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11-06-2005, 10:06 AM
She's on Satan's team for a Satanic
Centralized Coercive (Statist) Matriarchy
instead of on Christ's team
for a Godly
Decentralised Voluntary (Laissez-faire) Patriarchy.
Not a separatist -- just unqualified

So she's not a separatist, and has never belonged to a political party. Bully for her. Was she a separatist in the past, even if she did not actually join the party? Does she renounce her past statements, and those of her husband? For that matter, will she renounce her French citizenship?

How far our expectations have sunk. Because she's not currently working to bring about the destruction of the country, that makes her an appropriate choice for Governor General? She drinks toasts with the founder of the FLQ, her husband hangs around with Pierre Laporte's murderers, she's supposed to represent the Queen as a citizen of the French Republic, and she's known outside Quebec, if at all, as the presenter of hysterically anti-American documentaries on Newsworld.

She has no record of service to the country, no outstanding accomplishments to her name, no specialized knowledge of law, politics or the constitution. In a crisis, what credibility would she have? If the minority government were to attempt to rule without the confidence of the House -- again -- would anyone listen to her opinion on the matter? If the country were to be plunged into the constitutional void of a unilateral secession bid, would Canadians rally to her side -- whichever side that was?

This isn't a sales clerk we're hiring. This is supposed to be the position of supreme honour and prestige in the country, one with important symbolic and substantive roles. It should be filled by titans, revered national icons, whose love of country is reflected in the love their country has for them.

In this, of all nations, does it make sense to choose as the focus of allegiance a dual citizen whose views on Quebec's place in Canada are at best uncertain? At this, of all times, is it not a requirement of the job that its occupant be able to command the unswerving respect and loyalty of Canadians?

11-06-2005, 11:22 AM
Also a terrible example of a human-being
for Canada
because she ( Michaelle Jean ) has done nothing
but collect a government paycheck
all her parasitical life here.
We all would have been far better off,
if this parasite had never come to Canada.

Also look at her Feminist Lesbian
Coat of arms:

11-06-2005, 05:12 PM
There could be all kinds of idiots appointed to this job, she wouldn't necessarily be any worse. She is just a figurehead. I thought Coyne liked her speech a while back?