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11-26-2005, 07:49 PM
It's amazing how people who profess one thing can be seen to be accomplishing the opposite.

With every step we either make things worse by those we touch or make them better. In general if you are making things worse, you are wasting everyone's time including your own.

You will likely never figure certain things out because you have too much horsepower enabling you to rationalize at every turn any hint of subtle truths showing a more likely reality.

The current situation worldwide led by the US and it's hangers on IS a problem. That much we agree perhaps. Kerry, Bush's twin would be little different. But the current situation is one of criminality - so who is responsible?

You suggested religious fundamentalists and some vague capital control scheme, all perpetrated by unwitting and deluded people. This is a conspiracy site so any theories of who the criminals are and how they're doing it is welcome - just expand on your theory.

You are wrong constantly about this site and it's members and are demonstrably self centred by your assumptions.

Nevertheless, if some theory or another is seen to be factual and highly likely - what then? Preach to the choir? Or try reasoning with the deluded. As you can see forums encourage, if briefly, the polarized discussion we have here.

Some may choose to bliss out and ignore all the worlds' problems, but presumably some would choose to seek out the Truth no matter how unpleasant.

The dominant thinking of today (PC) is on your side, you have it easy. But the dominant thinking is also in tune with the dominant problems and symptoms of our society.

You have a list by way of your Fascism vendetta, you have siezed on a label unable to wring any truth out of the wet garment.

One of your list was gay marriage, another was abortion, all the heartstring issues. You, the typical person of balance and good fortune seeing every situation from your own viewpoint can't understand that the exceptions by unbalanced individuals make the rule. (Why we have rules)

What's wrong with 2 same sex individuals living together? Not much till they start having families and depriving their children of a same sex role model. What's wrong with inter-racial marriage? Possibly nothing, but that's not what the children say. You can rationalize endlessly parotting some Gramsican or Kinsey type of mind rot but you only fool yourself, unless you some day get affected and see the light so to speak.

What's wrong with abortion? Lots of things. It encourages a consumerist materialist approach to love, commitment and sex. It psychically damages the woman, and encourages us to treat child rearing as a convenience. It reminds us presumably that we are meat.

11-26-2005, 08:07 PM
Good post. Your own words?

11-26-2005, 08:18 PM
always TB, do I get a prize?

It's good to have opposition, in theory, on a forum. OL is a bit of a conundrum, he doesn't seem to have figured anything of relevance out yet at all.

11-27-2005, 03:37 AM
I understand OL. I used to be exactly the same.


11-27-2005, 10:11 AM
So about the "getting off your ass" part, I share your frustration with this, but many if not most will stay that way until a bloomin battle-tank bursts through the kitchen wall and disrupts their Conan O Bryan plopdown on the couch.

The people that know better will always be together, in one form or another. All we can do is what we can... And we can do anything my friend.