View Full Version : Will Vancouver be Nuked by Zionist Criminals?

02-28-2006, 05:20 PM
1. Oklahoma was for middle USA
2. New York was for The East Coast
3. Now need a West Coast target
to spread fear around, although Vancouver
being in Canada is not a perfect target,
but it's close enough to the border.
I say that because of the link below,
which sets up Arabs to be the patsies
for a port container nuke.
My heart dropped to my stomach
when I saw Vancouver on the map. Call me paranoid? Any comments?

03-03-2006, 01:48 PM
Harper wants urban army bases, while Martin decries vandalism



Wednesday, December 28, 2005 Posted at 4:22 AM EST

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

COURTENAY, B.C., MONTREAL — Conservative Leader Stephen Harper was on the hustings again yesterday, promising to increase a military presence in British Columbia while campaigning on Vancouver Island accompanied by a war hero.

Mr. Harper said 20 to 25 per cent of the Conservatives' proposed military budget will go toward re-establishing operations in the West, citing years of neglect and the closing of B.C.'s only regular army base in Chilliwack.

He is proposing setting up urban army bases of 100 regular personnel and at least 400 reserve-force personnel in several Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg and Toronto.

The urban army forces will be better able to respond to natural disasters such as earthquakes and ice storms than current police or ambulance personnel in the cities, Mr. Harper said.

"Canada's military capacity in this region has been allowed to age and deteriorate," he said. "British Columbia, which is in an earthquake zone, is now the only region of the country without a regular army presence."

Mr. Harper said the Liberal government has said in the past that in the event of a B.C. natural disaster, Canada would rely on American forces from Seattle to help out.

In the Air Force base of Comox, Mr. Harper said the Conservative government will set in place a 650-person battalion for rapid-reaction response, and in the naval base of Esquimalt, another 500 personnel will be brought in.

The fleet's aging submarines will not be scrapped, Mr. Harper said.

Douglas "Duke" Warren, a Second World War decorated fighter pilot, said he liked the Conservatives' plan to increase long-range patrol aircraft, and the intention to rebuild.

"The Liberals have just been carelessly neglectful of our armed forces. It's not high on their priority. The Conservatives are doing something to rebuild and that's why I support them," Mr. Warren said.

source (http://www.canadawebpages.com/pc-forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=3613&)

So the west coast of Canada, the province of British Columbia could get hit by a disaster. If that's why we need urban military bases...THEN WHY THE FUCK WILL REGINA AND WINNIPEG GET THEM? Regina is two provinces east of BC and Winnipeg is three? Clearly this is fucking bullshit and is just another step to a police state in Canada.

And if that's not enough, check out what I found on Henry Makow's site:

"Spring Exercise to Turn Winnipeg Into Battleground' by David O'Brien

MORE than 500 army troops, backed by helicopters, armoured vehicles and artillery, will turn downtown Winnipeg into an armed camp as part of a military exercise to train soldiers for the modern battlefield.

Exercise Charging Bison will unfold for seven days and nights beginning April 30 next year in what is believed to be the largest urban warfare training exercise of its kind ever held in Canada.

Urban battlefields are sometimes known as "three-block wars" because troops could help people on one block, fight insurgents on another, and guard convoys on another, Woiden explained.

"We're going to create a realistic environment of the situation that individual soldiers can face today," he said. "You could be doing humanitarian relief one moment and then fighting a war the next. It is the most complicated terrain for a soldier."

The operation is also part of a long-term plan to prepare 200 of the brigade's soldiers to support a 1,000-person task force in 2008, if necessary, he said.

Now Stephen Harper wants the military in the backyard of Canada including the west coast which is affected by this port deal. When you take this into account with the fact that the CFR wants the demolish the North American borders and that Stephen Harper was at Bilderberg in 2003, your paranoia begins to seem justified.

Stephen Harper, International Man of Mystery

What’s Stephen Harper doing at Bilderberg?

You’ve heard of the G8 Summit, but have you ever heard of the Bilderberg conference?

If not, you’re not alone. Bilderberg is an annual meeting of world superpowers in politics, banking and media. The event, held each spring, is as high calibre as the G8, except the whole thing is shrouded in utmost secrecy.

Going down the list of invitees (each year a mysterious steering committee creates a list of 100 guests), you find such powerful international figures as former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, President of the World Bank James Wolfensohn, Novartis CEO Daniel Vasella, and Wall Street Journal editorial page editor Paul Gigot.

So you’ve just got to wonder: What the hell is Canadian opposition leader Steven Harper doing there?!

Harper was not available for comment, but his assistant confirmed he attended the four-day event.

So how does a supposed grassroots party leader and second-tier politician get an invite to schmooze with major world players? His assistant, Carolyn Stewart, could not explain why Harper got an invite, but did say the Alliance leader couldn’t turn down the opportunity to meet with such weighty figures.

And Harper wasn’t the lone Canadian in the group. He was joined on the invite list by the Chair of RBC Dominion Securities Anthony Fell, CEO of the Chapters/Indigo empire Heather Reisman, bestselling author of Paris 1919 Margaret MacMillan, National Post columnist Mark Steyn, and (still listed as a Canadian) media mogul Conrad Black.

Not invited was a certain PM.

While the G8, held in Evian, France, June 1-3, saw massive protests and a huge media turnout, the Bilderberg, held in Paris, May 15-18, received barely a blink.

The conference has long been the subject of conspiracy theorists who believe global capitalist interests converge to secure the world’s wealth among a minuscule elite and further diabolical plots for world domination. And truly, the lack of coverage by the world’s most powerful media outlets and the fact that all guests are sworn to secrecy gives the whole conference a preternatural aura.


And we all know what Bilderbeg and the rest of that unholy trinity wants don't we? A one world government. Part of that step is to demolish national borders. Something the CFR a part of that unholy trinity (the other is the Trilats), wants to do.