View Full Version : Sowing Seeds of Hatred to Empower The Police State

12-13-2005, 04:32 PM
AJ mentioned this once and I thought it was worth bringing up again.

Our social engineers who are masters of creating class conflict use something I call the 'teachers pet' analogy, where they elevate the status of one minority group, usually putting them beyond scrutiny where they can follow a different set of rules and making the rest of the class extremely indignant.

From all reports I've read, the criminal element within the Lebanese community was allowed to run rampant and their violent excesses were not dealt with under the 'noble' guise of tolerance.

Imams were allowed to publicly declare their hate for Australia, their 'disgust' with western female attire, and their support for 9/11 with hardly any criticism. The highly publicized sydney gang rapists who targetted white females while shouting racial abuse to humiliate their victims were amazingly not charged with 'hate crimes', leaving the Australian people with a deep sense of a miscarriage of justice, and thus allowing the seed of hatred to germinate. I consider these all provocateur actions by the ruling elite (just like that crazy Jewish 'Imam' we had in London who never got in trouble for all his talk about Jihad).

This double standard has become apparent to everyone, but just isn't acknowledged publicly. I'm reminded of 'anti-hate' laws that seeik protect only certain groups and yet do nothing but attract more hatred, just like how anti-semitism laws preceded the pogroms in Russia.

Through this sophisticated subterfuge where the 'reaction is the action' they have effectively pitted the Australian mainstream society against the middle eastern immigrant community and some innocents have gotten hurt in the crossfire. Just look at how the Paris riots were rationalized as something akin to a 'civil rights' demonstration versus the ONE DAY riot in Australia deemed as some kind of 'neo-nazi' action. They are all trying to wind us up.