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02-24-2005, 04:36 PM
I reposted this from www.savethemales.ca

because this guy has summed it up very clearly.
the aware this should be your creed.

How to Combat the N.W.O. by Corey Hayes

February 24, 2005

Become a real Man/Woman (not a feminist or metro sexual) by realizing your obligation to be a watchman over the race of Men, to guide them and protect them.

2. Understand that God, nature, and your fellow human owe you nothing. There's not a thing you deserve that you haven't earned. On the contrary, you owe God everything for His gift to you of existence. You owe Man your service now that you know the truth.

3. Whenever you see a family member, co-worker, friend, or even a stranger speaking or acting in a derogatory or evil manner, correct them on the spot. If a politician says or does something that puts your nation at risk, point it out to everyone including him/her. If a preacher says or does something that contradicts the bible (say, he's slipped some political party lines, or humanism, or new age philosophies, into his sermon) correct him/her immediately. Ask, "What do you think you're doing?" Say, "How dare you!" Get mad!

4. Educate yourself in the esoteric symbols of secret societies, cults, and new age religions. Know their meanings. Realize they are placed by smug people who believe they are above everyone else. Educate your family, friends, and others in the symbols of the occult.

5. Avoid dealing with companies and corporations who boast such symbols in their architecture, paintings, and logos (Starbucks and AOL, for instance, are replete with the image of the great eye in the pyramid). Avoid corporations that are (a) replete with such symbols, (b) not from your community or nation, (c) sell goods not made in your country, (d) refer to their employees as "human resources" and treat them as such, (e) increase prices to fund such maligned practices as "saver's cards" where you can "redeem points" for spending. Let them keep their points. You keep your money.

6. Buy local goods from independently owned and operated grocers and stores. Buy your produce from the farmer's market. Help out your local citizen by buying from him and screw the major corporations in the process.

7. Get out of debt! Pay your highest interest debts first and try, as far as possible, to pay off everything. There are several reasons for this. (a) So long as you're in debt you're a slave to debt. (b) All interest generated by loans results in inflation � the devaluing of every individual dollar (your dollars, too). (c) All the thousands of dollars you pay in interest go right into the pocket of the evil bankers. (d) Those unscrupulous bankers lend the interest you paid to totalitarian governments and guerrilla groups that buy nasty things like landmines (with your money) that maim children throughout the world everyday � you and I are guilty by association and support. Want to stop the madness of war? Stop paying the assholes that fund it. This goes for bank service charges, too. Give the banks as little as you can or nothing.

8. Save your money and buy physical gold and silver. There will be an economic crash: it might be tomorrow, in five years, or in ten years. But when it does, and you're out of work because no one can afford your product, and you can't pay your mortgage, and your stocks are worthless, and your nation's money is inflated to the Moon� you will still be able to buy the necessities of life with precious metals. Gold and Silver have rescued wise men and women from the tribulations of fiat currency fiascos for over five thousand years of recorded history. And the past, my friends, is the best indication of the future.

9. Become an active leader in your community. If you have to, pick up trash from the side of the highway. Volunteer at the local soup kitchen or homeless shelter. Get involved in political or economic forums and try to lead them in the direction you believe your community should follow. Become a politician! If you see anything or anyone in the world that requires mending, fix it.

10. Become a moral beacon, an example of righteous living to your family, friends, and community. Support those who live by good ideals, financially and emotionally. Berate those who are hypocrites or downright evil. Correct them!

11. Be honest and supportive of your children. Teach them your morals and ask them what they're being taught in school. Compare and discuss everything! Leave no stone unturned. If you don't teach your children your morals, they'll form their own eclectic, contradictory, and erroneous values from the Illuminists (via public education) and from their peers. You do not want your daughter to learn about sexuality from a public servant who will merely teach mechanics without teaching ethics, nor do you want her to learn it the hard way when she's thirteen and drunk at a party and has formed an instant crush on an eighteen-year-old rugby player� And let her know she can tell you anything! If she tries to tell you someone touched her, and you ignore her, you've taken his side � you become an accomplice to rape.

12. If you men look at porn on the internet, in particular, young girls and women, you're participating in white slavery. Women and girls in Eastern Europe (impoverished nations) are promised good-paying jobs in foreign nations (such as Israel). Once in a foreign nation (where the girls have no contacts, nor any knowledge of the local language) they are sold into sexual slavery. In some cases, their organs are sold on the black market. I'm as guilty of this sin (yes, porn is a grave sin) as anyone. But you must STOP! Again, type into Google the keywords "white slavery", "Forced Prostitution", "Russia", "Romania", "Ukraine". Sound crazy? It is. And it's evil to the core. Stop supporting it!

13. Don't smoke dope or do any other types of recreational drugs. Illuminists make loads and loads of cash through the drug trade. Every person that participates in drug use tithes thousands of dollars a year to these pimps! And what do the users get in return? Addiction and ruined lives. I implore you, don't so much as smoke a joint if you have kids � they always know and they'll imitate you.

14. Refuse as far as possible any attempt at national identification. You are a Man/Woman, not a number. Avoid supporting "the system" as far as possible. Swear allegiance to God first, family second, your community third, your country fourth.

15. Remember that the God that made Jesus (or was Jesus) made Samson and David, too. I pray I'm not wrong, but I believe it is every Man's duty to defend God's honor and his family and nation from evil � even if it means he must defend it with violence. When the time comes that you must fight, fight for God and family, and pray for deliverance. Don't fight for the bankers (Illuminists). Remember that all authority and power comes from God. His violence (in the form of judgment) will be far worse than anything our enemies can dream up. Fear Him and pity them. They only have money, which they lose when they die. We, on the other hand, inherit God and all his good glory after death.

16. Be the Man or Woman they abhor and fear: declare your enemies, be honest, moral, strong, courageous, faithful, merciful, wise, intelligent, good-natured, tactful, and ask God to guide your ways, don't be afraid of offending people with the truth. If you're a true watchman, you'll warn your fellow brothers and sisters of these dangers and fight the enemy of Man to your last breath. Give them no quarter, nor any place to hide.

17. Lastly, remember that there are others, just like you and me in all positions in society that know of the conspiracy and are actively fighting it. Some work in secret, others out in the open. So "chin up" and don't dismay

02-24-2005, 08:19 PM
easier said than done for some of these. Most notably, buying gold when it's over $450 an ounce. Kinda difficult not to buy anything without seeing a made in China lable these days.

02-25-2005, 06:18 AM
Hey 55132:
I'll just pick on something related to paragraph # 5 & 6:
Do you think it'll get to where we will be forbidden to actually plant fruit bearing trees and vegies in our backyards? Sounds like a silly question, I know. But seriously, buying anything today seems like the BIG GUYS are just behind the screen of all this. And as far as buying items made in this country only, --I understand where you are coming from. But once again, the BIGGIES own so much. Pretty soon there will be only 13 major companies. I have a feeling there will be something done to shove off the ma-and- pa bakery, grocery store, fruit stand and such down the corner. Anybody, please, what are your thoughts on us "only" buying from the BIGGIES (???). Can we truly avoid this for an ongoing time??? Do I have to eat Burger King and fast food places owned by these BIG GUYS!! Plus, do I only have to buy 'sprayed' fruits and vegies. Do I only have to buy packaged quickie food loaded with toxic chemicals and wicked preservatives? Injected meats and fish? Will that organic little healthfood/superette near me be
run off the street? I know you know where I am leading up to: total control!!!
In my lifetime?? I think I'll see it, for sure. (At least my parents in the Ukraine were able to have a chicken or two, tomato plant, a small potato and cucumber ground.)
I'm 52. But I try not to get consumed by it and do the best I can. I never let them see me sweat!!! I live peacefully and try to support my fellow human in these issues and I do speak up (it's got me in trouble). Won't go into detail in this thread. Thanks for the thread though. -----get_real.

02-25-2005, 07:11 AM

it has already started in iraq tha farmers are not permited to plant any thing that is not geneticaly manufactored by a company called monsanto. check


the us government has prohibited the farmers of iraq to collect,store and plant seeds that are not authorized.

in the nwo there will be no private property no private means of subsitance everyone will depend on them for everything even their lives.

02-25-2005, 11:43 AM
Somewhat fundamentalist approach.
Might I point out that there was Jesus the man and Christ the (Sun) Spirit - "saviour" of the human race. That Christ Spirit has been known and worshipped in other times and climes, by different names, (e.g. Horus - Aegypt).

To combat the NWO observe what they fear and seek to destroy, e.g. the nature order, the family unit, feminine power, unity.

02-25-2005, 12:56 PM
zephon wrote:
Might I point out that there was Jesus the man and Christ the (Sun) Spirit - "saviour" of the human race. That Christ Spirit has been known and worshipped in other times and climes, by different names, (e.g. Horus - Aegypt).

Point it out all you want. Let me, in turn, point out that I think what you just said is complete pagan/gnostic/hermetic crap; the same garbage spewed by the illuminati.

02-25-2005, 01:13 PM
Funny you mention that AISB, I thought the same thing.

Smell a rat?

02-25-2005, 01:37 PM
marypopinz wrote:
Funny you mention that AISB, I thought the same thing.

Smell a rat?

Well, maybe. I did jumped the gun a little ... I mean it's zephon's first post and all :)

I tend to get a little defensive when confronted with blasphemy (I'll have to work on that), nothing personal zephon.

02-25-2005, 05:09 PM
In support of what Real was saying, mom and pop grocery stores are too far away and too expensive to shop at compared to the corporate giants down the street. Basically, we're already dependent on the corrupted system. I don't see it changing for the better anytime soon. Some major societal reorganization would have to happen before mom and pop stores of anything could be competitive again.

02-27-2005, 06:40 AM
It's called choice or free will. Your dollars, your needs ... so how do you spend?

Buy fractionally less from your neighbor or fractionally more from someone who takes most of those dollar far, far away.

I don't care what you do as much as I care that you know what you're doing.

02-27-2005, 09:16 AM
I don't care what you do as much as I care that you know what you're doing.
These are words of wisdom.

I dont agree with #15. Violence is not the answer.