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03-02-2006, 10:19 AM
Look, I've read the history and visited the chat rooms, listened to radio, watched documentaries, read read read. The typcial American does not know anything about what is going on other than what they see on CBS on the 6:00 news. This is the comfort zome for most of America. Senseless news that is just important enough to make them feel satisfied on their knowledge of history and current events. Then you have the intelligent people that think. They form thier opinions based on beliefs and MEDIA that they've read or seen. Then you have the active. The People that really try to put the puzzle together and understand basic economics, basic politics and such.

Now there is alot of corruption going on in any government. There are secrets that we will never hear, there are lies that we will never disprove and there are things that we simply cannot control in small groups or individually. Look back in history and remember times when governments have been overthrown. Why? Because humans know and understand basic needs and desires. I know that if I work my ass off, then I should live comfortably. When this is disrupted, people talk, plan and act. The worst thing about Conspiracy is that we all uncover the corruption in the government. The illuminatti, planned terrorist attacks, skewed media, NWO, secret clubs and groups, tyranny. We uncover all of this because we are intelligent humans that have had their boats rocked. We want to know why. IF YOU ARE READING THIS WE ALL KNOW WHY, WE KNOW HOW, WE KNOW WHEN, WE KNOW WHO. We speculate and our work cannot be that far off.

Not once in my studies, research, chatting, forum posting and the like, have I run across anyone who has a valid idea for change. We cannot overthrow the government in a traditional sense. We cannot storm the whitehouse with laterns and guns. We cannot protest. We cannot follow any traditional standards. They will expect that. They have laws to protect that. You have to get a permit to protest!!!

You have to sell an idea. The right salesman can sell an idea to anyone anytime anywhere. You have to know how to appeal to people. Insults and condemnation is not the way.

Let's back up just a minute. First we need an idea. Again tradition will not work here. This is going to require out of the box thinking. Think of the largest empire (per capita) in history. Or currently successful governments. What is it about those stuctures are successful? Where did they fail? Basically it needs to be designed to heard sheep, but not restrict their movement. That might be hard to wrap your mind around, sorry.

Humans need a solid foundation that they can trust, fair rules to follow, and a feeling of security. They need to know that if they follow the movement, that there is real satisfaction on the other side of hard work. They need to understand that what they have now is false and un-secure. They need to understand that the government is not focused on the individual, but on the power. Money is power. Power is exponentially multiplied by mass. Our government is massive. It is powerful and it is rich.

It is time for another American revolution. We have out grown our government and it needs to be fixed. We need to get back to basics. We need to take care of us and only us until we are a team again. We as the active Americans need to be the ones to join together and design a plan. We need to research, we need to take the reigns of America and bring back the beauty of living in America. What do you say?

03-02-2006, 02:43 PM
I am only Swiss, but i love it...

Best wishes from Switzerland