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Martin Timothy
04-25-2014, 06:25 PM
ALEX JONES VIDEO: Genocide Against Syrian Christians - The Armenian Genocide - The Turks say the Armenians had it coming, for siding with Russia in the Sarakamish campaign, that cost 60,000 Turkish soldier's lives.


A caller draws attention to attacks underway in Syria against Armenian Christians, whose villages were founded by Turkish Armenians fleeing the 1915 Genocide. http://rt.com/news/armenians-kessab-syria-attack-381/


Prior to the 1914-1918 First World War, Turkish politics had been infiltrated by Sephardic Jews called "The Young Turks!"

Political power in Britain, France and Russia was similarly in the hands of Jews, thus in 1915 Jew proxies in Russia attacked Turkey from the North, while Winston Churchill's British and French legions attacked at Gallipoli in the South.

The Turks repulsed the enemy on the Southern front, taking the lives of some one hundred and fifty thousand British, French, Australian and New Zealand troops. They conceded territory in the North however, after the YT's sent an academic General from the Staff College, to replace the General Officer in command of the Northern Army.

In response to criticism of his decision to place the Army into winter quarters, while the tactical situation was at a stalemate due to the weather, and while the Russian Army complete with its contingent of Armenian Nationalists, was similarly quartered on the other side of the Sarakamish Mountains

The clown the YT's put in charge wanted to emulate Napoleon's crossing of the Alps, and after declining to participate in a duel with the General he was sent to replace. Ordered the army into the mountains during a blizzard in the middle of winter, with inadequate clothing and footwear, whence sixty thousand or so froze to death.

As well when we say Armenia where do we mean, there is Greater Armenia, Lesser Armenia, Modern Armenia and ancient Armenia, are we not in fact witnessing an attempt to sponsor Armenian hegemony in the region!

Armenia has remained a proxy state of Russia thence Jews ever since, while the reprisals against the Armenians carried out in the name of Turkey, now known as the Armenian genocide, were coordinated by the same Young Turks agents of international Jewry, who had started the trouble in the first place.

Martin Timothy
04-25-2014, 06:25 PM

Who had worked in coordination with Jew proxy Churchill, and the Jew dominated Russian leadership, to by way of war inherit what remained of the Ottoman Empire on the one hand, and to provide an everlasting point of contention between Armenia and Turkey, they would continue to exploit to their own ends!


Jews Plotted The Armenian Holocaust, by Nathanael Kapner.