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02-25-2005, 01:48 AM
Dear Abby

My job is to correct technical documents, and sometimes I get these papers whose content really pisses me off. I won't reveal their contents, but let's just say there's some technology that is very NWO-friendly. Most of the authors probably have no idea how evil some of this stuff is - I think they've been brainwashed into the convenience camp.

I don't like correcting this stuff, but don't want to harm my employer's reputation, since he is a decent guy. What should I do? :-?

02-25-2005, 06:55 AM
Dear Dude,

If you're a employed player in a dirty game, I'd look for a new job.

Doesn't matter if they know or not. You do. Isn't that the point? What's the point of understanding all this conspiracy stuff if you are not willing to go against the flow? My two cents.

In life, we all must get off the fence and choose right action, not the easy ride.

Sorry I cannot ease your mind. It is unsettled for a reason. Everyone has to figure out their moral boundaries for themselves. What they will do and what they won't. What they believe in and what they don't. Morality.

Morality, now there is a thought...

Without personal morality, the world would become immoral... take a look around.

Thanx mawashi. The penny just dropped for me. It's individual morality that is causing this crisis in societal morality.

People don't know what they believe in anymore; what they will stand for or what they will stand against.

The devil isn't them over there, just like it isn't Iraq or Osama or some rediculous axis of evil. The devil is right there when you get up look in the mirror each day.

What will I do and what will I not do?
What do I stand for and what do I stand against?

Clear distinct boundaries of morality. That's why the politicians have created such a "liberal" western lifestyle here in Canada and back in Britian. The moral boundaries have become a politically correct shade of grey, where the goal posts are always moving. Kind of like poor parenting.

No wonder this type of governed society produces so many sheep. Lost children who know not their own personal boundaries of thought and mind.

What the canadian politicians have done with our youth crime laws is a glittering example. As long as you are under 16 - you can pretty much commit murder here and get a hand-slap. The parents have no rights whatsoever to parent their children anymore.

Everyone here has been put on lockdown. You have no personal power to parent and there exists no children's rights to be properly disciplined/taught how to behave in society.

And I wondered why parents dis-associate from their children.

Without personal morality, the global community is becoming a pretty immoral place into which innocent babies are born. All babies are born innocent in my eyes. The church and that sinner stuff is a crock of shite in my mind. Children are born to be good, not bad. That want to please, not displease. They want to love and be loved. All babies deserve all the protection we may offer.

Mawashi, none of this was personally aimed at you in a derogatory fashion and I mean no offence. I am thinking with regards to my own character.

I just think the adults have to set the tone for the world's children and personal morality should be first and foremost in everyone's minds, keeping the children in mind. I am only just awakening to this fact of life, as I type this post.

It seems so obvious as a most important factor in life and yet it is highly under-rated. What will I stand for determines what I will stand against.

Morality demands a stand, not a seat on the fence.

02-25-2005, 03:08 PM
Wow… Well put. - :-o :-o :-o

02-25-2005, 04:19 PM
To hell with your employer's reputation, make the corrections anyway. If he asks why, give a politically correct sounding bullshit answer if you want to keep your job. If not, tell the truth. Simple as that. :-P

02-25-2005, 08:16 PM
Thanks folks.

Thing is, most of the stuff I do is harmless, like chemistry, physics etc, so I'm not going to let the NWO drive me out of a job. Didi some thinking last night, and figured that the best way to solve the problem is not to run away from it, but tackle it in a way that I can alert these scientists to what is going on. These guys simply do not consider the consequences of what they are doing, so I think it is my duty to somehow warn them, to amke them aware instead of just ignore the problem. Even my boss thinks its a reasonable idea, as long as I go about it carefully.

Just a few of us chatting on this forum will change little if anything, but if we can spread the message and get others to spread it further again, we can make the NWO's time a very hard one. Big job, though.

02-26-2005, 08:05 AM
I admire your courage and conviction.

03-04-2005, 12:10 AM
Konechiwa Yokozo Mawashi.

You comitt hurry kurry wery krickly...

You join wocal winternet suicide wub weal soon!

Woze charcoal wurners weal twicky!



03-04-2005, 02:16 AM
Mate, you're getting better every day!

Don't feel like topping myself in one of those clubs, though. Still too much to live for.