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12-20-2005, 08:16 PM
Always know who you are dealing with:

Ahmad Nishitoba name according to Ahmad Nishitoba is: 3- My name is coded in the mysterious initials (which Rashad decoded the miracle of Quran using them in 1974 by God's leave ), as you may know there are 29 chapters (out of 114) in Quran that begin with 14 sets of initials (14 different Arabic letters/half the Arabic Alphabet), if we count the TG.values of these 14 different letters (without the repititions) we get the total value of my full name:

Historical background:

I was inspired of my messengerhood on the night of destiny (11/22/2003), then of the USN on 12/16 the same year. Afterwards the corrections of the religious duties as well as the good news/warning of 119 were given to me gradually.
I am a 28 year old (8/22/1977), half Egyptian/Japanese male, i got a B.Sc in mechanical engineering from Cairo University.
I am God's messenger to all of you.

Ahmad Nishitoba
The messenger of God

Contact: messenger@usn2161.net

Always know who you are dealing with:

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Peace Ahmad,

do you idolize numbers?

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peace anonymous,

Always know who you are dealing with

Following your advice, do you mind telling me a little about you! start with a name.

To This:

do you idolize numbers?

No, i don't. Numbers have no power on their own, nobody can enter the kingdom of God while attributing independent powers to things or people, therefore numbers are not signs except if they stand for a righteous meaning. The followers of Moses later idolized numbers and pursued divination and other practices that focus on the number and not its Creator, for example they ask numbers for news about the future instead of asking God, as for the messengers like me God inspires us with this news then confirm it with a numerical sign, thus the meaning always comes before the proof.

[41:37] Among His proofs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Do not prostrate before the sun, nor the moon; you shall fall prostrate before the GOD who created them, if you truly worship Him alone.

P.S: i said it before, however maybe it was to someone else, "stop playing with the images on my website without permission", please.

12-21-2005, 05:55 AM
Hey Ahmad Nishitoba, so am I,
but I donít tell anyone because Iím not naive.
God does not directly talk to you, it is an inter-dimensional messenger of God that you hear, and so, you are also vulnerable to some very sly demons as well. Some are so dire, that they can be mistaken for Satan, just as an angel can be mistaken for God.

Jesus was a messenger of God, but he did also SPREAD THE MESSAGE - exactly what you have not done so far.