View Full Version : Brighton Hotel Bombing Was Japan's Conspiracy

04-09-2014, 11:50 AM
Brighton Hotel Bombing Was Japan's Conspiracy



The bombing apparently targeted the then British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

But the bombing occurred on Margaret Thatcher's 60th birthday, strictly according to the Japanese law.

Unfortunately it seemed that IRA was a group of foreign legions who were employed by secret Japanese military agents.

Unfortunately, Margaret Thatcher was probably a member of the camouflaged Japanese imperial clan.

Japan frequently uses paradoxical conspiracy theories.

In this case, the aim of the terrorism was probably just to enhance Margaret Thatcher's popularity by showing her firm resolve not to be intimidated by the terrorism.

There are quite a few coincidences between Thatcher and the Japanese history.

For example, she became leader of the UK Conservative Party on February 11, 1975. The day was Japan's national foundation day. The day was Japan's New Year's Day in the Japanese calendar. The day was the 100th anniversary of the Osaka Conference of 1875.

( hypotheses are included )