View Full Version : Human Cloning And The Rise Of The Beast

01-12-2006, 01:57 PM

A human clone is said to be without a soul, which is true, but nevertheless a body is a machine, which enables us to interact in a material world. A human clone is an empty vessel. From an 'astral' perspective, it is possible for outside entities to temporarily posses a body if astral projection is performed, because you are no longer inside your body.


It's quite clear what would happen as the very first cloned human takes in the breath of life. Itís a first-class ticket into the material world, funded by the superb idiocy of our global society. Technological progression, the kind we donít need.

The first human clone may carry Satan into the material world. Remember, a clone is nothing but a vessel.

It is most likely that the first clone will be kept secret as to prevent an outcry.

The key to human cloning is well hidden for an important reason, but persistent scientists are coming close to cracking it.

02-13-2006, 08:46 AM
the key to this problem would be to mass produce the clones initially, so that when they are released to the public, they will have to be accepted. One must also consider the possibility that there are already clones in modern society. As you must have noticed and thought through, there are many uses for human cloning technology, primarily for replacing those individuals that the government has deemed 'too knowledgable.'

with regards to your fears concerning satans entrance into the physical world through a cloned human, is there not a part of you that believes this has already occurred. have you ever heard of the term, 'cumulative radicalisation....'