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07-19-2014, 08:50 AM
There are a lot of conspiracy podcasts out there, but have you heard of this one? It's a more uncensored, laid back show with conversations with some really great guests that get into some pretty deep topics. Would love to talk about what you guys think. Here are a few really good episodes:

Public Enemy's Professor Griff: The Destruction Of Celebrity Truth Tellers, Cultural Manipulation, & The Elite (http://thehighersidechats.com/thc-104-professor-griff-conspiracy-interview/)

Dean Dominic DeLucia: The Full Spectrum Case For The Hollow Earth, Cavern Worlds, & The Beings Within (http://thehighersidechats.com/107-hollow-earth-theory-podcast-dean-dominic-de-lucia/)

Linda Godfrey: Canine Cryptids, Paranormal Creatures, & The Poison Widow (http://thehighersidechats.com/thc-106-canine-cryptids-paranormal-creatures-the-poison-widow-w-linda-godfrey/)

Frater X: Bankster Thugs, The Nephilim, & The Global Enchantment (http://thehighersidechats.com/thc-103-conspiracy-interview-frater-x/

Duncan Trussell: Fear & Mindfulness In The Internal Universe (http://thehighersidechats.com/duncan-trussell-podcast-interview/)