View Full Version : Priest With CP Photos & Video Arrested ..

Martin Timothy
04-20-2014, 07:12 PM

What material did he have, there is a difference between underage nudies that have no sex or violence, and the rapine, cannibal and snuff porn material that abounds on internet sites, whose webmasters remain at large while the FBI looks away and twiddles its fingers.


The entire 70 GB LS Magazine file, that has hundreds of thousands of photographs and hundreds of videos, has been available for free internet download since forever!


Like this Christian soul I was beguiled by the sight of Anya's bare ass, since it popped into view on a Google Image search some seven or eight yrs ago.

There after tracing its origin and effecting a download, I was immediately in possession of thousands of nudie pics and about a dozen videos of her and her young friend at the beach, and doing the house work all in the nude!

Very soon the downloading increased and along with Anya and her friend, I had about a quarter million pics and hundreds of videos of underage chicks on my 'puter .. just waitin' for a knock on the door from the FBI.

Dude in New Mexico got life, another in Kentucky got twenty five yrs reduced to fifteen on appeal, for having the same material on his machine .. I scrubbed the data away and hoped my story would hold up and keep me out of jail.

That somehow I innocently obtained the material, and as soon as I saw it was under age nudies I deleted the entire lot .. however in the fullness of time I still access the same download sites, and check the sample pics.

None of them have sex or violence unlike numerous sites that do, while the case against the FBI for allowing cannibal and snuff porn ops to survive, should see the lot of them off to the gallows ..