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02-23-2006, 04:49 PM
John Pomfret, Washington Post, Feb. 21, 2006

LOS ANGELES—A series of deadly racial attacks in the jails of this sprawling metropolis has cast a spotlight on long-simmering but little-discussed tensions between a shrinking black community and an ascendant Latino one in California.

In almost every arena of public life—schools, politics, hospitals, housing and the workplace—African Americans and Hispanics are engaged in an edgy competition, according to interviews with teachers, students, politicians, researchers, government officials, civil rights lawyers, street cops and business people.

Los Angeles’s first Latino mayor since the 19th century, Antonio Villaraigosa, was elected last year with strong support from African Americans amid hopes of the creation of a true rainbow coalition in one of the world’s most ethnically diverse metropolitan areas. But the reality, said Earl Ofari Hutchinson, an African American radio talk show host who directs the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable, is that “the jail violence is only symptomatic of something larger. There is conflict and competition in all areas. This city and this state is a caldron of racial issues. This thing is pulsating.”

Fighting broke out at the Pitchess Detention Center on the northern fringes of Los Angeles County two weeks ago when a group of Latino inmates in a two-tiered dormitory began throwing furniture down on a group of black inmates, leaving one of them dead. In the ensuing days, scores more were injured in a string of clashes between Latinos and blacks at Pitchess and other jails. Last Sunday, a second African American was killed in a jail brawl.


Vaca, Hutchinson and others predict the competition and tension in Los Angeles highlight a nationwide issue between the two groups. Last year, after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin complained of Mexicans overrunning his city and displacing blacks—a sentiment recently repeated by Jesse L. Jackson in an interview on CNN.

Large swaths of Los Angeles, such as Watts, a place that Earl Paysinger, the deputy chief of the Los Angeles Police Department described as an “ecosystem for African American culture,” are now increasingly Hispanic. The nearby city of Compton, the birthplace of gangsta rap, is now 60 percent Latino. “The movement of Latinos into these communities has been nothing less than a demographic earthquake,” Paysinger said.

Schools that for more than a decade had been predominantly black are now predominantly Latino and that shift has led to racial strife. In 2005, widespread fighting between Latinos and African Americans, sometimes necessitating lockdowns and the deployment of police officers, rocked 12 schools in Los Angeles County, said Marshall Wong, of the county’s Commission on Human Relations.

Channa Cook, a teacher at the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, said that even in her school, routinely regarded as one of the best in Los Angeles County, African American students each year skip school on May 5, the day when Mexicans celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a 19th-century military victory over France. Mexican gangs have warned in graffiti that they will shoot blacks attending school that day.

“My first year here, I didn’t believe it, but the students told me, ‘No, Miss Cook, if you come to school you’re going to get shot,’” said Cook who is African American. “When I arrived at class, all the black kids had stayed home.”

Hate crimes experts also point to a worrying trend among the two communities in Los Angeles County. Unlike in the past when whites were involved in the lion’s share of hate crimes, now, in anti-black hate crimes, 73 percent of the identified suspects are Latino and in anti-Latino crimes, 80 percent of the suspects are African American, according to a report by the county Commission on Human Relations.

“The old paradigm of black-white race relations is falling by the wayside,” Vaca said.

Tony Rafael, a gang expert who is writing a book on the Mexican Mafia, said so far the Latinos are winning.

“Obviously it goes both ways, but the hammer is much bigger on the Latino side,” Rafael said. “Blacks are outnumbered. And they can’t seem to create a united front to resist.”

02-23-2006, 08:53 PM
Well, Mr. Tony Rafael, all I can say to the black man is "Welcome to our world."

Don't you just love old expressions like, "What goes around comes around," and "What goes over the Devil's back buckles under his belly?"

At least the black man can have his complaints heard and his cause championed without being called a racist, supremacist or "hater."

Latinos are made of sterner stuff than today's white race that has become so cowed that they just roll over and give minorities whatever they want. They realize that, if they don't, the government will step in and give it to them, so why fight it? As a result, the black man is ill prepared to fight when another race starts removing them from their "turf."

This was not only inevitable but has been going on for quite some time now; the lid was kept on by the lap-dog media who would have had to spin the news one way or another and couldn't afford to appear to be siding with one minority against another minority. Gotta love it!!!!!

This scenario is playing itself out in every white country in the world to greater or lesser degrees. Time will come when there is no place left for the whites to go and that is probably just as well. They have lost their survival instinct; when that happens a race dies out.

History is a great teacher, those who choose to ignore it do so at their own peril.

02-24-2006, 06:52 AM
It doesn't have to be this way. If whites want to stop immigration into their countries, simply move to stop your countries from exploiting the resources of the immigrants countries. The leaders in those countries are simply puppets that have the support of western countries to manage the flow of resources to the West. The influx of immigrants is a result of the pandora box that was opened by the West in their quest for global control.

02-24-2006, 06:58 AM
Black-Latino tensions in southern California are a result of gang warfare that has spilled over into public life. You have to study the interactions of blacks and latinos across America before we can conclude that it is a race war. There are other areas in the U.S. in which latinos have taken over areas that used to be mostly black due to their rising population growth. Blacks will lose in such a conflict because they are too dependent on the government for their survival.

02-24-2006, 02:55 PM
Akbar, it is time for you to climb down off your soapbox in your ivory tower where you hurl your pronouncements of guilt and other invectives on the white race.

Unless or until you stop equating the white race with those rapacious plutocrats who own the international corporations, YOU will never see the big picture.

None of us peons, no matter what our color, can influence those who are exploiting the resources of the immigrants countries because we have never once been consulted or allowed a referendum in which we could state our wishes.

You are tiresome in your anti-white rants. Whites are no different than any other race in that we wish to have a country in which law and order are the norm so that we may go about our lives, earning a living and rearing our children in surroundings that reflect our values.

This will no longer be allowed to happen because those in control know that the quickest way to destroy a species is to foul it's "nesting ground." The white race has always been a minority in the earth, yet individuals of this race have, as brave individuals, explored and settled a great majority of it, bringing civilization to much of it.

Canibals and headhunters have diminished in number as civilization was introduced. The sacrifice of infants and captured foes was greatly reduced at one time. Famines were once a thing of the past, internecine warfare was reduced until the white man started indulging in it himself.

Do you not find it strange that white countries are the only ones suffering wave after wave of illegal AND legal immigration from Third World Countries? When was the last time (or first time) you read or heard of waves of immigration into Mexico or India or any other TWC? Ever ask yourself why?

Colonialism is no more, slavery in WHITE countries is no more, existing now only in countries like Israel, Quait, Saudi Arabia and North Africa - NONE of those are WHITE countries. I repeat myself for your benefit.

Instead of beating what is essentially a dead horse, the white race in decline, why don't you relocate to one of the above listed countries and give them the benefit of your insight and wisdom?

When the blacks outnumbered the whites in birth rate, they took over more and more area, now the latinos are doing the same thing to them. It DOES amount to a race war because the health and future of a race is involved. To grow and prosper, a race must have territory.

People like you only want to refer to "race coupled with war" when the white man can be deemed the culprit.

Personally, I admire the determination and spirit of the latino. They place great emphasis on family and race and territory. They will survive, grow and prosper. The strong survive, the weak step aside. You, Akbar, are fighting the truths reflected in history, not others like me who point them out to you.

The Asians, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc., are also to be admired. They came in, making no demands on government and created their own communities without an overt effort to evict or displace the whites who were already in the area.
Their success through hard work, productivity and COOPERATION has added to the overall health, wealth and GNP of this country.

The latinos may encounter a wall of resistance when they run up against the Asians; yes, they both have gangs, but they also have staunch individuals who will fight for their own survival.

My best suggestion to you would be to stop standing on the seashore, demanding that the tide not come in or go out and when it does, blaming the white man.

Unproductive finger-pointers and guilt-layers like you are going to be SOL in less than 100 years. No white people to speak of on whom to lay blame. What will you do then, open their graves and torture their bones? Enjoy your favorite pastime while you can, not other race will abide your tripe.

FREE SPEECH is a white concept.

02-26-2006, 11:31 AM
Your response to Akbar was filled with arrogance. As I read his statements it appear to represent truth and not an emotional response to the history of the white race. A clear example of the truth of his statements can be seen in all of the countries you stated. All of those countries came to power with the support of the white supremacy power structure not their own citizens. It is the U.S. and other Western countries keeping the leaders in those countries in power. 1.) The U.S. sends more money to Isreal as it does U.S. inner cities, 2.) Kuwait, The U.S. destroyed an entire country to replace the Kuwait leadership back in power. 3.)Saudia Arabia, The U.S. has troops in that country to keep the leadership in power and the U.S. president treats the leadership as family members. 4.) North Africa had a democratic election in Algeria in which a Muslim group won, but France and other Western countries called off the elections because the leadership they wanted did not win, which caused a civil war in that country. All other North African countries have learned from this and only keep western puppets in power to appease the West. So as you can see this all leads back to Akbar's initial comments. You seem to believe most of the false stories in your history books that the white race brought civilization to most of the world when history clearly paints a different picture.

02-26-2006, 11:40 AM
And you Blackstarr seem to believe most of the false stories in your history month. I take it you like Akbar are Black Muslim and not ISLAMIC.

02-27-2006, 10:21 AM
Please read my post again. I have responded to most of your questions in the previous post. I stated that immigrants are leaving third world countries for the Western countries because that is where the flow of the resources are going. So why would they go back to a third world country when the resources are flowing to the Western countries? I gave a simple solution for people like you who wanted to end immigration, which was for you to protest this and get your governments to stop exploiting third world countries. There have been plenty of movements to sway the way of government to get them to do the right things in the past, but you chose to use the copt out by saying you do not have access to the government or business entities that exploit the weak and powerless. Although, whites like you are the main benefactors of their exploitation, which you flaunt by your praise of your history, you refuse to do what Jesus would do which is to fight against the oppressors even if they look like you. I still can't see how a person can proclaim to believe in Jesus, but yet hold on to a history filled with the exploitation of the weak and powerless.

02-27-2006, 10:23 AM
book of flaws,
What is your definition of a "black Muslim" and "Islamic"? What makes you assume that I'm "black" or "Muslim"?

02-27-2006, 04:43 PM
More than one poster posts under the name Akbar. You are not a grand Inquisitioner yet, nor shall you become one. Your arrogance does not reflect well on you self awarded "master of logic" mentality. You are a child in a rapidly maturing adult world. I do not have the patience or time to debate with you. Take my prior comments, present comments, and future comments as you will.

02-27-2006, 09:35 PM
two things:

One, it's not a WHITE world order, as evidence by the complete inundation of anti-white rhetoric that is present in the liberal education system, media, politics, and the government engineered culture of most western countries. So right off the bat, Akhbar should disabuse himself of the notion that whites are the main benefactors of the illuminati when this is clearly not the case. If anything, the ruling elite want to destroy white racial identity. Although I agree that everyone, especially whites, should do more to fight against globalism and the NWO.

Two, 'liberation theology' has run it's course, and now it's the responsility of immigrants to realize it's not their 'right' to live in a western country and stop being used as pawns to terrorize/displace whites, that in the end will just result in a police state.

Henry summed it up thusly:

The NWO champions multiculturalism, inter faithism and homosexuality because they undermine the hitherto dominant European Christian heterosexual majority. This is necessary to create a world where no group is able to challenge the power of the wealthy Illuminati families.

Jews, homosexuals, feminists and ethnic minorities enjoy an official monopoly on persecution because these unwitting groups are being used to undermine society and bring about their tyranny.

What better way to persecute the majority than do it covertly, and deny that it is even taking place?

Let the majority think they are the oppressors. And if they realize the truth, they will be afraid to mention it for fear of appearing "intolerant."

02-28-2006, 10:21 AM
Wow, how convenient for the devil to hide in sheeps clothing while pointing the finger away from himself. The things happening in the West is due to past crimes on humanity by whites. It's best for you to get the punishment in this life instead of the next in eternal hell.

02-28-2006, 10:26 AM
In one of your posts you asked if I was a black Muslim or Islamic. I have been ressurrected from your "book of flaws". Therefore I fit neither one of your definitions.

02-28-2006, 01:13 PM
blackstarr wrote:
Wow, how convenient for the devil to hide in sheeps clothing while pointing the finger away from himself. The things happening in the West is due to past crimes on humanity by whites. It's best for you to get the punishment in this life instead of the next in eternal hell.and i guess Mexico is poor because of the crimes of the Aztecs. Please don't tell me you're invoking Karma here.

'whites' collectively aren't responsible for what imperialistic armies did, just like asians aren't responsible for the mongolian horde. please grow up.

03-01-2006, 06:44 AM
So in your self styled maturity you are saying that whites have not benefitted from the crimes of your ancestors? If you believe this you are the one who needs to grow up. By the way Mexico is poor due to the imperialism of the West. Please do more study on the history of the world.

03-01-2006, 12:39 PM
blackstarr wrote:
So in your self styled maturity you are saying that whites have not benefitted from the crimes of your ancestors? If you believe this you are the one who needs to grow up. By the way Mexico is poor due to the imperialism of the West. Please do more study on the history of the world.

you must be a product of the public education system to think that white people have a monopoly on imperialism and everyone else was just a noble savage before they came onto the scene.

and to reiterate my point, yes, white people on the whole do no benefit when the IMF or the World Bank decides to rape a poor third world country. All of that money goes to co-operations and the banking cabal. If anyone's going to benefit, it's usually people like Mugabe who have a fleet of mercedes, chateaux in Switzerland, and mistresses.

You're looking for an easy answer, and try to embody the problem into 'white people' as a whole, when evil's only master has been satan this whole time. Because of this paranoia, you now tell us that for the crimes of their past all white people must now suffer righteous judgement. You don't realize this is the same garbage taught on every liberal arts university campus?

Following that train of logic, perhaps Mexico deserves what it gets for Aztec idol worship and human sacrifice. And since Africa indulges in every form of hedonism from idol worship, beastality, human genital trade, wonton violence, etc. maybe they deserve famine?

It's pointless to keep a score sheet and try to 'punish' certain races over others, especially when everyone's hands have been bloodied. The best we can do now is fix our problems, dust ourselves off and move on.

03-02-2006, 06:02 PM
Your way of thinking is faulty. One of several ways you benefit from your ancestors continous exploitation of the thrid world is through the comforts and easy way of life you currently enjoy. The socalled "hidden elite" learned several centuries ago that the best way to apease the masses in the west was to make sure they have food, shelter, and sports outlets. They feel as long as they meet the basic needs of their citizens with their stolen riches that they would be free to continue their evil unabated. Now is not the time to hide behind your white pride that has been achieved through evil means. Now is the time to fight against the exploits of your people who are within the leadership of the "hidden elite". True they are not the head, but they are the attack dogs.

03-02-2006, 06:09 PM
the reason the west is rich is free enterprise, not slavery. get a clue.

03-03-2006, 01:26 PM
Where did you get slavery from out of my post? It is the socalled "free enterprise" that is exploiting the resources out of the third world. There is no such thing as "free enterprise". There are several political costs that must be paid before a business will be granted "free enterprise". The term "free enterprise" are given to appease sleepers like you.