View Full Version : 100 U.S. CIA OPERATIVES KILLED

10-25-2005, 06:43 PM
The "Valerie Plame Affair" is more than just the leaking of a CIA
Identity by a Bush Administration official!

Washington, DC -- The main stream news media is abuzz this week over
possible Indictments of Bush administration officials over the leak of
a CIA operative's identity to the media more than two years ago. The
story is being referred to as "the Valerie Plame affair."

What the main stream isn't reporting is why this leak turned into such
a big deal: Upwards of 100 CIA operatives around the world were
allegedly killed after Plame was "outed."

Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has been working this case
with a federal Grand Jury in Chicago for the last two years . The
Grand Jury expires on October 28, so if there are to be any
Indictments in the case, they will have to come soon.


Sources tell the Hal Turner Show that twenty two (22) Bush
Administration people have been Indicted on various charges related to
this case.

Media speculation is rampant that Senior Presidential Advisor and
political guru Karl Rove as well a Vice Presidential Chief of Staff
"Scooter" Libby may be among those Indicted.

But sources who claim to be very close to the Grand Jury have
repeatedly mentioned President George W. Bush and Vice President
Cheney as being targets of Indictments too!

According to these sources, Cheney has been Indicted and Bush will be
named as an "unindicted co-conspirator." There are also rumors that
Bush himself may have been Indicted on charges ranging from
Obstruction of Justice, Lying to federal investigators and perhaps
even a charge under the Espionage Act!

There has even been speculation that both Bush and Cheney will have to
step down from Office, leaving the U.S. government in utter turmoil
and that this news is being suppressed by the mainstream to avoid an
unprecedented political collapse in the United States.


In the world of politics, accusation and rumor tend to take on lives
of their own. Conspiracy theories abound and talk of political
cataclysm circulate wildly. No matter the outcome, even if Bush and
Cheney are both Indicted and have to step down, the American system of
government will survive. So will the American people.

A lot of us just wish the whole thing would end so we can move on.
After all, a disaster for politicians is not a disaster for the rest
of us. We still get up and go to work everyday, feed our families and
pay our taxes. Life will go on.