View Full Version : Global Authoritarian Regimes

03-08-2006, 05:36 PM
A look at the political and social influence of large corporations.

So-called "Totalitarian Regimes" were those regimes consisting of only one political party, which allowed no organized opposition, which subordinated the rights of the individual to the cause of the state, and in which political power sovereignly guided all the activities of the dominated society.

After these political systems, is following, at this end of the century, another kind of totalitarianism, that of global authoritarian regimes. Resting on the dogmas of globalisation and with it as the only consideration, they do not allow any other political-economic system, subordinating the social rights of the citizen to the cause of competition and abandoning to the financial markets the complete control of all the activities of the dominated society.

In our direction-less societies no one is ignorant of the strength of this new totalitarianism. According to a recent opinion poll in France, 64% of the people questioned believe that "it is the financial markets which have the most power today." After the agricultural economy which prevailed during thousands of years, after the industrial economy which marked the 19th and 20th centuries, we have entered into the era of the global financial economy..

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