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01-07-2006, 02:31 AM
"In our Brotherhood, we live the great Christian festivals of Christmas and Easter as simply as we live the other days: we pray, meditate and sing. And even if we give special thought to the birth, death or resurrection of Christ, we do nothing exceptional. If this leaves some people dissatisfied, they are free to go and celebrate these festivals in their churches or their temples. Everyone must decide what form to give to his religious feelings, and he must allow others to do the same. The fact that they have different beliefs and rituals must never be a reason for people to attack each other. It is unwise to destroy the lives of others in the name of such and such a religious founder. Rather than provoking endless disorder and strife, people must embrace one another, help one another and fraternize with one another. In doing so they will demonstrate that they are followers of the one true religion, the universal religion of light and love, whose model is the sun."

Omraam MikhaŰl A´vanhov

01-07-2006, 08:42 AM
My religious model is the Son (of Yah). BTW, anyone remember the old Star Trek episode when they went to a hypermodern Rome?

I abhor the erroneous teachings of those who unmercifully and ignorantly tear the sacred word from its context and loving intentions of its author.

How many churches teach "killing the flesh" but in fact are programming their members to dissociate into an abnormal cognitive state? Example: "Ozzy, when you have a bad thought, just CUT IT OFF!" This is an unhealthy way to deal with life. God gave me the courage to face the most horrible things within myself; Christ died to mortify the "body of sin" meaning the set of behaviors which are spiritually unhealthy. He didn't die to literally kill my body, or else I wouldn't be here today. It is a mystery of the Spirit and should not be used to socially engineer a congregation into submission to the leadership.

We are given a Spirit of peace, and of SELF CONTROL. Yah wants us to be the owners of our own minds, bodies, and souls. He wants us to be in control of our subconscious minds. :-D