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12-30-2005, 12:14 PM

I have learned from an anonymous source that white supremacist Marc Moran is a frequent, long-winded poster at the internet forum www.proxywhore.com/invboard. Why would this person frequent an obscure forum such as this one to spout his Nazi views? For those who do not know the history of this forum, it started as a spin-off of the conspiracy site and forum www.godlikeproductions.com. See the other articles in the Nazi Wars section for more background. What I find intriguing about this revelation is that I had already noted evidence and an emerging pattern indicating that both www.godlikeproductions.com and www.proxywhore.com/invboard/ are now run by a Nazi organization. Some, though possibly not all, moderators at both sites mine data from the forum users and systematically mob, harrass, and try to intimidate any poster at the forums who holds an anti-Nazi point of view. Harrassment that has been directed toward me specifically has included threats of sexual assault and death, slander of my character, and hacking of a friend's email account by use of data mined at www.godlikeproductions.com.

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