View Full Version : 9/11, was it all set up? An US led NWO? Incredible 10 MB download/film

02-10-2006, 06:20 AM
Please note: A NWO based on mass murder and slaughter will never prevail! Please dont be scared!!! Its simply impossible. The law of cause and effect will destroy all these responsible butchers and black masters sooner or later.

Just wait and see how the responsible persons of 9/11 and of all other blatant events against humanity and therefore these perpetrators will be judged and destroyed either officially or secretly... be they Zionists, the US itself or Bin Laden and Co.

Please do not manifest anger and hatred when you watch the film, just try to accept whatever truth is and trust in cosmic intelligence/God... everything will be perfect at the end... you will see..

These people forgot the most important thing: DO NOT DO ONTO OTHERS THAT WHICH YOU WOULD NOT HAVE THEM DO ONTO YOU and therefore they will suffer tremendously for that...

http://www.badongo.net/vid.php?file=rehost+this+10mb+film+everywhere__200 6-02-09_amessageeveryfreedom.wmv

best wishes from Switzerland


02-10-2006, 03:29 PM
And here's another one. About two hours long, but very well done.