View Full Version : CIA tries to destabilize Europe through Czech Republic

02-27-2006, 12:09 PM
Czech foundation “People in need” sponsored by CIA to destabilize Europe

Czech independent foundation “People in need” wasn’t given any special UNO permission for its foreign activity and expelled from Chechnya for weapons supply to separatists. Now this organization turned its attention to Chechen refugees in Czechia.

Oh, its quite curious picture: independent organization sponsored by Central Intelligence Agency to 60% stands up for granting Chechens refugee status/citizenship not only in Czechia but in other European countries also.

Up till freight train and passenger train collision in Prague-Tanwald district right next to Chechen refugees’ camp this foundation didn’t arouse Czech police’s suspicion. Exactly in this camp “People in need” carried on its most humanitarian activity and supplied it besides foodstuff with… camcorders. Police had found damage of groundwork and a shelter with videocassette pack remains nearby.

Is it mysterious? Not at all. That’s called payment by facts and it is used by terrorists in Chechnya and Iraq. They produce evidence and then sponsors (CIA for instance) draw cheques. BTW majority of Chechen “refugees” passed Afghanistan and Iraq.

Muslim disturbances in Paris, loots of European embassies and Muslim marches all over the world because of cartoon scandal… It turns out that Chechens and independent foundations are pawns in one game CIA plays against Europe for its weakening and destabilization.