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12-09-2004, 05:37 PM
Quit your government job, I'm tired of carrying you. Also, refuse to attend a government run university as a "student", they're just brainwashing you with socialist ( theftist ) lies. Start your own business instead.

The biggest contribution a person can make towards halting the NWO juggernaut is to quit their government job. Morally speaking ALL TAXATION IS THEFT and therefore any one who collects a government check or contract ( a PARASITE ) is stealing. See: http://www.libertocracy.com/Webessays/taxation.htm . Their entire check is stolen money and they pay no taxes because the "taxes" they pay are just a return of stolen money to the MAFIA GOVERNMENT. People must learn that government has no money and that any money it does spend means that some other hardworking father/family somewhere in the laissez-faire, voluntary sector of the economy must cut back on nutritious food, clothing, shelter, self-defense, charity, self-healthcare, self-education AND NUMBER OF CHILDREN ( preventing a life that would have existed is the moral equivalent of murder ). These cutbacks cause that family to break down and when it happens to many families it is called a social breakdown.
People need to understand that there is a spiritual law that says Laudable Designs When Achieved Through Coercion Become Demonic. This means that if a person has even a good project to achieve, it will fail and costs will far exceed benefits, if the means used to achieve that goal ( like taxation ) involve forcibly interfering in anothers life.
And people who say they believe in the God of the Bible should know that after they die of old age ( hopefully ) there will be a spiritual judgment day. That each person will be judged by their thoughts, words and deeds and the intentions and motivations behind their thoughts, words and deeds. Rewards and punishments will be handed out. So people must realise that their crimes of prospering from the stolen loot called taxes will not go unpunished and that justice will be established by God ( your Creator because you did not create yourself by an act of your free-will ).
Again, to hinder and hamper the NWO agenda people should stop assisting with that agenda and quit their government job because they ARE hurting other people. Actually it is not a real job but is literally JOB WELFARE. Any goal or project can be achieved better by people organizing voluntarily like in a real capitalistic business rather that people organizing coercively like the SATANIC STATE does.
And, just briefly here, another major blow to the NWO agenda would be for everyone to stop using any of their so-called money. The system in place now should be called legalized counterfeiting and is probably the main component in advancing the NWO agenda. But now there is an alternative to this debased currency that people could start gradually using and promoting. You can read about it at www.libertydollar.org .

12-09-2004, 05:52 PM
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke

Took this quote from the Libertydollar site. Very interesting food for thought! Great find.

Mary XXX

12-09-2004, 07:01 PM
Sure, nice ideals and all, but I think usury is far worse. Taxes do actually benefit society in a way.

12-09-2004, 07:13 PM
What do you mean by usury Man Mountain Mike?
Interest on loans? The crux of the issue is that people are forced to pay taxes but nobody is forced to take a loan out.
Also I said that the costs of taxation outweigh the benefits that would have accrued to the tax victim and the spin-off recipients of his money.

12-09-2004, 09:23 PM
Okay Anonymous dude, you just opened a whole new can of worms with topic. Conratulations! :-P
Cause this goes right into the fiat money scam.
The IRS is used as a cover to mask the fraud of taxation. All this talk about, "your tax dollars at work" is straight up propaganda. The government does'nt need revenue from the people to run itself since they can print all they want.
The purpose of taxation is a consumption check on the people by taking what the people pay out of circulation. The govt. then prints and spends 10x more than what's taken out of circulation so they can coerce us to use the fake money by holding a cloud of debt over our heads that came out of thin air. If everyone in the world stopped paying taxes, they would quickly see how worthless their paper currency really is. Does this work for you? :-P

12-09-2004, 09:30 PM
Taxes and Socialism are fine if there are independent checks and balances in place which government has systemically removed.

I.E. The Nova Scotia Bar used to be investigated by an independent body and the government, who are a bunch of crooked doctors and LAWYERS, CHANGED THE LAW, so they are self-regulating. A bit like the fox in the hen-house.

Similarily, Blue Cross runs MSI, our socialized medicine which is being drained so as to introduce privatised medicine... the two tier system that currently works in Britian..

The little blue booklet the anal retentive idiot hands you at the human rights office in no way, shape, nor form, resembles the Canadian Charter of Rights. Law by law,line by line, Canadian rights are being stripped away.

Wait until middle class Joe gets hits with interest hikes on all his debt for all those things he thought he needed and his wifey is bitching cuz she can't get toe nail extensions; Maybe the sheeple will care then.

"I don't care was made to care and all the people who followed." - My mum

The bullshit our government and their friends are getting away with is absolutley rediculous. There has got to be a better way.

What goes around comes around...

Mary X
N.B. I am self-employed and this government can swing before they get a penny from me. I owe who what? I won't pay a penny and IF their were checks and balances in place I would love to contribute to a social net where healthcare was available for all along with a good education and a sound governmnet, not these pathetic morons who are running the show.

With these things in place, the welfare state could be eliminated. Teach a child to read and you open up the world.

Health is wealth. Knowledge is freedom.

12-09-2004, 09:40 PM
I have heard what you wrote before but I don't understand what you mean. If all taxation for a year amounts to 51% and then currency inflation is say 10 % on the high end, then which is more?
Taxation is the bigger culprit. Am I missing something? Respectfully.

12-09-2004, 09:49 PM
Taxes ( theft ) and socialism ( theftism ) are not fine because they violate moral principles and therefore will not work.
Example: If Hillary Clinton and her 50 million followers would donate 20% of their time each week to work in the health/death care industry on a voluntary basis then costs would come down 20%.
But if she decides to have a coercive system whereby they rob other people, keep half the money themselves and then hire other people to do health/death care work then costs will skyrocket.
Hillary is a very generous person - WITH OTHER PEOPLES MONEY!

12-09-2004, 09:59 PM
I understand exactly what you mean and...

No man is an island. Who funds the hospitals? Who funds the schools. Any society has to set up some system to provide these two basic tools. I agree with what you have said and how do we make provisions for these things in society without creating the beast known as present day democracy?

I don't know very much about socialism and I understand the governments highway robbery.

Is their a middle ground or a better way?

What are your views on a flat tax? I'm just a mum with a bit of life experience and I'm trying to figure out, along with you, how to make the present system obsolete?

Any ideas?


12-11-2004, 03:53 PM

Who would fund hospitals and schools?
Well who funds it now? Hardworking fathers are taxed ( robbed ) to support these services.
Mary, you need to go to www.lp.org and then click on ISSUES AND POSITIONS. Regards, R.J. Rushdoony

12-11-2004, 05:08 PM
Went to the site and understand the concept.

And, doesn't society need to record history correctly and teach it to the children so the same mistakes are not made?

Are the children of illiterate parents not supposed to learn because that is the parents responsibility?

It doesn't take that much money to run social education and healthcare. If we, as a society, provide these things to all members of society, I believe the man will have a rod and fish for himself; able to inject his working dollars the way he wants into the things he needs, which benefits everyone.

They steal far too much and do far too little with no cheques and balances.

I believe a mixed system can function.

Your thoughts?

If we live together in a village, is it not the responsibility to look after the weak and the sick, when there is no family there? Where are the morals of society? With money, themselves, or a hope for peace and building a better system which we will need because they are about to collapse this one.

Peace mary XXXXXX

12-11-2004, 05:49 PM
I received a letter from the friendly folks at CCRA demanding me to remit my back taxes. Two paragraphs from the bottom of this letter it states:

"Failure to pay the Receiver General the amounts required above renders you personally liable to pay those amounts to Her Majesty."

She owns the Bank of Canada, she owns the money you use in Canada, and we owe our taxes to her. What a scam.


12-11-2004, 06:21 PM
(ALL TAXATION IS THEFT!) Well, duh! Hope it does'nt take a college degree to figure that one out. :idea:

12-11-2004, 06:52 PM
MaryX.. You got balls.. not to be sexist.. but you got 'em.. Good for you.. When you get to the point of.. I can't take it anymore.. That's where patriots come from..

The only leaders in this resistance will be those with nothing to lose.. or are so enlightened as to not give a damn about what the powers that be do to you, your family, and possessions.. May God Bless you on your journey.. As you suffer.. please let us understand what we are up against.

A chickensh*t next to you..God Bless.

12-11-2004, 07:05 PM
to nohope187

A college degree from a state school has about the same worth as toilet paper. They could never believe that ALL TAXATION IS THEFT

12-11-2004, 07:07 PM

Have you ever seen www.detaxcanada.org ?

12-13-2004, 04:12 PM
Sure, nice ideals and all, but I think usury is far worse.

How is that the Koran is against ANY usury

whereas in the Bible it is accepted ?

WTF happened there ?

Without usury there would be no NWO.

12-13-2004, 04:20 PM
3. Who owns the Bank of Canada?

This is right off www.bankofcanada.ca

The Bank was founded in 1934 as a PRIVATELY owned corporation. In 1938, the Bank became a Crown corporation belonging to the federal government. Since that time, the Minister of Finance has held the entire share capital issued by the Bank.

4. Is the Bank of Canada a government department?

NO, it is a special type of Crown corporation. The Bank has considerable autonomy to carry out its responsibilities.

See it for yourself.


It is STILL a PRIVATE bank just like in ALL

" Democratic " countries ... Irak just joined

the club ... what do think the Americans are there

for ???

To liberate the Irakis ???

12-13-2004, 04:27 PM

Are not taxes more of a problem than usury?
If interest payments are 30% of a governments budget for a given year then taxes would account for 70%. Which is more?

12-13-2004, 04:33 PM
Hummm very good question.

Let's look at the most brilliant man ever for

a possible answer.


Jesus did constantly cry out about the injustice

of taxes ... but he only got violent once

and that was when he turned over the money

changers tables ... notice this part was cut

off Mel Gibson's movie ... incredible you

pay $20-30 million of your own money to make

a movie Hollywood does not approve of AND you

can not even choose what scenes from the Bible

you can include.

Taxes and usury are both bad depending how
they are applied.

You need SOME taxes to benefit the citizens.

Not sure if anybody has another answer ?

12-13-2004, 05:28 PM
Sable, I very rarely suffer. This is the happiest I have been in my life. I am me. owe taxes to who?
Walked away first marriage with nil. Happy.

Walked away again,and again and again. I will not dance with the devil, i will take the high road and walk away and if you mess with my children, I am going to eat you for breakfast, as a light snack.

I do not mince my words when passion flares my senses. And I'm smart and getting older. I think before I act, generally don't react.

Remember the public speaker imagined his audience in their underwear? Well these crew are a bunch of skeezy child molesters and they cower when faced. The cockroaches flee in the light, running for cover. Put any good canadian or american man in a room with a pedophile and I know who is walking out. You men just haven't realized your true power yet. You will. The time is coming, mark my words.

I says the truth comes to light and I personally will rebel against a lie, it's in my nature.

And the truth shall set us free!

Mary XXX

12-19-2004, 03:56 PM
By Harry Browne

Perhaps the fastest way to make America a free country again would be to repeal all income taxes – the personal income, corporate, gift, estate and Social Security taxes.

This would create at least five very important benefits:

1. An increase for you

The first is an enormous increase in your take-home pay.

Take a look at last year's tax return or your paycheck stub. See how much you pay now in income and Social Security taxes. If yours is a typical middle-class family, that's probably at least $10,000 per year.

When we repeal those taxes, what will you do with that extra money?

Will you put your children in a private school where they'll get the education you want for them?

Will you start your own business?

Will you support your church or favorite charity in a way you never could do before?

Will you buy a new home, or take your family on the vacation you've always wanted but could never afford?

That money is yours. You're the one who gets up every morning and puts in long hours to support your family.

You should have every dollar you earn – to spend, to save, to give away as you think best.

2. An increase for your associates

Everyone you deal with – your employer and your company's customers – will get a similar increase in take-home pay.

If you work for a company, your employer will have far more money to spend on you and other employees. And he'll have to spend a lot of it on you, because his competitors will have more money, too – enabling them to bid more for your services.

If you're in business, your customers will have more money to spend with you.

3. An increase for everyone

In fact, everyone in America will have more money. This will unleash the greatest prosperity America has ever known.

Even those who pay no income taxes now will benefit, because others can hire or help them more easily.

4. Free to do as you please

The fourth benefit is that your life finally will be your own.

You won't have to trust your employer with your retirement money, since tax deferral won't be an issue. You could simply divide your savings among a few banks, or put them in Treasury bills, and be safer and enjoy a better return than Social Security offers – and you won't have to worry about corporate scandals.

No more fear of an IRS audit. No more snooping into your personal financial records. No more having to account for everything you earn and spend.

A flat tax won't end the IRS. Even if you could file your return on a postcard, the government would still force you to verify that all the numbers are correct.

Having an IRS Gestapo may be typical of most nations, but no country is truly "free" so long as there's such an agency.

5. Neutralizing the government

Perhaps the most important benefit of all is simply this:

Politicians will no longer have the resources to cripple the economy and run everyone's life.

Without the income tax to finance them, the politicians can't interfere with health care, education, charity, farming, business or any other area of society.

Before the income tax began in 1913, the politicians sometimes raised rates on tariffs and excise taxes to finance their harebrained schemes. But people simply bought less of the products that were taxed – reducing the government's revenue and forcing the politicians to give up their grand plans.

But with the income tax, there's no limit to how much they can tax us. You can't stop earning a living whenever the tax rate is too high. As a result, the top rate reached 94 percent during World War II – and it didn't fall below 70 percent until 1982.

In 1912, the federal budget (in 2002 dollars) was $12 billion. Today it's $2 trillion – only because the income tax makes it possible.

With no income taxes, economic necessity will force the politicians to abide by the Constitution. America will be a free country once again.

Free at last!

You can, if you choose, rejoice when tax rates are reduced slightly. But I want much more than that.

I want an end to all income taxes. And there's no good reason we can't have that.

If the feds would focus on national defense instead of offense, we'd be better protected with a $100 billion federal budget than we are now.

Social Security could be liquidated by selling off federal properties that serve no constitutional purpose – using the proceeds to buy private annuities for everyone who's dependent on Social Security now or will be in the next 15 years. Everyone else will be ahead just by repealing the Social Security tax.

The benefits of liberty are boundless. The tyrannies of government can be limitless as well.

Which do you choose?

12-19-2004, 05:00 PM
First, even extending my imagination to its outermost limits and assuming that you can actually somehow achieve this goal of total tax repeal without the inevitable backlash from the Illuminati, I am still puzzled by a few points you seem to have omitted:
1) How will you fund defense? Even without the phony war on terrorism and the constant machinations of war exercised by the NWO to generate profit and cull the population, isn't some level of national defense a worthy --- and expensive goal?
2)How will you fund other necessary civic projects, like roads, bridges, school systems.
3)What will you do with the millions of government employees forced onto the unemployment roles by this grand gesture? (Remember, these are governemnt employees, and as such, they are not capable of gainful employment in very many other positions.)

12-26-2004, 05:49 AM
:-? If YOU dont like being taxed so badly why dont you just succeed from the state and mainstream society. With other like minds(if you can find any you sound pretty selfish and uncooperative) minds form your own separatist commmune their is example of this in NZ its called lower Hutt.
It is completely self sufficient from the state and mainstream society and they of cause pay no tax.But they make huge materialistic sacrifices just to live there they have to cooperatre as collective or community if you prefer the latter term to get things done as a community.

So what are you waiting for are you too gutless and weak to make such a sacrifice.Are you simply all keystrokes! No go get stuffed with you assumptions and stick them where the sun dont shine :-D

12-26-2004, 06:04 AM
Is it really possible to live without taxation of some sort, or in other words without some level of collectivism and interaction with fellow human beings for the "greater good" (as overworn and disingenouous as that phrase has become)?
Cannot even tithes required by various religions be considered a form of taxation?
Aren't the real issues the amount of taxation, the process by which the taxes are collected, and the accontability of those collecting the taxes?

12-26-2004, 09:54 AM
The Libertarian Party: Working to slash your taxes!
The Libertarian Party is working every day to cut your taxes. By contrast, professional politicians from the other parties just want more of your money, and are busy increasing the size of government.

In the last few decades, the federal government has exploded in size. No area of your life or business is free from the meddling of politicians -- especially your wallet.

It doesn't have to be that way. With less government and lower taxes, you could keep more of what you earn. It would be easier to start new businesses, build new homes, and fuel stronger economic growth.

Just Defend Our Rights
Libertarians believe that if government's role were limited to protecting our lives, rights and property, then America would prosper and thrive as never before. Then the federal government could concentrate on protecting our Constitutional rights and defending us from foreign attack. A federal government that did only those two things, could do them better and at a small fraction of the cost.

How Can We Cut Taxes?
Instead of tending to the basics, government has grown into a bloated conglomerate of political services that gets larger every year -- with no end in sight.

For example, politicians spend millions of dollars to urge people not to smoke -- while spending more millions to subsidize tobacco farmers. They send billions overseas for foreign aid -- while the federal deficit swells. They spend millions to subsidize public art -- while working families struggle to pay their taxes.

Politicians also run trains, bail out savings and loans, construct houses, sell insurance, print books, and build basketball courts -- you name it! But the fact is, every service supplied by the government can be provided better and cheaper by private business.

Privatize And Cut Taxes
All over the world, governments are busy selling airlines, power plants, housing, and factories to private owners. Where inefficient government bureaucrats lost money and squandered tax dollars, hard-working private owners now make profits and create new jobs. Why can't we do the same thing in America?

Defend America: Cut Taxes
Military expenses are over $250 billion a year! A large percentage of this is spent overseas to defend wealthy countries like Germany and Japan -- who then wallop us in international trade. Let's take them off military welfare. We can defend America better and save at least $100 billion a year in taxes.

Stop Bailing Out Industry
No one has the right to cover his losses at taxpayer expense -- and yet wealthy corporations demand exactly that. The federal government has bailed out railroads, banks, and other corporations with your tax dollars. This must stop!

Replace Welfare: Cut Taxes
The bulk of your welfare tax dollars goes to pay the handsome salaries of well-educated welfare workers. The poor get little from government welfare except meager handouts and a cycle of despair. Let's get government out of the charity business. Private charities and groups do a better and more efficient job of helping the truly needy get back on their feet.

Why An Income Tax?
Before 1913, federal income taxes were rare and short-lived. America became the most prosperous nation on earth. The U.S. Government did not try to police the world or play "nanny" to everyone from cradle to grave. People took responsibility for themselves, their families, and their communities. That is how the founders of America thought it should be. And it worked. It can again!
More: www.lp.org

12-26-2004, 11:04 AM
Loonie... I got to privatise taxes and read no more.

You are really trying hard to fool some of the people, some of the time. Just like GWB.

Privatize...Mr. NWO, go spin in your central world theory. You will not gain any acknowledgement for your spin on the truth by most in this forum, let alone some.

Give it a rest.

I don't actually believe anyone here would be stupid enough to join any political thought party as that is the problem. All parties have become a collective and amalgamate any new parties into the collective; it's called corruption. Do you have a dictionary at hand?

It is a circle jerk of politicians, CEO's, bankers and pedophiles and their messenger media; and a few minions who like to stir up shit, create confusion and cause dissent.

You're not mush-dummying anyone here.

Peace out


12-26-2004, 11:23 AM

The twin tenets of peace and free trade are mutually dependent. As French visionary Frederic Bastiat once said, "If goods don't cross borders, soldiers will." When countries rely upon each other in peaceful commerce, the people of those countries have every incentive to avoid violent conflict. Wars undermine trade like nothing else. The globalization of commerce fell dramatically during World War I, and we didn't see pre-war levels of international trade and cooperation until the 1970s.

Because of the importance of trade, embargos and trade sanctions are often seen as aggression and even acts of war. The punitive embargo on Germany after World War I impoverished the German people terribly, making it impossible for them to meet the demands of the League of Nations that they pay the full cost of the war. This was one of the major grievances the Germans cited in their vengeful desperation as they allowed Hitler to come to power. Trade aggression helped bring about the bloodiest war in world history.

More recently, we have seen the real effects of a trade embargo on Iraq, where hundreds of thousands died of malnutrition from lack of food and medicine. Iraqis were forced to import goods according to the rules set by the United Nations' Oil for Food Program, which we have since learned was utterly corrupt.

Although free trade is a blessing, managed bureaucratic trade is not. It is a dangerous misconception to think of the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and other international quasi-governmental structures as free trade organizations. They rely on thousands of pages of confusing regulations and corrupt agreements between multinational corporations and oppressive governments. True free trade the kind that fosters peace does not depend on such organizations and rules, but is actually hindered by them. Managed trade the kind that fosters resentment and poverty is all that these organizations have so far delivered.

The managed trade that we see today, where politically connected corporations and favored nations get special deals, is anything but free; it is no more and no less than mercantilism, the same economic system that Adam Smith railed against in The Wealth of Nations, when he saw the inefficiency and aggression of imperial governments endowing special privileges to state-sponsored cartels and forbidding those without power to exchange with each other in peace.

Libertarians want to see free trade between individuals, where people become less dependent upon their governments and the WTO and IMF, where instead they become connected in peaceful commerce, where the power and influence of governments and bureaucratic trade agreements diminish to make way for a world in which there are relationships between people, rather than alliances and arm-twisting between states.

Managed trade is typified by President Bush's enormous steel tariff, and, more recently, with the obscenely high 198% tariff on Chinese furniture. Such policies hurt foreign workers and American consumers. They may help domestic industries in the short run, but they encourage irresponsible and inefficient business practices at home. The world economy and American prosperity suffer. Republicans and Democrats say such practices are necessary to prevent "outsourcing," but the reason business leaves the country is that government regulations make it prohibitively expensive for all but the richest companies to compete in America. Another layer of government regulations is not the answer. Indeed, high tariffs in the 1920s helped bring about the Great Depression.

Along with managed trade, we have foreign aid programs that force poor people in rich countries to send their money to rich people in poor countries. It is the poor people in all countries that suffer the most, whether they are taxpayers in the United States or peasants in the Third World who are forced to pay back debts racked up on their behalf and against their will by their own oppressive rulers.

Most protesters of the WTO oppose globalization of trade, but not globalization of government. They want to empower the United Nations and WTO further, so long as it is to advance their own agendas. They have in common with multinational corporations a glorified view of international government, disagreeing only on the specifics. Sometimes they compromise, as we saw in Seattle in 1999, where protesters, environmentalists, corporations, trade unions, and governments all contributed ideas on how the WTO should force its will on the world.

Libertarians understand that government is force. It is coercion and violence. It is not an answer to the world's problems or a way to bring about international friendship. We look forward to a time when state power declines, corporations and special interest groups no longer have an unfair advantage, and individuals are allowed to live and cooperate harmoniously and in peace. Free trade is a necessary component in ushering in a peaceful tomorrow.

MORE: http://badnarik.org/

12-26-2004, 11:43 AM

I went to your site and the Libertarian party is supported by the "YALE political science lecturer" and their candidate is a "true CONSERVATIVE".

Party politics ring any bells folks? It's like the Canadian Alliance Party that broke off from the Conservatives only to be later gobbled back up by same party under the new and improved logo of... whatever

Yale...Political science...Skull and Bones...Kerry Bush... raising any red flags people? Maybe I just don't like you and your piggish comments from your first posts and slams. I think you gave up your true nature there, my friend.

Go piss in the wind!


12-26-2004, 12:55 PM
if usery was illegal the goverment wouldn't be allowed to borrow,therefore the tax would be less.or not?
it's a long cycle,a lifetime.you save money,put it in the bank,and use it in your old days.putting it in the bank will cost you a little bit this time.remember,usery is illegal.your tax savings would easely pay for this.any money left over when you die goes to your partner/children without tax.
some things should be monitered.for example oil.lets say it cost one dollar to get it into your car.they know there is demand,so they add another.and the goverment another.when you use it,it goes up in smoke.what did the oil company do with the other dollar?
same thing for farmers.they grow things out of nothing.what happens if the tempature drops or crops get wasted by nature.should the money supply be adjusted?long term.do you need some rules?
if you want to import and export then you have to deal with another country.a nwo country.don't you love the feds and exchange rates and the goverment borrowing money on your behalf that can never be repaid.bfn :-)

12-26-2004, 07:37 PM
Thanks for the great websites Rushdoony.

The rest of you that are pro-government on this thread should actually look at what government is supposed to be. It is designed to allow society to evolve not engineer it, unless you are a socialist, then its purpose is to engineer it.

As a democracy government was never intended as a means to vote ourselves handouts from the public coffers or run the economy. I know most Canadians think of it that way and that is how the government would like you to think of them.

Socialism takes the economy, society and government rolls them all into one and runs the whole show.

Anyone who wants power and control does not first attempt to control society. You would think that would obviously be government but no.
The only smart approach is to control the economy, the wealth of the land. Whoever controls that, controls government and society. Well, certain people do control all the wealth of Canada and the world. They have replaced wealth with fiat currencies that are basically debt instruments. They own all the wealth and are kind enough for the time being to allow you use of it and to live a fantasy of some sort of freedom as an indivdual.

They cannot expose who they are and they cannot enrage a majority of us. They will rather educate (read engineer)us through the media and other means to achieve correct or desired behavior.

Income tax is the worst form of tax. Especially the marxist graduated form we have adopted.