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11-17-2005, 06:33 PM
Believe 9-11 Was an Inside Job? Leave the Country!
Kurt Nimmo | November 17 2005

Swanson frozen food heir, Tucker Carlson, host of MSNBC’s The Situation with Tucker Carlson, believes you should get out of America if you believe nine eleven was an inside job. Responding to a caller after Brigham Young University physics professor Steven E. Jones—who believes there were “pre-positioned explosives” in all three buildings at ground zero—appeared on his show, Carlson declared:

…if you really believe the U.S. government killed 3000 of its own citizens for no reason and lied about it and invaded Afghanistan as a result of something it did, you ought to leave the country… because that’s so terrible… so evil, that your tax dollars go in to support it make you complicit in it… if you really believe that, you ought to leave…

Of course, the government or factions therein did not kill 3,000 Americans (and foreigners) “for no reason,” as Carlson ignorantly claims—it killed them for very specific reasons, namely as collateral damage in the first battle of World War Four, the Clash of Civilizations (call it the “new Pearl Harbor”). Indeed, it is “evil” and all Americans are “complicit in it” as citizens and taxpayers. If Carlson sincerely believes his government wouldn’t do such a thing, he should read up on Operation Northwoods, subtitled “Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Justification for US Military Intervention in Cuba, March 13, 1962,” currently archived at the National Security Archive. “Written in response to a request from the Chief of the Cuba Project, Col. Edward Lansdale, the Top Secret memorandum describes U.S. plans to covertly engineer various pretexts [terrorist attacks] that would justify a U.S. invasion of Cuba,” the NSA summarizes.

Tucker Carlson claims to be a Libertarian—and yet he believes his government wouldn’t attack its own citizens and those who do should leave the country. In fact, Carlson is not a Libertarian—he is a statist working for the corporate media as a shill for Bushcon policies.

11-17-2005, 06:56 PM
Anytime Tucker wants to help me with my emigration papers and clearances, I'll buy him a new bow tie.
Until then, he's just another useful idiot fanning the flames of Hegelian conflict.

11-17-2005, 08:19 PM
Extremist Ideologues ??? – :-o :-o :-o

It’s My Way Or The Highway !

Obviously, part of the problem. You can’t help it but notice, always, the same “extremist” ideology. You are either w/ us or against us. Either (blindly) believe, or (blindly) leave, because “we” say so. Don’t educate yourself – actually they are almost guaranteeing that already. Ignorance for the masses. You can’t question anything. Do (blindly) believe everything “we” say. Forget the fact that the writers of the Constitution were worried about a “government going wild,” w/o “checks & balances.” Without unbiased, nonpartisan, independent, & un-compromised “overseers.” It’s my way or the highway!

What a pity. How can they continue to call it a superpower. It’s got to be all power, all the money & the wealth in the hands of so very few. The rest of us are just pawns to be sacrificed…