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03-25-2006, 12:18 PM
Death raises concern at police tactics

By Matthew Davis
BBC News, Washington

The recent killing of an unarmed Virginia doctor has raised concerns about what some say is an explosion in the use of military-style police Swat teams in the United States.

Armed with assault rifles, stun grenades - even armoured personnel carriers - units once used only in highly volatile situations are increasingly being deployed on more routine police missions.

Dr Salvatore Culosi Jr had come out of his townhouse to meet an undercover policeman when he was shot through the chest by a Special Weapons and Tactics force.

It was about 2135 on a chilly January evening. The 37-year-old optometrist was unarmed, he had no history of violence and displayed no threatening behaviour.

But he had been under investigation for illegal gambling and in line with a local police policy on "organised crime" raids, the heavily armed team was there to serve a search warrant.


03-26-2006, 02:15 PM
As Iíve predicted by logic 'A dire point will be made'. SWAT raids have increased (1980 to 2006) from around 3000 per year to around 40,000 per year.

Ask yourself 'whatís nextí? And using a historical timeline (1950 - 2010), imagine the change. Everything is condensing, and the enslavement of the people is becoming even more apparent, but evermore hidden.