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01-06-2006, 09:56 AM
My friends, consider for a moment the news about the "Trust hormone" called oxytocin. It really doesn't promote trust, it only suppresses the fear response in the Amygdala and its network in the brain.

We know that while the gov't is researching and exploiting a technology, that technology remains secret. Oxytocin is now in the public domain.

QUESTION: how many more endocrinological substances are kept secret? Is there a "Fear hormone", a "Courage hormone", a "Guilt hormone", or possibly a "I want to buy that" hormone?

In fact, even simple fragrances are said to affect behavior: Blockbuster Video stores have that minty vanilla aroma to induce more business. Another example is stimulation of the appetite with magnolia oil as a fragrance.

Oxytocin, however, is advertised as odorless, and in fact is a naturally occurring substance in the body, anyway. Tough to prove that you used it intentionally, isn't it?

My opinion is that experimentation is underway in shopping malls. The population is transient, in that they will stay a certain time and then leave. Malls afford a lot of different subjects, too. Perfect for testing the efficacy of different hormonal substances on general behavior.

Next time you go to the mall, observe where certain unique odors or "feelings" affect you. I'll bet that those same effects will happen at the same place next time you go back, and if not, will probably show up at another location within the mall!

01-07-2006, 08:18 AM
As a tag to my last post, there are in fact well-known chemical agents, such as CS gas (now banned from use on civilians) which can affect us in strong emotional ways. The advantage with endocrinological substances is that they are natural to the body and they are "designed" to work extremely well on our biological systems.