blood everywhere."

She wasn't sure where he was shot. Ehrig said she thinks Williams may have known the shooter, but she said she had never seen him before.

Ehrig said she's going to grieve for Williams and then go back to work.

"Justice will be served, hopefully," she said. "Don't take things for granted. Just enjoy what you've got. Live life to the fullest."

hough police did not officially confirm the identities of any of the victims, friends identified Williams' mother as Lydia Nielsen, whom a spokeswoman for Scottsdale Osborn Medical Center said the hospital treated and released.

It was unclear who the third victim was Wednesday evening.

At the East Valley Institute of Technology's Bistro 13, 1353 W. Main St.

Culinary student Isaac Martinez was working his morning shift at Bistro 13 when the gunman — who had opened fire at the Tri-City Inn across the street earlier — ran into the EVIT-run restaurant.

"It was a miracle hit," Martinez wrote. As of Wednesday afternoon, he was "home and well" and expected to fully recover.

According to police, the gunman fled Bistro 13 in a stolen gray Honda Accord. By Martinez's account, the car belonged to his EVIT culinary instructor, Joe Kalfus.

Kalfus had at least two small children in tow when he answered the door of his Gilbert home about 7 p.m. Wednesday. A dark gray vehicle was in his driveway but its make and model were unclear.

While he did not appear to have any serious injuries, Kalfus was clearly shaken, saying he had only been able to return home about two hours earlier. He said he wasn't yet ready to speak about what had happened Wednesday morning as it was "still very fresh."

"I'm still very rattled," he said. "I'm not quite ready to relive the whole ordeal."

Mesa police have not released the identity of a fifth shooting victim, who they said was wounded during a home invasion at the Sorrento Apartments. Late Wednesday evening, several residents at the complex recounted the scene that morning as Mesa police continued to gather evidence from an upstairs unit on the east end.

At the Sorrento Apartments, South Dobson Road

Charlene Fuentes and her boyfriend, Jamal Harris, live on a second-floor unit in the complex, just west of where the home invasion took place.

"It was about 8:45 a.m. I came out to smoke a cigarette," Harris said. "I heard about five, six shots first. Maybe two seconds went by. Then, I heard five, eight shots. Pop, pop, pop."

Resident Kevin Jones said he was standing outside with a neighbor in the morning when they saw the wounded man walk out.

The man "comes running out, holding his shoulder," Jones said. "His uncle said, 'He's been shot.' "

Jones said he saw the man taken away in an ambulance.

At the Villetta Apartments, West Emelita Avenue

Luis Lopez, a maintenance worker at the Villetta Apartments, said he was approached by a man who pointed a gun and demanded his keys.

Lopez, who speaks Spanish but understands some English, said he handed over his stack of maintenance keys to the gunman, who then indicated he wanted car keys instead. The man demanded that Lopez lead him toward his truck. As the two walked through the complex, Lopez said, they passed by other workers at the maintenance shop.

In recounting his story, Lopez pressed his hand to his waist to demonstrate how the man had held his hand over the gun, ready to shoot Lopez.

According to Lopez, the gunman made a remark to the other workers.

"(The gunman and I) walked next to each other to the parking lot," Lopez said. "When we got to the pool, he went a few steps in front of me. We passed the maintenance shop. He said, 'Hi,' " to one of the other maintenance workers — then shot him, making him the sixth and final victim of the day.

"Six times," Lopez said. "He only hit him twice."

When they reached the parking area, Lopez said, the gunman turned and fired at Lopez's feet. When the gunman turned back to the truck, Lopez said he ran back toward the complex.

"I didn't get hit. I turned to get away," Lopez said. "He couldn't get in the truck. He climbed the fence."

Jacen Clements, a resident at Villetta, said he was on his patio when he saw a man walking a few steps in front of one of the maintenance workers near the complex's swimming pool.

They turn a corner, "and then I hear the shots. It was five really quick in succession, like pop pop pop pop pop. And then there was a pause, and then I hear four really quick shots."

When Lopez came into view, Clements yelled to him in Spanish, "Nueva Uno Uno?" Lopez responded: "Yes, 911."

Wednesday evening, standing in the apartment where he had been abducted at gunpoint, Lopez said police told him his co-worker was out of surgery.

"He's OK."

Republic reporters Matthew Casey, Robert Anglen, Maria Polletta, Sean Holstege and Yihyun Jeong contributed to this article.



Universal Background Check Referendum Heading for NV, AZ, ME
By Robert Farago on November 5, 2014

Everytown for Gun Safety is gathering signatures for a similar initiative in Nevada, and future campaigns are being planned for Arizona and Maine, according to [Everytown for Gun Safety President John] Feinblatt.

Alan Gottlieb, chair of the Yes on 591 campaign said he was considering legal action against I-594. He said he would lobby the state Legislature to either toss the initiative or amend it, on the grounds that it poses too many complications for law enforcement and gun owners.



Photo of 'Suspect' when in Prison many years ago


Ryan Giroux: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

published 3:40 pm EDT, March 18, 2015 Updated 5:41 pm EDT, March 19, 2015 9 Comments By Tom Cleary 30.2k

A felon with ties to white supremacist groups has been arrested in the mass shooting in Mesa, Arizona that left at least one man dead and five other people wounded in a crime spree that stretched across the city.

Ryan Giroux was identified by Mesa police as the gunman, according to NBC 12 News, a Phoenix news station.

He was arrested at about 1 p.m., nearly five hours after the first shooting.

Here’s what you need to know:



Photo of captured suspect-Police admit to beating the suspect up.




Suspect in Mesa shooting spree has long rap sheet

Ryan Giroux, the suspect in a Mesa mass shooting that left one person dead, is a former Arizona Department of Corrections inmate with a history of police assaults and illegal drug use, according to police and prison records.

Giroux, 41, has a criminal record dating to the early 1990s and served a two-month county jail sentence last year for violating terms of a previous probation. His record includes convictions for drug possession, theft and aggravated assault, according to Arizona Department of Corrections records.

article link below




Published On March 19, 2015 | By Ademo Freeman | Articles

I’m sure you’ve heard about the shootings in Arizona today (March 18th), but for those who haven’t, let me recap. Allegedly, 41 year old Ryan Giroux went on a shooting spree, leaving 1 dead and 5 others injured. There are no known motives for his action at this time, but this post isn’t about Ryan’s motives. This post is about how effectively the police apprehended him, without terrorizing the neighborhood (unlike the Boston and LA Police).

The first report of a shooting came in around 8:30 am and by 1 pm – only 4.5 hours later – Ryan was in custody. Let me remind you that he shot 6 people – killing one, there were multiple crime scenes and he was holed up in a vacant apartment complex. It wasn’t just a simple shooting in one location, there were moving parts here, it was complex.
Within a hour or so of the shooting – at least publicly – the police had Ryan’s name, address, prison record and (presumably) more. They cordoned off a grid that they were highly confident the suspect was in, gathered their personnel and moved in. According to reports from several news outlets, Ryan was tased and transported to the hospital, after being taken into custody. Yet, he’s alive and the police didn’t abuse him or the whole town of Mesa in order to accomplish all that.



04-02-2015, 10:55 AM


Parents of theater shooting victim lose lawsuit against ammo sellers

By John Ingold
The Denver Post

POSTED: 03/27/2015 07:45:16 PM MDT121 COMMENTS| UPDATED: 5 DAYS AGO

The parents of a woman killed during the Aurora movie theater shooting lost their bid Friday to hold ammunition sellers liable for the attack.

Sandy and Lonnie Phillips, whose daughter, Jessica Ghawi, was one of 12 people killed in the July 2012 attack, had sued four online retailers that provided bullets, gun magazines and body armor alleged to have been used in the shooting. They accused the retailers of selling the items without concern about the mental fitness of the buyer or the items' intended use.

The retailers "established and operated businesses which attracted — and catered to — dangerous persons such as (James) Holmes," the couple's complaint argued, "and yet they failed ... to reasonably screen to prevent such dangerous people from obtaining arms."

In an order issued Friday, Senior U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch ruled state and federal laws protect ammunition sellers from such lawsuits. He dismissed the case.

The Phillipses' lawsuit, Matsch wrote, tries "to have it both ways." In spots, the lawsuit argues the retailers should have known that Holmes intended to use the large quantity of ammunition or other items he was buying for an attack. And in other parts, Matsch wrote, the lawsuit argues the retailers knew nothing about Holmes when they sold him the items.

"Looked at in the aggregate and retrospectively," Matsch wrote, "it could be inferred that Holmes' purchases were consistent with planning criminal activity but such an inference is unreasonable under the facts pleaded."

The Phillipses had hoped to force the retailers to change their business practices so they had more information about their customers before making sales. Matsch said that decision is a political one and outside of his authority.

At least 12 other lawsuits remain pending in Denver federal court in connection with the Aurora theater shooting. Most are against the theater's owner, arguing that it should have done more to protect patrons.

full article at link




5 things to know about Oregon’s gun-control bill

By JONATHAN J. COOPER - Associated Press - Saturday, March 28, 2015

SALEM, Ore. (AP) - An Oregon Senate committee will hear public testimony this week on a proposal by gun-control advocates to require a background check any time someone sells or gives a firearm to another person who isn’t a relative. Here are five things to know about Oregon’s universal background-check proposal.

What it does

The bill requires gun buyers and sellers who aren’t related to visit a licensed gun dealer that can, for a fee, run a background check through the Oregon State Police. Oregon law prohibits giving a gun to minors, felons, people with recent convictions for violent behavior or those who have been found by a court to have a mental illness.

If someone tries to buy a gun but fails a background check, the State Police would be required to notify the local sheriff and police chief.

Background checks would not be required when someone transfers to a gun to these relatives: spouse or domestic partner, parent or stepparent, child or stepchild, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, aunt or uncle, first cousin, niece or nephew.

The seller of a gun would face a misdemeanor for a first offense, punishable by up to a year in jail and a $6,250 fine. A second offense would be a felony, with a potential sentence of up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

The bill would take effect 90 days after it’s passed.

article at link below



Secret Olympia Budget Proposal To Register Your Guns With DOL – I-594

Our Anti-gun foes are sneaky. From enough public outcry Olympia has had to delay their budget proposals until Monday. The Democratic Legislature was only going to allow the public a total of 90 minutes to read through hundreds of pages of the budget document. Enough people complained and they had to delay the hearings until Monday. There happens to be a secret budget proposal that corresponds with the passing of I-594 and the Dept of Licensing. Here is the letter written to us by our local Protect Our Gun Rights group.

“We’re hearing some troubling rumors in the Capitol that the Democrats’ secretive budget will include an increase of over $400,000 on top of the current vast Department of Licensing firearms division budget. They are proposing hiring 7 more full time employees to input firearms sale and “transfer” information as they are over a year behind.

Due to a combination of preexisting law and the passage of I-594, all private gun owner information on any sale or transfer is kept by DOL forever, and creates a de facto centralized government registry or “database” of law abiding gun owners and every single detail about you.

The DOL saves all of your personal information on firearms purchases even though it is already held by Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL’s). Information held by FFL’s is available to law enforcement agencies with a proper warrant or court order. The DOL database on the other hand is available to ANYONE they give access to.

Supporters of this type of needless government overreach are quick to point out that the database was accessed “thousands” or “millions” of times, but don’t have much to point to when asked about actual crime they’ve solved with it. Canada recently wisely got rid of its gun database as it costs ran into the millions and was never used to solve a single major crime.

Needless to say, Washington State’s DOL database of firearms owners is duplicitous and unnecessary. Added in with the endless possibilities for fraud, theft, abuse, and future gun confiscation, approving more or any funding for this increased violation of privacy continues to be a wasteful and shameful endeavor to violate the rights of every gun owner in this state.”

This Monday rally your friends and family and make your voice heard in Olympia. Here is how you can help. If you can not make the trip out there you can flood your reps with emails and phone calls.

“Come testify, and tell them you won’t allow your taxpayer money to be used to violate the privacy rights of everyone in this state.

For information go to Coming To The Legislature, this link gives good advice on where to go, parking, and other helpful details. (http://leg.wa.gov/legislature/Pages/ComingToTheLegislature.aspx)

The Appropriations Committee is currently scheduled to meet at 1:30 PM, in House Hearing Room A, John L. O’Brien Building on the Capitol Campus.

If you can’t come in person, call your Representative at 1-800-562-6000 or send them a message to let them know you strongly oppose spending your tax dollars to violate the privacy of law-abiding gun owners. Use this link to find your legislators: (http://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/)


The Protect Our Gun Rights Team

P.S. They have also discussed imposing fees and taxes on every law abiding gun owner using their current system. If you don’t stand up to them now, this situation will continue to spiral out of control. We hope to see a room full of citizens who are willing to stand up for their rights tomorrow!”



04-10-2015, 07:41 AM

Right to Bear Arms? Gun grabbing sweeping the nation

By*Malia Zimmerman

Published April 09, 2015


Cherished family heirlooms were among the 21 firearms Michael Roberts surrendered to the Torrance Police Department in 2010, after his doctor filed a restraining order against him.

The court order was the result of a dispute Roberts had with a member of the doctor’s staff and, after Roberts pleaded no contest, the matter was resolved. Yet, even though he filed the proper Law Enforcement Gun Release paperwork on four separate occasions, obtained clearance from the California Department of Justice and had two court orders commanding the return of his guns, police refused to hand them over.

With the backing of the National Rifle Association and California Rifle and Pistol Association, Roberts filed a federal lawsuit in May 2014, over the $15,500 worth of firearms. In the end he got the money, but not the guns. The police had had them destroyed.

Second Amendment lawyers say his case is not rare.

“NRA and CRPA constantly get calls from law abiding people having problems getting their guns back,” said Chuck Michel of Long Beach based Michel & Associates, who represented Roberts in the case. “The state Department of Justice wrongly tells police not to give guns back unless the person can document ownership of the gun and it is registered in the state DOJ’s database. But the law doesn’t require this.”

Gun owners can’t comply anyway, Michel said, because police themselves routinely fail to enter the firearms into the DOJ’s database, and most people don’t have receipts for the guns they own.

While Americans have the constitutional rights to keep and bear arms – and protect their property from government’s unlawful seizure – it is not just in California where guns are seized and destroyed illegally, attorneys charge.

"This kind of below-the-radar bureaucratic gun confiscation is a growing Second Amendment and property rights violation problem, particularly in strict gun control states like California, New Jersey and Massachusetts,” said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation. “People can't afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on legal fees to get back a $500 firearm."

The Second Amendment Foundation’s most recent case involves Rick Bailey, a 56-year-old Navy veteran from Glendale, Ariz., whose entire collection of 28 firearms valued at $25,000 was seized by authorities because of an ongoing dispute with a neighbor.

After Bailey complained over several months to the city of Glendale that his neighbor frequently parked his landscaping company’s dump trucks in front of Bailey’s home -- and toxic chemical odors were coming from his neighbor’s property -- the neighbor obtained a harassment order against Bailey. Police showed up and seized Bailey’s gun collection.

*“Mr. Bailey is devastated by this situation. We seem to live in an environment when someone’s life can be turned upside down on an allegation that should have been thoroughly investigated before any action was ordered by a court,” Gottlieb said. “We’re helping Bailey in his appeal of the judge’s order so he can not only reclaim his valuable firearms, but also some of his dignity as well.”

Probably the most notorious gun confiscation case happened after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005 when the city’s then-mayor, Ray Nagin, ordered all legally owned firearms seized. The Second Amendment Foundation successfully sued on behalf of thousands of law abiding gun owners to stop, or reverse, the confiscations. But hundreds more gun owners without legal representation or ownership paperwork had to abandon their guns. Those firearms still have not been destroyed, Gottlieb said.

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04-21-2015, 10:01 PM

What the Times Doesn’t Get about the Second Amendment

by Ted Cruz April 19, 2015 4:25 PM

On Friday, the New York Times stated, in a blaring headline, that my support for Second Amendment rights is “strange.” In particular, the writer took issue with my statement that “”the Second Amendment to the Constitution isn’t for just protecting hunting rights, and it’s not only to safeguard your right to target practice. It is a constitutional right to protect your children, your family, your home, our lives, and to serve as the ultimate check against governmental tyranny — for the protection of liberty.”

In addition to “strange,” the NYT described this view as “ridiculous,” “silly,” and “absurd” (methinks the Old Gray Lady doth protest too much). The writer, the lead editor for the Times’ editorial page, continued, “I just don’t get the argument on constitutional or historical grounds.” Perhaps this will help. Let’s survey some other “silly” people who have embraced this heretical understanding of our liberties.

Thomas Jefferson

And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. . . .

Alexander Hamilton

But if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude, that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people, while there is a large body of citizens, little if at all inferior to them in discipline and use of arms, who stand ready to defend their rights. . . .

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St. George Tucker

•Born 1752 near Port Royal, Bermuda
•Studied law under George Wythe
•Married John Randolph's widow
•Served at Battle of Yorktown
•Taught law at College of William & Mary
•Served as U.S. District Court Judge
•Died 1827

Born and reared in Bermuda

Lawyer, trader, inventor, scholar, professor, judge, essayist, poet, gardener, stargazer – St. George Tucker was what the 18th century called "a man of parts."

St. George Tucker was born near Port Royal, Bermuda, in 1752, the son of Colonel Henry Tucker, a trader and owner of the Grove plantation. His christening name, St. George, had been in the family since about 1600, when Frances St. George married George Tucker of Kent, England.

Sailed for Virginia to study law

Reared in Bermuda, Tucker sailed for Virginia at age 19 to pursue an education in the law, a study he seems already to have begun. He enrolled at the College of William and Mary in 1772 and read under George Wythe, who had instructed Thomas Jefferson. Wythe examined and approved Tucker for the bar on April 4, 1774.

Virginia's courts closed as the Revolution began, and Tucker could not pursue his practice. He returned to Bermuda in June 1775, two months after the raid on Williamsburg's Magazine. Before he departed, he told Peyton Randolph and Jefferson of the existence of a similar magazine in Bermuda that might be a target for rebel retaliation.

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Amendment II

Document 7

St. George Tucker, Blackstone's Commentaries 1:App. 300


This may be considered as the true palladium of liberty. . . . The right of self defence is the first law of nature: in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any colour or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction. In England, the people have been disarmed, generally, under the specious pretext of preserving the game: a never failing lure to bring over the landed aristocracy to support any measure, under that mask, though calculated for very different purposes. True it is, their bill of rights seems at first view to counteract this policy: but the right of bearing arms is confined to protestants, and the words suitable to their condition and degree, have been interpreted to authorise the prohibition of keeping a gun or other engine for the destruction of game, to any farmer, or inferior tradesman, or other person not qualified to kill game. So that not one man in five hundred can keep a gun in his house without being subject to a penalty.

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The Founders' Constitution
Volume 5, Amendment II, Document 7
The University of Chicago Press

Tucker, St. George. Blackstone's Commentaries: With Notes of Reference to the Constitution and Laws of the Federal Government of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 5 vols. Philadelphia, 1803. Reprint. South Hackensack, N.J.: Rothman Reprints, 1969.


Pew first: Gun rights top gun control in major public opinion shift

By Paul Bedard | April 20, 2015 | 10:10 am

Exactly two years after President Obama's bid for gun control following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting died in Congress, a new poll has discovered a huge shift in public opinion to backing Second Amendment gun rights and away from controlling gun ownership.

The reason: Americans now believe having a gun is the best way to protect against crime, 63 percent to 30 percent.

Pew Research Center found that while support for gun control once reached 66 percent, it has dropped to 46 percent while support for gun rights has jumped 52 percent, the highest ever in the past 25 years.

"We are at a moment when most Americans believe crime rates are rising and when most believe gun ownership – not gun control – makes people safer," said the survey.

To say the shift in opinion is radical is not an understatement. It follows a short period where Americans were torn over gun ownership, but eventually sided with gun rights groups during the Obama years.

The findings also track with support for the National Rifle Association which had its second biggest national convention earlier this month and whose membership has reached five million.

Pew suggested that the change is the result of Americans believing that crime is a big problem, despite statistics showing the opposite.

"In the 1990s, the rate of violent crimes plummeted by more than half nationwide. Public perceptions tracked right along, with the share saying there was more crime in the U.S. over the past year falling from 87 percent in 1993 to just 41 percent by 2001," said Pew, adding: "In the new century, however, there's been a disconnect. A majority of Americans (63%) said in a Gallup survey last year that crime was on the rise, despite crime statistics holding near 20-year lows."

RELATED: ATF raises new concerns about AR-15 ammo

Pew said it is hard to explain the disconnect. "Why public views on crime have grown more dire is unclear, though many blame it on the nature of news coverage, reality TV and political rhetoric. Whatever the cause, this trend is not without consequence. Today, those who say that crime is rising are the most opposed to gun control: Just 45% want to see gun laws made more strict, compared with 53% of those who see crime rates as unchanged or dropping."

Paul Bedard, the Washington Examiner's "Washington Secrets" columnist, can be contacted at pbedard@washingtonexaminer.com.

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05-31-2015, 11:02 PM
New Amerika- USSA


May 30, 2015 - 03:10 PM EDTAdministration preps new gun regulationsBY*TIM DEVANEY

The Hill
REGULATION May 30, 2015 - 03:10 PM EDT Administration preps new gun regulations BY*TIM DEVANEY 18177 Shares**

The Justice Department plans to move forward this year with more than a dozen new gun-related regulations, according to list of rules the agency has proposed to enact before the end of the Obama administration.

The regulations range from new*restrictions*on high-powered pistols to gun storage requirements. Chief among them is a renewed effort to keep guns out of the hands of people who are mentally unstable or have been convicted of domestic abuse.

Gun safety advocates have been calling for such reforms since the Sandy Hook school shooting nearly three years ago in Newtown, Conn. They say keeping guns away from dangerous people is of primary importance.

But the gun lobby contends that such a sweeping ban would unfairly root out a number of prospective gun owners who are not a danger to society.

“It’s clear President Obama is beginning his final assault on our Second Amendment rights by forcing his anti-gun agenda on honest law-abiding citizens through executive force,” said Luke O’Dell, vice president of political affairs at the National Association for Gun Rights.

The Justice Department plans to issue new rules expanding criteria for people who do not qualify for gun ownership, according to the recently released Unified Agenda, which is a list of rules that federal agencies are developing.

Some of the rules come in response to President Obama’s call to reduce gun violence in the wake of Sandy Hook. He issued 23 executive actions shortly after the shooting aimed at keeping guns away from dangerous people, and some of those items remain incomplete.*

“If America worked harder to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, there would be fewer atrocities like the one that occurred in Newtown,” Obama said at the time.

“We can respect the Second Amendment while keeping an irresponsible, law-breaking few from inflicting harm on a massive scale,” he added.

Gun control groups have rallied around Obama’s call to action, zeroing in on polices that would keep guns away from the mentally ill and domestic abusers.

Congressional efforts to expand background checks and keep guns away from dangerous people have failed in recent years, but the legislative defeats won’t stop the Justice Department from regulating.

The Justice Department’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is looking to revive a rule proposed way back in 1998 that would block domestic abusers from owning guns.

As proposed, the regulation makes it illegal for some who has been convicted of a*misdemeanor domestic violence offense to own a gun.

The ATF plans to finalize the rule by November, according to the Unified Agenda.
But gun rights advocates are concerned the Obama administration will use this rule to unfairly target certain gun owners.

“That could be a person who spanked his kid, or yelled at his wife, or slapped her husband,” warned Michael Hammond, legislative counsel for the Gun Owners of America.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, Everytown for Gun Safety, and Americans for Responsible Solutions did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

But Everytown, a group financially backed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has argued that keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers can be a matter of life or death.

“American women are 11 times more likely to be shot and killed than women in other developed countries,” the group argues. “The high rate of domestic violence deaths in America is directly related to our weak gun laws. But we know that smart gun laws can—and do—stop domestic abuse from turning into murder."

The ATF is also looking to prohibit the mentally ill from owning firearms, which is attracting even more criticism from gun rights groups.

“The Obama administration is trying very hard to disqualify people from owning a gun on the basis that they are seeing a psychologist,” Hammond argued.

The NRA contends that many people who are mentally ill may not necessarily pose a danger to society — or as the gun lobby puts it, the policy “snares masses of mostly harmless individuals.”*

Gun rights advocates argue it would be more effective to ban people on an individual basis, as opposed to banning all people who are mentally ill.

“A person who experienced a temporary reaction to a traumatic event or who has trouble handling household finances may well be treated the same as a violent psychopath,” the NRA wrote.

"Not only is this unjust and stigmatizing, it creates disincentives for those who need mental health treatment to seek it, increasing whatever risks are associated with untreated mental illness,” it added.

Aside from*these issues, some gun rights advocates have also raised concerns about upcoming ATF rules that would require gun dealers to report gun thefts, provide gun storage and safety devices, and place restrictions on high-powered pistols, among other things.

“The Obama administration hates the Second Amendment, and it’s clear that every place where it can push, it will,” said Hammond. “This is an indication of an anti-gun administration trying to annoy us in any way it can."


Gun Laws of all 50 States



Brady Campaign Case Targeting Online Ammo Dismissed By Judge

Posted by*Bob Owens*on*March 30, 2015 at 10:54 pm

Brady Campaign Case Targeting Online Ammo Dismissed By Judge

An absurd attempt by the anti-gun*Brady Campaign to hold online ammunition and shooting sport accessory companies responsible for the actions of a madman*has been dismissed.

The lawsuit filed by the parents of a woman killed in the Colorado theater shootings, accusing four online retailers of improperly selling ammunition, tear gas, a high-capacity magazine and body armor used in the attack, has been dismissed.

According to court documents obtained by CBS4 Friday afternoon, Judge Richard P. Matsch dismissed the lawsuit filed against the defendants in the case: Lucky Gunner of Knoxville, Tennessee, Bullet Proof Body Armor of Tempe, Arizona, BTP Arms of New Oxford, Pennsylvania, and the Sportsman’s Guide of South St. Paul, Minnesota.

The lawsuit alleged it was illegal and negligent to sell the gear to James Holmes, who is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 in the July 20, 2012, attack.

It stated the companies had no safeguards to keep dangerous people from buying their goods.

Brady’s attorneys simply had no viable case against the legal protections under federal law as provided by the*Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act*(PLCAA), which prevents harassment and frivolous lawsuits from gun control cultists.

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The Coming(Obama's) Communist Democrat New World Order Attempt at TOTAL GUN CONSFISCATION IN AMERICA!

Obama Planning To Pull The Trigger On Gun Control Executive Order
Rachel Stoltzfoos

3:17 PM 12/03/2015

President Barack Obama’s aides are still working out a politically palatable way to implement a new gun control measure by executive order.

Plans to target private gun sales have been in the works for some time, but the administration is wary of political and potentially legal consequences of implementing the changes via executive order. Officials are analyzing state and local gun control efforts to find what they consider a winning strategy that will prevent mass shootings, reports the Los Angeles Times.

“That work includes looking at the gun show loophole,” a White House official involved in the work tells the LA Times. “But taking administrative action in this space is enormously complicated, with complex and intertwined policy, legal and operational considerations to take into account.”

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Why Have There Been More Mass Shootings Under Obama than the Four Previous Presidents Combined?

December 3, 2015 | Truthstream Media | TruthstreamMedia.com | 39,135 views

We live in a world of short-term memories and long-term memory deficiencies. If the 24-hour news cycle was any indication, Americans appear to be bouncing from one catastrophic mass shooting to the next, with hardly any breathing room. Like this is just a regular occurrence America has learned to endure because… guns. It’s the prevalence of firearms in the hands of the people, the anti-gunners say. Calls to limit, rewrite, redefine, or outright dispose of the 2nd Amendment are rampant.

But no one is looking at the data. If they did, they would realize something is really, really, really wrong here.

No, there haven’t always been so many mass shootings. It hasn’t always been this way. Mass shootings have skyrocketed in this country just in the last seven years under President Obama.

The following was compiled using the database over at Mother Jones on mass shootings in the U.S. from 1982—2015, up to and including the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon on October 1st, 2015. It also includes the Wikipedia lists for mass shootings in the United States by year and postal killings in the U.S.

The following analysis considers the FBI’s definition of a mass murder, which is defined as “a number of murders (four or more) occurring during the same incident, with no distinctive time period between the murders”.

When all incidents where four or more people were shot in a single event are broken out by president going back to Reagan (considering the database only stretches back to 1982), there just so happens to have been a startling increase in mass shootings since Obama, the most pro-gun control president America has had in modern history, took office.

Mass Shootings under the Last Five Presidents

Ronald Reagan: 1981-1989 (8 years) 11 mass shootings
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 5

George H. W. Bush: 1989-1993 (4 years) 12 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 3

Bill Clinton: 1993-2001 (8 years) 23 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 4

George W. Bush: 2001-2009 (8 years) 20 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 5

Barrack H. Obama: 2009-2015 (in 7th year) 162 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 18

(You can download the full list of names, dates, locations, and numbers of deaths per mass shooting by president prepared for this article here.)

Look at the difference between all other presidents and Barack Obama.

What that looks like on a chart:

Notice anything here? We’re talking about a more than six-fold increase from the number of mass shootings in the eight years Bush Jr. was president compared to the last seven years under Obama, and his 2nd term isn’t even up yet!

Not only that, but the number of mass shootings where the shooter killed eight or more people has also increased rather significantly:

What is going on here?

Obviously this isn’t so easily simplified as more guns in the hands of more crazy people, the way the media likes to spin it. We have more gun laws now than ever before. Less types of guns are legally available to the average citizen than ever before. We also have more “gun-free zones,” zones where, just by the way, most of these shootings happen (because mass shooters do not follow laws or care about zones, obviously). So that’s not it.

We have debated whether or not antidepressant medications are playing a role in these events. Even a cursory glance at the SSRI stories school shootings database would suggest there is some substantial evidence behind this theory. We know that many of these mass shooters were either on psychotropic medications at the time of the shooting, or withdrawing from them.

However, Prozac was approved for use in the United States back in 1987. Antidepressant medications have been around and in widespread use in America for decades now. That factor alone cannot entirely explain all these mass shootings recently.

Not to mention that five out of the 12 deadliest mass shootings in American history have happened not just since Barack Obama became president, but just under his first term as president alone. That’s nearly half.

Something else is going on here.

So… what is it?

After the controversial Sandy Hook shooting, Obama passed 23 gun control executive orders. He continually says wants to do more and he’s frustrated with how limited his powers as mere president are. He continually mentions wishing America’s gun control mirrored that of the UK and Australia, two countries that passed strict, sweeping gun bans following what many have called single mass shooting false flag events which happened just weeks apart in March and April 1996.

Speaking of Australia’s gun control laws after the suspicious Charleston shooting, Obama said:

“It was just so shocking the entire country said, ‘Well, we’re going to completely change our gun laws’, and they did. And it hasn’t happened since,” Obama said, discussing the shooting deaths of nine people at a historic black church in Charleston last week.

The suspicious April 1999 mass shooting at Columbine High School didn’t accomplish nearly the same gun control implementation here in America, although it did happen under another highly pro-gun control president, Bill Clinton. Perhaps one false flag just isn’t enough in a country that has been built upon a Constitution with a Bill of Rights and a 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Perhaps it can only be killed death-by-a-thousand-cuts style.

Now Obama says gun control will be his #1 top issue of focus for the last year of his final term as president.

He says his biggest frustration has been his inability to pass more gun control legislation.

He condemns these “routine” events and calls for more gun control each time another one happens. After the recent Planned Parenthood shooting, he said, “we can’t let this become the new normal… enough is enough.”

But when did it become the new normal? While the 2nd Amendment continues to be attacked each and every time another mass shooting occurs, just realize something: these events were never this “routine” until Obama became president.





San Bernardino: Female Attacker Pledged Allegiance to Islamic State, Al Qaeda Links Emerge

by Jordan Schachtel4 Dec 2015

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, who killed 14 people and injured dozens more on Wednesday, have connections to radical Islamic groups, officials say.

New details related to the Islamic terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California have emerged, revealing the possibility that the shooters were in contact with members of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

Investigators believe that the female attacker pledged allegiance to the Islamic State as the rampage was ongoing.

During the jihadi attack, Tashfeen Malik posted on Facebook that she was pledging allegiance to Islamic State “caliph” Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, officials told CNN. The investigators said she used an account under a different name.



WOW!! TOP Democrat ADMITS Obama Is ‘Working Hand-In-Hand With ISIS’!

this very fascinating interview with U.S. House of Representatives Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat representing Hawaii, she admits something that many conservatives have suspected for a long time.

Watch below (starting at the 1:45 mark):

Tulsi Gabbard is a top Democrat in the Democratic National Committee but she is one of the few honest Democrats who has actually criticized Obama on his foreign policy failures.

But, it must be noted that she says he’s essentially working hand in hand with Islamist extremists, but she’s not saying that he’s actually directly working with them. She admits that his foreign policy is so pathetic and poorly managed that he’s practically helping Islamist extremists.

And that’s bad enough for someone who’s supposed to be leader of the free world.

What do you think? Does this top Democrat have a point or is she exaggerating?

article at link below



http://i738.photobucket.com/albums/xx25/77769/Mobile%20Uploads/12347692_1639690366248314_8375771582842333470_n.jp g

San Bernardino Jihadis Recruited by Islamic State Social Media Ambassadors

by Mary Chastain3 Dec 2015

Sources revealed to CBS News that the San Bernardino killers had been viewing Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) propaganda online, making them the latest in a long line of terror suspects the FBI is trying to monitor.

While direct recruitment from Islamic State officials from Iraq and Syria in the West is uncommon, ISIS recruiters have been known for years to have developed an extremely adept online propaganda system, using encrypted messaging apps as well as publicly viewable social media like Twitter and Facebook. Their attempts to attract Muslims to their cause have been significantly successful, law enforcement officials warn.

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Report: ISIS Has Crucified, Tortured Thousands of Christians in Iraq, Syria

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Welcome to Islam Threat

Happening Now


ISIS’ Navy SEALs “Made Me Laugh” Says USMC Veteran

ISIS is playing at Navy SEAL, but their lack of real proficiency may be less important than the video's utility as a recruitment tool

The Islamic State is now touting an elite, Navy SEAL-like group of swashbuckling, amphibious-style commandos who are able to spring from the water in a blink of an eye to take out enemies in broad daylight.

In a new video obtained by Vocativ, ISIS is shown unveiling its newest band of special forces, a black-clad brigade that purportedly uses the Tigris River in Iraq to stage a series of stealth attacks. Like previous attempts by the group to promote its prowess, the film is at turns terrifying and hilarious.

Military experts who reviewed the footage say it reveals little about the commandos’ actual proficiency as fighters. They concede, however, that the video proves to be a powerful piece of propaganda.

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Total Insanity in AmerikA

SWAT team descends on CO school over student’s Halloween costume

October 8, 2015

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Surrender: San Fran's iconic, last gun shop to close over new regulations

By Hollie McKay
·Published September 28, 2015

Ever since it was opened in the 1950s by a celebrated Olympic shooter, High Bridge Arms has been a defiant fixture in San Francisco's Mission District, but a coming wave of new firearms restrictions has prompted the last gun shop in the liberal City by the Bay to pack it in.

The proposed new city regulations, which could only be aimed at High Bridge Arms, would have required the shop to take and preserve video of all transactions and turn customers' personal data over to police on a weekly basis. General Manager Steven Alcairo said the shop's owners finally threw in the towel after years of what they consider being unfairly targeted with burdensome rules and regulations. Past regulations have required the shop to bar ads and displays from its windows and install cameras and barriers around its exterior. The shop has 17 cameras as it is, and turns video over to police on request, he said.

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October 4, 2015

Columnist: NRA should be placed on State Department's list of terrorist organizations

By Rick Moran

http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/10/columnist_nra_should_be_placed_on_state_department s_list_of_terrorist_organizations.html


Ben Swann November 6, 2015

Atlanta Police Illegally Stockpiling Confiscated Guns?

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October 12, 2015

In the last stage of corruption, is resistance possible?

America's founders foresaw the danger of elitist tyranny

By Alan Keyes

In previous generations, Americans had the sense to understand that if you vote for people who don't represent you, you get a government that doesn't represent you. That's self-evident. – Alan Keyes, LoyalToLiberty post, Sept. 23, 2012

Everywhere I go, I find conservatives complaining. They complain about what John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have done, or rather failed to do, with the GOP majority in Congress. They complain about the GOP's utter failure to confront Obama's treasonous foreign and national security policies. They complain about the party's failure to call Obama to account for his dictatorial edicts on immigration. They complain about the party's betrayal of its purported commitment to budgetary and fiscal discipline. They complain about the party's failure to hold anyone accountable for the continual assaults judges, justices, and Executive branch officials are launching against the U.S. Constitution every day. They complain about the GOP's surrender of the responsibilities and prerogatives of the U.S. Congress.

They especially complain about the fact that – though they keep voting for Republicans to represent them in elective office, giving them majorities in both Houses of Congress and a solid majority of state governorships and legislative bodies – they keep getting results that don't represent them.

"Why do they keep betraying us?" is the common theme.

"Why do you keep voting for them?" is my consistent answer.

"Because we don't have any choice," comes the refrain. "If we vote for anyone else, the Democrats will win."

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stupid communist tabloid rag-SLATE

The Terrorists Among Us

Forget Syria. The most dangerous religious extremists are migrants from North and South Carolina.

By William Saletan

North Carolina? It sounds absurd. When we think about immigration and terrorism, we think of Syria. But that’s not where our casualties are coming from. On Friday, a gunman killed three people and wounded nine more at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado. The suspect is white American Robert Lewis Dear. When police apprehended Dear, he uttered one telltale phrase: “no more baby parts.” People who have known or met Dear say he wasn’t a regular churchgoer. But they also report that he believed devoutly in the Bible and that he claimed to have read it “cover to cover.” In an online forum, Dear apparently spoke of Jesus and the “end times.” He painted or posted crosses on at least three of his homes.

article at link

http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2015/11/robert_lewis_dear_is_one_of_many_religious_extremi sts_bred_in_north_carolina.html


New World Order future of American Police

RIVERSIDE COUNTY: 13 cities study creating new joint police department

Frustrated by rising costs, they are studying the idea of ending their Sheriff’s Department contracts and forming a new agency.

Thirteen Riverside County cities, organized by Moreno Valley, are exploring the possibility of creating a regional police force. Their study is sparked by the rising cost of contracting with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department

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Did You Know You Also Have a Uniform Birth Number?

TOPICS:Aaron DykeseugenicsMelissa Dykes.
October 5, 2015

We have been forced onto a collectivist system under the banner of a scientific dictatorship that numbers, tracks, and traces us from the moment we are born in what we are still somehow told (sold?) is the land of the “free.”


12-04-2015, 10:17 AM
The New AmeriKa, New American Man, New American Woman, NEW WORLD ORDER! New Saudi Arabia, New Somalia, New Jersey, New Africa.


excerpts from the book

Tragedy and Hope

A History of the World in Our Time

by Carroll Quigley, 1966

Pg. 48-49:

In effect, this creation of paper claims greater than the reserves available means that bankers were creating money out of nothing. The same thing could be done in another way, not by note-issuing banks but by deposit banks. Deposit bankers discovered that orders and checks drawn against deposits by depositors and given to third persons were often not cashed by the latter but were deposited to their own accounts. Thus there were no actual movements of funds, and payments were made simply by bookkeeping transactions on the accounts. Accordingly, it was necessary for the banker to keep on hand in actual money (gold, certificates, and notes) no more than the fraction of deposits likely to be drawn upon and cashed; the rest could be used for loans, and if these loans were made by creating a deposit for the borrower, who in turn would draw checks upon it rather than withdraw it in money, such "created deposits" or loans could also be covered adequately by retaining reserves to only a fraction of their value. Such created deposits also were a creation of money out of nothing, although bankers usually refused to express their actions, either note issuing or deposit lending, in these terms. William Paterson, however, on obtaining the charter of the Bank of England in 1694, to use the moneys he had won in privateering, said, "The Bank hath benefit of interest on all moneys which it creates out of nothing." This was repeated by Sir Edward Holden, founder of the Midland Bank, on December 18, 1907, and is, of course, generally admitted today.

Pg. 51: The merchant bankers of London had already at hand in 1810-1850 the Stock Exchange, the Bank of England, and the London money market when the needs of advancing industrialism called all of these into the industrial world which they had hitherto ignored. In time they brought into their financial network the provincial banking centers, organized as commercial banks and savings banks, as well as insurance companies, to form all of these into a single financial system on an international scale which manipulated the quantity and flow of money so that they were able to influence, if not control, governments on one side and industries on the other. The men who did this, looking backward toward the period of dynastic monarchy in which they had their own roots, aspired to establish dynasties of international bankers and were at least as successful at this as were many of the dynastic political rulers. The greatest of these dynasties, of course, were the descendants of Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812) of Frankfort, whose male descendants, for at least two generations, generally married first cousins or even nieces. Rothschild's five sons, established at branches in Vienna, London, Naples, and Paris, as well as Frankfort, cooperated together in ways which other international banking dynasties copied but rarely excelled.

Pg. 52: The names of some of these banking families are familiar to all of us and should be more so. They include Raring, Lazard, Erlanger, Warburg, Schroder, Seligman, the Speyers, Mirabaud, Mallet, Fould, and above all Rothschild and Morgan. Even after these banking families became fully involved in domestic industry by the emergence of financial capitalism, they remained different from ordinary bankers in distinctive ways: (1) they were cosmopolitan and international; (2) they were close to governments and were particularly concerned with questions of government debts, including foreign government debts, even in areas which seemed, at first glance, poor risks, like Egypt, Persia, Ottoman Turkey, Imperial China, and Latin America; (3) their interests were almost exclusively in bonds and very rarely in goods, since they admired "liquidity" and regarded commitments in commodities or even real estate as the first step toward bankruptcy; (4) they were, accordingly, fanatical devotees of deflation (which they called "sound" money from its close associations with high interest rates and a high value of money) and of the gold standard, which, in their eyes, symbolized and ensured these values; and (5) they were almost equally devoted to secrecy and the secret use of financial influence in political life.

Pg. 53: The influence of financial capitalism and of the international bankers who created it was exercised both on business and on governments, but could have done neither if it had not been able to persuade both these to accept two "axioms" of its own ideology. Both of these were based on the assumption that politicians were too weak and too subject to temporary popular pressures to be trusted with control of the money system; accordingly, the sanctity of all values and the soundness of money must be protected in two ways: by basing the value of money on gold and by allowing bankers to control the supply of money. To do this it was necessary to conceal, or even to mislead, both governments and people about the nature of money and its methods of operation.

Pg. 62: In addition to their power over government based on government financing and personal influence, bankers could steer governments in ways they wished them to go by other pressures. Since most government officials felt ignorant of finance, they sought advice from bankers whom they considered to be experts in the field. The history of the last century shows, as we shall see later, that the advice given to governments by bankers, like the advice they gave to industrialists, was consistently good for bankers, but was often disastrous for governments, businessmen, and the people generally. Such advice could be enforced if necessary by manipulation of exchanges, gold flows, discount rates, and even levels of business activity. Thus Morgan dominated Cleveland's second administration by gold withdrawals, and in 1936-1938 French foreign exchange manipulators paralyzed the Popular Front governments. As we shall see, the powers of these international bankers reached their peak in the last decade of their supremacy, 1919-1931, when Montagu Norman and J. P. Morgan dominated not only the financial world but international relations and other matters as well. On November I l, 1927, the Wall Street Journal called Mr. Norman "the currency dictator of Europe." This was admitted by Mr. Norman himself before the Court of the Bank on March Zl, 1930, and before the Macmillan Committee of the House of Commons five days later. On one occasion, just before international financial capitalism ran, at full speed, on the rocks which sank it, Mr. Norman is reported to have said, "I hold the hegemony of the world."

Pg. 324: the powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank, in the hands of men like Montagu Norman of the Bank of England, Benjamin Strong of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Charles Rist of the Bank of France, and Hjalmar Schacht of the Reichsbank, sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world.

full article at link




Democrats urge U.S. to take 100,000 Syrian refugees

GOP warns of potential terrorists

By Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - Friday, September 11, 2015

Two top Democrats have called for the U.S. to accept 100,000 Syrian refugees next year, or 10 times the number President Obama proposed this week, saying America should “do our part.”

Reps. John Conyers Jr. and Zoe Lofgren, who are the two top House Democrats on the committee dealing with immigration, also said the U.S. should take a total of 200,000 refugees, or nearly three times the number accepted in 2014.

“It is time for the United States to join the global community for a humanitarian response,” the two lawmakers said. “We should do our part by admitting 200,000 refugees, with 100,000 reserved for refugees from Syria.”

With as many as 4 million Syrians believed to have been displaced by a crumbling government and multiple rebellions, countries around the globe are trying to decide what they can do. Refugees have been streaming into Europe, where officials are trying to figure out how many they can accommodate.

Pope Francis urged Catholic churches across Europe to house refugees, and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops said its churches also stand ready to help.

But the debate in the U.S. separated from the chaos by distance, is only just beginning to develop.

Mr. Obama deployed his top aides to Capitol Hill this week to consult with key lawmakers — a requirement under the law if he wanted to increase the refugee caps.

article continues at link



But, but, HILLARY will save AMERIka!- When you have fully, over half the voting population that will vote for this vile, criminally insane witch, it just makes you wonder??? Are we(as a country) far too gone to be saved?

An article by Carroll Quigley in the American Anthropologist, Volume 75, Number 1, February 1973, pp. 319-322:

Mexican National Character and Circum-Mediterranean Personality Structure


Georgetown University

Martin Needler's article on "Politics and National Character: the Case of Mexico" (1971) is perfectly correct as far as it goes, but it must be pointed out that the personality traits which he identifies as Mexican are products of a considerably wider and much older cultural entity. Mexico is a peripheral and very distinctive example of the Latin American cultural area which is itself a peripheral and somewhat distinctive example of the Mediterranean cultural area. Some time ago I identified the whole cultural area and the personality structure it tended to produce as aspects of "the Pakistani-Peruvian Axis" (1966:1112-1122, reprinted as 1968:452-463). If I am correct in this, Needler is parochial in attributing "Mexican national character" to a combination of "the Indian's fatalism and the proud self-assertion of the Spaniard" (Needler 1971:757).

A broader view of this subject would show that Mexico is a peripheral example of the "Pakistani-Peruvian cultural area" and that Mexican national character is merely a local variant of the personality structure of this larger area. That is why Silverman's picture of south Italian personality is so similar to Needler's idea of Mexican character (Silverman 1968).

This Mediterranean personality type is marked by various traits mentioned by Needler: low self-esteem, fatalism, defeatism, distrust of all persons outside a narrow kin group, pessimism, preoccupation with death, self-assertion, and machismo. These traits, however, should be associated in clusters and correlated with other cultural manifestations such as: (1) low respect for manual work, especially for agricultural work; (2) higher esteem for urban residence than for rural living, associated with neglect of the countryside, damage to natural vegetation, and much cruelty to animals, especially to domestic animals; (3) emphasis on honor, both personal and family, as a chief aim of life; (4) dietary customs which mix protein and vegetables within a nest or container of starch, on the same plate and in the same mouthful, unlike the core of Western civilization, which tends to segregate these three kinds of food, on the same plate or even into separate dishes. The personality traits of this larger area tend to cluster about two points: (1) The restriction of personal trust and loyalty within the kinship group (usually the extended or nuclear family) with a consequent inability to offer loyalty, trust, or personal identification to residential groups (villages, neighborhoods, parishes), voluntary associations, religious beliefs, or the secular state, resulting in large-scale lack of "public spirit," combined with "corruption," and paralysis of these other kinds of associations. (2) The combination of powerful patriarchal social tendencies with female inferiority (except as a mechanism for producing sons) leads to many psychological ambiguities: strong emphasis on female premarital virginity (both as a symbol of family honor and as an economic good), segregation of the sexes in social life, fear of women as a threat men's virility (witches and belief in "the evil eye"), the need to demonstrate male virility by social "touchiness" and other behavior, including fantasies of demonstrations of male dominance over bulls, other men, and unattached women.

In the last generation or two, we have had numerous local studies of the culture-and-personality type dealing with portions of this wide area (Pitt-Rivers and Kenny on Spain; Banfield, Moss, Cancian, Silverman, and others on Italy; Campbell, Kavadias, Kanelli. and others on Greece; and numerous studies of the Near East or North Africa). Many of these consider the personality types they observe as consequences of local conditions of economic, national, religious, or historic origin. A few have seen the wider range of what they observe. Thus Balikci (1966:164) wrote, "Behind obvious cultural differences, many Mediterranean societies share certain basic cultural patterns... [with] basic cross-cultural similarities in regard to sex behavior, certain family roles, the position of the family in society, and the dichotomy of kinsmen and strangers." Opler (1970:866) recognizes both the areal spread and the deep historical roots of these traits when he writes, "The Southern Italian family is in great measure understood if one considers it as a peasant society, as a circum-Mediterranean type, as one influenced by Roman history or even by the earlier pagan Classic Greek, or later Hellenistic traditions."

full article at link


The Coming Anarchy

How scarcity, crime, overpopulation, tribalism, and disease are rapidly destroying the social fabric of our planet

Robert D. Kaplan
| February 1994 Issue
| Global

The Minister's eyes were like egg yolks, an aftereffect of some of the many illnesses, malaria especially, endemic in his country. There was also an irrefutable sadness in his eyes. He spoke in a slow and creaking voice, the voice of hope about to expire. Flame trees, coconut palms, and a ballpoint-blue Atlantic composed the background. None of it seemed beautiful, though. "In forty-five years I have never seen things so bad. We did not manage ourselves well after the British departed. But what we have now is something worse—the revenge of the poor, of the social failures, of the people least able to bring up children in a modern society." Then he referred to the recent coup in the West African country Sierra Leone. "The boys who took power in Sierra Leone come from houses like this." The Minister jabbed his finger at a corrugated metal shack teeming with children. "In three months these boys confiscated all the official Mercedes, Volvos, and BMWs and willfully wrecked them on the road." The Minister mentioned one of the coup's leaders, Solomon Anthony Joseph Musa, who shot the people who had paid for his schooling, "in order to erase the humiliation and mitigate the power his middle-class sponsors held over him."

full article at link



It’s nearly impossible to get fired at the DEA (or the rest of the government)

posted at 9:21 am on September 28, 2015 by Jazz Shaw

USA Today has a revealing, if disgusting, report this week which shows just how great it can be to land a government job these days, at least in some quarters of the establishment. At the Drug Enforcement Agency, for example, it’s nearly impossible to be terminated from your job for things such as being late for work, failure to correctly fill out your time sheet, parking in the wrong spot, running an illegal drug ring of your own or having sex parties with prostitutes.

Wait a minute… what were those last two again?




Caitlyn Jenner Claims She No Longer Feels Like A Woman And Asks Everyone To Call Her Bruce Again
By ShockWire October, 02 2015

article at link



The Obama Administration: Religious Freedoms for American Muslims, Not American Christians
Michael Brown | Oct 29, 2015

If we’ve learned anything here in America in the last few months, it is this: When your religious faith comes in conflict with your job, if you are a Muslim, your faith is protected and sacred; if you are a Christian, it is not.

We all know what happened to Christian bakers, florists, photographers, and county clerks who refused to participate in same-sex “marriages” because of their religious faith. They were found guilty by the courts and fined or punished or even imprisoned.

And we know where the Obama administration stood on these issues, to the point that last year, Attorney General Eric Holder instructed attorneys general nationwide that they were not obligated to defend state laws – meaning, specifically, bans on same-sex “marriage” – if they found them to be discriminatory.

But when it comes to freedom of religion for Muslims, the results in the courts are different, the reaction from the administration is different, and even the response from the media is different.

Back in April, some Muslim cab drivers in Cleveland refused to drive taxis carrying ads for the upcoming gay Olympic games.

linked below



Beverly Hills Becoming Supercar Playground for Middle Eastern Mega Rich

by Michael Walker

9/17/2015 3:04pm PDT

L.A.'s supercar invasion was exemplified last weekend, when a $1.5 million Ferrari LaFerrari was captured on video racing a Porsche 911 GT3 on a residential street in Beverly Hills.

For the past few summers, rich young Saudis, Qataris, Kuwaitis and other Middle Easterners, accompanied by their personal Ferraris, Bugattis and Aventadors, have flocked to Beverly Hills after their former haunts in Paris, London, Cannes and Monaco became less receptive to the crush of super-expensive supercars with Arabic tags drawing crowds of gaping rubberneckers.



12-04-2015, 12:52 PM
Obama and the COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY final ORGASMIC lust for Murder, Mayhem, and Total Anarchy within America will proceed at break-neck speed.....all because of there insane hatred for God!


Americans Bought Enough Guns Black Friday To Create a New Military Branch

Posted by*Bob Owens*on*December 2, 2015 at 11:10 am

Americans Bought Enough Guns Black Friday To Create a New Military Branch

A petulant President Barack Obama demanded that Americans talk about gun control over Thanksgiving.

Citizens responded by buying enough firearms in one day to field an entire new military the size of the Marine Corps, with guns left over to equip 2-4 Army divisions.

Mr. President you have you answer.

It was a rousing “screw you.”

* * *

Exploitative members of the mainstream media and the Democrat Party have attempted to use the Islamic terror attacks in France to frighten Americans into passing “Minority Report” legislation for the past few weeks. This legislation would strip American citizens of their core rights without a trial, or*without them even being accused of committing a crime.

Rather than discuss the renewed threat of Islamic terrorism or the thousands of Syrian refugees that will soon be streaming into the country, President Obama wants families to focus their conversations on gun control while they are enjoying their turkey dinner*this Thanksgiving.

In a press briefing on*Monday, White House Press Secretary*Josh Earnest continued to push the president’s*gun control agenda.*The White House is now focusing on*an effort*by Democrats to ban Americans who are on the “no-fly” list from purchasing a firearm.

“As people sitting around the Thanksgiving table talking about these issues, as they should, and I’m sure they will all across the country, I hope that’s a question that will be raised and asked by members around the table,” Earnest said, referring to the bill sponsored by congressional Democrats.

A stunning 40% of the people on this so-called “terror watch list”—somewhere between 280,00-300,000 souls—have*no ties at all to terror groups. The FBI, CIA, NSA, and other intelligence organizations find the list to be almost worthless, and have not called for Congress to pass this legislation. this is nothing more or less than an attempt by one political party to amass power for itself at the expense of the citizenry.

Article continues at link below



BREAKING: Obama/Jarrett Warn FBI Director Over Anti-Muslim Tone (UPDATED)

Posted on*December 4, 2015*

If true, this is a scenario that appears to pit the Obama White House against FBI Director James Comey over what reports suggest is an increasingly divisive conflict between Mr. Obama and Mrs. Jarrett and federal law enforcement officials regarding feared pending ISIS terror threats inside of the United States.




FBI Neglect of San Bernardino Crime Scene Fits a Pattern

by*JOEL B. POLLAK4 Dec 2015

The shocking sight of journalists storming into the apartment of the San Bernardino terrorists, less than 48 hours after the attack, was apparently allowed by the FBI, which handed the apartment back over to the landlord, who let the media in with a crowbar.

CNN had a reporter on the scene, but its own analyst Harry Houck was shocked, calling it a “screw-up.”



VIDEO: Former Congressman DARES Loretta Lynch to Prosecute Him in Scathing Rant

The day after the horrific terrorist San Bernardino shooting spree,*Attorney General Loretta Lynch pledged to a group*of Muslim activists*that she would take aggressive action against anyone who used “anti-Muslim rhetoric” that “edges toward violence.”

Joe Walsh, former Congressman from Illinois,*didn’t back down*from the Attorney General’s*threat. In fact, Walsh has*released a statement to*Hypeline News*directly challenging Lynch:

What the hell does that mean? I have a 1st Amendment right, Ms Lynch, to say whatever I want about Muslims.

You want to try and prosecute me for what I say? I dare you. Here goes:

Most Muslims around the world are terrorists, support terrorism, and/or support Sharia Law. They are our enemy. I don’t want them in America. Any Muslim that won’t assimilate should get the hell out of America. Any Muslim that is a terrorist or supports terrorism should be killed. If “Moderate” Muslims don’t speak out against terrorism, they are our enemy and we should call them out and kick them out of this country. I hope there is a backlash against Muslims because Islam, as practiced by most Muslims, is not a religion of peace, and all of us who do live in peace should do whatever we can to defeat Islam.


There Ms Lynch. As an American, I have a right to say everything I just did. And I will continue to speak the truth about Islam in the hopes that others will wake up to this truth and do what we can to defeat this evil in our midst.


Is that “anti-Muslim rhetoric” that “edges toward violence.” Go ahead and prosecute me. I dare you.

Linked below



Loretta Lynch Stands Boldly With Muslims


12.04.1510:48 AM ET

“The Muslim American community is expanding, which is beautiful.” I doubt you would ever hear these words uttered by a Republican governmental official anywhere. And we definitely know it’s not something you will hear from the 2016 GOP presidential candidates.

But those were the very words that United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch told the sold-out crowd on Thursday night at theMuslim Advocates*10th*anniversary dinner.

As the emcee of this event, I was excited to hear what the nation’s highest law enforcement official was going to say. I frankly expected to hear more along the lines of broad platitudes about hate is wrong, freedom of religion for all, etc. But that’s not what Lynch gave us.

Article at link



Pamela Geller: If Loretta Lynch Wants to Ban ‘Violent Talk,’ She Should Ban the Quran

In the wake of the San Bernardino jihad slaughter, Obama’s jihad denial took a malevolent and tyrannical turn. The day after a horrific ISIS rampage, Obama’s*Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, pledged to an Islamic supremacist lobbying group*that she would prosecute anyone who used “anti-Muslim” rhetoric.

Lynch declared: “When we talk about the First Amendment we [must] make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not American. They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted. My message not just to the Muslim community but to all Americans is: we cannot give in to the fear that these backlashes are really based on.”

If Lynch is serious in prosecuting hate speech, then she will have to start closing down mosques and banning the Quran. She wants to restrict the First Amendment so as to curb “actions predicated on violent talk?” Then she should ban this “violent talk”:

And slay them wherever you come upon them, and expel them from where they expelled you; persecution is more grievous than slaying. But fight them not by the Holy Mosque until they should fight you there; then, if they fight you, slay them — such is the recompense of unbelievers, but if they give over, surely Allah is All-forgiving, All-compassionate. Fight them, till there is no persecution and the religion is Allah’s; then if they give over, there shall be no enmity save for evildoers. (Quran 2:191-193)

Men are the managers of the affairs of women for that Allah has preferred in bounty one of them over another, and for that they have expended of their property. Righteous women are therefore obedient, guarding the secret for Allah’s guarding. And those you fear may be rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches, and beat them. (Quran 4:34)

They wish that you should disbelieve as they disbelieve, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of Allah; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper. (Quran 4:89)

This is the recompense of those who fight against Allah and His Messenger, and hasten about the earth, to do corruption there: they shall be slaughtered, or crucified, or their hands and feet shall alternately be struck off; or they shall be banished from the land. That is a degradation for them in this world; and in the world to come awaits them a mighty chastisement. (Quran 5:33)

When thy Lord was revealing to the angels, ˜I am with you; so confirm the believers. I shall cast into the unbelievers’ hearts terror; so smite above the necks, and smite every finger of them! (Quran 8:12)

Make ready for them whatever force and strings of horses you can, to strike terror in the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides them that you know not; Allah knows them. And whatsoever you expend in the way of Allah shall be repaid you in full; you will not be wronged. (Quran 8:60)

Then, when the sacred months are drawn away, slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they repent, and perform the prayer, and pay the alms, then let them go their way; Allah is All-forgiving, All-compassionate. (Quran 9:5)

Fight those who believe not in Allah and the Last Day and do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden — such men as practise not the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book — until they pay the tribute out of hand and have been humbled. (Quran 9:29)

Article at link




Oh, by the way: The San Bernardino jihadi got a visa to enter the U.S. by providing a fake address;*Update: Or did she?

Allahpundit, Dec 4, 2015

A fine end*to a fine week for federal law enforcement. Someone, either*the NSA or the FBI, obviously dropped the ball on sniffing these two degenerates out before they made their move. Then the FBI declared Farook’s apartment clear despite the fact that it was still*“stuffed full of documents, notebooks, photos, business cards, IDs,”*which freed the media to go trampling through the crime scene. Now this.

It’s a good day for Donald Trump and his message that we’re governed by imbeciles, particularly on immigration, says*Ross Douthat. And so it is.

Full article at



“The Ziiggii Theory” – The Go-Pro Camera Footage as a Possible Motive….

Posted by*sundance

San Bernadino Terrorists: Syed Farook – Tashfeen MalikI’m calling this “The Ziiggii Theory” because early on contributor Ziiggii was instrumental in showing how the FBI and USMS (US Marshals) were using Stingray Flights in/around the San Bernadino area during the terrorist attack.



ISIS Reveals Its Ninja Training Camp


Full article at link



Watch: ISIS Tried To Scare Everyone With Their Strange New Weapon. Instead, They’re Getting Laughed At


ISIS is fighting Russian fighter planes. And when ISIS doesn’t have shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles, they must think of some other more effective way to destroy those Russian fighters decimating their forces. Those ideas must be creative, powerful, and effective. And so ISIS is reaching for the only materials they supposedly have to fashion new weaponry to mount a potent defense. This time, they are reaching for their condoms.

Article at link below



How the Pakistani entered the American Homeland
Chidanand Rajghatta*|*TNN*|*Dec 5, 2015, 07.31AM IST

In a dramatic twist to the San Bernardino shooting case that resulted in 35 casualties, including 14 dead, investigators are now focusing on Tashfeen Malik, the 27-year Pakistani wife of Syed Rizwan Farook, who reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS on the day of the carnage through a fake Facebook account. The Pakistani media is also reporting that US officials have found Tashfeen had ties to clerics of the Lal Masjid in Islamabad, an extremist hub that was attacked during the Musharraf regime resulting in scores of casualties, including many women, and an eruption in extremist anger.

Article at link


12-06-2015, 02:25 PM

Family of US Muslim who killed 14 says they don't believe official account of the massacre and even suggest the Sandy Hook slaying didn't take place

By Ben Ashford In San Bernardino For Dailymail.com and Nick Enoch for MailOnline10:31 04 Dec 2015, updated 20:02 04 Dec 2015

A lawyer representing the family of San Bernardino gunman Syed Farook has questioned accounts of the massacre which saw Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik kill 14 at a holiday party on Wednesday morning.

Attorney David Chesley said they doubted the accuracy of information released by the police and FBI.*

Farook, 28, and his Pakistan-born wife Malik, 27, died in a gun battle with police after the mass shooting at the Inland Regional Center.

To illustrate his point, Chesley made a bizarre reference to the Sandy Hook massacre, suggesting it didn't take place as described in the official narrative.*

'There have been suggestions that it may be something that was related to their work, that somehow he was a disgruntled employee,' he said.*

'But it doesn't seem plausible to us that this petite woman [Malik] would be involved in this sort of hyper-caricatured, Bonnie and Clyde crazy scenario.*

'There were a lot of questions drawn with Sandy Hook and whether or not that was a real incident or not.*

'But I mean obviously these things were found there, how they got there we don't know.'*

The Sandy Hook shootings occurred in December 2012, when gunman Adam Lanza, 20, shot his way into the front entrance of the school in Newtown, Connecticut, which was locked at the time, and killed 20 children and six teachers, then shot himself to death.

When Chesley was asked if he doubted the events of Sandy Hook, he said: 'There has been a lot speculation about it is all I would say.

Linked below




Active shooter drills carried out EVERY MONTH at San Bernardino Inland Regional Center... staff tweeted 'drill started' as police raid began

Thursday, December 03, 2015
by*Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

NaturalNews) Get this: The location where the shooting was carried out today in San Bernardino -- the Inland Regional Center -- has been subjected to*monthly active shooter drills, we're now learning.

This adds even more evidence to the notion that this may be a*staged false flag event*to provide Obama justification for outlawing private firearms ownership among law-abiding citizens.

From the*LA Times:

At the Inland Regional Center, where she's a nurse, the staff works with clients and parents of clients who are sometimes angry. They have active-shooter drills every month or so.

"Drill started," she texted her husband, Mark, around 11 a.m.

She walked to a window nearby and filmed a video as law enforcement sprinted toward the building.

Astronomically unlucky shooters?Yes, this woman actually texted, "Drill started." She recognized the pattern of movement that law enforcement has drilled countless times before. It's the same thing they've been drilling for*every single month.

http://www.naturalnews.com/052196_active_shooter_drills_San_Bernardino_shooti ng_Inland_Regional_Center.html



Article at link



Bio of all Deceased Victims

San Bernardino shooting victims: Who they were




TV Newsman says 3 Actors???

Link only at facebook



California Shooter studied at Al-Huda institute: teacher

AFP*—*UPDATED*DEC 07, 2015*02:05PM

Tashfeen Malik, 29, studied at the Al-Huda Institute in Multan, which admits middle-class women and also has offices in the US, the UAE, India and the UK, the teacher at the teaching centre who gave her name only as Muqadas said.

"It was a two-year course, but she did not finish it," the teacher Muqadas said. "She was a good girl. I don't know why she left and what happened to her."

The teacher did not say when Malik studied at the Al-Huda institute, but fellow classmates at the Bahauddin Zakariya University said she had attended the institute after classes at the university, which she attended from 2007-2013.


December 5, 2015

Secretive “Khawlah Division” Warned Behind*San Bernardino*Massacre; More Attacks Warned To Follow

A very concerning Federal Security Services (FSB) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the 2 December*San Bernardino massacre*that killed 14 innocent people was carried out by a secretive Islamic “woman only” combat organization known as the “Khawlah Division” having roots in Pakistan, and*funded by Saudi Arabia,*which Federation intelligence analysts had sent a “SECRET/URGENT” warning about on 27 November to both the United States and Thailand—and which the*warning to Thailand was, briefly, made public.

Linked below



SOMALI 'REFUGEE' LINKED TO SAN BERNARDINO TERROR ATTACK Also played key role in Garland, Texas, attackPublished: 21 hours ago



12-07-2015, 03:39 AM
And so, The End Result is.....

Supreme Court rejects challenge to assault weapon ban
Lawrence Hurley1 hr ago

WASHINGTON, Dec 7 (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected a challenge by gun rights activists to a Chicago suburb's ordinance banning assault weapons and large-capacity magazines, handing a victory to gun control advocates amid a fierce debate over the nation's firearms laws.

The 2013 ordinance passed by the city of Highland Park, Illinois will remain in place. By opting not to hear an appeal of a lower-court ruling that upheld the measure, the justices declined to take up what would have been a high-profile gun rights case following a succession of mass shootings including the one last week in San Bernardino, California.

The Highland Park measure bans various semi-automatic weapons, including well-known guns such as the AR-15 and AK-47, in addition to magazines holding more than 10 rounds of bullets.

Two conservatives on the nine-member court, Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, said the justices should have taken the case.

Thomas wrote a six-page dissent in which he said that despite recent pro-gun rights rulings by the conservative-leaning high court, several lower courts "have upheld categorical bans on firearms that millions of Americans commonly own for lawful purposes."

The U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, but there is a longstanding legal debate over its scope.

Semi-automatic rifles are popular, with the vast majority of owners using them for lawful purposes, Thomas said. "Under our precedents, that is all that is needed for citizens to have a right under the Second Amendment to keep such weapons," he said.


In April, the Chicago-based 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the challenge to Highland Park's ordinance. Thomas said the high court should have heard the appeal of that ruling in order to prevent that appeals court "from relegating the Second Amendment to a second-class right."

The plaintiffs were gun owner Arie Friedman, a pediatrician, and the Illinois State Rifle Association. The National Rifle Association, the influential gun rights group, and 24 U.S. states urged the high court to hear the case.

The Supreme Court has not taken up a major gun case since 2010. In the 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller case, the court held for the first time that the Second Amendment guaranteed an individual right to bear arms, but the ruling applied only to firearms kept in the home for self-defense. Two years later, in the case McDonald v. City of Chicago, the court held that the earlier ruling applied to the states.

In defending the ban, Highland Park's lawyers noted that it was enacted "following a series of tragic mass shootings across the nation" including the 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut in which 20 young pupils and six adults were killed.

They also pointed out that seven states, including California and New York, have similar laws on the books.

A nationwide assault weapons ban law expired in 2004 when the bitterly divided U.S. Congress failed to renew it, with many Republicans opposing gun control measures. The federal law had barred the manufacture and sale of semi-automatic guns with military-style features as well as magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

In his speech to the nation on Sunday night, President Barack Obama noted that the husband-and-wife shooters who killed 14 people in San Bernardino had stockpiled assault weapons and ammunition. Obama called for new limits on assault weapons.

link below


12-25-2015, 07:21 AM

Obama’s Planned Gun Control Regulations to be Incrementally Imposed After the Holidays


Dec, 2015

by Dave Hodges

According to my sources, Obama will ultimately implement the following gun control regulations, mostly through a series of Executive Orders.

1.Tax ammunition into oblivion and encourage the prosecution of gun manufacturers and bullet producers for shootings using their products. This is a given and will be rolled out very early in the form of an Executive Order.

2.The Federal government will purchase as much ammunition as possible in order to create shortages, thus, driving up the price of ammunition.

3.The prohibition of purchasing a gun in one state and transporting that same gun across state lines.

4.New Federal regulations which will permit, without a warrant, any civil authority to enter a home of a registered gun owner to check for gun safety when it comes to the “proper” storage of guns. Said gun can be confiscated and the owner will be subject to arrest and fines if a gun does not meet governmental storage regulations. The new regulations will be devised to prevent one from using the gun in a moment’s notice.

5.There is discussion among DoJ officials about limiting how guns, in the aggregate, that can be stored in one geographic area. This will amount to gun rationing.

6.Gun owners will eventually be required to attend and pass gun safety courses in the same manner as one renews their drivers license. This will, again, drive up the cost of owning a gun.

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From Gods' mind to your Computer Screen. In what will perhaps be the most "Crucial Year" in all of American History, Regarding the 2nd Amendment, and indeed the very Document that gives freedom to Americans, The United States Constitution!

I won't beat around the bush here, IF HILLARY CLINTON IS ELECTED PRESIDENT in 2016, you can pretty much kiss those FREEDOMS away permanently under a NEW WORLD ORDER Government. It means that she will more than likely appoint 3, possibly 4, Supreme Court Justices to the Court of all Courts. This means that what you have witnessed under the dictatorship of Barack Obama, will be childs play by comparison under her dictatorship over America. WACO come to mind???

Bloomberg-backed group presents gun safety proposal to White House


After a gunman killed nine people at an Oregon community college in early October, President Obama made a familiar walk to the White House briefing room to express sadness and outrage over another mass shooting.

"Somehow this has become routine. The reporting is routine. My response here at this podium ends up being routine. The conversation in the aftermath of it. We've become numb to this," President Obama said, citing the proliferation of guns as a root cause of mass shootings.

It was the eleventh such statement of his presidency.

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15 Ways To Detect A False Flag Operation

TOPICS:False FlagMakia Freeman
DECEMBER 18, 2015

By Makia Freeman

A false flag formula is becoming readily apparent in the face of so many mass shootings and bombings in the US. The phenomenon has become so commonplace in the last 3 years that it’s becoming more American than apple pie. According to ShootingTracker.com, there have been 353 mass shootings in the USA for 2015 so far. However, as scary as that number is, the good news is that you don’t have to be afraid of them like you may think. A very large number of them – and all of them with any mass media significance and attention – are false flag staged terror events.

Some have real victims, some do not, but either way, the most criminal of all institutions – the Government – is the orchestrating force behind them. They are scripted, pre-planned operations which are definitely not the result of random gun violence. Just as Obama stated (by hiding the truth in plain sight), there is a pattern behind these mass shootings. The Controllers are following a definite false flag formula. Below is a list of the top 15 elements of this formula, which you can now use to detect a false flag operation as it occurs:

False Flag Formula #1: Drill at the Same or Nearby Time and Place

The exercise or drill – at the same time, at the same place – has became the sine qua non or indispensable element of the recent false flag operation. Sometimes there are slight variations on this when the Government plans a drill nearby (a few miles away) rather than at the exact place, or plans a drill earlier on in the day, so it can just coincidentally “go live”. There was a twist in the case of the recent San Bernardino shooting: the Government planned regular drills in the building where the shooting took place every month! (Think about it – what are the chances of a real mass shooting occurring in a building used for mass shooting drills?)

As Captain Eric H. May, a former US Army military intelligence officer, stated:

The easiest way to carry out a false flag attack is by setting up a military exercise that simulates the very attack you want to carry out.

In the case of 9/11, there were no less than 46 drills occurring simultaneously during the event, according to Webster Tarpley, author of Synthetic Terror: Made in USA. In the case of the London 7/7 bombings, Peter Power admitted on radio that he was leading a team who were training for that exact scenario when it unfolded! There were active shooter drills in all of the false flag attacks of Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, Charleston, San Bernardino, the Norway attack, the 2nd Paris attack of 2015 and many many more.

What’s the point of having a drill at the same time and place? Here are a few of its purposes:

Distract and remove key personnel who would otherwise be at the scene to contain and investigate it;
Confuse other personnel who will treat the whole event in a different way if they think it is a drill rather than a real event;
Slow down, reduce or eliminate an effective response, especially of police and other law enforcement, given the removal and confusion of personnel;
Distract and confuse witnesses, the media and the public in general;
Provide a great cover and period of lower defenses and security to carry out an attack, which would otherwise be difficult or impossible if defenses were at their usual or optimal operating level.

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Check this out... http://dhs.lacounty.gov/wps/portal/dhs/ems/resources/drill then click "
Conducting Drills and Exercises - A guide for Hospitals" then go to chapter 2 Section C: Full-Scale Exercises

Conducting Drills and Exercises - A guide for Hospitals




Decontamination Area

Incident Command



Participant Evaluation

Planning and Intelligence

Treatment Area

Triage Area



America's Book of Secrets-The FBI

S 1 E 7

It is America's most powerful police force--made up of an elite team of Special Agents secretly patrolling the nation--and the world. While its patriotic mission is public knowledge, the FBI's tactics are classified. We'll go undercover to reveal the secret training, special operations and state-of-the-art tools used in today's 21st century crime fighting. How far can the FBI go to prevent crime and protect Americans? What are ghost agents, and how are they used for undercover surveillance? Who is the most notorious double agent? How has the internet changed the way the FBI works? While its global reach and sophisticated technology helps keep America safe, the FBI's greatest strength is its ability to keep its crime fighting tactics secret...until now.

Aired on:Mar 10, 2012Available Until:Mar 09, 2022Duration:44m 11s




By Doug Book, editor

In a January 5th 1996 teletype to select FBI field offices, FBI Director Louis Freeh revealed that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the far-left group founded by civil rights lawyer Morris Dees, had an informant living in Elohim City, a white supremacist compound whose inhabitants have been closely linked to the Oklahoma City bombing.

The Freeh teletype also revealed that Tim McVeigh, executed in 2001 for the murder of 168 people in Oklahoma City, had telephoned Elohim City asking that German national Andreas Strassmeir provide more assistance in completing the bomb which devastated the Alfred P. Murrah building. The call took place on April 17 of 1995, 2 days before the bombing.

The teletype makes it clear that the FBI had prior knowledge of the bombing plot and the SPLC had at least one informant on the inside. This individual has never been publicly identified. Neither is it known whether he reported to the FBI, to SPLC founder Morris Dees or to both.

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THE SAN BERNARDINO SHOOTING – What Really Happened Behind The Scenes?

The latest media driven shooting attack said to have taken place in San Bernardino, California over a week ago now – and still there’s a growing list of details that don’t add up.
After a week of whitewashed reports, a media scripted ransacking of the alleged ‘shooters’ home (tampering with a potential crime scene) and eyewitness accounts that contradict the official narrative, we also learn that in the very room where 14 people were reportedly killed (along with 21 injured) during a deadly shooting attack at the Inland Regional Center, there was an “active-shooter” training drill involving some of the victims almost a year before the attack.
Here’s what doesn’t add up…



Published: November 18, 2015
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According to witness testimony that has been mostly overlooked by the international media, the attackers were described as clean-shaven white men who were driving a brand-new black Mercedes-Benz.

According to the UK’s Mirror, an eyewitness by the name of Mahoud Admo said that he witnessed the initial drive by shooting, and saw the attackers without masks as they passed by in Mercedes-Benz calmly firing machine guns into the crowd.

Admo described the attack, saying:

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http://www.blacklistednews.com/Witness_Says_Paris_Attackers_Were_Clean_Shaven_Whi te_Men_In_A_New_Mercedes-Benz/47400/0/38/38/Y/M.html


Second Amendment - U.S. Constitution

Second Amendment - Bearing Arms

Amendment Text | Annotations

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

2nd Amendment Annotations

Prior to the Supreme Court's 2008 decision in District of Columbia v. Heller,1 the courts had yet to definitively state what right the Second Amendment protected. The opposing theories, perhaps oversimplified, were (1) an "individual rights" approach, whereby the Amendment protected individuals' rights to firearm ownership, possession, and transportation; and (2) a "states' rights" approach, under which the Amendment only protected the right to keep and bear arms in connection with organized state militia units.2 Moreover, it was generally believed that the Amendment was only a bar to federal action, not to state or municipal restraints.3
However, the Supreme Court has now definitively held that the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that weapon for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. Moreover, this right applies not just to the federal government, but to states and municipalities as well.
In Heller, the Court held that (1) the District of Columbia's total ban on handgun possession in the home amounted to a prohibition on an entire class of "arms" that Americans overwhelmingly chose for the lawful purpose of self-defense, and thus violated the Second Amendment; and (2) the District's requirement that any lawful firearm in the home be disassembled or bound by a trigger lock also violated the Second Amendment, because the law made it impossible for citizens to use arms for the core lawful purpose of self-defense.
The Court reasoned that the Amendment's prefatory clause, i.e., "[a] well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State," announced the Amendment's purpose, but did not limit or expand the scope of the operative clause, i.e., "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Moreover, the prefatory clause's history comported with the Court's interpretation, because the prefatory clause stemmed from the Anti-Federalists' concern that the federal government would disarm the people in order to disable the citizens' militia, enabling a politicized standing army or a select militia to rule.
Further, the Court distinguished United States v.Miller,4 in which the Court upheld a statute requiring registration under the National Firearms Act of sawed-off shotguns, on the ground that Miller limited the type of weapon to which the Second Amendment right applied to those in common use for lawful purposes.
In McDonald v. Chicago,5 the Court struck down laws enacted by Chicago and the village of Oak Park effectively banning handgun possession by almost all private citizens, holding that the Fourteenth Amendment incorporated the Second Amendment right, recognized in Heller, to keep and bear arms for the purpose of self-defense.
The Court reasoned that this right is fundamental to the nation's scheme of ordered liberty, given that self-defense was a basic right recognized by many legal systems from ancient times to the present, and Heller held that individual self-defense was "the central component" of the Second Amendment right. Moreover, a survey of the contemporaneous history also demonstrated clearly that the Fourteenth Amendment's Framers and ratifiers counted the right to keep and bear arms among those fundamental rights necessary to the Nation's system of ordered liberty.



Obama Hosts Secret White House Meeting With Hillary Clinton

by Charlie Spiering7 Dec 2015

President Obama met secretly with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this afternoon for what the White House described as an “informal lunch.”

The meeting was not on the president’s schedule, but was revealed by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest who issued a statement to reporters after the meeting:

When their schedules permit, President Obama and Secretary Clinton enjoy the opportunity to catch-up in person. This afternoon they met privately for an informal lunch here at the White House for about an hour and a half. They discussed a wide array of topics, but this was mostly a social occasion.

The president’s schedule was left open for much of the day after Obama received his daily presidential briefing. He is expected to attend the Congressional Ball at the White House later this evening for members of Congress.



How Obama ruled with a Iron Fist-Hillary next ???

Behavioral Insights Team: How Obama Plans to Control the American Public

By Susanne Posel – August 2, 2013

The Obama administration has decided that with the advances in “social and behavioral sciences” public policies can be better designed to coerce the general public through the use of propaganda.

Based on the Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) created by UK Prime Minister David Cameron (a.k.a. The Nudge Unit) was created “to influence British policies through insights from Behavioral Economics in order to achieve the coalition Government’s goal of finding ‘intelligent ways to encourage, support and enable people to make better choices for themselves’.”

BIT is overseen by Richard Thaler , Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics at University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

David Halpern, lead for the Institute for Government, is the spearhead for BIT because of his contribution to the MINDSPACE report which was the foundation for “behavioral insights in British public policy.”

A “nudge” is defined as “any aspect of the choice architecture that alters people’s behavior in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives. To count as a mere nudge, the intervention must be easy and cheap to avoid.”

The BIT team could be implemented to form policies such as tax collection to “increase net taxes collected”.

A new BIT team is “currently creating a new team that will help build federal capacity to experiment with these approaches, and to scale behavioral interventions that have been rigorously evaluated, using, where possible, randomized controlled trials.”

“Selected individuals” who are “experts in behavioral sciences, experimental design and evaluation” to be part of the Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) which is “for the temporary assignment of employees between the Federal Government and State, local, and Indian tribal governments, institutions of higher education and other eligible organizations.”

In the name of efficiency in government and society, this team for BIT in the US will work with governmental agencies such as the Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Cass Sustein, former administrator for the Obama administration Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (IORA), wrote the book entitled, “Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness” that describes how humans make choices and how to steer them into making “better ones”.

In fact, Sustein and Thaler co-authored the book together which offers “a new perspective on preventing the countless mistakes we make—ill-advised personal investments, consumption of unhealthy foods, neglect of our natural resources—and show us how sensible ‘choice architecture’ can successfully nudge people toward the best decisions.”

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Americans seen as possibly more threatening than Islamic jihadists
Published: 10/15/2015 at 9:04 PM

Just two weeks after it announced a plan to globalize local police departments through the “Strong Cities Network,” the Obama administration has added a new tool in its fight against “violent extremism.”

A new position within the Justice Department – yet to be filled – will focus on investigating lone-wolf domestic terrorists or “extremists.”

The person who heads this new effort will target extremists who plan mass shootings, hold racist, bigoted or anti-government views or see themselves as “sovereign citizens.”

The new position at the Justice Department, dubbed the “domestic terrorism counsel,” will serve as the main point of contact for U.S. attorney offices nationwide and will identify trends across cases, help shape strategy and “analyze legal gaps that need to be closed,” said Assistant Attorney General John Carlin.

It is not clear what Carlin meant by that statement.

“The legal gaps are probably laws that need to be changed,” said John Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute and a longtime constitutional attorney.

“I’m sure it’s gun laws,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, another watchdog agency. Fitton says the Justice Department is teaming up with the Southern Poverty Law Center to “go after” the Obama administration’s political enemies while downplaying the threat of Islamic terrorism on U.S. soil.

The FBI has confirmed it has active ISIS investigations in all 50 states. And Islamic-inspired attacks have occurred in recent years in Chattanooga, Tennessee; Garland, Texas, and Fort Hood, Texas. Other examples include the Boston Marathon bombing and the Oklahoma City beheading of a Christian woman.

But the Justice Department sees Islamic jihadists as no more dangerous than mentally ill actors such as Dylann Roof, the Charleston, South Carolina, church shooter who killed nine black Christians.

In fact, Justice officials have indicated these home-grown “right wingers” are possibly more numerous and dangerous than the jihadists.

In announcing the new position Wednesday, Carlin referred to a study by the New America Foundation that found nearly twice as many Americans have been killed by “right-wing” extremists since Sept. 11 than by Islamic terrorists.

“Looking back over the past few years, it is clear that domestic terrorists and homegrown violent extremists remain a real and present danger to the United States,” he said. “We recognize that, over the past few years, more people have died in this country in attacks by domestic extremists than in attacks associated with international terrorist groups.”

However, a look at the funding sources of the New America Foundation show its financial support comes from billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and the Carnegie Corp. of New York, which has funded causes such as Common Core and mass immigration.

New America Foundation’s list of terror attacks since 9/11 includes the Charleston church shooting among 19 “right-wing” attacks, despite evidence that Roof has a history of severe mental health issues.

The study could find only seven “jihadist” attacks that killed 26 people since Sept. 11. Nowhere to be found on the foundation’s list is the Chattanooga shooter, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who killed five U.S. servicemen. Also absent on the list is John Muhammad, the Washington, D.C., sniper who killed at least 10 people in 2002 with his young accomplice, Lee Malvo.

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"I don't give a damn"
Paul Joseph Watson - AUGUST 6, 2014 4533 Comments

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Scalia: Constitution Is 'Dead, Dead, Dead'
The Huffington Post | By Chris Gentilviso
Posted: 01/29/2013 1:50 pm EST Updated: 01/29/2013 4:00 pm EST

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is still frustrated that Americans don't understand how to read the supreme law of the land.

Appearing Monday evening at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, Scalia dismissed the modern vision of the U.S. Constitution as a living document.

“It’s not a living document," he said, according to the Dallas Morning News. "It’s dead, dead, dead."

This is not the first instance of Scalia expressing thoughts of this nature. Back in December, he appeared at Princeton University in New Jersey, echoing similar views about the "living" nature of the document.

"The fairest reading of the text is what the law means," he said during that appearance.

Back in February 2009, however, Scalia spoke at a Stanford University Hoover Institution talk, calling the document a "morphing" piece of writing. In turn, the Supreme Court guides that evolution.

"The Constitution changes from decade to decade to comport with -- and this is a phrase we use in our Eighth Amendment jurisprudence, we the court does -- to comport with 'the evolving standards of decency that mark the progress of a maturing society.'"



Federal Government Researchs Tech To Remotely Track, Disrupt, Destroy Guns
Posted by Bob Owens on September 23, 2015 at 3:41 pm

Scratch many people in the tech sector and you’ll find a totalitarian underneath. They sincerely think that technology can save the world… provided that they’re the ones controlling it, of course.

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising, then, that these high tech totalitarians are conspiring with the Obama Administration to undermine the Second Amendment.

The right to bear arms is hot topic in our society; many polls show a slight majority of the American public leaning towards the Second Amendment. So, for a moment, let’s take getting rid of guns off the table and think outside the box. Let’s turn off our pro- or anti-gun sentiments and click on our tech knowledge.

One idea slowly garnishing interest and influence is GPS tracking in guns. This is not a new idea. The federal government has been experimenting with using wireless Nano and GPS technologies to track, disrupt, and even self-destruct firearms for at least two years. The project – known as micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) – utilizes Nano devices created by engineers that can affect a weapon’s operation. MEMS capabilities could be built into U.S. weapons within three to five years and the market for this technology would be around $1.1 billion dollars, Bloomberg Businessweek reported.

The author amazingly doesn’t feel that giving government the ability to “track, disrupt, and even self-destruct” firearms is an “infringment” on the natural right to armed self-defense.

I’ll go ahead and make several predictions:

anti-gun liberals will attempt to mandate MEMS technology for all new commercial U.S. firearms once the technology is in a working prototype stage. Some will demand that this technology be retrofitted to existing firearms.

Some anti-gun liberals will attempt to force federal and state agencies to adopt MEMS. These agencies will resist out of fears that the needlessly complex technology is a threat to their officers, and the concept will die.
any gun company that incorporates this MEMS technology into their firearms will be abandoned by a commercial market which dwarfs the much smaller government market.

People will quickly find a way to hack the technology, for better or worse.
I’m a little surprised that this is the first I’ve heard of MEMS being used to disable the civilian firearms market, but then, it isn’t something they’d want to popularize, is it?

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Paul Craig Roberts – This Now Threatens To Destroy Our Civilization

December 24, 2015

December 24 (King World News) – The Greatest Gift For All

Christmas is a time of traditions. If you have found time in the rush before Christmas to decorate a tree, you are sharing in a relatively new tradition. Although the Christmas tree has ancient roots, at the beginning of the 20th century only 1 in 5 American families put up a tree. It was 1920 before the Christmas tree became the hallmark of the season. Calvin Coolidge was the first President to light a national Christmas tree on the White House lawn…

Gifts are another shared custom. This tradition comes from the wise men or three kings who brought gifts to baby Jesus. When I was a kid, gifts were more modest than they are now, but even then people were complaining about the commercialization of Christmas. We have grown accustomed to the commercialization. Christmas sales are the backbone of many businesses. Gift giving causes us to remember others and to take time from our harried lives to give them thought.

The decorations and gifts of Christmas are one of our connections to a Christian culture that has held Western civilization together for 2,000 years.

In our culture the individual counts. This permits an individual person to put his or her foot down, to take a stand on principle, to become a reformer and to take on injustice.

This empowerment of the individual is unique to Western civilization. It has made the individual a citizen equal in rights to all other citizens, protected from tyrannical government by the rule of law and free speech. These achievements are the products of centuries of struggle, but they all flow from the teaching that God so values the individual’s soul that he sent his son to die so we might live. By so elevating the individual, Christianity gave him a voice.

Formerly only those with power had a voice. But in Western civilization people with integrity have a voice. So do people with a sense of justice, of honor, of duty, of fair play. Reformers can reform, investors can invest, and entrepreneurs can create commercial enterprises, new products and new occupations.

The result was a land of opportunity. The United States attracted immigrants who shared our values and reflected them in their own lives. Our culture was absorbed by a diverse people who became one.

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Professor Blames Mass Shootings on ‘White Male Privilege’
Kyle Olson | Dec 19, 2012

Some opinions only get attention because they come from people with advanced degrees who make their living on the taxpayer dime. That’s certainly the case for Hugo Schwyzer, a history and gender studies professor at Pasadena City College.

He has a history of blaming white men for most of the mass killings that take place in the United States. Friday’s tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut gave him a great opportunity to spout his nonsense once again.

Less than 40 minutes after the events – while (woefully inaccurate) news was still breaking – he tweeted, “MEN committing acts of Mass Violence is an epidemic that the U.S. needs to immediately address!”

About 16 minutes later, he re-tweeted a statement that came from his children’s pediatrician: “If there is anybody on Twitter who thinks we do not need gun control, go f**k yourselves.”

Minutes later Schwyzer tweeted, “F**k You, Guns…”

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What the NWO thinks of a particular race.

SATURDAY, AUG 23, 2014 09:00 AM -0700
White privilege: An insidious virus that’s eating America from within
Ferguson offers white people a chance to understand the price of our privilege

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http://www.salon.com/2014/08/23/white_privilege_an_insidious_virus_thats_eating_am erica_from_within/


PA State Capitol Police Will Start Toting Israeli TAVOR (Bullpup Style) Rifles
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Organized Community Defense Is America’s Last Hope
Wednesday, 06 August 2014 02:42 Brandon Smith

Not long ago, I felt compelled to address the idea of self defense as a moral imperative in an article titled “Violence In The Face Of Tyranny Is Often Necessary.” My intention was to perhaps undo some of the propaganda conditioning that Americans have suffered over the decades that has taught them that “all” forms of violent action are “immoral”, including the defense of one’s person, one’s property, and one’s freedom.

The recent uprising at Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nev., confirmed my predictions that many Americans are tired of playing by rules chartered by the establishment and are ready to take measures outside of the boundaries set by the system. The reality is that change will never come without consequence and cost, and when faced with an entrenched tyranny, if the citizenry cannot present the threat of physical consequence to their oppressors, the oppressors have no motivation to relinquish power.

To use the schoolyard analogy yet again, it is a fact of life that the class bully will not leave a victim in peace because he is enthralled with the feeling of power over others. The bully will not stop because he has no incentive. Protesting only encourages him. Using the system as a shield only amuses him. Logic and reason only anger him. Punching the bully in the teeth is the only incentive he will respect. If you show that you can disrupt a tyrant’s abuse of power anytime you wish, if you show that you can hurt him back, only then will he take you seriously.

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APPLEZEBRA11: The Jared Lee Loughner Investigation
October 23, 2012 by POPEYE

Filed under Mind Control, Featured Stories

(FEDERALJACK) On these two editions of DTRH Popeye welcomes investigative journalist Stephanie Sledge to the broadcast. They go over the shooting of Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords and all of the weirdness surrounding it. Stephanie has put together a report over 400 pages long on the whole incident available at her website. Since there is so much information this had to be a two part broadcast.

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The Black Book of the American Left: The Collected Conservative Writings of David Horowitz

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Having been an active figure in the conspiracy community over 7 years now, I can safely and confidently say that Alex Jones and David Icke, the world's two most popular conspiracy theorists, and Above Top Secret, the world's biggest conspiracy forum, are in fact controlled opposition working directly with the government / corporate powers that be. In the following videos I expose facts like Alex Jones' and AboveTopSecret's C.I.A. connections and explain the nature of intelligence agency honeypots, how they effectively gather intel, poison the well, and control the conspiracy opposition by leading it.



James Holmes, and how the CIA hid their MKULTRA mind-control program Mar
by Jon Rappoport
James Holmes, and how the CIA hid the MKULTRA mind-control program

by Jon Rappoport

March 20, 2013

Back in the early 1990s, I interviewed John Marks, author of Search for the Manchurian Candidate. This was the book that exposed the existence of the infamous CIA MKULTRA program.

I bring up this interview now, because James Holmes may well be on the receiving end of MKULTRA, as his lawyers try to navigate an insanity plea in the Aurora massacre case.

Holmes will be given “truth drugs” to “refresh his memory” about his state of mind at the time of the killings. If that sounds absurd, it is. I wrote a piece the other day detailing how such drugs are often given to produce extreme terror in patients. In other words, the drugs don’t elicit the truth. They’re used as threats to force the patient/suspect to confess to whatever his torturers want him to confess to.



Hillary Clinton Says the United States Embarrasses Her
By Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. | September 17, 2014

EW YORK, September 19 (C-Fam) “It is embarrassing, I mean, really, it’s embarrassing.”

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told a conference room of international feminists and abortion advocates that the US is a long way from ratifying the UN treaty on discrimination against women, “not for lack of trying, but for absence of support.”

Clinton was the final speaker last Friday at a two-day feminist conference called “Women and Girls Rising” at the Ford Foundation in New York., which began with remarks by Gloria Steinem and was organized by the author of a glowing biography of Margaret Sanger. Former Clinton administration chief of staff John Podesta also expressed embarrassment over the non-ratification of CEDAW, adding that many “think that the United States can’t ratify anything these days.”

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Bombshell Evidence Suggests Jade Helm Is Connected To Massive Cyber Event, Planned Since 2013

April 14, 2015

By now most have heard of the planned Jade Helm 15 military training exercises due to take place throughout America from July 15 through September 15, 2015, which many believe is the US government preparations for martial law, where multiple states are listed as "hostile," with the US military training for "uncoventional warfare," with surgical strikes and extractions, among other things. These exercises have been dubbed "unprecedented and dangerous," by former military members. There will be a related links to ANP's coverage, starting back on March 13, 2015 when Stefan Stanford first published the leaked documents of this planned event.

Videographer DAHBOO77 has highlighted the latest Jade Helm 15 bombshell, where evidence has emerged that these exercises have been planned since 2013, and since at least 2014, have included a connection to a "massive cyber event."

Links provided in DAHBOO's video details take us to a couple of LinkedIn pages.

Mia Kelly, with a job description that states "Cyber/IO Planner for Exercise JADE HELM at ICE," from August 2014 to present, showing that from January 2014 to August she was the "Cyber/IO Planner - Jade Helm for the VATC.


12-25-2015, 10:09 AM


01-03-2016, 11:53 AM


New "Crisis Actors-False Flag" Waco Seige??? Possible Obama Gun Control Opportunity???


Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters

Update at 9:15 p.m.: Statement from Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward: "After the peaceful rally was completed today, a group of outside militants drove to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, where they seized and occupied the refuge headquarters. A collective effort from multiple agencies is currently working on a solution. For the time being please stay away from that area. More information will be provided as it becomes available. Please maintain a peaceful and united front and allow us to work through this situation."

The Bundy family of Nevada joined with hard-core militiamen Saturday to take over the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, vowing to occupy the remote federal outpost 30 miles southeast of Burns for years.

The occupation came shortly after an estimated 300 marchers — militia and local citizens both — paraded through Burns to protest the prosecution of two Harney County ranchers, Dwight Hammond Jr. and Steven Hammond, who are to report to prison on Monday.

Among the occupiers is Ammon Bundy, son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, and two of his brothers. Militia members at the refuge claimed they had as many as 100 supporters with them. The refuge, federal property managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, was closed and unoccupied for the holiday weekend.

In phone interviews from inside the occupied building Saturday night, Ammon Bundy and his brother, Ryan Bundy, said they are not looking to hurt anyone. But they would not rule out violence if police tried to remove them, they said.

"The facility has been the tool to do all the tyranny that has been placed upon the Hammonds," Ammon Bundy said.

"We're planning on staying here for years, absolutely," he added. "This is not a decision we've made at the last minute."

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Full Story on What’s Going on In Oregon – Militia Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution…

Posted by*sundance

Grab a coffee, because this is soup-to-nuts.Many people will awaken today to the news of approximately 100 to 150 armed militia taking control of a closed Wildlife Park Headquarters, and not know the full back-story – so here it is:


The short summary is:* in an effort to draw attention to a ridiculous arrest of a father and son pair of Oregon Ranchers (“Dwight Lincoln Hammond, Jr., 73, and his son, Steven Dwight Hammond, 46,) who are scheduled to begin five year prison sentences (turning themselves in tomorrow January 4th 2016), three brothers from the Cliven Bundy family and approximately 100/150 (and growing) heavily armed militia (former U.S. service members) have taken control of*Malheur Wildlife Refuge Headquarters*in the wildlife reserve.* They are prepared to stay there indefinitely.

Here’s the long version:*including history, details, links video(s) and explanations:


(aa) The Harney Basin (were the Hammond ranch is established) was settled in the 1870’s. The valley was settled by multiple ranchers and was known to have run over 300,000 head of cattle. These ranchers developed a state of the art irrigated system to water the meadows, and it soon became a favorite stopping place for migrating birds on their annual trek north.

(ab) In 1908 President Theodor Roosevelt, in a political scheme, create an “Indian reservation” around the Malheur, Mud & Harney Lakes and declared it “as a preserve and breeding ground for native birds”. Later this “Indian reservation” (without Indians) became the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

(a) In 1964 the Hammonds purchased their ranch in the Harney Basin. The purchase included approximately 6000 acres of private property, 4 grazing rights on public land, a small ranch house and 3 water rights. The ranch is around 53 miles South of Burns, Oregon.

(a1) By the 1970’s nearly all the ranches adjacent to the Blitzen Valley were purchased by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and added to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge covers over 187,000 acres and stretches over 45 miles long and 37 miles wide. The expansion of the refuge grew and surrounds to the Hammond’s ranch. Being approached many times by the FWS, the Hammonds refused to sell. Other ranchers also choose not to sell.

(a2) During the 1970’s the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), in conjunction with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), took a different approach to get the ranchers to sell. Ranchers were told that, “grazing was detrimental to wildlife and must be reduced”. 32 out of 53 permits were revoked and many ranchers were forced to leave. Grazing fees were raised significantly for those who were allowed to remain. Refuge personnel took over the irrigation system claiming it as their own.

(a3) By 1980 a conflict was well on its way over water allocations on the adjacent privately owned Silvies Plain. The FWS wanted to acquire the ranch lands on the Silvies Plain to add to their already vast holdings. Refuge personnel intentional diverted the water to bypassing the vast meadowlands, directing the water into the rising Malheur Lakes. Within a few short years the surface area of the lakes doubled. Thirty-one ranches on the Silvies plains were flooded. Homes, corrals, barns and graze-land were washed a way and destroyed. The ranchers that once fought to keep the FWS from taking their land, now broke and destroyed, begged the FWS to acquire their useless ranches. In 1989 the waters began to recede and now the once thriving privately owned Silvies pains are a proud part of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge claimed by the FWS.

(a4) By the 1990’s the Hammonds were one of the very few ranchers that still owned private property adjacent to the refuge. Susie Hammond in an effort to make sense of what was going on began compiling fact about the refuge. In a hidden public record she found a study that was done by the FWS in 1975. The study showed that the “no use” policies of the FWS on the refuge were causing the wildlife to leave the refuge and move to private property. The study showed that the private property adjacent to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge produced 4 times more ducks and geese than the refuge did. It also showed that the migrating birds were 13 times more likely to land on private property than on the refuge. When Susie brought this to the attention of the FWS and refuge personnel, her and her family became the subjects of a long train of abuses and corruptions.

b) In the early 1990’s the Hammonds filed on a livestock water source and obtained a deed for the water right from the State of Oregon. When the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) found out that the Hammonds obtained new water rights near the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge, they were agitated and became belligerent and vindictive towards the Hammonds. The US Fish and Wildlife Service challenged the Hammonds right to the water in an Oregon State Circuit Court. The court found that the Hammonds legally obtained rights to the water in accordance to State law and therefore the use of the water belongs to the Hammonds.*

(c) In August 1994 the BLM & FWS illegally began building a fence around the Hammonds water source. Owning the water rights and knowing that their cattle relied on that water source daily the Hammonds tried to stop the building of the fence. The BLM & FWS called the Harney County Sheriff department and had Dwight Hammond (Father) arrested and charged with “disturbing and interfering with” federal officials or federal contractors (two counts, each a felony). He spent one night in the Deschutes County Jail in Bend, and a second night behind bars in Portland before he was hauled before a federal magistrate and released without bail. A hearing on the charges was postponed and the federal judge never set another date.

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02-10-2016, 11:37 AM

NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Suggests Jews Are "Behind" Gun Safety LawsBlog*›››*February 8, 2016 5:22 PM EST*››› ALEX KAPLAN

National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent shared a graphic suggesting that Jews are "really behind" gun-safety laws. The image was previously posted on Stormfront, the most prominent American white supremacist website.

In a*February 8*post on his Facebook page, Nugent shared an image headlined, "So who is really behind gun control?" with Israeli flags next to faces of 12 Jewish American politicians and gun violence prevention advocates. Some of the pictures feature descriptions such as "Jew York city mayor Mikey Bloomberg." Nugent captioned the image, "Know these punks. They hate freedom, they hate good over evil, they would deny us the basic human right to self defense & to KEEP & BEAR ARMS while many of them have tax paid hired ARMED security! Know them well. Tell every1 you know how evil they are. Let us raise maximum hell to shut them down":

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Read Facebook Comments before "They" have them disappear???

Facebook link below

https://m.facebook.com/tednugent/photos/a.415262022296.178371.124016042296/10153470914987297/?type=3&source=48&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fmediamatters.org%2Fblog%2F2016 %2F02%2F08%2Fnra-board-member-ted-nugent-suggests-jews-are-b%2F208449&locale2=en_US


Ted Nugent: Jews That Support Gun Control Are ‘Nazis in Disguise’

by*Josh Feldman*| 2:07 pm, February 9th, 2016

Note how it says “ISRAEL FIRSTER” underAlan Dershowitz*and “Gave Russian Jew immigrants your tax money” under late New Jersey Senator*Frank Lautenberg.

Well, after that, Nugent*got excoriatedpretty strongly*online, and the Anti-Defamation League demanded he take down this*“conspiratorial anti-semitism.”

Well, if you thought that was out there, wait until you get a load of his follow-up, in which he actually said, “What sort of racist prejudiced POS could possibly not know that Jews for guncontrol are nazis in disguise?” No, seriously:

Oh, and just to top off this extremely classy rant, Nugent brought up the Holocaust victims and remarked, “Soulless sheep to slaughter”

And for the sake of context here, a few months ago Nugent*liked a commenter’s conspiracy theory*about Israel being responsible for 9/11, and*he seems to*really like*his Nazi comparisons.

[h/t*Media Matters]
[featured image via Shutterstock]

— —

Follow Josh Feldman on Twitter: @feldmaniac

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Who Controls America?

When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America

a clearinghouse for information featuring over 10,000 citations from about 4,000 scholarly and mainstream bibliographic sources

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Who is Behind Gun Control?

Most U.S. Federal gun control legislation has been written, introduced, and sponsored by Jewish Congressmen and Jewish Senators.

U.S. Federal Gun Control Legislation, 1968 – present

1968: The Gun Control Act of 1968 comes from*Congressman Emanuel Celler’s*House bill H.R.17735. It expands legislation already attempted by the non-Jewish Senator Thomas Dodd.America’s biggest and most far-reaching gun law came from a Jew.

1988:*Senator Howard Metzenbaum*sponsors Senate bill S.1523. It proposes legislation turning every violation of the Gun Control Act of 1968 into a RICO predicate offense, allowing a gun owner to be charged with federal racketeering offenses.

1988:*Senator Howard Metzenbaum*co-sponsors a bill – S.2180 – to ban, or limit/restrict, so-called “plastic guns.”

1990:*Senator Herbert Kohl*introduces bill S.2070, the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990, which bans gun possession in a school zone. The law will later be struck down in court as unconstitutional.

1993:*Senator Howard Metzenbaum*sponsors Senate bill S.653. It bans specific semiautomatic rifles, but also gives the Secretary of the Treasury the power to add any semiautomatic firearm to the list at a later date.

February, 1994: The Brady Law, which requires waiting periods to buy handguns, becomes effective.*Senator Howard Metzenbaumwrote the Brady Bill.*Senator Metzenbaum*sponsored the bill in the Senate. The sponsor of the bill in the House was*Congressman Charles Schumer.

1994:*Senator Howard Metzenbaum*introduces S.1878, the Gun Violence Prevention Act of 1994, aka “Brady II.”*Congressman Charles Schumer*sponsored “Brady II” sister legislation [H.R. 1321] in the U.S. House of Representatives.

September, 1994: The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 goes into effect, including a provision that bans the manufacture and possession of semiautomatic rifles described as “assault weapons.” [Note: true assault weapons are fully automatic, not semiautomatic]. That gun-ban provision was authored in the Senate by*Senator Dianne Feinstein*and authored in the House by*Congressman Charles Schumer.

1995:*Senators Kohl, Specter, Feinstein, Lautenberg*and others introduce the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1995, an amended version of the 1990 school-zone law which was struck down in court as being unconstitutional.

September, 1996: The*Lautenberg*Domestic Confiscation provision becomes law. It is part of a larger omnibus appropriations bill. It was sponsored by*Senator Frank Lautenberg. It bans people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence from ever owning a gun.

1997: Senate bill S.54, the Federal Gang Violence Act of 1997, proposes much harsher sentences for people violating minor gun laws, including mandatory prison sentences and forfeiture of property. It was introduced by*Senator Dianne Feinstein*and Senator Hatch, among others. It returns the idea of turning every violation of the Gun Control Act of 1968 into a RICO predicate offense.

January, 1999:*Senator Barbara Boxer*introduces bill S.193, the American Handgun Standards Act of 1999.

January, 1999:*Senator Herbert Kohl*introduces bill S.149, the Child Safety Lock Act of 1999. It would require a child safety lock in connection with transfer of a handgun.

February,1999:*Senator Frank Lautenberg*introduces bill S.407, the Stop Gun Trafficking Act of 1999.

February, 1999:*Senator Frank Lautenberg*introduces S.443, the Gun Show Accountability Act of 1999.

March, 1999:*Senator Frank Lautenberg*introduces bill S.560, the Gun Industry Accountability Act of 1999.

March, 1999:*Senator Dianne Feinstein*introduces bill S.594, the Large Capacity Ammunition Magazine Import Ban Act of 1999.

May, 2000:*Senators Feinstein, Boxer, Lautenberg, and Schumer*sponsor Senate bill S.2515, the Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2000. It is a plan for a national firearms licensing system.

January, 2001:*Senators Feinstein, Schumer, and Boxer*sponsor Senate bill S.25, the Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2001. It is a nation-wide gun registration plan [apparently there were two versions of that Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act bill].

May, 2003:*Senators Feinstein, Schumer, Boxer,*and others introduce legislation that would reauthorize the 1994 federal assault weapons ban, and, close a loophole in the law that allows large-capacity ammunition magazines to be imported into the U.S. The ban expired in September, 2004.

October, 2003:*Senators Feinstein, Lautenberg, Levin, and Schumer*co-sponsor bill S.1774, designed to stop the sunset [ending] of the Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988.

March, 2005:*Senator Frank Lautenberg*introduces bill S.645, “to reinstate the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act,” in other words, to reinstate the 1994 assault-rifle ban [also known as the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994”] which expired in late 2004.

March, 2005:*Senator Dianne Feinstein*introduces bill S.620, “to reinstate the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act,” in other words, to reinstate the 1994 assault-rifle ban [also known as the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994”] which expired in late 2004.

July, 2005:*Senator Dianne Feinstein*introduces bill S.A.1621 – Fifty-Caliber Sniper Weapons. This amendment would convert all .50 BMG firearms to NFA weapons.

July, 2005:*Senator Dianne Feinstein*introduces bill S.A.1622 – Fifty-Caliber Exclusion to S.397. This amendment would modify S.397 to allow suits when the firearm involved was a .50 caliber weapon.

July, 2005:*Senator Barbara Boxer*introduces bill S.A.1633 – BATFE Safety Standards. This amendment allows law suits to continue/be brought if the product did not meet the safety standards as defined by the BATFE.

July, 2005:*Senator Barbara Boxer*introduces bill S.A.1634 – ‘Sporting Use’ on Domestic Handguns. Applying ’sporting use’ clause requirements to domestic handguns could, almost completely, dry up the handgun availability in the United States

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02-18-2016, 08:13 AM

White House indicates Obama will miss Scalia funeral

By*NICOLE DURAN*(@DURANNI1)*•*2/17/16 2:38 PM

The White House indicated Wednesday that President Obama would not be joining Vice President Joe Biden when Biden attends Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's funeral in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

Spokesman Josh Earnest confirmed that Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will go to the Supreme Court Friday, when Scalia will be lying in repose. But when asked if Obama would be going to the funeral, Earnest dodged the direct question, but implied Obama would be skipping it.

"I can tell you that Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden will attend Justice Scalia's federal at the Basilica" of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in northeast Washington on Saturday, Earnest replied.

When asked again if Obama plans to join mourners at the shrine, the largest Catholic church in North America, Earnest said: "The president will pay his respects at the Supreme Court on Friday and he'll be joined with the first lady when he does that."

Earnest also wouldn't say if Obama is attending a private ceremony that the Supreme Court is holding for the longest-serving current justice on Friday.

We'll have more details" later, Earnest said. "[B]ut it will be an opportunity for the president and the first lady to pay their respects to Justice Scalia," a visit that Earnest described as appropriate.

Earnest also dodged a question about whether Obama has golf plans for Saturday, and said he didn't "have a sense of what the president's plans are for Saturday."

But Earnest said Obama believes it is important to the "institution of the presidency to pay his respects to somebody who dedicated three decades of his life to the institution of the Supreme Court."

Beyond praising Scalia in remarks Saturday, attending Friday's event at the Supreme Court "is important, not just on a personal level, but also on an institutional level," Earnest added.

"It will be an important moment and we will have more details for you about the president's plans for both Friday and Saturday," he said.

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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia found dead at West Texas ranch

Gary Martin, Guillermo Contreras*|*February 13, 2016

Associate Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead of apparent natural causes Saturday on a luxury resort in West Texas, federal officials said.

Scalia, 79, was a guest at the Cibolo Creek Ranch, a resort in the Big Bend region south of Marfa.
Scalia arrived at the 30,000-acre ranch on Friday and attended a private party with about 40 people that night, according to a federal official.

He left the party and retired to bed earlier than others, according to Donna Sellers, a spokeswoman with the U.S. Marshals Service.

When he failed to appear at breakfast, a person involved with the ranch went to his room, where he discovered his body. A priest was called to administer last rites.

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The death of Antonin Scalia: Chaos, confusion, and conflicting reports.

By*Eva Ruth Moravec,*Sari Horwitz*and*Jerry MarkonFebruary 14**Follow @sarihorwitz*Follow @JerryMarkon

MARFA, Tex. —*In the cloistered chambers of the Supreme Court, Justice Antonin Scalia’s days were highly regulated and predictable. He met with clerks, wrote opinions and appeared for arguments in the august courtroom on a schedule set months in advance.

Yet as details of Scalia’s sudden death trickled in Sunday, it appeared that the hours afterward were anything but orderly. The man known for his elegant legal opinions and profound intellect was found dead in his room at a hunting resort by the resort’s owner, who grew worried when Scalia didn’t appear at breakfast Saturday morning.

It then took hours for authorities in remote West Texas to find a justice of the peace, officials said Sunday. When they did, Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara pronounced Scalia dead of natural causes without seeing the body — which is permissible under Texas law — and without ordering an autopsy

As official Washington tried to process what his demise means for politics and the law, some details of Scalia’s final hours remained opaque. As late as Sunday afternoon, for example, there were conflicting reports about whether an autopsy should have been performed. A manager at the El Paso funeral home where Scalia’s body was taken said that his family made it clear they did not want one.

One of two other officials who were called but couldn’t get to Scalia’s body in time said that she would have made a different decision on the autopsy.

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Cibolo Creek Ranch owner recalls Scalia’s last hours in Texas

John MacCormack*|*February 14, 2016

MARFA — A first-time guest to the Cibolo Creek Ranch, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was animated and engaged during dinner Friday night, as one of three dozen invitees to an event that had nothing to do with law or politics, according to the ranch owner.
Just hours later, he would be found dead of sapparent natural causes, which media outlets were reporting Sunday was a heart attack.*

"He was seated near me and I had a chance to observe him. He was very entertaining. But about 9 p.m. he said, 'it's been a long day and a long week, I want to get some sleep," recalled Houston businessman John Poindexter, who owns the 30,000-acre luxury ranch.

When Poindexter tried to awaken Scalia about 8:30 the next morning, the judge's door was locked and he did not answer. Three hours later, Poindexter returned after an outing, with a friend of Scalia who had come from Washington with him.

We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed clothes were unwrinkled," said Poindexter.

"He was lying very restfully. It looked like he had not quite awakened from a nap," he said.
Scalia,79, did not have a pulse and his body was cold, and after consulting with a doctor at a hospital in Alpine, Poindexter concluded resuscitation would have been futile, He then contacted federal authorities, at first encountering a series of answering services because he was calling on a weekend.

"Ultimately they became available and handled it superbly. They flew in by helicopter. They told me to secure the ranch, which I did until this morning," he said.

Scalia was just the latest newsworthy guest to visit the celebrity hideaway that covers 30,000 acres near the Chinati Mountains. Mick Jagger, Julia Roberts and Tommy Lee Jones have also partaken of its scenic vistas and luxury accomodations.

Established in 1857 by Milton Faver, known as the first Texas cattle baron west of the Pecos, the ranch retains 19th Century constructions, including "El Fortin de Cibolo," a primitive fort designed to protect settlers from Apaches.

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Justice Scalia Dies At Ranch Resort Owned By Democrat Party Donor & Obama Award Winner

Posted on*February 14, 2016*by*DCWhispers


That will be for you the*readers*to decide.

The photo below is Barack Obama shaking hands with a man by the name of John Poindexter, a Texas millionaire businessman also noted for being a donor to the*Democrat Party*and who also received an award from Barack Obama related to his military service in Vietnam.

Poindexter is the owner of the very Cibolo Creek Ranch*Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was found dead at earlier this week.

It has been long-standing policy for the Obama*administration*to grant presidential awards to those who are among the president’s most prized political donors.

It was Poindexter who reportedly was among those who initially discovered the Justice’s body, and who then coordinated with local*officials*to have Justice Scalia*declared*dead via a*phone*conversation with the area medical examiner – but without an actual medical*examination*of the body.

Mr. Poindexter was also said to be the primary point man between the ranch*location*and federal authorities who were notably slow to arrive on scene.

To date, there is said to have been no request for an autopsy even though initial reports suggest the Supreme Court Justice was found with a “pillow over his head” and had died alone in his room without any apparent witnesses. Scalia was described as having been in good spirits in the hours prior to his death.

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Paul Joseph Watson -*FEBRUARY 15, 2016*1602 Comments*

A former U.S. Army intelligence officer who had a top secret clearance suspects foul play in the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

“The circumstances surrounding Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia’s death are growing more suspicious by the minute,”*writes*Ray Starmann, whoworked in Army intelligence for eight years*before becoming a journalist.

Starmann points to the fact that the story appears to keep changing, with initial reports that Scalia had died of a heart attack later denied. He also questions why no autopsy was performed and why Scalia’s body was quickly embalmed, “erasing any chances for the coroner to conduct efficient toxicoloSandyBrown

The same people who want you to believe Scalia died of a heart attack or natural causes are the same people who want you to believe that Hillary won the Iowa Caucuses with six coin tosses and the same people who want you to believe after fifty years that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of President Kennedy,” he writes, adding, “Of course the MSM has reported on none of this. Even Fox News refuses to cover the strange occurrences in Texas.”

Starmann even suspects that reports of Scalia having a pillow over his head when he was found dead could represent a message being sent in the style of*The Godfather.

“Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes. The pillow over Scalia’s head wasn’t put there by a Hispanic maid. The pillow over the head is a warning,” he writes.

Now that Scalia is gone and likely to be replaced by a leftist activist judge, Starmann fears that the constitution is about to be eviscerated.

“Scalia was the tie breaking judge, the man who could push back any liberal policies being shoved through the court. With Scalia’s death, the Obama Administration or a future Hillary Clinton Administration has a green door to confiscate guns, flood the country with illegals and wreck the Constitution,” he writes.

As we*reported earlier, suspicion surrounding the circumstances of Scalia’s death continues to build, with a poll showing 79% of over 40,000 respondents believing there was foul play.

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LEFTIST JOURNALISTS, SOCIAL MEDIA USERS SPEW TORRENT OF HATE ON HEARING OF SCALIA’S DEATH"F*ck you, Scalia. Rot in hell. Learn the law while you down there, b*tch."

Steve Watson | Infowars.com -*FEBRUARY 15, 2016*522 Comments*

Article at link



If This Report Is Correct Mitch McConnell May Have Given Obama a Supreme Court Victory

Jim Hoft*Feb 14th, 2016 2:09 pm*105 Comments

Just when you thought the news could news could not get any worse comes this…

Elizabeth Price Foley*at*Instapundit*today argues that Barack Obama can indeed make a recess appointment to replace Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court because the US Senate, under the leadership of Mitch McConnell, scheduled a recess for over 10 days.

The appointment would last until the end of the 114th Congress, which occurs on January 3, 2017.

COULD OBAMA MAKE A RECESS APPOINTMENT TO REPLACE SCALIA?: The answer appears to be “yes,” because (once again), the GOP-controlled Senate voluntarily has left itself vulnerable to the exercise of such presidential power. Article II, section 2 of the Constitution gives the President power to fill vacancies “during the recess of the Senate”:

The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there. For example,*a report by*Fox News*mistakenly focuses on the*Adjournment Clause of Article I, section 5, which merely states that neither House of Congress may adjourn for more than three days without the consent of the other…

a Senate recess of fewer than 3 days is not enough to trigger the President’s recess appointment power; the Senate’s recess must be at least ten days in duration.

So how long is the Senate’s present recess? It began on Friday, February 12, with the*passage of S. Con. Res. 31*which states:

That when the Senate recesses or adjourns on any day from Thursday, February 11, 2016, through Saturday, February 20, 2016,*on a motion offered pursuant to this concurrent resolution by its Majority Leader or his designee, it*stand recessed or adjourned until 12:00 noon on Monday, February 22, 2016, or such other time on that day as may be specified by its Majority Leader or his designee in the motion to recess or adjourn, or until the time of any reassembly pursuant to section 2 of this concurrent resolution, whichever occurs first; . . .

Sec. 2. (A)*The Majority Leader of the Senate or his designee,after concurrence with the Minority Leader of the Senate, shall notify the Members of the Senate to reassemble at such place and time as he may designate if, in his opinion, the public interest shall warrant it.

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03-08-2016, 04:53 AM
Anti-Defamation League honoring officials involved in San Bernardino massacre


The various law enforcement agencies that responded to and are investigating the*mass shooting*at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino will be honored in Los Angeles next week by the*Anti-Defamation League*for their bravery and their work to investigate threats to the community.

The agencies will be collectively honored as one of three group recipients of the “Helene & Joseph Sherwood Family Prize for Combating Hate.” Other groups being honored are the Los Angeles Police Department for its Community Safety Partnership Program, a collaboration with the Los Angeles Housing Authority; and human-trafficking investigators from the state Attorney General’s Office, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Long Beach Police Department and City Prosecutors Office.

Carrie Braun, public affairs manager for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, will be honored individually for creating the Diversity Advisory Council that works to foster relationships between law enforcement and the black community, Turkish Muslims and LGBT residents.

This year’s honorees have taken creative and effective steps to make our communities safer,” said Amanda Susskind, director of the ADL’s Pacific Southwest Region. “Their contributions range from fighting terrorism to reducing hate against the most vulnerable in our society. What they have in common is that they make a tangible difference in protecting the community.”

The agencies that will be honored for their work on the San Bernardino attack that killed 14 people include the San Bernardino Police Department, FBI, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, California Highway Patrol, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, U.S. Attorney’s Office and police departments from Colton, Fontana, Redlands and Rialto.

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and his emigree wife, 27-year-old Tashfeen Malik, carried out the Dec. 2 massacre at the Inland Regional Center immediately following a Christmas party there, according to federal authorities. Fourteen people were killed in the mass shooting and 22 others were wounded.

The husband and wife were killed in a shootout with law enforcement officers a few hours later.

The ADL honor will recognize “the bravery and quick response of numerous law enforcement personnel at the time of the attack, as well as those behind the scenes who continue to work tirelessly to investigate ongoing threats and safeguard our community.”

The Sherwood Prizes will be awarded Tuesday at the Skirball Cultural Center. The prize was created in 1996 by Joe and Helene Sherwood, founders of Daniel’s Jewelers, to recognize members of the law enforcement community “that go above and beyond their job descriptions in combating extremism, bigotry and hatred.”

Tuesday’s ceremony will also feature a tribute to Joseph Sherwood, who will turn 99 on March 12.

—Staff and wire reports



FBI, San Bernardino Police Chief Among Law Enforcement Trained by ADL

June 9, 2015

Two law enforcement officials from ADL’s Pacific Southwest Region attended ADL’s*Advanced Training School (ATS)*course on Extremist and Terrorist Threats.* This course, held May 31 to June 2 in Washington, DC, is recognized as one of the premier counterterrorism trainings in the country.

Chief Jarrod Burguan of the San Bernardino Police Department and Assistant Special Agent in Charge Dan Kennedy of FBI-Los Angeles participated from the Pacific Southwest Region.* Upon their return from the training, both expressed gratitude to ADL for offering this type of program for senior level law enforcement.* They also noted the impressive level of expertise of the speakers and trainers.

Assistant Special Agent in Charge Kennedy said, “I found the training very beneficial and would highly recommend it to law enforcement officials at every level.* The instructors were clearly subject matter experts who provided detailed information about a number of [international and domestic terrorist] threat groups.* More important however, was their analysis and assessments provided on current and future trends of these groups.* This insight was informative for executives in positions to determine resource allocation.”

San Bernardino Police Chief Burguan remarked that ATS “is an opportunity that every law enforcement executive should take advantage of. The interaction and networking with professionals from around the country is invaluable and the training itself is contemporary and on target. We understand that fighting terrorism in this country is simply the new norm; it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day business of policing that often does not involve the current issues of extremism and hate. This training is a great reminder to bring it back into perspective and to remember that it remains a threat to our democracy and our way of life.”

The course included a combination of both ADL’s own subject matter experts on white supremacy, anti-government extremism, homegrown radicalization, and international terrorist groups, as well as briefings on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) from expert research fellows from various world-renowned think tanks, the Boston Marathon bombings from a Lieutenant Colonel from the Massachusetts State Police, and Israel’s best practices and lessons learned in fighting terrorism from the Chief Superintendent of the Israel Police.

The class was composed of 42 law enforcement executives and commanders representing major federal agencies (including the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives; Naval Criminal Investigative Service; US Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations; US Customs and Border Protection; US Marshals Service; US Coast Guard; and the Drug Enforcement Administration), as well as commanders from some of the largest local agencies in the country (including the New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, San Diego, Austin, Miami Beach, Oklahoma City, and Richmond Police Departments), and commanders from several major state agencies (such as the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Massachusetts State Police, Maryland State Police, and Colorado Bureau of Investigation).

ATS has now trained over 1,000, representing nearly 250 different agencies from across the country, since the course was first launched in 2003.

ATS’s three day sessions, held twice a year in Washington, D.C., are designed to provide chiefs and executives from federal, state, local, and military law enforcement agencies from across the country with practical information, resources, and contacts to help them combat domestic and international extremist and terrorist threats.**There is no other program like it.



Florida pastor who endorses Donald Trump is a Sandy Hook 'truther': Rev. Carl Gallups claims no one died in Newtown shootings and grieving parents are Hollywood actors*

By Khaleda Rahman For Dailymail.com00:21 09 Mar 2016, updated 04:08 09 Mar 2016

Rev. Carl Gallups gave the invocation at January rally in Pensacola**

Trump said at the time he was delighted to have Gallup's endorsement

*But on a radio show, Gallups claimed Newtown massacre never happened*

He insists David and Francine Wheeler, who lost their son Ben, are actors*

A pastor who endorsed Donald Trump - and delivered the invocation at a rally for the GOP frontrunner in January - is a Sandy Hook 'truther' who claims the grieving parents of the young victims in the Newtown massacre are Hollywood actors.

The Rev. Carl Gallups, a Southern Baptist pastor from Milton, Florida, gave the invocation at Trump's Pensacola rally - which attracted more than 10,000 people - on January 14.

At the time, Trump said it was a 'great honor' to receive the endorsement of Gallups and several other Florida community leaders.

Full article at link


10-23-2016, 11:39 AM

Mike Adams & Dave Hodges Being Setup by the Washington Post and NY Times

Welcome to the twisted and dishonest world of the mainstream media. Specifically, I am referring to the New York Times and the Washington Post. As far as the MSM goes, investigative journalism with regard to seeking the truth, is dead. The MSM is all about propaganda, at best, and setting people up for a fall based upon creating a false light impression, at worst.

The New York Times

People like Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer of CNN would sell their birth mothers into slavery if it meant furthering a story to benefit their NWO masters (i.e. six corporations in total, who own 95% of the MSM).

Subsequently, when I was approached by a NY Times reporter about the specter of a Clinton presidency, my alarm bells went off

Request for Interview from the NY Times

Request for Interview from the NY Times

Hi Dave, Jonathan Mahler of the New York Times here. We’re working on a story that looks at how Trump supporters would view a Hillary victory, and what sorts of protest movements might emerge in the event that she is elected.
I do not trust the MSM any further than I can throw them. However, I was willing to give Mr. Mahler the benefit of the doubt and I granted him an interview. I may have been born at night, but not last night, I covered my backside with a follow up email. Further, I published the following on my website and several others to establish what I indeed said and what my positions are.


Please talking to you. For your convenience, here are my talking points in reference to your questions Dave Hodges

The Issues Surrounding Hillary

1.Clinton is an illegitimate candidate from the classified emails to Benghazi. She belongs in jail, not running for President.

2.There is already rampant election fraud taking place in America (e.g. 7 million democrats registered to vote in two different states, undocumented aliens being rushed to citizenship so they can vote, etc.). The people and Donald Trump have a right to challenge the election results. However, Trump expressed his potential need to challenge the vote counting etc., very poorly. One the fraud has been investigated, the candidates have an obligation to respect the results, so long as the results were fairly determined.

3.How can the military follow Clinton into battle against the Russians, when she sold uranium to the Russians? I view this as treason. This event was carried in a story carried by the New York Times in 2015.

4.The Clinton Foundation was given $2 billion dollars to help the people of Haiti. According to Gary Heavin, who has already spent $12 million dollars of his own money to help the Haitian people, the Clinton Foundation is nowhere to be found.

5. I consistently assert that Hillary will dramatically raise taxes by $1.3 trillion and this be the death blow to an already fragile middle class.

6.Hillary said she opposed free trade agreements during the debate. She is lying. As we know, she has her public and her private position. She has told Wall Street that and moderator of the 3rd debate, Chris Wallace, called her out on this point as well. Hillary is a ticking time bomb for those in the middle class whether they be Black, White, Latino, male or female, et al.

7.Hillary will erase our national borders with an amnesty program and that will be the end of the sovereignty of the United States.

To the question of whether, or not, I have any knowledge of any planned protests or counter-reactions to a Clinton reaction, here is my response:

1.I categorically state that if it was implied that there would be violence, I do not know of any planned events. I also would oppose such a violent response. I would support a boycott against the major banks and the big corporations who support the free trade agreements. Shop locally is what I advise. the people to do. As I have often stated, I am calling for a boycott from any institution that benefits from a free trade agreement. Do not shop or bank with the corporations. Invest your money into the local economy. Turn off CNN/Fox/ABC, it is paid for propaganda representing the financial interests behind Hillary Clinton.

2. I believe that if the people are going to engage in civil disobedience, or even start a revolution, I am totally unaware of any such plans by any individual or group. I mentioned that I am fundamentally opposed to violence, due to the fact that I am a Christian. However, I say for the record that Clinton better not come after the guns because that could set off an unfortunate and unpredictable set of events.

3.I am still awaiting justice for Hillary Clinton.

Lightening Strikes Twice: The Washington Post and Mike Adams

One day after my interview with the NY Times, Mike Adams contacted me and let me know that he was asked the same exact questions by a reporter from the Washington Post.

From Mike Adams:

Dave, a WashPost reporter called me about the same topics the NYT asked you. I was extremely careful in my responses and recorded the entire conversation. Also told the WashPost guy his entire paper has zero credibility and that no one trusts the media anymore.”
I stopped believing in coincidences years ago when I discovered in the same year that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus were not real.

Please allow me to state the obvious. It is apparent that the Main Stream Media is engaged in an orchestrated effort to discredit the Donald Trump populist movement and the media who support it. The obvious implication is that people like myself and Mike Adams will be advocating for an extreme backlash should Hillary steal the election. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, I would support legal action against the ongoing voter fraud that is taking place as I write these words.

The NY Times and the Washington Post have been reduced to a singular purpose: Their newspapers make excellent material from which one can use to housebreak their dog. Not only should we boycott the MSM, we should inform their sponsors as well.

In the final analysis, it is now clear that the MSM is attempting to blame any post-election violence on Newstarget.com and The Common Sense Show. Undoubtedly, more truth-telling websites will be implicated in the days and weeks ahead.

Below is a brief podcast summary, which also contains additional material, that the readers may wish to forward to their contact list.

full article at link below



Agenda 21 Will Bring Witchcraft, Corruption, Trafficking and Foreign Troops to Your Town

Alex Jones is have been helping Larry Nichols expose Hillary Clinton for being a 4th degree Witch who routinely travels to LA to participate in what witches do.

These claims seem unbelievable and some have told me that Alex has lost his mind. On the contrary, I think, from what I have learned, is that Alex Jones is being conservative.

I have been investigating and reporting on these kinds of activities for years and now a pattern is beginning to form.

When a Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, is engaged in witchcraft, there is much more to the story.

We know the global elite serve Satan. This article will set the stage for in depth future reporting reporting on the interconnectedness of vile and perverse behavior on the part of elected officials, the presence of Agenda 21 forces, and the presence of covert DHS, US military and foreign troop activity within a lost community.

Connecting the Dots of Agenda 21 Dominated Communities

In my work, I have covered communities who have fallen into the abyss of Agenda 21. And what I have found in that time shows a distinct pattern of criminality and perversion that is unparalleled.

The pattern consists of the following:

1. Witchcraft

2. Corrupt government, law enforcement, and the courts.

3. DHS involvement

4. Us military involvement

5. Foreign troop involvement in the local area

6. Child Sex Trafficking

7.. An extreme element of fear within the impacted community.
Fort Collins, Colorad0: The Jewel of ICLEI Empire

full story at link below





Homemade Canadian Submachine Guns and Silencers

As governments attempt to make more guns and gun ownership illegal, they succeed in doing so. It does not mean that fewer criminals are armed. Overall crime does not drop when controls are implemented. One of the reasons is that guns are fairly easy to make, and the materials to make them are virtually impossible for an industrial society to control. An unintended consequence is that submachine guns or machine pistols may be substituted for ordinary pistols. They are easier to make, because they are a simpler mechanism.

The above machine pistol/ submachine gun, based on the MAC design is
homemade, as is the silencer/suppressor. Both are illegal for the nearly everyone to possess in Canada. This machine pistol was taken in a drug raid. From globalnews.ca:
Officials said the two busts resulted in police seizing large quantities of fentanyl, meth and crack cocaine, along with seven handguns, and tens of thousands of dollars.

“We have taken significant amounts of drugs and firearms off the streets,” RCMP Insp. Robert Thorainson said.
An identical version was seized a year ago in Alberta.

story at link



Nova Armory files Lawsuit Against Officials for Bullying Tactics, Intimidation

Posted on May 1, 2016

The popular gunshop NOVA Armory opened in Arlington, VA on March 26th. The store was filled with customers, in spite of opposition from a small group of anti-rights activists. The bullying activists were joined with several members of the local government who attempted to force the gunshop to close. One landlord had already broken a lease under pressure from the local disarmists. NOVA had warned the politicians that they would sue if the harrassment continued. From NOVA Armory:

March 4, 2016, ARLINGTON, VA — The gun shop planning to open in Arlington, Virginia this month has responded to a letter local politicians sent to its landlord. In response, NOVA Armory has issued report cards with failing grades for each of the seven elected officials who signed the letter to the landlord. Additionally, NOVA Armory warned the politicians and the local anti-Second Amendment activists they could find themselves in court if the gun shop fails to open.

On March 2, NOVA Armory’s landlord received the letter signed by various Virginia office-holders representing Arlington. They were Senator Barbara Favola, Senator Janet Howell, Senator Adam Ebbin, Delegate Patrick Hope, Delegate Alfonso Lopez, Delegate Richard Sullivan, and Delegate Mark Levine.

“The authors released the letter publicly on the official letterhead of the Virginia legislature, yet their letter contained a typo, it confused our gun shop with an unrelated business, and it relied on numerous false premises,” explained NOVA Armory’s owner-in training, Lauren Pratte. “When I see such a poorly written letter in the business world, I take my business elsewhere,” Pratte continued. “Unfortunately tax payers don’t have that choice, and we must suffer under this sort of incompetence.”

In the letter, printed on official letterhead of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the politicians said they “strongly urge” the landlord to cancel the lease with NOVA Armory. The letter made its arguments by claiming a disconnect between the “nature” of NOVA’s business with the “character” of the neighborhood. The letter also suggested NOVA Armory would give rise to a “black market” and “drug dealing” because of its accessibility to residents of the District of Columbia.

full article continues at link below



NRA’s Wayne LaPierre: Hillary Clinton ‘Will Come For Your Guns” ~ VIDEO

Video | Posted on October 21, 2016 by NRA News

NRA Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre delivered an urgent message to America’s 100 million gun owners, declaring Hillary Clinton an enemy to the Second Amendment. “If, God forbid, Hillary Clinton is elected, she will launch an all-out war on the Second Amendment. She will come for your guns,” says LaPierre. “She will attack your right to carry. She will attack your most basic right to defend your family with a firearm in your home.”

Before asserting that Hillary Clinton “dreams of twisting a knife into the heart of the one freedom that separates us from the rest of the world,” LaPierre outlined the failures of Barrack Obama. “While radical Islamic terrorists shot, bombed and butchered innocent Americans on our own soil, Barack Obama attacked you harder than he attacked ISIS,” says LaPierre. “He used the terrorism his own weakness and failures made possible to try to gut your right to shoot back at the terrorists he refused to kill.”

story at link



AZ: Governor Ducey Vetoes HB 2524, Protection Against Bloomberg Referendum

For two years, the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AZCDL) has been pushing to pass a bill to enact a compact between states. The purpose of the bill is to prevent a billionaire funded referendum from imposing Universal Background Checks (UBC), a precursor to firearms registration in Arizona. Compacts between the states take precedence over state statutes; if another state signed on the the Compact created by SB2524, a Bloomberg funded referendum would not be able to impose UBCs on Arizona. That, at least, is the theory.

A few weeks ago, SB2524 passed the Arizona legislature. If it had become law, and another state agreed to the compact, it would have prevented Arizona from enacting firearm transfer requirements that are more restrictive than federal law. Yesterday, 10 May, Governor Ducey vetoed the bill.

It is hard to understand why. The compact would only have gone into effect if another state signed on, and would only have required that Arizona restrictions on firearm transfers be no stricter than federal law. In the veto letter(pdf), Governor Ducey says that he sees no reason to tie Arizona decisions about firearms to another state.
“I see no reason for Arizona to tie ourselves to other states’ decisions on public policy relating to the transfer of firearms. We know what’s best for our state, and I trust the citizens of Arizona and their elected leaders to continue to make wise decisions to protect our Second Amendment rights, whenever and wherever those rights are infringed.”
Either he does not believe that the Bloomberg referendum is a serious threat, he has been influenced by Bloomberg lobbiests, or he sincerely believes that Arizona should not tie its legislative hands for future firearms legislation.

None of those options bode well for the future of firearms law reform in Arizona.

link below



Meet Connecticut’s New Gun Grab Law
June 2, 2016 by Chris Buskirk 0 Comments

new connecticut law allows police to seize guns

Connecticut has a new anti-gun law. Governor Dannel Malloy signed the law that makes it illegal for any person subject to a temporary restraining order (“TRO”) to possess a firearm of any sort. People subject to a temporary restraining order must surrender all firearms to the police within 24 hours or face jail time. The new law deprives citizens who have been convicted of no crime of their Constitutional rights without due process.

Gun grabbers cheered the action. Temporary restraining orders are routinely granted with little or no examination of the underlying facts and based wholly on one-sided testimony. Such a process is certainly appropriate in cases of domestic abuse, stalking, and the like. But with the implementation of this new law the subject of the restraining order is punished without ever having his day in court. In fact, they are punished without ever even being accused of, let alone convicted of, a crime. The TRO does not require a crime to have been committed – just a feeling of danger. This should not – cannot – be the basis for depriving someone of their most basic Constitutional liberties.

link to story




DARPA Teams Up With Mainstream Media to Push Microchips for Your Children
May 25, 2016

Phillip Schneider, Staff
Waking Times

It’s hard to imagine the mainstream media stooping to an even lower low than where they’re at right now, but rest assured, if you start to become comfortable with them they’ll push that line even farther.

This time, NBC is pushing that Orwellian envelope to an extreme level as it advocates for human microchipping of children “sooner rather than later”.

In a recently televised report from NBC News, they liken having your child microchipped by the state at birth to something as societally normalized as bar codes for consumer goods.

“When barcodes first came out in the late 1960s, people were appalled. They were wary of them and did not understand the concept. Today, it is so commonplace, we don’t even notice it. A microchip would work much in the same way” – NBC

This statement reveals the mentality that these types of people have, thinking of us not as human beings, but as cattle needing to be tagged by their our owners.

full story at link



DHS Using “Compromised Communities” to Train and Launch Martial Law

By Dave Hodges with Katy Whelan

I have covered the travesties going on in Larimer County, Colorado with regard to the Stacy Lynne child abduction case. I found everything from a totally corrupt court system, to a completely compromised Larimer County Sheriff’s Department to evil public officials who still get elected besides the will of the people. From the locals, when they heard what I was doing to try and get Stacy’s son, Jaden, back, they were telling similar stories. The courts would take their children and some found that their child was being trafficked. Despite report that were filed, no local agency would investigate. I have made many friends as a result of my going on five year investigation.

The People’s Republic of Larimer County

As I indicated in yesterday’s article, I found witches and witchcraft at the center of these Agenda 21/2030 policies. And as I said in yesterday’s article, the Larry Nichols revelations that when he was working for Hillary and Bill, he had firsthand knowledge of Hillary’s activities as a witch. It has also been my research conclusion that when one finds witchcraft, child sex trafficking and blood sacrifices are not far behind. Since the 1970’s, Larimer County has been compromised by witchcraft in its leadership positions and Sheriff’s Department. Since the mid 1990’s, Agenda 21 policies have dominated the people. I spoke with local resident, Virginia Farver, last week, and she reiterated the mantra that Ft. Collins, located within Larimer County, is beautiful on the outside, but it is hopelessly compromised on the inside. The conditions make Agenda 21 dominated Larimer County and ideal to headquarter occupation troops to be rolled out when needed. And with the Gurkhas located alongside Russian commados in nearbye /la Porte, CO., the case is made

If you want to know about this compromised community and what it means to to roll our of martial law, simply put Stacy Lynne into the search engine of the Common Sense Show’s website.

The People’s Republic of Carbon County (Rawlins), Wyoming



Hawaii becomes first state to put gun owners in federal database
Published June 24, 2016

Hawaii signed a bill Thursday to become the first state to enter gun owners into an FBI database that will automatically notify police if an island resident is arrested anywhere else in the country.

Gov. David Ige said in a statement that the legislation is about community safety and responsible gun ownership. He said it will help law enforcement agencies protect Hawaii residents and visitors.

State Sen. Will Espero, who introduced the bill, and the Honolulu Police Department said the measure could serve as a model for other states. However, critics believe gun owners shouldn’t have to be entered in a database to practice a constitutional right.

Most people entered in the program, known as the “Rap Back” database, are in “positions of trust,” such as school teachers and bus drivers Stephen Fischer of the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division said in May. Hawaii is the first to add gun owners.

Supporters say the law would make Hawaii a leader in safe gun laws. Allison Anderman, a staff attorney at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, said the bill was "groundbreaking," and that she hadn't heard of other states introducing similar measures.

Yet others say gun owners shouldn't have to be entered in a database to practice a constitutional right.

full story at link



October 29, 2014
DHS Whistleblower Says War On Terror Is A Charade – Real Targets Are American Patriots
Tim Brown

Julia Davis, a former Customs and Border Protections Officer, was falsely declared a domestic terrorist and subjected to retaliatory efforts against her by the Department of Homeland Security. Her home was raided by a 27 man “special response team.” She was twice falsely arrested and imprisoned, but later exonerated. She is now a national security expert and has put out a historical documentary titled Top Priority: The Terror Within. She claims that the War On Terror by the Department of Homeland Security is a charade and that the agency seems to be targeting concerned American patriots.

Davis says her documentary is about her time with DHS in dealing with applicants from countries with ties to terrorism, who are seeking to come into the United States.

She says that they had “very specific alerts” that on July 4, 2004 that members of Al-Qaeda would be attempting to cross the border from Mexico into the US. The land port where Ms. Davis worked is the largest and busiest land port in the world, San Ysidro Port. She says that Islamic clerics say this is the best place to breech the US border because of the large number of people coming through.

full story continues at link provided below



What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army.....?
End The War on Freedom ^ | June 18, 2003 | Bill St. Clair
Posted on Mon Aug 10 2009 15:48:31 GMT-0700 (MST) by 2ndDivisionVet

story at link



Highly anticipated all-metal Trinus 3D printer/laser engraver ready for shipping
Oct 14, 2016 | By Alec

Remember the Trinus 3D printer? While 3D printing startups have previously been responsible for some huge crowdfunding successes on Kickstarter, Kodama and their Trinus 3D printer showed the world how it’s done by raising more than $1.64 million USD during their extremely successful campaign. That achievement grew out of the appeal of the all-metal Trinus 3D printer, the first all-metal 3D printer to dip below the $500 price point. In fact, early bird pledgers picked one up for just $199. While huge Kickstarter successes sometimes create equally huge logistic challenges, Kodama seems to have thought of everything and the first batch of Trinus 3D printers are ready for shipping already.
Despite its Japanese name, startup Kodama is actually a small team of San Francisco-based artists, designers, and engineers. Their name is a tribute to Hideo Kodama, the Japanese engineer who developed the world’s first working 3D printed prototype back in 1981. And their huge success is even more remarkable because the Trinus is actually their first creation.



Blacks are 13% of US population 37.6% of prisoners and 71% of shooters in Chicago

hedgeless_horseman's picture
by hedgeless_horseman
Jun 23, 2015 12:30 PM

Over the last couple of years, one of the dinner discussions our family has had relates to the observation that many, if not most, of the alleged perpetrators of violent crimes whose photographs appear in the mugshot section of our local newspaper's crime report are black. We live in a very white area of what used to be rural farms and ranches, but is now being quickly developed with multi-family housing and strip malls. A large metropolitan city is a short drive.

full article at link



Sandy Hook Lead Investigator Maj. William Podgorski Dies Suddenly

Connnecticut State Police Maj. William Podgorski, one of the lead investigator in the Sandy Hook shooting investigation, died earlier this week. Podgorski, 49, died on Monday following a brief illness and surgery.

The illness was undisclosed, but the New Haven Register reports:

Sometime after surgery on Friday, Podgorski was transferred to Yale-New Haven Hospital from another hospital, Grant said. He died there Monday morning surrounded by his family.

According to his obituary:

A state police major from Farmington died Monday at Yale-New Haven Hospital after a brief illness.

William Podgorski, 49, was commander of the state police western district, which includes the barracks in Canaan, Litchfield, Southbury and Bridgeport.

Trooper Kelly Grant said Podgorski underwent surgery on Friday, and then was transferred to Yale-New Haven, where he died. She said she did not know the cause of Podgorski’s death.

Podgorski was a 24-year veteran of the state police and served in a variety of assignments, including the traffic division, the forensic lab, the governor’s security detail and homeland security.

He is survived by his wife and three children, aged 11, 12 and 14.



10-23-2016, 02:04 PM
Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Had Gun Control Supporters Planted In Town Hall Audience

23 Oct 2016

One of the emails contained in the Wikileaks’ Podesta email release shows that Hillary Clinton had gun control supporters planted in a town hall audience in Manchester, New Hampshire.
The town hall occurred on October 5, 2015; just four days after a man opened fire on Umpqua Community College campus in Oregon.

In the email thread, dated October 4, 2015, a “speech draft” was passed around “on behalf of Megan Rooney.” The email contained “talking points” for Clinton to use to discuss guns in Manchester.

The first part of the email reminded other campaign staffers that the town hall had no specific focus, although gun control would be highlighted:

Here are short TPs about guns for the NH community college town hall >>> tomorrow. This is not a town hall exclusively about gun violence — it’s just a >>> regular town hall.



26 of the Democrats Who Participated in the Gun Control Sit-In Own Guns

By Jillian Kay Melchior2:13 pm, June 23, 201

Congressional Democrats ended their 25-hour sit-in on the House floor this afternoon, failing to force a vote on two pieces of gun legislation. The controversial sit-in included 26 Democratic lawmakers who themselves own guns, Heat Street learned after examining 2013 USA Today data on congressional firearms ownership. The participants also included 12 more Democrats in Congress who either didn’t respond to USA Today’s gun survey or declined to say whether or not they possessed a firearm.

The sit-in, launched by civil-rights leader Rep. John Lewis, centered on two pieces of proposed gun legislation. One would expand background checks to cover all commercial gun sales; the other seeks tougher prohibitions against gun purchases for terror suspects.




10-27-2016, 10:50 AM

2016: The Year The Coup Is Complete?

Published: Thursday, October 20, 2016

For all intents and purposes, the American people lost control of their government with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. With the exception of Ronald Reagan, every President since Kennedy has been completely controlled by the establishment elite that ordered Kennedy’s murder.

A retired Air Force Brigadier General friend of mine (who, before he retired, probably flew every jet the Air Force had and who had been assigned to both the White House and Pentagon during his illustrious career) told me in no uncertain terms that he was convinced that President Kennedy was assassinated by government insiders (with the help of the mob, of course) for two reasons: 1) he intended to disband the CIA, and 2) he intended to dismantle the Federal Reserve.

The assassination of President Kennedy and subsequent cover-up was much more than a killing; it was a coup.

Every President since President Kennedy was selected by the power elite, not elected by the people. Oh, the people went to the polls and voted, but the election was already decided. The power elite completely controlled the mainstream media, and for the most part, the mainstream media rigged the election in favor of the desired candidate. Again, the only exception was Ronald Reagan.

Reagan was such a tremendous orator and communicator (his dashing good looks and professional acting experience didn’t hurt either) that he was singularly able to thwart the coercive power of the media elite. However, thanks to the so-called Religious Right, the elite were able to convince Reagan to pick the globalist Neocon G.H.W. Bush as his Vice President instead of the staunch anti-establishment senatorial icon Jesse Helms of North Carolina.

I say thanks to the Religious Right because as the executive director of the Moral Majority of Florida from 1979 through 1989, I WAS THERE. I witnessed the despicable sellout firsthand. In my opinion, the leaders of the Religious Right sold their proverbial souls to the devil when they made the conscious decision to support George H.W. Bush as Reagan’s running mate. I seriously doubt that Reagan would have selected establishment insider G.H.W. Bush had Bush not obtained the support of the Religious Right. I’ll say it outright: deep inside of me, I blame the Religious Right for all of the mess that has resulted from Reagan’s decision to pick Bush as his Vice President.

Reagan was so popular, he could have picked Humpty Dumpty as his running mate, and he would have won. He didn’t need Bush. But the establishment needed Bush. And with pressure from the power elite and with the surrender of the Religious Right, Reagan acquiesced. And Bush spent his entire eight years in the Reagan White House doing everything he could to undermine Reagan’s efforts. And, sadly, he often succeeded.

Mark it down: ALL of the problems we have had since Reagan have stemmed directly from George H.W. Bush. Bush I gave us Bill Clinton, Bush II, Barack Obama, and now Hillary Clinton. It all goes back to Bush I. And Bush I goes back to the power elite surrounding the Kennedy assassination. (A CIA operative, what business did Bush have even being in Dallas the day Kennedy was killed?)

Since the 1990s, I have tried to warn the American people that the Clintons and Bushes are ONE GIANT CRIME FAMILY. Why in the world do you think the entire Bush family is supporting Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House today? Wake up, folks!

When the power elite got away with killing President Kennedy, the American people lost their autonomy over their country. America has been largely in the hands of the power elite ever since. I truly believe that Reagan was the only President since Kennedy that was not controlled by the power elite. But put Bush in his White House and add the assassination attempt on Reagan soon after his election, and Reagan’s independence was sorely compromised.

And please understand this: the way the power elite normally rigs the presidential election is by making sure that only their candidates make it to the general election. That’s why in most elections the bias and animus of the establishment was not as obvious as it is this year: because they owned both the Democrat and Republican presidential candidates. Therefore, it really didn’t matter to a tinker’s dam which one of them was elected. The globalist establishment agenda of the power elite would continue regardless of which one was elected.


Enter 2016.

Regular readers of this column know that I have not been timid in saying I believe that Donald Trump is a very flawed candidate. But I also believe that just as John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan were not controlled by the establishment elite, neither is Donald Trump. I truly believe Trump is outside the reins of the power elite--and, therefore, is a huge threat to the establishment. And the reaction of the establishment elite to Trump’s nomination is further evidence that this is true.

In my entire life--and I’ve lived for more than a half-century and have been involved in national politics since 1979, as a Moral Majority director, as a successful national radio talk show host, as an independent candidate for President in 2008, and of course, as a nationally published columnist--I have NEVER seen anything like this presidential campaign.

The national media and virtually everyone in the establishment elite have stripped off their masks and have cast aside their phony façade of fairness and objectivity and have swarmed on Trump like sharks in a feeding frenzy. Everyone in the country has now seen the political, media, and business establishments for who and what they are. The pretenses are gone. The establishment elite is determined to destroy Trump’s candidacy and make sure that Hillary Clinton is put in the White House--even if they must rig the elections to do it.

Can one imagine how the national media would have reacted had WikiLeaks released all of that damning information on Trump? Yet, since the information indicts Clinton, the media has a total blackout on the story.

There is no doubt it my mind that the ONLY way Hillary Clinton could win this election is if the elections are rigged in her favor. There is NO OTHER WAY.

While Donald Trump’s supporters are filling up the largest stadiums in city after city, Hillary Clinton’s supporters are barely filling up phone booths. Heck! Hillary is BARELY campaigning at all. There is no doubt the woman is physically ill, but there’s much more to it than that. I’m certain Hillary has been told by the establishment elite that she doesn’t need to campaign, because they are going to make sure she wins by hook or by crook.

And please understand this: I am not talking about the candidacy of one evil person, Hillary Clinton. I think it is very sophomoric to make this election all about Hillary. Lyndon Johnson was evil; Richard Nixon was evil; the two Bushes are evil; Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are evil. I’m talking about a giant cabal of evil people who are using these political puppets for their own nefarious purposes. And, yes, Hillary and the rest are WILLING to be used for evil; so in my opinion, the cabal and the individual are equally culpable. To use a scriptural analogy: it was Satan who manipulated Judas Iscariot to betray Christ, but that does not excuse Judas’ eager complicity one iota. And Jesus plainly said so.

Plus, always remember that the conspiracy takes its time and is intelligent enough to work within the political winds of the country and natural machinations of their chosen servants to accomplish their diabolical purposes. Their work is almost always incremental, not spontaneous.

full article continues at link




Schools All Over America Are Closing On Election Day Due To Fears Of Violence
By Michael Snyder, on October 27th, 2016

ill this be the most chaotic election day in modern American history? All across the nation, schools are being closed on election day due to safety fears. Traditionally, schools have been very popular as voting locations because they can accommodate a lot of people, they usually have lots of parking, and everyone in the community knows where they are and can usually get to them fairly easily. But now there is a big movement to remove voting from schools or to shut schools down on election day so that children are not present when voting takes place. According to Fox News, “voting has been removed or classes have been canceled on Election Day at schools in Illinois, Maine, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and elsewhere.” Just a couple days ago, I shared with you a survey that found that 51 percent of all Americans are concerned about violence happening on election day, and all of these schools closing is just another sign of how on edge much of the population is as we approach November 8th.

Many officials are being very honest about the fact that schools are being shut down on election day because they are afraid of election violence. The following comes from Fox News…