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Jesus Christ isnt God. That may be what they want us to believe.

I know its not what you believe either.

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We have removed our graphic from this post and apologizes for placing it here. Not to you but to CHRIST. We will not make this mistake again. We strongly suggest that with the knowledge some of you exhibit that you follow Akbar and be prepared for the first harvest.

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Who's we?

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Many, and we are prepared for what is coming. We hope you are and that you realize that even though we can find fun in humor, we are prepared for a much darker scenario than anyone here has as yet suggested. Knowing the human race, it is inevitable, just a matter of the right time and right event.

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MadCow said:we are prepared for a much darker scenario than anyone here has as yet suggested.

Really, what type of scenario? I fully believe what the Bible foretells in revelation and so forth, however i'm optimistic that a Whole bunch of GOOD PEOPLE in High Places in goverment are going to derail some of the ILLUMINATI SCRIPT. this is already happening, but as usual it's being kept hidden away from the citizenry, I'll just say this, A nuclear blast was averted due to GOOD PEOPLE in Goverment High Positions, mostly Christians coincidentally. But yes, we must Prepare for the worst, this is a law of God's word.

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The darker scenario would not be believed here. Instead it would be debated by people who would never believe it. If we said that it is fully laid out in The Revelations or in other works, who would take our word for it. To prove the point, watch the replies to this post, if any, see what the other posters say ( if they say anything). There are clever posters here and elsewhere and some know psychology well. Some say this and mean that. Much information can be learned by making an action and then carefully watching the reaction. We do hope for the sake of good people that the events that we suspect are near do not occur, but we are prepared.

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Revelation, chapter 12, verse 12.

"Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea, for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath because he knoweth that he hath but a short time".

‘Who knew that a soul could meet and end? Who knew? It’s not fair! It says nowhere in plain sight that this can be so.‘

People may fear death, but most are so confident of an immortality, which follows their earthly demise. But who knew the truth? Only but a few.

They dwell in the sky, out of sight. They’re waiting, rubbing their hands, waiting to get to work.

Madcow, how can you be prepared if you will not help others? This is not characteristic of one who is purged and pure.

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madcow said: instead it would be debated...well, isn't that what we're all here for.

My Present "End of Time" scenario is as follows when I posted this back awhile ago last year.

I would be interested in yours, trust me I'm sure it won't surprise me or anyone on this forum I think. Don't be holding back information
if you've got something to share here. Of course your free to do what you will.

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La Dominio and Redrat11, go to the last few posts on "The hidden symbolism in the Bible".
Here are two quotes from complete fools.

If you knew what I stood for, you'd realise that you're talking right out of your sphincter sunshine!

Me Catholic view? I think not........

The convenant was to be given to the first son. Ishmael is the first son. There is no logic to say that he is not the first son. It doesn't matter. To you your way to me mine. The majority of you hide behind religion while you are pure devils. You can't be saved.

We respect what you have written regarding us and wish you good luck in your searches for the truth, but this is our final post on this forum. We must now be about our business.

The Madcows

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Jesus Christ isnt God. That may be what they want us to believe.
:-? Well then clearly you are not a Christian so what are you then some kind of trendy new ager or Gnostic operative!.
However if by some strange kind of logic you still believe you are, I suggest you read the NT in the bible perferably the KJV and make sure you comprehend it properly or attend a fundermentally sound church as you beliefs on Christ are way off track :-?

Heres a site that has a sound orthordox doctrine that will guide you in correct Bible interpretation