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12-14-2004, 04:42 AM
Mike Rupperts has the - Uncovering the truth ups and downs like most other authors searching for answers. So i'm not knocking him and his studies but I thought this write up had some merit:

12-14-2004, 10:00 PM
This is a good article- I certainly think it does cast some serious questions on Rupperts agenda- calling out for a depopulation of 4 billion is absurd. The pending "Peak Oil" is a huge scam- we've been in in energy "crisis" for over 30 years, you'd think Ruppert would know this. It's a means of taxation and control. Lindsey Williams has exposed that there are known and deliberately untapped oil reserved in Alaska that could provide our energy needs for a long, long time.

Here's a link:

The Energy Non-Crisis

12-15-2004, 04:29 AM
Yes, an excellent article. Just goes to show that no one can really be trusted. All sources of information must be questioned and tested in this "Age of the Matrix"; so far, however, Mike Ruppert would appear to pass the test. I can not fault any of his conclusions or observations in that short article.

there are known and deliberately untapped oil reserved in Alaska that could provide our energy needs for a long, long time.

A quarter of a century ago, in the mid to late seventies, my father had relatives in the wildcat oil drilling business who still had numerous small wells that were steadily producing. When he caught up with some of them at a family gathering shortly after the first "energy crisis", he was surprised to find that they were all out of business. When he questioned them, they stated that they had been involuntarily bought out by the government, under Carter at the time, under the auspices of some energy conservation program. Had they refused to sell, it was made abundantly clear that they would be dealing with an insurmountable load of environmental and other regulations that would make it impossible for them to continue in business. The amount of "secret oil reserves" that our government now controls in this manner are probably impossible to calculate.
No, we are not in an energy crisis. This is strictly a moral and spiritual crisis, but it is rapidly coming to a flashpoint.
Nor is there any reason for it. I agree with Mr. Ruppert that technologies, some of them as old as mankind themselves, have been deliberately suppressed to exacerbate the situation to the point of current conflicts. Sometime I must post a thread on Rene Noorbergen's book "Secrets of the Lost Races".

12-30-2004, 06:40 AM
Peak Oil is a scam to justify extorsion prices

at the pump for the Rockefeller and Rothchilds

Large oil reserves found in China's Bohai Bay


BEIJING, Dec 24, 2004 (Kyodo via COMTEX) -- Large offshore oil reserves have been found in Bohai Bay in China's northeast as the country scrambles to keep up with soaring energy needs, China's state media reported Friday.

Exploration teams have found the Bohai Bay Basin in the innermost gulf of the Yellow Sea may contain 20.5 billion tons of reserves, with 9 billion tons already proven, according to the China Daily.

Analysts said while the discovery was good news for China, questions remain about whether that will lead to actual large-scale production.

"The amount is substantial," said Michael Lee, analyst at UOB Kay Hian (Hong Kong) Ltd. "But the question is actual production, in terms of technology as well as cost effectiveness."

The paper quoted the president of a research institute linked to China Petroleum and Chemical Corp. as saying the basin's total oil resources could potentially sustain the country's energy needs for some time.

The nation can still mainly rely on its domestically produced oil and natural gas to sustain its development, Jin Zhijun was quoted as saying.

Bohai Bay is one of China's major oil-production centers.

Jin was also quoted as saying there may be untapped oil resources in other areas in China, including the East China Sea, South China Sea and Yellow Sea as well as the country's western land areas.

UOB Kay Hian's Lee said he expects oil discoveries to continue since many areas in the country remain underdeveloped in terms of energy resources.

"There will definitely be new findings, but I don't know whether China has the technology to develop them all," Lee said. But he added that new technologies are being developed, especially through tie-ups with foreign companies, and that may affect the outcome.

China turned into a net importer of crude oil in 1993. Oil imports have increased as it tries to meet the growing energy demands of its fast-expanding economy, with imports reaching 36 percent of its total needs in 2003.

It is now the second largest oil consumer in the world following the United States.

China's oil imports rose to 99.59 million tons for the first 10 months of this year, already surpassing the 91.12 million tons imported in the 12 months of 2003.

Local newspapers have quoted oil industry officials as saying oil imports may reach 120 million tons this year, pushing up its reliance on imports to as high as 45 percent.


01-12-2005, 01:28 AM
Ruppert can be nothing else but a plant from the start.

I say this as his dogmatic stance on 'Peak Oil" and global population reduction from a man as intelligent as himself has me completely stumped.

He certainly has the credentials as a plant with his strong family ties to Intelligence services.

He is neck...or indeed over his head in with the oil industry. Completely. This is inexplicable.

Perhaps all those years in the wilderness have got to him. Getting free first class tickets to Peak Oil conferences must be more seductive than I thought.

Peak oil is a scam in more ways than one. It is justifying war which has it's own agenda.

Please read Gorge Orwells 1984 very carefully.

Below is an e-mail i sent to Henry Makow who I respect very much.


"The Pentagons New Map" Thomas Barnett.
I believe to understand what is going on one must understand the common enemy of ALL Elites...LOCAL POPULATIONS.

WE are the enemy and the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

These wars main function is nothing but pure and simple "Wag The Dog". Distract and preoccupy an increasingly restless local population increasingly demanding real freedom and democracy.

Forget control of Energy. This is rubbish. They already control it. The Elites of the Middle East know what will happen to them as do others. There is no oil shortage and oil does not come from dead dinosaus and ancient rainforests...one of the biggest cons EVER put on a populace in history.

Energy protection is the ruse that will justify the incredible police state about to descend over our heads. People will swallow wars for oil like a foul tasting hang over cure. They wont like it but they'll accept it.

All this China is coming crap is becoming very monotonous. There is NO friction between U.S and Chinese Elites...N-O-N-E...it is being used to control both Chinese and U.S populations. China is having big problems with their local's. They push competition with America to distract a population badly bruised from an incredibly brutal dictatorship.

Continuous war is but one mechanism of controlling populations. The big problem for Elites in the U.S is that because of the rapid internet response, 9-11 has failed. And because of that same internet they are VERY unsure of how to proceed. Hence I believe the Asian Tsunami. Just the tip of what is to come this year.

They are going to have to get very clever or else I beleieve thay may resort to more brutal methods. A nuclear exchange...it is this year or not at all.

The Elites are very worried about the coming destruction of their sacred cow which has financed and controlled so many of their actions of the past 50 years.

That sacred cow is that energy is EXTREMELY finite and therefore must cost money and cause wars.

When "fossil fuel" theory is exposed for what it is...a giant fraud...there is going to be some VERY big fall out.


01-12-2005, 04:57 PM
E-Mail I sent to the energy editor at FTW.


Dear Dale,

Unfortunately, due to not being a subscriber I cannot get a look at your claims.

Dale, I have no need for great big scientific theories to debunk "fossil fuels".

I just try to imagine, before I go to sleep, layer upon layer of dead dinosaus and rotting rain forests, piling neatly in some amazing extra special carbon cycle, which existed at some special time frame in ancient history, which allowed for billions and billions and billions and billions of tons of oil and gas to form in lovely pockets in the Earths crust...from their I burst out laughing and I get my answer. I usually sleep well after.

Not to mention those vast seas of methane on Titan...bit of a bugger that one.

As for it must all be a scientific conspiricy and therefore ridiculous...no, scientists are just some of the most arrogent, hard headed SOB's you will ever meet who hate it when their pet theories are challenged. Especially when their financial masters are not happy with them.

I remember a long running battle with a Pharmacologist at my work many years ago. He would state what a crock all this 'anti-oxident' and multi vitamin stuff was...the man had a pHD! I placed ream after ream of studies on his desk...he ended up hating me and would not speak to me...and now? Common knowledge. The people have spoken on the issue and the SOB pharmaceutical companies are pathetically now trying to cash in.

Who needs a conspiricy when scientific hubris and plain arrogant arseholes will suffice.

A good friend of mone, M*** D****, Senior Scientist - Genetics and Molecular Biology(pHD) at *** here in **** tells me stories that make my toes curl. Scientists blatently falsifying results and indeed making them up out of thin air in order to keep the funding going.

Are your favourite scientists immune?

Are you immune Dale? After all, I presume Mike is paying the bills.



P.S Please explain Titan

01-14-2005, 01:15 PM
Hey guys!

Any of you read any Joe Vialls lately?

Very interesting researcher. I would very much like to hear what your opinion is on this guy. I recommend you to read this article about "Peak Oil".

Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' is a Misleading Zionist Scam

Also, his latest articles are about the tsunami in the Far East.

I'm also wondering if you know of a magazine called Nexus Magazine? I buy every issue since at least 5 years. http://www.nexusmagazine.com/

01-14-2005, 05:16 PM
Someone recently told me about Nexus Magazine, they highly recommended it. Their web site has a good list of interesting books. The content seem right up my ally of what I'm interested in studying. Draken, good to know you like it- it would be great if you could write up a mini review or whatnot for us -- maybe start a new thread.

01-14-2005, 07:14 PM
Vaills lives down the road from me.

He is hard to fathom.

There is no doubt he produces absoloute gems. He has contacts in Russian Intelligence probably through his Oil industry days who feed him info/gossip.

He is frustratingly inconsistent which makes me very careful with what I take in from him.

He makes claims of which I personally know and are bullshit.

I fear his linking of "Peak Oil" and the "Abiotic Origens" of oil with 'Zionists' will be counterproductive.

When the open questioning of the oil industry begins we can guess the first site they will quote..."Nut Case Anti-Semetic" Joe Vialls and that will bury that one.

For the best current writing on "Peak Oil" scam and the "Ruppertarians" go to...


Dave does excellent research and has an entertaining writing style.

I will give several Kudo's to Vialls.

One is that car bombs DO NOT leave craters. I've worked with explosives and I did'nt even see what was before my eyes until Joe pointed it out. I was quite gob smacked. I believe that the Bali bombing and the Jakarta bombing were mini nukes. There is no other explanation for the damage...N-O-N-E.

That includes the large 'car bomb' in Baghdad a few months ago at that hotel.

Predicting the form of the current Iraq invasion and it's timing. Another one to Vialls. Not to mention the current possibility of the Haifa pipeline being reactivated which I attribute to him first.

There are quite a few more.

My reticence lies in the fact that theres enough good stuff to be poisened with the 'anti-semetic' theme which you can gaurantee that the media will latch onto post haste destroying perfectly credible explanations in the eye of the public.

This is why I'm suspicious of Joe Vialls.

He has also been caught out on many lies and exaggerations particularly with regards the Port Arthur massacare.

This may be innocent.

As for Nexus...great little mag based in Sydney Oz. Some great stories inbetween the Alien Lizard and Alien abduction stories!

Are we out to win the war?

This does not help.

Either we want to recruit people to the cause or we're an exclusive club to discuss whether Lord Rothschild is a lizard.

01-15-2005, 03:24 AM
Hey Max!

I'll start a new thread about Nexus Magazine over in the "Share The Knowledge" Forum. I'll write a little summary of the articles I've read OK?


I agree about Nexus: shame some of their stuff seem outlandish, but I know at least one example of an issue they write about that SOUNDS like fantasy-writing but I think COULD be about something entirely different.;-)

Regarding Vialls, I have no way of checking his facts since I don't have the contacts or the knowledge about the issues he writes about.
But the similarities between the Port Arthur Massacre and the Erfurt Massacre in Germany are striking, and the political outcome almost identical.


01-15-2005, 04:39 AM
Whatever my criticisms of Vialls I still recommend his site to people who are already aware.

Port Arthur massacare was an ABSOLOUTEinside job.

I'll write a little article if people are interested.

I mean it when i say Nexus is a good original magazine. It just irks me that sometimes I cant quote it in good company.

I know there are bizzare things going on.

Maybe there is a race of shape shifting lizards. Seriously, nothing surprises me these days. I just wonder about sites like Ickes which really poisen the well whether he's legitimate or not.

I dont beleive in UFO's or alien abductions. I definately believe in high tech U.S weaponry covered by the UFO phenomena. Read Nick Cookes "The Hunt For Zero Point".

He could be disinformation himself. I have enough of a background to believe most of what he writes.

His style smacks a little of "All The Presidents Men" drama which makes me wonder. He's a Janes Defence weekly writer as well which opens him up for an intelligence sub contractor.

Regardless it's a good read.


01-15-2005, 11:44 AM
"I definately believe in high tech U.S weaponry covered by the UFO phenomena"

This is EXACTLY it! :-D

01-15-2005, 04:33 PM

I've never bought the Aliens are coming.

At heart it's an (heres my favourite word again) 'infantile' fantasy that some wise and all knowing being is going to come down and tell you how to live your life and make everything all right and absolve you of all responsibility for the state of the world.

In previous incarnations it was God. Then Jesus was coming. Now it's Aliens.

The only 2nd coming will be a psychological state where human beings take on their roles as 'active' citizens protecting the rights of the individual to life, liberty and the persuit of a good latte in a good cafe by the sea.

God acts through human beings. Thats why God gave us 2 arms and legs. A brain and hopefully a big mouth and a set of kahouna's...TO USE THEM!

But I digress...

Maybe they're (ufo's) updated SAAB Viggens with more landing lights?

The first 'sexy' plane with that shit hot foreward canard which says-------->


01-15-2005, 07:37 PM
I'm interested in the story true.


01-16-2005, 02:04 AM
No worries MAry.

Will post in a day or two.

Who was the fool who invented work?

01-17-2005, 12:12 PM
truebeliever wrote:
Either we want to recruit people to the cause or we're an exclusive club to discuss whether Lord Rothschild is a lizard.
LOL! Well said truebeliever. I hear you-- for me right now I have two areas of interest:
. Finding ways to bring the truth of corruption to light-- I don't need to be convinced of anything at this point.
. Study and learn the suppressed sciences and human capabilities-- it seems Nexus gets into this well but if anyone has any other resources I'd be most interested.

I think we at least seem to be on the same page on the first part.

01-17-2005, 02:01 PM

I'm with you on the suppressed sciences thing.
Maybe I should post a new topic where we could discuss this "occult knowledge" ;-) but it might be outside the scope of this forum.

What do you think?

Otherwise, yeah, Nexus Magazine is as good a place to start as any.
They have quite an extensive links library which I suggest you should rake through.

I have a few interesting links concerning essencial oils, yoga, meditation and such. Maybe you're interested?

01-17-2005, 02:48 PM
Draken- I'd personally like to see Henry add an entire sub-forum for the topic but until then, I am interested. As I said, I'm still very green in these areas and am trying to get my mind around the scope, mechanics and actually repeatability (science) of these things-- maybe I need the "Remote Viewing for Dummies" book- LOL!

To me, it seems that all these elements revolve around energy direction -- part is in the natural world (like orgone http://www.orgone.org and vortex maps http://www.vortexmaps.com) and others we can control (like channeling, remote viewing).

01-17-2005, 06:15 PM
To Max and Draken...i agree. I dont think it's outside the scope of this forum.

I have a background in healh care.

I love the human body. It's an absoloute miracle!

I have many friends involved in research areas and will tell a few stories.

I also have a large collection of documentaries and am always recording from my digital t.v tuner card.

I have Sony Vegas 5 for converting to web format.

I only have 30 meg of space so am limited.

Is there anyway that we could get together and produce a large website dedicated purely to this site with relevant video's and audio?

It would be a resource purely for people here to keep costs down?

As for getting the message out Max...from my personal experience I've found simply talking to people. Not terribly sexy but by relating my experiences from nursing and other interesting aspects of my life i've had quite an effect. All by myself.

I also believe focussing on these 3 things helps as people can instantly relate...

Oil Industry scam.
Central Banking scam
Drug dealing by states and the Western intelligence services and others.

Just by simply telling some one..."hey, how do you feel about paying $1 a litre for fuel when it shoots out of the ground and costs around 50c to $1 a barrel to produce"?

"Hey, how do you feel about the fact that a bunch of private bankers produce money out of thin air and then charge you interest and then make out they're doing you a big favour?"

"Hey, before the last bomb was dropped in Afghanistan the Northern Allience had the poppies planted. Ex Delta and SAS are escorting the war lords around. Sattelites can pick up your number plate but the government is helpless to stop drugs"?

This always seems to get people thinking.

01-18-2005, 12:55 AM
Right on the money, truebeliever!

Another thing I've found is that you're better off NOT starting the conversation. That way you can never be accused of preaching.
I always wait, listen, wait and THEN I drop the bomb!

I wish I had a camera sometimes... 8-)

01-25-2005, 12:59 AM
Found this at http://whatreallyhappened.com/

It's Time To Ignore Michael Ruppert
Posted Jan 23, 2005 12:34 PM PST
What bothered me even more in that same video is how he totally dismissed the possibility of ANY Israeli or Mossad involvement with 9/11. He never expressed that as an opinion. He authoritatively made it into a fact, despite so many reports involving Israeli spies posing as art students, suspicious moving vans with traces of explosives, the high-fivers with the Israeli moving company that promptly disappeared, and on and on. Not to rush to judgment, Mike, but those are critical areas to investigate ...unless there is an agenda NOT to.

02-05-2005, 09:30 PM
Hey Draken,

I just think Ruppert is an immature idiot.

He's a little pissed that he's not King Of The Hill anymore and the public have moved on.

I believe he avoided the Israeli connection for more innocent reasons.

Whatever, he's now irrelevent.


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