View Full Version : Banned from DU!

03-17-2006, 04:32 PM
In December I was bragging about getting banned from the troglodyte political board called hannity.com in under 48 hours. Well the Illuminati gatekeepers over at the "Democratic" political board it seems are much more competent.
The ban was just about instant from the large board DU.
The moral of this story though is about the internet and what "they" will soon do to it.
It will be a vast sea of useless commercial crap. They will inundate you with useless garbage.
That is one link.
And another. Sorry I know that one might be verboten in certain countries. Damm gatekeepers you know.
And here is another.

So you see you, Joe Citizen simply can't be allowed the power of potentially communicating with millions of people.
Nobody is interested in your opinion, reports of what is really happening or for that matter anything else that you as a simple peasant have to say. We have "experts" with "credentials" for that.