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11-20-2005, 05:52 AM
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11-24-2005, 12:23 AM
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11-24-2005, 04:41 AM
David Icke = bullshit

11-24-2005, 05:01 PM
Is this guy a fool or what ?


11-25-2005, 01:54 AM
The Reptilians - News Flash - They are the psychopaths/narcissists - you know, the ones that cause the atrocities that we read about.

Just have to face the fact that there are certain things a human being cannot do IF they have a conscience; however, if they DO NOT there is no restraint on how low they can go.

I am a Christian; however, Icke has a lot to say and you can learn a lot.

Insults say nothing. They say you have nothing to say. What is your POINT?

Want to know what a Ickethian Reptile really is - do this experiment.

Spend 48 hours up close and personal with the most arrogant bully you know.

Let them brag on and on and on and on - and then ambush them...cross them.

Administer a narcissistic injury - thwart a plan, inform them of a bill, cross them in some way - this type of person usually is pretty unflapable on brief interactions but during a concentrated time period, you are bound to see - I absolutely guarantee - THE RAGE.

Okay, now lets talk about what narcissistic rage is. It is not just getting miffed, angry, pissed off. NO, it is a slippage of their MASK OF SANITY. When this happens, you will see what he is calling SHAPECHANGING. When you have ever seen this phenomena, you know the TRUE FACE OF EVIL. It is extreme. It is SUBHUMAN/DEMONIC.
The SLIP in the MASK is SO ABRUPT - No heating up period. Just ON/OFF switch. These people are the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde's of the world. When they
shift - their countenance DOES SOMETHING words don't do justice to - IT IS EXTREME!!!!!!!!!! It may only last for a flash but that was all you needed to see. When in THE RAGE, the eyes become dark and nonreflective but there is an additional prescence that they eminate that is subhuman.

You see their mask of sanity is contrived, NOT REAL.

These reptilian individuals actually harbor a hatred of all humanity - THE RAGE - boiling close under the surface at all times. They can be very superficially charming and seductive - but it is ALL LIES.

This is what an evil reptile is. No more, no less. The purer the bloodline, probably is what differentiates psychopaths from narcissists. A psychopath having a purer bloodline, hence a more sadistic rather than selfish basic orientation.

Alcohol hastens the process GREATLY.

Still don't believe in the reptilians. Read about the sweet face 10-year-old Mary Bell.



11-25-2005, 04:37 AM
You make a good point, neenafoof. I have indeed witnessed that "shapechaning" response when confronting and cornering the most evil people that I know.
Whether or not that reconciles the entire Icke reptilian paradigm, I won't venture to say...but I do know that emotions seem to play a big part in the overall power of "the dark side". I believe that they somehow feed off the negatives ones, like fear and anger; hence, the prevalence of young, more easily terrified victims in Satanic sacrifice rituals and the continuous global exacerbation of conflicts, wars, racial prejudices by the Illuminati.
Like the old Star Trek episode about the alien entity that provoked war between the Entreprise and the Klingon crew in order to feed off of the negative energy generated.

11-25-2005, 04:55 AM
What you call shapeshifting is simply the changes that happens in the physionomy of a person when the demons inside take control. It is not really shape shifting at all, but only a contortion of the expression.

I believe it is possible that demons can induce a "vision" , or a "hallucination" in a person to make her think someone is shapeshifting. This is not unusual and may be what Icke has seen one day. I remember Cathy O'Brien saying Michael Aquino used to do that, so people would freak out in fear. One more cheap trick form satan. Yawn.

When a person is spiritually ignorant, like Icke or Jordan Maxwell, just one glimpse of the supernatural can put his world upside down.

11-26-2005, 03:27 AM
In the name of Jesus. A Christian has authority over demons. Do not be afraid.

I agree though about the fear. But suffering is a gift from God. Truly. It benefits the Kingdom.
Evil people do not suffer, they make others suffer. They are all about control and winning in the world. They rage with defiance; they do not suffer.

I've noticed that the most evil people I know tend to be very lucky in the world, in matters of health/wealth, etc. This seems to increase their belief in self not God and conversely as the increase in the world they become deadened spiritually and not very happy, despite having health/wealth/power - its never enough, just doesn't satiate without the love of the Lord.

People who truly know the Lord seem beautifully radiant through their tears. With a peace and joy that is not of this world.

If you are suffering, you STILL FEEL - Praise the Lord. It is a gift. Says so in Scipture. Perhaps it has coredemtive value, or the collective cry of the Sheep will hasten the Lord's return, or it at least extends your capacity to empathize with others suffering.

Sights with Scriptural passages about suffering being a Gift from God.