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01-19-2006, 06:30 PM
Just read this:
Army Orders Soldiers
To Shed 'Dragon Skin'
Or Lose SGLI Combat
Death Benefits

By Nathaniel R. Helms

Two deploying soldiers and a concerned mother reported Friday afternoon that the U.S. Army

appears to be singling out soldiers who have purchased Pinnacle's Dragon Skin Body Armor

for special treatment. The soldiers, who are currently staging for combat operations from a

secret location, reported that their commander told them if they were wearing Pinnacle

Dragon Skin and were killed their beneficiaries might not receive the death benefits from

their $400,000 SGLI life insurance policies. The soldiers were ordered to leave their

privately purchased body armor at home or face the possibility of both losing their life

insurance benefit and facing disciplinary action.

The soldiers asked for anonymity because they are concerned they will face retaliation for

going public with the Army's apparently new directive. At the sources' requests

DefenseWatch has also agreed not to reveal the unit at which the incident occured for

operational security reasons.

On Saturday morning a soldier affected by the order reported to DefenseWatch that the

directive specified that "all" commercially available body armor was prohibited. The

soldier said the order came down Friday morning from Headquarters, United States Special

Operations Command (HQ, USSOCOM), located at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida. It arrived

unexpectedly while his unit was preparing to deploy on combat operations. The soldier said

the order was deeply disturbiing to many of the men who had used their own money to

purchase Dragon Skin because it will affect both their mobility and ballistic protection.

"We have to be able to move. It (Dragon Skin) is heavy, but it is made so we have mobility

and the best ballistic protection out there. This is crazy. And they are threatening us

with our benefits if we don't comply." he said.

The soldier reiterated Friday's reports that any soldier who refused to comply with the

order and was subsequently killed in action "could" be denied the $400,000 death benefit

provided by their SGLI life insurance policy as well as face disciplinary action.

As of this report Saturday morning the Army has not yet responded to a DefenseWatch


Recently Dragon Skin became an item of contention between proponents of the Interceptor OTV

body armor generally issued to all service members deploying in combat theaters and its

growing legion of critics. Critics of the Interceptor OTV system say it is ineffective and

inferior to Dragon Skin, as well as several other commercially available body armor systems

on the market. Last week DefenseWatch released a secret Marine Corps report that determined

that 80% of the 401 Marines killed in Iraq between April 2004 and June 2005 might have been

saved if the Interceptor OTV body armor they were wearing was more effective. The Army has

declined to comment on the report because doing so could aid the enemy, an Army spokesman

has repeatedly said.

A U.S. Army spokesman was not available for comment at the time DW's original report

(Friday - 1700 CST) was published. DefenseWatch continues to seek a response from the Army

and will post one as soon as it becomes available. Yesterday the DoD released a news story

through the Armed Forces News Service that quoted Maj. Gen. Steven Speaks, the Army's

director of force development, who countered critical media reports by denying that the

U.S. military is behind the curve in providing appropriate force protection gear for troops

deployed to Iraq and elsewhere in the global war against terrorism. The New York Tiimes and

Washington Post led the bandwagon of mainstream media that capitalized on DefenseWatch's

release of the Marine Corps study. Both newspapers released the forensic information the

Army and Marines are unwilling to discuss.

"Those headlines entirely miss the point," Speaks said.

The effort to improve body armor "has been a programmatic effort in the case of the Army

that has gone on with great intensity for the last five months," he noted.

Speaks' assessment contradicts earlier Army, Marine and DoD statements that indicated as

late as last week that the Army was certain there was nothing wrong with Interceptor OTV

body armor and that it was and remains the "best body armor in the world."

One of the soldiers who lost his coveted Dragon Skin is a veteran operator. He reported

that his commander expressed deep regret upon issuing his orders directing him to leave his

Dragon Skin body armor behind. The commander reportedly told his subordinates that he "had

no choice because the orders came from very high up" and had to be enforced, the soldier

said. Another soldier's story was corroborated by his mother, who helped defray the $6,000

cost of buying the Dragon Skin, she said.

The mother of the soldier, who hails from the Providence, Rhode Island area, said she

helped pay for the Dragon Skin as a Christmas present because her son told her it was "so

much better" than the Interceptor OTV they expected to be issued when arriving in country

for a combat tour.

"He didn't want to use that other stuff," she said. "He told me that if anything happened

to him I am supposed to raise hell."

At the time the orders were issued the two soldiers had already loaded their Dragon Skin

body armor onto the pallets being used to air freight their gear into the operational

theater, the soldiers said. They subsequently removed it pursuant to their orders.

Currently nine U.S. generals stationed in Afghanistan are reportedly wearing Pinnacle

Dragon Skin body armor, according to company spokesman Paul Chopra. Chopra, a retired Army

chief warrant officer and 20+-year pilot in the famed 160th "Nightstalkers" Special

Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), said his company was merely told the generals

wanted to "evaluate" the body armor in a combat environment. Chopra said he did not know

the names of the general officers wearing the Dragon Skin.

Pinnacle claims more than 3,000 soldiers and civilians stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan

are wearing Dragon Skin body armor, Chopra said. Several months ago DefenseWatch began

receiving anecdotal reports from individual soldiers that they were being forced to remove

all non-issue gear while in theater, including Dragon Skin body armor, boots, and various

kinds of non-issue ancillary equipment.

Last year the DoD, under severe pressure from Congress, authorized a one-time $1,000

reimbursement to soldiers who had purchased civilian equipment to supplement either

inadequate or unavailable equipment they needed for combat operations. At the time there

was no restriction on what the soldiers could buy as long as it was specifically intended

to offer personal protection or further their mission capabilities while in theater.

Nathaniel R. Helms is the editor of DefenseWatch Magazine. He can be reached at

natshouse1@chater.net. Please send all inquiries and comments to dwfeedback@yahoo.com

AND I thought about an old school theory of mine...

It went like this

Dead soldiers and or half dead .. exo skeletons = a bionic commando army with no brain(washed) and controlled like the mice they get to sniff out bombs.

Pretty sick yet very possible.

(in)Finite anabolic created oil from under surface deep earth mechanics?

Sweet .. yet gas is lookin like radio stations now adays ... WEAK

Well I think the NWO knows that we all know what the did so .... where are all the bullet holes in illuminati temples?

Plus they all suck anyways its unraveling ..

Imagine 2000 (at least) years of planning all coming to an end because some clown named Bush and friends got too greedy ... I'd be pissed!!!

Well they are brain washed since birth anyways

Imagine if your father was Henry Kissenger?

I'd rather be vanilla ice's son

ha ha

Silly one track minded individuals ..

well what can ya do?

Have a million man loose affiliation militia that walks right to your (s)elected "member of government" building and TAKE THE POWER BACK

I knew rap was cool for some reason .... If steven harper is elected some one should charge him for treason and or leave'em bleedin on some ottawa street than RELEASE the news he was bought b(u)y the bilder burg crew SO nwo if ya dont like how the Tho K(h)an flow WELL than fuck
YOU TWO......

Me and my friends are the new world order

You clowns ran your "control" into the ground .. its over ... 1st on the choppin blocks are the cops .... after that ..... WHO really wants to be known to work for the GUV?

Your robots are gone the have nots - due to numbers - CAN slaughter the HAVE LOTS - So wake people up or slap em out I dont care

Its Thokhan drops bombs like Neutron ..

BUY MY CD the truth shall set ya free

and im outtie

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What planet please, what planet please, what planet please. This is a recorded post. Thank you.

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wtf ?

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If the enemy killed and stripped our soldiers, then THEY would be wearing dragon skin.