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12-13-2005, 08:29 PM
Seattle,WA: Hybrid fundamentalist group---Algerian
armed Islamic group
Portland,OR: Al Qaeda
SanFrancisco,CA: Islamic Liberation Party---Abu Sayyaf
Santa Clara,CA: Al Qaeda---Hamas
Los Angeles,CA: Hamas Al GAma'at al Islamiyya
Algerian Armed Islamic Group
Tucson,AZ: Al Qaeda Hamas
San Diego,CA: American Islamic Group Algerian Armed Islamic Group
Denver,CO: Al Qaeda
Oklahoma City,OK: Hamas
Tulsa,OK: Muslim brotherhood Hamas
Kansas City,MO: Hamas
Arlington-Dallas,TX: Al Qaeda Hamas Islamic Jihad Hezbollah
Houston,TX: Al Qaeda Hamas Muslim Brotherhood
Columbia,MO: Algerian Islamic Salvation Front Al Qaeda Hamas
Chicago,IL: Hamas Islamic Jihad
Detriot,MI: Al Gama' at al Islamiyya Hamas Muslim Brotherhood Hezbollah
Plainfield,IN: ISNA Muslim Brotherhood
Cleveland,OH: Islamic Jihad Muslim Brotherhood
Orlando,FL: Al Qaeda
TampaBay,FL: Islamic Jihad
FT.Lauderdale-Boca Raton,FL: Al Qaeda
Charlotte,NC: Hezbollah
Raleigh.NC: Islamic Jihad
Roanoake,VA: Al Fuqra
Sprinfield,VA: Hamas
Herndon,VA: Al Qaeda Islamic Jihad
Washington,DC: Hamas Hezbollah
Potomac,MD: Hezbollah
Laurel,MD: Al Qaeda
New York,NY: Al Gama' at al Islamiyya Al Muhajiiroun Hezbollah Jamaat E-Islamii Al Fuqra Hamas
Boston,MA: Al Qaeda National Islamic Front

Just be aware if you live in these cities, Those
"RIOTS" in Australia did'nt start by what your being told.

12-13-2005, 09:08 PM
Santa Claus,CA: Al Qaelves---Hamas
SanFrancisco,CA: Al katraz---Abu Stayofdeporch
Los Angeles,CA: Mamas Al Capapas
Los Angeles,CA: Al kazeltzer al Islamitoyou
San Diego,CA: American indian kniting Group Algerian Armed Islamic freebased bumbaloonies
Oklahoma City,OK: Don't tell Hamas
Tulsa,OK: Muslim brotherhood of Train conductors
Kansas City,MO: Is youisorisyouain't
Arlington-Dallas,TX: Al Qaeda Hamas Islamic Jihad howsaboutu
Houston,TX: Al Qaeda Hewhaw Muslim Brotherhood
Columbia,MO: Algerian Islamic Flower Salvation Front of Al Qaeda Hamaslamas rounddecornerous
Chicago,IL: Chicago, Chicago's a wonderful town
Detriot,MI: Al Gama' at al Islamiyyaya Hamas Muslim Brotherhood Hezbollah bowling league of lower New Jersy
Plainfield,IN: ISNAHERE Muslim Brotherhood of Goatsbyday
Raleigh.NC: Islamic Jihad Mihad Fleahad
Roanoake,VA: Al Fuqra Capone
Boston,MA: Al Qaeda National Islamic Front

Just be aware if you live in these cities, Those
"RIOTS" in Australia did'nt start by me being high in the sky bye_n_bye.

12-13-2005, 09:34 PM
Islamic Fleahead was funny! Baby Huey...May the fleas of a 10,000 strong herd of CAMELS infest your DIAPER.

12-13-2005, 09:44 PM
Is that you my long lost Teeny Weeny. Oh come back to your long lost Daddy. I have stopped my drinking now that I have been away from you. On second thought stay away.

12-13-2005, 10:06 PM
Someone on this board once said that the unending immigration of the last decades were...
for god's sake what. I got a migraine from wondering who the hell said this. Was it me or you or they or them. When the Illuminati finally come here I hope they are those new efficient fluorescent type bulbs.

12-14-2005, 09:26 AM
I was out at Skamania, OR a bit before Leon Battle got pinched. Seems they were keeping the neighbors up with all of the ruckus: ordnance practice! That's quite a feat when you consider that the nearest neighbor is across the valley.

Anyone know the alignment of the spooks up around Lackawanna, NY? Did they release the Nile virus up there?

Also, don't forget the home-grown groups. Even here in picturesque NJ we have the Gay Nazi Libertarians. We also have Skinheads, too, but they are under cover: they wear wigs. 8-)