View Full Version : Modern Day Racism

01-20-2006, 09:50 AM
The remarks from lame duck Mayor of New Orleans were not only inappropriate, but racist. If a white mayor said that he wanted New Orleans to be a vanilla city there would have been a million man march on his house. Also, the media would have done his life story about how he grew up racist because he preferred to catch white fish instead of black fish. These type of comments only keep the people divided and fighting each other instead of looking at the real issues. The real issue in New Orleans is that it's time to elect a new mayor. This lame duck mayor is trying to hold on to his job by playing the race card. His only problem is that most of those led by their emotions to respond to this type vicious assault on human intelligence are not in New Orleans to rally the troops for his cause. It's time for a "New" Orleans based on working towards human excellence, not just racial makeup.