View Full Version : Just emailed Ricky - Doody: local chat show host: "Better suck it up people, this is the way it is."

03-04-2005, 12:39 PM
Dear Rick,

You can find this quote on savethemales.ca front page under the readers responses. Ir reminded my of you, Rick Howe. You fit the mold. Well done.

You may look like a hippie and you come across as a brainwashed yuppie all the way.

Go Rick Go! The President of the U.S. might indeed call you one day, when he is in town.

The media sure has gotten better since they stopped hiring reporters and started hiring stooges.

Best Wishes,


"Debate is not welcome for they now know the "truth" Or how about Talk Radio where the host picks the topic and all these riled people call in to voice their opinions. Now there's a real democracy-killer. In former years, some of these people may have written a letter to their MPP, MP, Mayor, Congressman or Senator demanding change and respect for respective constitutions. Talk Radio effectively serves as an outlet for this rage and offers a fatalistic, "things never change" bromide to its listeners. "Better suck it up people, this is the way it is."

What is to be done? Each of us is going to have to do things the old fashioned way by phoning, writing, objecting, voicing, etc. to the offensive, alienating plan that is unfolding and by braving the title of "crackpot" because we are the Paul Revere's of this age. What has limited most of us is a combination of fear and the feeling that our efforts won't matter. And this is what "They" are counting on. Go to it.


P.S. Thanx Joe. You said it better than I ever could have. Hopefully, Ricky Doody is fool enough to respond.