View Full Version : Scams Targeted At Resistors?

02-14-2006, 02:39 PM
Lately, I have gotten LOADS of scam emails!
All of them related to the Anti-Government, Anti-Satan groups/individuals.

Perhaps this is the governments weak attempt to dispel its enemies via financial bankruptcy.
Even on one of my secret email addresses I got one! This means that I have definitely been targeted because of my cause.

Here is an example of one:

Compliment of the day!I and my mother write to seek for your assistance
andwe got your contact from a noble gentleman and his wife (Mr. and Mrs.
Steve Baker) who were tourist that came to our refugee camp to give a
seminar about AIDS,Whom my mother confronted that we are looking for a trust
worthy and God-fearing person that can assist usretrieves and invest our
funds in oversea, I and my mother will be very happy and appreciate and we
welcome your assistance.

First and foremost I must solicit your strictest confidence in this
Transaction and I prayed that my decision to contact you will be given
guinea approval considering the fact that we have not know each other
before.I which to introduce myself to you, Am Kebi Moyle from sierra Leon
West Africa, I write to inform you my desire to invest and buy a house in
your country, Am 22years old the Son of Dr.Richard Moyle a paramount chief
in Sierra Leone. My father before his death, he
was a diamond/Gold merchant in my country until his death.

My late father was shot by rebels on his way traveling to Louisa a city
after Freetown the capital city along with my brother and sister. My brother
and sister died on the spot why my father was rescue by the UN peace keeping
force and was taken to the hospital for medical treatment which he later
died after three months. Before he died, he reveal to my mother about a
trunk boxes containing $12.5 million US Dollar which he deposited with a
security company here in Ghana for safe keeping.

My father never discloses the contents of the boxes to the security company
to avoid the
officials to raise an eyebrow on the funds.Presently I and my mother are
here in Ghana to notify the security company for the claims, and we are
staying in the refugee camp. When we got to the security company, we were
told that my late father made an agreement bonds with the security company
that hey should not release the consignments to any member of my family
without a foreign business partner in oversea that is why my mother and I
are contacting you
and seeking for your assistance.

Therefore, I want you to lecture me and my mother how best we can vest this
funds, because my father told us that its dangerous to invest this funds in
Africa to avoid suspicious and due to the market instability couple with the
economic and political instability facing African countries, that is why we
wants to invest in abroad.For your mutual assistance, myself and my mother
have agreed to offer you 25% out of the funds. We have all documents
covering the deposit and the ownership which we can fax to you on request.
So I will really like you to get back to soon with your direct mobile number
and Fax number.

Regards and God Bless

Dont fall for these things!