View Full Version : Waiting in the wings with another magic bullet theory?

12-28-2005, 03:28 PM
When it became known that Bush illegally spied on America, ole Arlen Spector was out front stating that he would get to the bottom of this with an investigation, what he doesn't mention is that he had already had full knowledge of the spying long ago.
The administration knowing that they had the reigns on the Times for the previous year, probably knew that sooner or later it would leak out the story, so what do they do in the basement of their thinktanks, they setup one of their cronies to come forward being all indignant about the operation, so he is in the forfront of investigating this loss of Liberty, remember he's the fooker that came up with the magic bullet theory, a perfect candidate to investigate something that in short is treason to the American people and the oath Bush took.
So if this investigation gets going, we need to get on every forum every call in radio program, CSPAN, call our local news, and demand that we don't want Ole Arlen in charge of this investigation of this egregious venture by the Whitehouse.
You might want to suggest that if anyone is in charge it should be Ron Paul, and on the DEm side perhaps Conyers.
A couple articles on this.