View Full Version : PRAYER FOR HARMONY

01-15-2006, 04:56 AM

Begin by establishing harmony between yourself and God, the creative principle and first cause. Say:

My God, I have always been foolish and ignorant, but now I recognize my faults and am ready to do better: please forgive me. From now on I want to live in harmony with you. Give me your light that I may no longer break your laws. Allow me to contemplate you. I promise to obey you and do your will.

Next, you turn to the angels and archangels:

Holy angels, so often, when you have brought messages from the Creator to warn or enlighten me, I was deafened by the tumult of my passions and unable to hear your voice. I beseech you to continue to send me light, for I want to obey you. I know that you are the Lord's most exalted servants: I respect and love you.

Then you can speak to the masters and benefactors of mankind, to all those who have made the supreme sacrifice for the divine cause:

0 masters of humanity, I have never listened to you because I valued human knowledge above all else. But now I know that what you have discovered and understood is the only essential truth, and I want to help and serve you. Send me some of your learning and knowledge.

Then you establish harmony between yourself and your fellow human beings:

Beloved brothers and sisters, may peace and harmony reign in our midst. Let us forget each other's faults and failings; let us forget the evil we may have done to each other, and work side by side in the Lord's vineyard so as to transform the earth into a garden of paradise in which we may all live as brothers and sisters.

Speak also to the animals:

When God first created the world you lived in peace and harmony with man; it is by our fault that you have become cruel and have to survive under such difficult conditions. I send you light to help you advance rapidly on the path of evolution.

Speak to plants:

O lovely plants, flowers, and trees, you who arc willing to stay still and submit to all weathers; what a wonderful example you give us. Thank you for nourishing us; thank you for the beauty and fragrance of your flowers. I send you thoughts of love; I want to live in harmony with you. Give me your freshness and purity in return for my love.

Speak to the stones of the earth:

O you who bear the weight of humanity, you who give us the ground under our feet and the inspiring example of your age-old stability, you who give us materials for our houses and all kinds of beautiful buildings, give us also your strength, and we in turn will give you ours, so that one day you may awaken to con-sciousness. May there be harmony henceforth between us.

Close your eyes wid say to the whole universe:

I love you, I love you, I love you. I am in harmony with you.

by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov