View Full Version : FULL TEXT ON IMPOSTER X Psychological Profile: SOCIOPATH >>B-NAI _ B-RITH OPERATIVE>>>???

12-14-2005, 01:55 AM
Dr: Well RR, Looks like we have a live one one here, I told you they would come out of their "HOLE".
RR: Lets hold on here, DR, this IGNT, redrat, as you know does'nt say nothing to convince me that HE SHE IT is a Human Being!
RR: I Do know this WANNABEE KOOK wants to KILL Little KIDS, therefore, THIS KOOK will be put to DEATH!
DR: How can you come to that conclusion RR?
RR: Well, lets look at it's mention of Mother On THe WALL! this is a clear mention of MURDER!... Now lets Examine his overt racism toward america>>>... MIND you this garbage, has 3 houses
in WHITE AMERICA< Yet he would have White Americans DIE!.
DR: Ok I've also seen this MORON actually thinks that he can get away with with his INSANITY< Ok: Well, NO matter what we conclude from this insane RASCIST, we WILL GET HIM!